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March 13, 2012

How To Bully Children

I do a lot of pretty random stupid shit thinking that I will write about it. Most of my activities turn out to be useless, though there’s always the idea that I could hit upon something so I live in this constant state of expectation that’s not as e…

I Am Alive Review For 360 From

So you go, ever pressing on to find wife and child. Gone a year, but now you return, to climb and cobble and carry on. You cannot ignore Mei's bleat for aid, but other survivors of the Event not so much as settle but subsist their meager existences …

Stan Van Gundy Doesn't Care If You Fire Him

If you don't love Stan Van Gundy, you don't love what's good about the NBA.

NCAA Tournament 2012 Bracket: Picks And Projections For Every Game

With the Madness of March fully enveloping our college basketball loving souls, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the 2012 NCAA tournament bracket.

Beyonce Shows Off Baby Pictures At Robin Thicke's Birthday Bash

Baby Blue is already one of Hollywood's most famous newborns. Beyonce's good friend Gwyneth Paltrow already predicts Blue Ivy will be a big star. The hot mama also isn't shy about breastfeeding her baby in public, like she did last month at a New Yo…

Hemet Teacher Janel Ramirez Seduces Student With Twilight Compliments

A 31-year-old 9th grade English teacher in Hemet, California (Riverside County is the Florida of California) has been accused of having illicit sex with a 17-year-old student, a relationship that allegedly began when she told him he looked like Twil…

The Best And Worst Of The NBA's March Madness Brackets

Lebron James, Deron Williams, Kevin Love, and more have submitted their brackets. Deron is going to regret that Syracuse pick, now that Fab Melo can't play.

12 Reasons Why Chow Chows Are Underrated

You only hear about chows in the context of Martha Stewart's dog, or being paraded around as panda dogs. This is really just an excuse to stare at exceptionally cute fluffy dogs that deserve a little more internet recognition.

Twitter Buzz: Lauren Conrad Makes Friends With A Giraffe

Cute! Plus, Ed Helms wants to know what you think about his goatee and Jason Jones and Samantha Bee may just be the cutest couple on Twitter.

This Cat In A Scarf Wants To Sell You His Book

He's a published meowther. God...that doesn't even make sense.

The Four Best Social Media Tools For Bands At SXSWi

The big problem with social networking is that it’s unwieldy for small bands: you’ve got a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a Tumblr, a Google Plus account, plus any number of other websites. And you have to constantly update with fresh content: lo…

The 2012 Republican Primary's Five Hottest Conspiracy Theories

It's easy to mock Alabama and Mississippi Republicans today for their views on Barack Obama's religion. But that's hardly the only unfounded, persistent belief lurking below the surface of the political season.

Why Those Old Videos Won't Go Away

In 2012, campaigns and the media are caught in a time warp. Is "new to me" new enough?

Cats Infiltrating Twitter

Lots of cats disguised as humans on twitter. Even Kristen Chenoweth, probably their leader.

This May Be Your Last Chance To Visit Jew Pond While It's Still Jew Pond

Yup...Jew Pond. Mont Vernon, New Hampshire is voting tonight on whether to rename the popular fishing and skating spot, a man-made body of water originally known as "Spring Pond, renamed "Jew Pond" in the 1920s because a nearby hotel was bought by two Jewish men.

Dick Cheney Is Afraid Of Canada

The former VP cancelled his trip to Toronto because, "Canada is too dangerous."

David Lynch PSA Turns Litter Into Terror

Rats have eerily human fingers up close. In 1991, Lynch created the world's most disturbing reminder that rats eat trash.

Stocks Close At Multiyear Highs As JPMorgan Sparks Rally

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Stocks closed at multi-year highs Tuesday after a dividend and stock buyback announcement from JPMorgan(JPM) ignited investor confidence.

Makeup Tutorial Photo - Buzznet

I've been kinda obsessed with this super colorful eye make up. Did it on half of the Zero Gravity promo shots of which some you have seen and some not (can't wait to share!) so I thought it's a good time for a simple tutorial. All you need is some c…

Jennifer Lawrence Shines In Gold Prabal Gurung At The Hunger Games Premiere

The Hunger Games! It’s happening. The stars of the film hit the red carpet for the LA premiere last night (the film opens in theaters on March 23–have you preordered your ticket yet?). Katniss Jennifer Lawrence really nailed it in a show stopping go…

March Madne$$: The School Tuitions Of The NCAA Bracket

Today begins NCAA basketball's "March Madness." The tournament's eventual champions will get to bask in the national spotlight until the next cruise-ship disaster/naked Congressman/shark attack/GOP primary/baseball season/chain-restaurant review by …

You're Not Alone: Gamers Share Their Quirky Playing Habits

Some gamers put a lot of effort into saving items, exploring everything, and remaining undetected.

Hipster-Ass Hipster Bike For Hipsters, $180

"Do you want to be noticed? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Sleeve tattoo didn't do the trick? Dubstep bounce remix didn't go viral? Look no further than this bike."

7 Minutes In Heaven With Fred Armisen

Apparently, Fred is the inventor of doggy style, but only in regards to our generation.

Donald Trump's Kids Love Killing Animals

Donald Jr. and Eric went on safari in Zimbabwe last year, where they shot everything from an elephant and a civet cat. Fun! And there are grisly photos! Funner! Would you be shocked to learn wildlife groups are not thrilled that a couple of millionaire Trump scions went on an exotic animal killing spree?

Patricia Lefranc: Acid Attack Victim Arrives To Testify Against Married Lover

Patricia Lefranc (pictured), whose face was hideously deformed by acid sprayed by her married lover Richard Remes, appeared in a Belgian court today and accused him of 'turning me into a monster'.

Mark Aguhar, 1987-2012

"I first saw Mark on a dudeblog, someone reblogged a video of her and I was supposed to think what I was watching was bizarre/pitiful/gross/funny. Instead I felt better about everything I had ever been through, and I laughed, and felt bad for anyone…

Say Hello To Matthew Broderick's Mustache

Last night at the Roundabout Theatre Spring Gala, Broderick debuted some new facial hair. He told New York Magazine that it exists because it might possibly make its way into an upcoming production: “It’s being considered for the play. We’re thinking about it, no decision has been made.”

Olivia Munn "Apologizes" For SXSW Absence And Other Links

Wait, does this mean SXSW leaked those nude pictures? Why else would she send them this? Also, baby cheetahs are painfully adorable and underage smoking may lead to accidental arson. These and other Buzz that flew under the radar await your clicking pleasure.

Mountain Thaw Creates A River Of Ice

This is what Narnia looked like before the return of Aslan. The original site is in Russian but if Google translate is at least partially right, this was a winter snow that started to melt and then flash froze into these surreal shapes.

Why Can't We Brag On Twitter?

Twitter is basically designed for bragging. Not even humbly! So why is it so hard to pull off?

Chris Paul Is An Awesome Father

Clippers star Chris Paul suffered a nasal fracture last week, and has been forced to join Kobe Bryant in wearing a mask as he plays. His son was jealous so Chris made him a mask out of a paper plate. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop you can now wear that awesome mask.

Syracuse's Center Was Just Ruled Ineligible, So Adjust Those Brackets

Could Syracuse be the first number one-seed to lose before the tournament even starts?

Rick Santorum's Bracelet Doesn't Actually Talk

Santorum described his "bracelet that talks" on Hugh Hewitt's radio show today. Campaign says his bracelet is non-verbal.

Warner Brothers Resurrects The Dark Tower, And Javier Bardem May Still Star

If you’ve already been following the development of the three movies and two seasons of a TV show based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, then you can skip past the rest of this long paragraph. To summarize, in January of last year Javier Bardem was…

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Says She Traded Her Privacy For 'Hunger Games'

When Jennifer Lawrence arrived at the worldwide premiere of The Hunger Games on Monday night, she was met with deafening screams from the crowd. But the Hollywood newcomer admits she had a hard time believing all of the fan excitement was directed a…

Reminder! Phones Don't Need Genders

What makes a cellphone a lady cellphone? According to gadget companies: A higher price, worse performance and the color pink.

15 Things We'll Miss About "Man Vs. Wild"

Contract negotiations between Bear Grylls and Discovery have failed. As such, there won't be any new episodes of "Man Vs. Wild." I guess Bear finally decided to demand more money for running around the extreme outdoors, killing/eating animals, and drinking his own piss?

NBA History Could've Been Completely Different If This Trade Had Happened

Rumor has it that the Raptors' former GM could've traded for Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash. He chose not to.

The Son Of That Basketball Player Who Supposedly Slept With Sarah Palin Just Got Kicked Off Georgia Tech's Team

Glen Rice, Sr. (maybe) had a one-night stand with Sarah Palin. Glen Rice, Jr. has been charged in connection with a shooting incident outside an Atlanta nightclub.

Linsanity Is Over

You're a professional athlete playing in New York City, you've lost six straight games, and everything with your catch phrase on it is marked down 50% at the Times Square Duane Reade. Your popularity is waning at best.

That's Not How You Spell "Clock"

Nor is that an actual timepiece hanging on a wall in Beijing, China. Discuss.

Is Bobbi Kristina Brown Dating Whitney Houston’s Adopted Son?

On one hand, it's must be SUPER weird to date your adopted brother. On the other, it's very much Richie/Margot in "The Royal Tenenbaums."

The World's Biggest Albino Family

A New Delhi albino family of 10 will soon be inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Bullied by their neighbors, it's nice to see this family is finally getting some acceptance in this world. Die Antwoord should hire them to be in their next video.

How A Cat Sees The World, Captured On Film

Debuting at SXSW Film, documentary "CatCam" shows footage and stills of images taken from a tiny camera attached to a cat's collar. The golden age of kitty auteur cinema has begun.

One Creepy Obama Advertisement From Germany

A CNN affiliate in Deustchland is trying to sell its smartphone app.

20 Amazing Photos Of Horses Kicking Ass

Here are a bunch of horses throwing their riders or giving them the worst saddle soreness of their lives. From the Patria Gaucha Festival in Uruguay, these horses won't be broken without a fight.

Finally, A New Device That Prevents Bladder Leakage

A company called InControl has made a medical breakthrough with a wacky invention designed to stop incontinence by strengthening the pelvic muscles. As someone who usually has to pee every ten minutes, I'm in no position to mock the phallic shape of this Nerf dildo.

The Ex-Microsoftie Who's Trying to Fix Windows 8

For the last six months, Microsoft has been liveblogging the development of Windows 8. It's been interesting and vexing and most of all just very Microsoft. Now, from a worried and slightly obsessed former Microsoftie: Fixing Windows 8.

Printable NCAA Tournament 2012 Bracket: Overhyped Teams You Must Avoid Picking

Every season there are a couple teams that start to pick up momentum right after the brackets are released. They are deemed sleepers, but the problem with that label is everybody starts jumping on the bandwagon so it doesn't really make sense anymor…

Republican Senator Doesn't Understand Why The History Channel Doesn't Show History

Senator Chuck Grassley is no fan of Ice Road Truckers, Swamp People, or Pawn Stars.

Piece Of Popcorn Looks Like Garfield

Somebody get that popcorn some lasagna. (via

The Quintessential "I'm Too Old For This Shit" Supercut

An overused phrase in film, sure. Yet it never fails please — especially when uttered by Danny Glover.

Santorum Campaign Releases "Pubic Schedule"

A common, but unfortunate, typo gets sent to reporters.

Jane Lynch And Joan Rivers Express Their Disgust Over The Contraception Debate

They remain unimpressed with the Republican primaries, don't want a panel of men deciding anything that has to do with a uterus, and think politicians are strange, in general. I'd listen to these ladies talk politics any day.

Metta World Peace Throws Shade At Jeremy Lin

Or "Why I Am Disappointed In The Diminishing Craziness Of The Artist Formerly Known As Ron Artest."

Top 5 Employers Of U.S. Twentysomethings

A survey of over 4 million Facebook profiles discovered some pretty depressing statistics.

Temple Run Forever

Running is for the unprepared. The simplest solution is usually the best solution.

Jennifer Lawrence In A Mesmerizing Dress At "The Hunger Games" Premiere

If Barbarella and the Oscar statuette had a baby...that would be impossible. Regardless, Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing. Katniss is the new hotness.

Alabama Governor Didn't Actually Endorse Rick Santorum

The campaign hyped it up, but Alabama governor Robert Bentley just voted for Santorum. Says on his Facebook page it wasn't an endorsement.

Minor League Hockey Player Tries To Fight The Entire Opposing Team

Steve MacIntyre is not to be trifled with. After trying to pick a fight with one player (who was unwilling to engage), MacIntyre set his sights on anyone who happened to be wearing a different jersey.

Nicole Richie, Andy Cohen, And Sean Avery Dress As Twins

Apparently Nicole Richie thought would be funny to for her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live." It was all perfect except that Sean Avery wasn't too keen on Andy's pink tie, though. Can you blame him?

Super Hero Disco Dance Party

This is from Brazilian TV, proving once again that Brazilian TV is the best TV.

Time To Come Home

It's getting hard to find a politician who doesn't want to bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

Former NBA Star Is Accused Of Punching A Chinese Fan

Stephon Marbury, once a star in the NBA, is currently playing basketball for the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association. On Sunday night after a tough and controversial playoff loss to the Shanxi Brave Dragons, Marbury was accused of punching a fan following the game.

Mitt Romney's 1994 Letter To The Log Cabin Republicans

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney doesn't spent much time during the Republican primary talking about his past support for gay rights. But in a 1994 letter to the pro-gay Republican group The Log Cabin Republican seeking their endorsement Romney said he would cosponsor Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, eventually support gays serving openly in the military, and said he would help achieve equality for gay and lesbians that his opponent Ted Kennedy could not.

In 2005, Romney Said He Would Keep The Pro-Choice Status Quo

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney often says he governed as a pro-life Governor. In this May 2005 press conference on stem cell research, Romney reaffirmed his position that he would keep the pro-choice status quo in Massachusetts. This press conference came after a May 2005 USA Today interview which Romney announced his views on abortion were "in a different place" and is widely perceived as where Romney first announced his flip-flop on abortion rights.

Pizza Roulette, Hell's Pizza Super Spicy Pizza Game

New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza is living up to its name by introducing Pizza Roulette this week. What is Pizza Roulette? It seems the pizzeria will put two drops of the super-ultra spicy ghost pepper sauce onto only one slice of your pizza, but …

The Marital Rating Scale

Rate your partner using one of these official charts from 1939 and leave their score in the comments. Then we will be able to judge who is happiest.

Eddie Murphy’s Latest Is A Certified 0% Stinker

Up until this weekend, the title of 2012’s top turd in the tank belonged to Katherine Heigl’s pitiful One for the Money, which is currently running at 2% on Rotten Tomatoes to make it one of the year’s worst films. But 39 terrible reviews and a path…

The Most Controversial Ending To Any Bachelor In History Ever

Sixteen seasons, one successful marriage, hundreds of thousands of dollars in therapy bills and about 30 failed relationships later, The Bachelor is set to wrap up its latest season tonight in what is being called the most controversial ending to an…

Will Ferrell And Nick Offerman Do "Today" While Wearing Robes And Drinking Bloody Marys

This is the absolute right way to do an appearance on Kathie Lee and Hoda's 4th hour. Well played, gentlemen.

Yahoo Is a Patent Troll Now

Yahoo is claiming that Facebook stole its entire "social network model," and they're hoping for a payday. This isn't a good look, guys!

Haikus For Gerald Green, Who Dunks Like A Baffling Air God

The NBA's current dunkmeister makes us wax poetic.

Watch Jay-Z's Entire SXSW Performance Online

It's like getting free seats to a Jay-Z show. Only your seats are on stage and move throughout the show to ideal angles. Another way to look at it is that it's a professionally filmed performance. (via Ology)

Wampug Strikes Back

Chubbs the Wampug is back. Here's to hoping they make an all-pug remake.

Best And Worst Of SXSW Fashion

The good, the bad, and the WTF.

Kirk Cameron's Former On-Screen Family Criticizes His Hate Speech

Both Alan Thicke and Tracey Gold have now spoken out against Kirk's anti-gay comments. Talk about "Growing Pains"...

Richard Nixon's Love Letters Make Rachel Maddow Misty-Eyed

"Someday let me see you again? In September? Maybe? You're pretty swell regardless." Not too shabby, Dick.

Miley Cyrus Says She's Ready To Become Addicted To 'The Hunger Games'

Miley Cyrus says she's ready to become a huge The Hunger Games addict.

Norquist Calls Nevada Governor A "Rat"

Republican-on-Republican attacks over taxes.

A Hunger Games ‘Tribute’ Models Lauren Conrad’s Fall 2012 Paper Crown Look Book

Lauren Conrad‘s contemporary line Paper Crown is still chugging right along and we just received the look book for fall 2012. While it’s certainly cute in its own right (so many flared skirts!), there’s another compelling factor: It features 14-year…

Markos Moulitsas Decries The Persistence Of Public Misinformation About Barack Obama

Keith and Markos Moulitsas, “Countdown” contributor and founder of the Daily Kos, contemplate how misinformation, such as the persistence of “birtherism” and the belief that Barack Obama is Muslim, endure within the public consciousness. “This is by…

Authentic Or Apocryphal? Maysoon Zayid Takes On Palin's And McCain's Reactions To 'Game Change'

Keith and Maysoon Zayid, “Countdown” contributor and comedian, unpack Sarah Palin’s and John McCain’s reactions to how they were portrayed in the movie “Game Change.” Sarah Palin maligned the film before its release, but in a statement afterward, sh…

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde For A Day

At this point it seems like Kim K. will resort to anything to distract us from the tabloid headlines about her messy divorce from Kris Humphries because here she is, walking around Los Angeles in a blonde wig yesterday afternoon. Thoughts?

What An Ostrich Ranch Is Like In 10 Pictures

Between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona on Interstate 10 is Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Ranch. I discovered my fear of ostrich there today.

The Top 10 Trends From The Runways That You’ll Actually Wear Next Fall

Now that the dust has finally settled from Fashion Month, we can take a look back at our favorite trends to emerge form the season. From gilded eveningwear to cozy outerwear–and everything in between–read on to find out what trends we got most excit…

Hot Or Not Rihanna's Sheer Shirt Photo Yasi's Photos

Our girl Rihanna certainly isn't known for her tame style (there are no Peter Pan collars or sweater twin sets in her wardrobe) but this is pretty wild even for her. The 24 year old We Found Love singer was spotted out and about in NYC on March 11 w…

What Happened To Gaming's "Middle Class?"

Indie and AAA developers and publishers dominated GDC, but what about those in the middle?

March Madness 2012 Bracket: Winning Picks And Predictions For All Matchups

If you hesitantly fill out your bracket, you’re doomed to fail.  Advance every single team, whether it’s a No. 1 seed or a 16 seed, with the exact same overconfidence.  Go in with the mindset, if your bracket doesn’t match mine, you’ve already lost.

Inspiration Behind Zero Gravity

It's really funny how Zero Gravity came about. You all already know what a fan I am of Sir Richard Branson and his vision. So when I heard that everyone who can afford to, will be able to buy a ticket to space, I thought to myself, This is incredibl…

'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Star Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville has had some work done, and she's not afraid to admit it. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 39, tells Shape magazine that she has maintained her youthful appearance with the help of a little cosmetic surgery. "Yes, I’ll…

Heather Morris And January Jones Got Hacked

The newest internet meme is apparently hacked cell phone pics whether real (Heather Morris, above) or fake (January Jones). Unfortunately I won’t be posting either of them because I’m new around here and I’m not sure what the protocol is, however, t…

Jennifer Lopez Covers Vogue‘s Shape Issue

We’ve just barely gone through all our March glossies, and already the April covers are starting to drop. The latest? Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Vogue‘s “Shape” issue, shot by Mario Testino (according to the Fashion Spot). (UPDATE: The Fashion…

Rihanna Treats Da Silvano Diners To A Peek At Her Boobs In This Sheer Top

Sure, we could see her rocking the sheer look on stage–or even on a night out–but at a cozy restaurant in the West Village? It just seems a little out of place. Also it’s a strange move for a person who no doubt gets stared at in public no matter wh…

Condé Nast Overhauls Its Internship Program, Enforces Stricter Regulations And Mandatory Mentorships

Specifically, we’ve heard from a few reliable sources–two of whom work at Condé Nast–that the the publishers of Vogue, W, GQ, etc. have recently implemented a series of new changes and regulations for interns. And from what we’re hearing, it sounds …

Best Dressed: Elizabeth Olsen In The Row, Emily Blunt In Naeem Khan And More

Our best dressed this week wore the gamut–from suits to the girliest dresses possible. Elizabeth Olsen wore a red pant suit with a light blue shirt by the Row (awww), channeling that Gwyneth Paltrow-wears-Tom-Ford-for-Gucci moment. Mena Suvari and E…

A Leonardo DiCaprio Impersonator And The World’s Best Groupon

Thanks to FilmDrunkard Adam for sending us the heads up on this, which is easily the strangest Groupon we've ever read: Exclusive Ocean Voyage – North

Top 10 Weirdest Things For Sale At "THE THING?"

After being teased about the "THE THING?" reststop for 130 miles, this is what we were greeted by.

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