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March 22, 2012

Picking Up Girls On The Subway

Our writer proves it's totally possible to pick up women on the subway.

Anti-Gay Group Hilariously Freaks Out Over "The Old Republic"

The Florida Family Association, which last got in the news for throwing a hissy fit over the reality show “All-American Muslim”, is now going ballistic over “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. So of course, we have to look at their statement:

New iPad Debut: How Does Launch Affect Tablet Industry?

Other tablets may add retina screens and battery-sipping LTE. They might have better cameras than the new iPad, and could even get Siri-like features before Siri shows up on the iPad. But we’ll know that the dynamics of the tablet market have fundam…

Whitney Houston Cause Of Death: Accidental Drowning Reported

Whitney Houston's cause of death has been the subject of great debate since her passing, but now TMZ has obtained the L.A. County Coroner's report which rules her official cause of death as accidental drowning.

Who Are The "Women Of The 99 Percent"?

A shadowy group calling itself Women of the 99 Percent is placing possibly illegal robocalls accusing various Republican Representatives of supporting Rush Limbaugh. No one knows who's making the calls -- but here are some ideas.

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue Editor Tweeted With Mega-Fans Today

You, too, can follow her @MJ_Day where she describes herself as "more fun than a bag of possums!" She answered questions about things like how the model casting and styling business, etc. come together for the issue. Turns out, you can be SHORT and still be in the issue but you better not have a busted face. (Surprise!)

Very Mary-Kate: Pillow Talk

The latest viral buzz from

Skin Deep - Slate Magazine

Get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week; click here to sign up. Please send your questions for publication to (Questions may be edited.) Got a burning question for Prudie? She'll be online at to …

4 Old Sayings About Family That Are (Sometimes) B.S.

Everything you know and have comes from your family. Even if you could somehow forget that fact, society continually hammers you with the idea that there are no limits to how much shit you should have to put up with when it comes to your blood relat…

Obama's Gas Price Photo-Op: Another Empty Gesture

“No matter what happens to America,” the satirical pundit Stephen Colbert once observed, “She will always rebound with the most powerfully staged photo-ops in the world.” And so Barack Obama stood before a bunch of big pipes today in Cushing, Oklaho…

Cat Survives 19-Story Fall By Gliding Like A Flying Squirrel

They say cats have the ability to always land on their feet, and Sugar is proof.

Tulisa Contostavlos Sex Tape Confession [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

I feel like for the first time ever, we officially don’t need to use the word ‘alleged’ anymore when describing a sex tape. Yesterday, Tulisa went onto Youtube and uploaded a confession that it was actually her. Of course, this comes after she had h…

Proof That Roger Goodell Wants A Less Violent NFL

"Namaste, Commish." (Arian Foster)

The Origin Of The Homeless Hotspot Idea

From 2010! The only difference: This guy was joking.

This Is The Goofiest March Madness Tweet Of All Time

We know you just broke your wrist, Kendall, but — what kind of ballet?

Lana Del Rey Hangs Out With Marilyn Manson

ONTD referred to these photos as a "New Couple Alert." If this is true, my head will EXPLODE.

All Of Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games Premiere Looks

"The Hunger Games" hits theaters at midnight, which means ZOMG, obviously, but also that the cast has been traveling around the world for red carpet premieres. And all that matters about that is the movie's star Jennifer Lawrence went! And wore clothes! Gold clothes!

How To Troll ESPN Into Delivering Fake News In Five Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted to make The Worldwide Leader look bad? Take a page out of "Adarn Schefter's" book.

Craft Wars: The Tie Dye Challenge

In Shift's biweekly Craft Wars feature, two master crafters take each other on in DIY challenges. The game kicks off today with the great spring Tie Dye face-off between Sugarlaws blogger Katy and I Spy DIY blogger Jenni.

Draw Something, The Amazingly Addictive Guess-my-sketch Game

It’s been four days since the FedEx guy dropped off my new iPad—four days during which I wanted to put the device through its paces and write up a comprehensive review. Well, that didn’t happen. I wish I could tell you about the iPad’s battery life,…

Mike 'The Situation' -- In Rehab For Alcohol -- Problems For 'Jersey Shore'

The Situation is in rehab not just for prescription drugs, but also for alcohol, TMZ has learned, and this turn of events could pose big problems for next season's "Jersey Shore." Sources involved in the situation (sorry) tell us ... the Situation …

Infographic: Where Should The Nation Spend And Save?

An annual Harris Interactive poll set out to explore public opinion on the federal budget by asking people whether they would favor or oppose cutting spending in particular areas. The results reveal what really matters to the American people—and the…

34 Hilarious 'Walking Dead' Memes From Season 2 From Dashiell Driscoll And Memes!

Carl! Get back in the house and laugh your sheriff hat off at these memes.

15 Calls To End The Silence Around Violence Against Women

Today, inspired in part by Republican opposition to renewing the Violence Against Women Act, Fem2.0 hosted a tweetchat under the hashtag #endthesilence. The goal was to spread information about sexual assault and violence against women, and here are 15 thought-provoking tweets that resulted.

Rush Limbaugh Bust Protest: Women's Group Sends Toilet Paper To GOP House Speaker

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is using a new weapon in the fight against a bust of Rush Limbaugh slated for display in the Missouri capitol: toilet paper. According to the Associated Press, the Missouri chapter of the women's group sent …

Katy Perry Sports Pompadour And Metallic Breasts And Other Links

Is that dress giving anyone else vertigo? Also, science discovers something in your medicine cabinet might prevent cancer and a former Disney tween star is headed for Broadway.

Own This Ugly Statue Of Tupac For $350

This beautiful piece of art can be yours for only $349.99 on Etsy.

Casey Anthony 'Has Found Religion And Plans To Get Baptised'

Anthony is said to have wanted to do something to symbolise a new beginning, eight months after she was cleared of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. 

A Contrarian Explains: The Players Who Are Better Than Messi

Messi is the best soccer player in the world, full stop. But for the sake of argument, these guys are better.

As Governor, Mitt Romney Raised A Gas Tax By 400%

The Republican Presidential frontrunner increased gas taxes in Massachusetts for an environmental fund. He then shifted the revenues into the general fund.

White Supremacists React To Trayvon Martin

Let's check in with what's going on on the largest white supremacist messageboard,

The Onion Ceases Distribution In D.C., Philadelphia

A sad day for lovers of Joe Biden, satire.

The Blaze, Site Founded By Glenn Beck, Insinuates That Slain Teen Trayvon Martin Was Troublemaker

An ugly story may be getting uglier. The Blaze, a right-wing site started by Glenn Beck, has a post up insinuating that Trayvon Martin may have been a dangerous criminal.

Abercrombie And Fitch Outlet's Incredibly Offensive Pants Color

WHAT. No matter the explanation, it's probably not a good idea to have your clothes being sold by anyone in such a way.

The Situation -- In Rehab For Alcohol -- Problem For 'Jersey Shore'

The Situation is in rehab not just for prescription drugs, but also for alcohol, TMZ has learned, and this turn of events could pose big problems for next season's "Jersey Shore." Sources involved in the situation (sorry) tell us ... the Situation …

We Don’t Need Birds Anymore, Humans Are Birds Now

Ah, the human wish to fly like a bird. A wish only below wishes such as, “more wishes,” “so much money,” “printers that print out food for free,” “the ability to point at yourself and be dressed for the day, like Sabrina is able to do in Sabrina the…

'Pretty Little Liars': 'A' Dishes On Finale's Colossal Impact On Season 3, Rosewood And New Mystery

[Warning: If you haven’t watched Monday’s finale, do not read further.] Last night’s “A” reveal was the talk of Rosewood, but the mystery on Pretty Little Liars continues on.

Mitt Romney’s Etch-A-Sketch Disaster

I’ve been thinking about this all night: Eric Fehrnstrom’s etch-a-sketch gaffe yesterday may go well beyond a momentary embarrassment and become a campaign-defining disaster, much as John Kerry’s “I voted for it before I voted against it” gaffe–whic…

Jennifer Lawrence Compares 'Hunger Games' To Kim Kardashian's Divorce Drama

Jennifer Lawrence fears the reality of "The Hunger Games" is closer than we imagine after watching Kim Kardashian's marriage collapse on TV.   The star leads the cast in the much-anticipated new film, which focuses on a fictional reality TV contest …

Dealbreaker: He Held Me Back - Lifestyle

I was a social butterfly with a wild streak; he could count his friends on one hand and spent most weekends in.

If Hot Topic's Not Really Your Scene...

You now have an alternative at the mall. Although I'd say the Angry Birds hatscarf is a lukewarm topic at best.

LoTR Weighs In On The American "Sherlock"

I mean, Boromir is rarely wrong about these things.

You Will Never Be As Content As This Groundhog

I mean, I love belly rubs as much as anyone, but that's one seriously pleased rodent.

25 Powerful Images From Trayvon Martin Protests

Protests and walks are being held around the country for Trayvon Martin. Get involved.

Forever 21 Hates Women's Kneecaps

Because not having knees is the new black (and, well, has been since the birth of Photoshop). (via Amanda Riley)

The Financial Past And Future Of Komen And Planned Parenthood

Susan G. Komen's defunding (and then re-funding) of Planned Parenthood continues to reverberate, with financial impact on both organizations. Here's a look at where they stood before the debacle, and where they might be going.

Heartbreaking Photos Of A Woman Watching Her Home Being Demolished

This is just devastating. A woman in China comes home to find that demolition workers are mistakenly destroying her house. Her agony in these photos is palpable. She even goes so far as to try and stop the demolition by feebly attacking a worker with a brick.

Michael K. Williams (Omar From "The Wire") Is Going To Play Ol' Dirty Bastard In A Movie

I have never been more excited about anything in my life. Oh, indeed.

Maya Rudolph Explains How She Breast-Pumped In Her Car

Maya Rudolph explained on "The Talk" how she breast-pumped in her car after the birth of her third child. She could talk about how she divides her laundry into whites and colors and it would still be funny.

How Reddit Cost Me My License Plate

I probably had the coolest license plate on the Internet. But Reddit made me give it up.

Rick Santorum Wanted To Regulate In Vitro Fertilization

Rick Santorum talks frequently about his anti-abortion views, but less about a more complicated set of issues around fertility treatments. In this 2005 radio interview Santorum said he would support regulating in vitro clinics because they create "a lot more human life than would ever be needed for implantation."

Gingrich Campaign Flees National Press In Louisiana

Local media only in Houma. It's a regular practice for a candidate who can't control his mouth. Press Secretary Hammond's meltdown: "Complainers, complainers, complainers."

Military Dad Dressed As Captain America Surprises His Son On His Birthday

These videos never get old. Onions, you guys. Onions.

Beyond The Battlefield: Afghanistan's Wounded Struggle With Genital Injuries

Before they went off to fight in Afghanistan, the guys of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines talked quietly about their deepest fear. Not dying. Not losing a leg or an arm.

Our List Of 10 Talented, Always-Stylish Women

Check out our list of 10 talented, inspiring, always-stylish women on

Can Robots Make Amazon A Better Place To Work?

The online retailer acquires a robot company to make its factories more efficient.

Trayvon Martin's Parents Speak At The March For Their Son

Before yesterday's 1,000,000 Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin, the teen's parents addressed the protesters. Short, but moving.

Danish Kids' TV Has Farting Puppets

Lauren Kirchner's investigation into the bizzare world of Danish children's TV highlighted a sleep-themed, farting puppet loop the network employs during off hours to encourage kids to sleep during bedtime.

BuzzFeed Sports Discovered The Rest Of Sean Payton's Text To Jeremy Shockey

When Shockey tweeted out a text conversation he had with his suspended coach, he had no idea we'd be able to use our super computers and people in lab coats to figure out the cut off part of their conversation.

10 Things You Need To Know About The Trayvon Martin Case

For those who haven't been closely following this tragic story, here's a primer on the awful facts surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin. There is plenty in here to warrant outrage.

Why Did Israel Ban Thin Models?

A fashion law expert wonders, "Where are the models’ voices?" — and notes that problems for models hardly stop at pressure to be thin.

Geometric Porn App Turns iTunes Into Naughty Art [NSFW]

Fast Company raves, "It’s actual, hilarious, penetrating, ejaculating porn that you shouldn’t watch at work."

What Not To Wear To Your Husband's Basketball Game

Unless Andrei Kirilenko has a really weird fetish, this is probably a bad idea. Hell, even then this is a bad idea.

Someone Forgot To Tell Tebow That His Celebrity Crush Is Jewish

The gossip rags are in a frenzy over reports that Tim Tebow is apparently "in love" with Dianna Agron of "Glee." Did the devout Christian football player somehow miss the memo that Agron prays for the other team? (Also, that she has a boyfriend?)

GameStop Hates Mini Horses And Disabled People

A parapelegic California man is suing GameStop and Marshalls for not letting in the mini-horse that pulled his wheelchair. The government approved mini horses as service animals in March 2011 under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

There Was Someone Selling A 1/3 Scale Tie Fighter On Craigslist

According to the description the Tie Fighter is 8x8x8 feet and was going for $150.00. Cue obligatory "shut up and take my money."

100 Best DJ Names

Or you could just be DJ Freestylez or something. P.S. this is a 100% subjective list.

Mitt Romney Called High Gas Prices A "Permanent Phenomenon"

The Republican Presidential frontrunner saw gas prices as possible permanent occurrence in 2005.

Killing Challenge

The latest viral buzz from

You’re Going To Want Everything From Coach’s New ‘Legacy’ Collection

Over the past few seasons, Coach has gradually been stripping down the logos and embellishments and introducing simpler, more timeless pieces into their collections. And when they did, it was met with tremendous approval by the fashion industry, inc…

Expensive Nerdy Toys For Kids (That Are Really For Adults)

Sure we’re still feeling the effects of the economic crisis, but let’s pretend that you have millions of dollars just sort of lying around. What would you do with it all? Well, you could run for president, of course, but we know we’d rather throw ar…

Reality TV Shows About Famous Authors We’d Love To See

Are you more interested in the Brontës than the Kardashians? Does your heart embrace only one Millionaire Matchmaker — Becky Sharp? (Okay, two. Undine Spragg, for name alone.) We lit geeks at Flavorwire see the canned drama of the Basketball Wives, …

We Found Love In The Hunger Games

It's Rihanna's "We Found Love" but with A LOT MORE HUNGER GAMES!

Little Girl Overcomes Her Fear Of Water

My ovaries are trying to kill me. Sometimes the only way to overcome your fears is to take a nap and then save your sister from fake drowning.

What Happened To Deena's Face?

A nose job, definitely, but what else?

30 Elsa Schiaparelli Creations That Inspired "Hunger Games" Costume Design

In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous. - Elsa Schiaparelli. We might find the fashion of the "Hunger Games" capitol citizens outrageous, but our grandmothers just think it's 1930s haute couture.

Why Pinterest Is The Next Iran

Is Pinterest the next Facebook? Sure! But it's so much more than that.

James Franco's Tumblr: The Greatest Hits

They say a man's tumblr is like a window into his soul. So I guess Franco's soul has an affinity for hairless cats, cookies, American Girl dolls, and semi-NSFW self-portraits?

Surrender Your Weapons To The Sanford Police Department

Tumblr user Rusty Redenbacher has started a campaign for people to send bags of Skittles to the Sanford Police Department. Here's how you can get involved.

Etch A Sketch Stock Skyrockets On Strength Of Gaffe

See? Mitt Romney is already stimulating the economy. Shares for toymaker Ohio Art Company triple in price overnight.

Haul Vloggers Flaunt The Most AMAZING Spring Makeup

Watch YouTube's most enthusiastic haulers gush over their latest makeup purchases. Apparently quite a few blushes, eye shadows and other new makeup products are, like, OMG AMAZING!!!

How Tommy Hilfiger's Bangladesh Factory Fire Measures Up Against Other Accidents

Tommy Hilfiger is trying to shape up after reports that it continues to use unsafe factories in Bangladesh, where almost 500 garment workers have died in five years. Let's look at how disasters there stack up against other famous industrial accidents.

Megan Piper, Porn Star, Can't Attend Prom With Mike Stone, School Says

Mike Stone won't be able to attend his high school prom with Megan Piper or any other porn star, according to the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District in Minnesota.

EA All Butthurt Over Being Worst Company In America Contender

Every year during the NCAA playoffs, The Consumerist has their own competition whereas they have the worst companies in America competing against each other for the grand prize. EA made the competition this year, and currently they are whipping Sony…

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Are BACK On Ashlee Holmes' Links

Check out this teaser trailer that was leaked this morning on a mobile site. The trailer is of the upcoming 4th season of the franchise that is said to be airing sometime in April. in Ashlee Holmes' Bookmarks

6 Unlikely Friendships In Movies (That Make No Damn Sense)

Entire genres of film exist purely to give us wacky pairings of characters, like a straight cop and a wacky cop, or a white cop and a black cop, or a black cop and a Chinese cop (apparently cops are pretty racist). But often the weirdest partnership…

Researchers Identify A Protein That May Trigger Male Pattern Baldness. Could It Point The Way To A Cure?

A boon for balding pates: scientists have pinpointed a protein that may trigger hair loss, and it could be a target for a cure.

On Twitter, Everyone Hates John Edwards

One thing the Internet's leftwingers and right-wingers agree on after the former Senator was named today in a prostitution investigation: He's a "crapweasel." Conservatives always thought that, but disappointed liberals may now hate him even more. (via Twitchy)

Invisible Facebook Friends Can See You, But You Can't See Them

Facebook zombies: You can't see them, you can't unfriend them, and you can't block them. Facebook friends are forever, whether you want them or not. Here's how anyone can use account deactivations as a creepy spying tool.

Daily Deals: Sales At Saks, Tory Burch And More

Online shopping is convenient, but sifting through everything to find the best deals isn't. So we did the work for you! Read on for today's best Internet deals.

Armie Hammer's Special Talent

The video speaks for itself. Oh Armie, you are such a riot!

Wikipedia's Gender Gap, As Measured By Famous Birthdays

A gender gap continues to plague Wikipedia, and one of its main effects is on the kinds of people the encyclopedia considers noteworthy. We took a look at this through the lens of birthdays.

The Fabulous Mimic Octopus

The Mimic Octopus is a species of octopus invented, discovered in 1998 off the coast of Sulawesi. Despite the video evidence to the contrary, I assume this cephalopod to be a hoax or some kind of viral marketing campaign. The Mimic Octopus protects …

Siskel And Ebert: An Oral History.

Gene and Roger were on a flight one time, and Gene handed a piece of paper to a flight attendant and said, “Please give this note to Roger.” The note read, “Mr. Ebert, would you like to see the cockpit?” Gene had signed it, “The Captain.” Roger was …

Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ Video

Check out the premiere of Katy Perry‘s “Part of Me” video!

Ashley Tisdale's Bikini Falls Between The Crack

Ashley Tisdale has clinginess issues -- leaving little to the imagination yesterday on the beach in Maui ... with a skin tight pink bikini ... and a fedora from 2005. Who says the 26-year-old actress is stuck up? …

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart -- Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pics

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and the newly released photos from the set of Breaking Dawn Part 2 are no exception! In one new still, real-life lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hold hands for the first time as vampires. “Ro…

Adorable Photos Of An NBA Tea Party

Recently, members of the Memphis Grizzlies went to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis and had a tea party with the kids. Marc Gasol and Rudy Gay really enjoyed themselves.

South Park Takes On Cash4Gold And The Home Shopping Network

If "South Park" is to be believed — and I almost always believe anything that comes from the mind of Trey Parker and Matt Stone — HSN and Cash4Gold are just an endless cycle of crap jewelry being marketed towards old people. Here's how:

Nipples At The Met

Here's an online database of every nipple at the Met. You should definitely follow this Tumblr and stay abreast of all the new nipples being added to their ever-expanding collection.

Jennifer Lawrence Hurls A Bucket Of KFC Fried Chicken At A Basketball Hoop

Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon took part in a three-point shoot out last night, but instead of basketballs they used a bucket of KFC fried chicken and shamrock shakes. Congrats KFC, your chicken is good enough to be thrown all over the floor on national television!

Gloria Steinem: "I Don't Think There's Any Such Thing As Feminine"

But you have no excuse not to be a feminist, Steinem said last night.

Deena Nicole News - 'Jersey Shore' Meatball Deena Nicole Has A New Look! See Before & After (PHOTOS)

The Jersey Shore star appears to have gotten a makeover, but we’re not sure what’s behind her new look. She’s at the Palms in Vegas for the MTV Spring Break Party, where she debuted what appears to be a new face! Her hair is darker and her makeup is…

Anime Critic Accused Of Killing Family

A 22 year-old Texas man is accused of killing his parents and brother with a rifle. Trey Sesler was also a prolific YouTube anime reviewer under the name "Mr. Anime", posting over 300 videos. His videos sometimes include skits with real guns where he battles an evil twin of himself.

Kaela Humphries Didn’t Just Wake Up One Morning And Decide She Wanted To Be A Model

Having recently signed with Ford +, the 28-year-old, size 16/18 Humphries — sister of New Jersey Net player and Kim Kardashian's ex Kris — talks about how it feels to move to New York to follow her dream of becoming a model. As told to Amy Odell.

GIF Of The Night: Kobe Sees The Basket In His Mind

When you're Kobe Bryant, you always know where the hoop is.

Trayvon Martin 'Million Hoodie March' March Draws Hundreds In New York City

NEW YORK — The parents of a black teenager shot to death by a Hispanic neighborhood watch captain in Florida told hundreds of people at a march in his memory on Wednesday that they won't stop until they get justice for him. "My son did not deserve t…

Pauly Shore Is A Creep, Caresses LaLa On Morning TV

Pauly Shore visited "Good Day New York" to promote his new movie, and then acted really creepy towards LaLa -- petting her arm and inviting her to do P90X in his hotel room with him later. Oh, but happy 20th anniversary of "Encino Man," Pauly!

Florida Representative Frederica Wilson's Emotional Speech About Trayvon Martin's Shooting

Everyone needs to watch this, especially if you don't know anything about Trayvon Martin.

Holy Crap: Dave Chappelle Is On Twitter

This is all kinds of exciting.

21 Reasons You Should Be Following The NBA's Weirdest Player On Twitter

On the court, JaVale McGee is maddeningly inconsistent. Off the court, he's the most consistently weird, funny, crazy athlete on Twitter. Here's why.

10 Part-Time Jobs With The Best Pay

If you’re looking for a part-time job that really pays the bills, these are your best bets.

Komen CEO Nancy Brinker's Depressing Final Tweets

Susan G. Komen Foundation CEO Nancy Brinker hasn't tweeted since March 5 — the longest she's gone in months without typing out a few characters to tell her breast cancer charity's supporters, "Go team!"

Toulouse Shooting: First Picture Of Al Qaeda Fanatic Mohammed Merah Suspected Of Killing 7

The Al Qaeda fanatic who murdered seven people in south west France died in a vicious gunfire battle after police stormed his apartment following a 32-hour siege.

Aging Rock Stars: Old Vs. Young :

1 David Lee Roth 2 Rod Stewart 3 Bret Michaels 4 Ronnie Woods – Rolling Stones 5 Joe Elli…

Mitt Romney In 2002: I Have A Different View Than Most Republicans

Republican Presidential Mitt Romney has come under fire recently for statements an advisor made saying the former Governor could "reset" his positions in the fall "almost like an Etch A Sketch. It stung because of Romney's journey from right to left and back. In this clip unearthed online from the 2002 at the Black Ministerial Alliance urban forum Romney, running as a moderate, when asked about why he wasn't embracing the Massachusetts Republican Party said, "I have a very different view than most Republicans" and "my agenda is different from traditional Republicans."

George Zimmerman Unprotected By Self-Defense Law In Trayvon Martin Killing, Florida Lawmakers Say

Republican state lawmakers in Florida responsible for a controversial 2005 self-defense law said it shouldn't apply to a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old, in February. Police in Sanford, Fla., d…

Tom Colicchio Forces Wisconsin Bar To Change Its Name

Nobody's going to call a restaurant "Craft" on chef/Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio's watch, or at least not Middleton, Wisconsin craft beer bar Craft Table & Tap. Pardon, that's Craftsman Table & Tap, now. A managing partner of the restaurant tells Ma…

All Aboard The Hump Day Express (67 Photos)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17…

Morning Monologue: The Knicks Can't Lose, Ryan Miller Is A Brick Wall, And Carlos Tevez Comes Back From The Dead

Our daily stroll through last night's games and news. On tap today: the NBA, NHL, and English Premier League soccer.

10 Of The Most Romantic Movie Quotes

Romantic-drama classic Casablanca will be appearing on select movie screens across the country today. The Hollywood treasure about a man, a woman, and a sacrifice for love is being treated to a newly restored print in celebration of the movie’s 70th…

Watch 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

It's only 10 seconds long, but "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" teaser trailer is making waves on the internet.

Walking Dead Season 2 Finale: Epic Zombie Battles, Prison

Last night’s The Walking Dead season finale did that wonderfully, wrapping up several loose threads before pointing the compass directly at the heart of Season 3. In a closing shot similar to that of this season’s penultimate episode, the producers …

Draw Something Now Officially A Zynga Title

The latest viral buzz from

The Weird Science And Big Business Of Working Girls In The Breakfast Club From Pantene

Pantene presents the story of two girls finding out what it would be like to live in every 80's movie at the same time.!/PanteneNA?sk=app_

If You Like Tattoos, Get In Here (37 Photos)

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Insane Garbage Man From That Happened!

Pretty sure this local garbage man also works as a baggage handler at the TSA.

Chive College Spring Break :

1 The chivers’ college SB submissions have been excellent thus far. So I think we should try and keep this going for one more week. Keep sending all your sexy, raunchy and hilarious spring break shenanigans to me at bring…

Rihanna In Tears Because Chris Brown Won't Break Up With Karrueche Tran?

While Rihanna was nursing a broken heart, Karrueche was busy rubbing her relationship with Chris in Rihanna's face! Rihanna had plenty of reasons to celeb

Mike Stone's Superintendent Says Megan Piper Can't Come To Prom

This morning, Burnsy profiled young Mike Stone, a bold-thinking visionary who had the brilliant idea to use Twitter to ask porn stars and WWE whatever they’re calleds to his prom. Websites like this one quickly rallied to his cause. He soon had a da…

Why I Am Leaving The Muppets

From time to time, we offer our space to individuals with something to say and nowhere to say it. On the occasion of this week's release of the recent film The Muppets on DVD (a "DVD" is what they had before Netflix Instant) and the announcement tha…

Funny Bizarre Signs :

March 19, 2012 | Author: Bob | In: Funny, WTF

Adorable 2-Year-Old Singing Adele

The latest viral buzz from

Does 'Sexy And I Know It' Sounds Sexier On A Guitar?

Anyways, Todd Park Mohr AKA Big Head Todd brought his guitar and his drum (two basics that should be in every girl’s handbag!) to the lounge and busted out a new rendition of LMFAO‘s  fabulously rauchchy “Sexy and I Know It” because his kids asked h…

Apple's $100 Billion

See that smug dude over there? He owns some Apple stock.

Our Favorite Wondercon Cosplay Photos, Part Three

WonderCon 2012 was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, this weekend. Some great cosplay photos are starting to surface, so let's

Suri Cruise News - Cute Kid Alert! Suri Cruise Is Pretty In Pink (PHOTOS)

Looking adorable in a chic hot pink dress, Suri, 5, joined her mom, Katie Holmes, for a fun-filled say in New York City. The mother-daughter duo made their way into Make Meaning arts, crafts, and toy store. Katie went for a more casual look, donning…

William Levy News - Yee-Haw! 'DWTS' Stud William Levy Nearly Naked In Nothing But A Cowboy Hat (PHOTOS)

Howdy, partner! Dancing with the Stars hottie and Spanish actor/model William Levy is exposed in a set of pics where the only thing keeping him modest is a cowboy hat. Not that we’re complaining!

Wine And Kids: Is It OK To Let Them Try It?

When my son James was 10 months old, he was baptized into my religion. The ceremony took place in Bordeaux, and I performed it myself, rubbing a small amount of 2000 Château Pétrus on his gums. Yes, the kid started well. Since the age of 4, he has b…

Trayvon Martin Supporters Take To Instagram

In solidarity with the slain Florida teen, people have been posting photos of themselves in a hoodie to Instagram. The quest for social justice found the perfect marriage to the desire to post cute pictures of yourself on social networks.

Rihanna News - Bikinis & Beds! Rihanna's Sexiest Twit Pics

Rihanna is one of many celebs to use her Twitter for self promotion, but her tactics are a bit more sexy. The “S&M” singer, 24, has sent out an array of bikini and bedside photos of herself to her followers, causing both controversy, desire and envy…

Jessica Biel Signs On For ‘Psycho’

Jessica Biel Signs on for ‘Psycho’

Miley Cyrus Is Apparently Handicapped Now

When Miley Cyrus arrived to her Pilates class yesterday, apparently she was stricken with a rare disease that left her just capable enough to perform intense exercises for several hours, but not enough to walk an extra few feet to the door. So she r…

Playboy On Campus Viral Video Contest

The viral videos will be judged on creativity, presence of Playboy and school imagery, quality, and uniqueness of content. We’ll consider YouTube views and comments here as well so comment below and share your favorite video! Let the voting period o…

5 One-Hit Wonders Who Deserve Your Respect

See, in a lot of instances, the bands you know as one-hit wonders are actually much more than that. So much so that having that one gigantic hit probably did more harm to their reputations than good, because it completely overshadowed all of the oth…

How To Talk To Young Black Boys About Treyvon Martin By Touré

1. It’s unlikely but possible that you could get killed today. Or any day. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. Blackmaleness is a potentially fatal condition. I tell you that not to scare you but because knowing that could possibly save your life. There…

Diverse And Peaceful, A "Million Hoodie March" For Trayvon Martin

More than a thousand people marched from New York's Union Square through the city tonight, chanting "We are all Trayvon Martin." They demanded the arrest of George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Florida, who shot the unarmed teenager.

Dear EA: Let The Fans Take Over The Servers You Want To Shut Down

Let's let the fans of these games take over.

Katy Perry News - Katy Perry & Baptiste Giabiconi's Snuggly Dinner Date

Katy Perry cuddled up to Chanel model Baptiste Giabiconi during a private dinner aboard the EuroStar train from London to Paris on March 19 — and only Celebuzz has the world exclusive photos.

Area 51 Exhibit To Feature Russian Roswell UFO Artifact At National Atomic Testing Museum

Area 51 has been called the most secret place on Earth that never existed. And for a long time, that was true.

The Disturbing World Of British TV Commercials

Fellow Americans, what do you look for in a commercial voiceover? Something non-threatening and reassuring? Maybe something slightly overbearing but ultimately avuncular? Portentous but knowingly so? Sure. Any of those would be a correct answer. A s…

Kris Jenner Posts Topless, Pregnant Photo For Son Rob Kardashian's Birthday

Only in the Kardashian/Jenner Household: Kris Jenner took a photo of herself (almost) naked and pregnant back in 1987. This was waaaay before Demi Moore's infamous Vanity Fair cover with the same hands-over-breasts profile pose. PHOTOS: Baring It Al…

Bird-Like Wings Carry Man 330 Feet

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, March 21 (UPI) -- A Dutch man said he completed a flight of about 330 feet using homemade wings based on those of a bird.

Reese Witherspoon Pregnant: See Her Baby Bump!

On Wednesday, just as Us Weekly broke news of her baby-to-be, Witherspoon and a female pal were photographed taking a two-hour hike in the Santa Monica Mountains near her home in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. "You could definitely see a small b…

How Michael Jordan's March Madness Shorts Changed The Apparel Business

While Jordan’s effect on footwear is impressive, it’s not the only trend he set in fashion. He also changed the way we think about gym shorts.

Stocks Close Mixed As Housing, Bernanke Dent Sentiment

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- U.S. stocks finished mixed Wednesday after a disappointing read on the housing market and bearish comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Europe.

Witness Says There Was ‘something Wrong’ When She Saw ‘rape’ Cop And ‘victim’ Having Sex In Back Yard

When an Inwood teacher looked out her window one morning — and saw a couple having sex in her back yard — she knew something was horribly wrong.

Boy Who Tried To Intervene Still Tormented By Shopping-cart Attack

He’s a teenage hero in one of the city’s most horrific pranks-gone-bad.

The Hunger Games

Yet another teen-lit phenomenon has made it to the big screen, and salivating fans are eager to get their first taste of The Hunger Games. But guys can rest assured: Twilight this is not, and Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen ain’t Bella lust…

Hockey Game Starts With Fight

Wow, if every hockey game started like this--I'd watch the beginning and that's it.

Barack Obama And Sign Language

Last week after an event at Prince Georges Community College in Maryland, a deaf audience member named Stephon used American Sign Language to tell President Obama, 'I am proud of you,' and as you can see in the video, President Obama signed back, 'T…

Hugh Jackman: Les Miserables Set Pictures!

Hugh Jackman gets into character as Jean Valjean on the set of Les Miserables on Tuesday (March 20) in London, England.

Fascinating Photos Of Young Girls And Their American Girl Dolls

When photographer Ilona Szwarc moved to New York from Poland in 2008, she noticed something interesting as she shot the streets of the city: a lot of little girls who were dressed exactly like the American Girl dolls they were toting around. “I beca…

More Than 2,000 Shows Of ‘Hunger Games’ Already Sold Out

The wildly anticipated big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' dystopian best-selling novel has presold out nearly 2,000 screens, Fandango announced Tuesday. The company said that the film is garnering 92% of its daily sales and has already surpas…

Mark Millar Teams With Nacho Vigalando On A Teaser For His 'Supercrooks' Comic Book (Exclusive Video)

Supercrooks, the latest high-concept comic book from Mark Millar, hits shelves this Wednesday.

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2' Trailer Teaser Hits The Web (Video)

In the snippet, Kristen Stewart’s Bella shows off her newly acquired speed as part of her vampire transformation. Taylor Lautner’s Jacob can then be seen approaching the camera, telling his former flame, “I didn’t expect you to seem so… you.”

Dan Aykroyd Announces New Film With Chevy Chase

Dan Aykroyd may be stuck in his quest to resurrect Ghostbusters, but now he's resurrecting the past for a new movie endeavor. The actor-writer-director wrote on his Facebook page late Monday night that he is working with his former Saturday Night Li…

Romney Illinois Primary Win Signals An End To The Republican Race

Mitt Romney’s Illinois win could be the beginning of the end of the Republican nomination fight. In order to get there, he faces two challenges: He’ll have to convince on-the-sidelines Republicans to endorse his candidacy, contribute to his campaign…

Aspirin, A Wonder Drug? Studies Show It May Prevent Cancer

Many people take a daily aspirin to reduce their risk of heart attack, but now fresh evidence suggests that the over-the-counter pain reliever may be a powerful tool in cancer prevention as well.

BioWare Plans To Address Mass Effect 3 Ending Complaints

That doesn't necessarily mean the game's ending will be changed.

Justin Bieber's Wax Figure Is Terrifying: Obsessed

My mind was blown the first time I went to Madame Tussauds in New York. I was probably 14, and I remember digging in my patch-covered backpack (this was the height of yin-yang and smiley face mania) for my disposable camera. When my pics came back, …

Daily Outfit Idea: Make Color-Blocking More Wearable With White Jeans

We spotted this girl back at New York Fashion Week, and instead of going all bright, she color-blocked with her top and accessories and added in white jeans. It's an easy way to pull of the trend in a slightly-less-scary way if you're intimidated by…

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