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March 14, 2012

Big Labor Goes To War With Cuomo

As pension negotiations break down, the public workers union AFSCME goes after the Democratic governor with this ad on black radio. "I'm disappointed with Governor Cuomo. He said he'd look out for our community, but he's sided again with Wall Street and the big corporations," the narrator says.

High School Assembly Turns Into Homophobic, Anti-Abortion Rant

Least peppy pep rally ever. Students and staff at Dunkerton High School in Iowa thought they were getting a presentation on bullying from Christian rock band Junkyard Prophets. Instead, they got a diatribe about the homosexual evils of Elton John and Lady Gaga, plus graphic photos of dead babies. Parents were outraged and the school is seeking a refund of Junkyard Prophet's $1,500 performance fee.

Mitt Romney Says The Darndest Things

WTFRomney has compiled all the fun quotes from Mitt's 2012 campaign adventure. Here's 27 of our favorites.

This Is (Probably) The Most Accurate Map Of Panem So Far

Some brilliant minds with a LiveJournal have created the most extensive map yet of all the districts in Panem. Finally, now you know where all of your favorite "Hunger Games" tributes are actually from.

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