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March 13, 2012

12 Reasons Why Chow Chows Are Underrated

You only hear about chows in the context of Martha Stewart's dog, or being paraded around as panda dogs. This is really just an excuse to stare at exceptionally cute fluffy dogs that deserve a little more internet recognition.

Say Hello To Matthew Broderick's Mustache

Last night at the Roundabout Theatre Spring Gala, Broderick debuted some new facial hair. He told New York Magazine that it exists because it might possibly make its way into an upcoming production: “It’s being considered for the play. We’re thinking about it, no decision has been made.”

Mountain Thaw Creates A River Of Ice

This is what Narnia looked like before the return of Aslan. The original site is in Russian but if Google translate is at least partially right, this was a winter snow that started to melt and then flash froze into these surreal shapes.

15 Things We'll Miss About "Man Vs. Wild"

Contract negotiations between Bear Grylls and Discovery have failed. As such, there won't be any new episodes of "Man Vs. Wild." I guess Bear finally decided to demand more money for running around the extreme outdoors, killing/eating animals, and drinking his own piss?

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