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March 2, 2012

Nicole Richie News - Nicole Richie: My Son Sparrow Is 'Wild' Like Me

Nicole Richie is one sexy mama. The 30-year-old fashionista — and mother of two — covers the latest issue of Ocean Drive magazine and flaunts her slim bod in a revealing outfit. In the issue, Nicole, who was arrested for DUI in 2003 and 2006 and we…

North Korea Nuclear Deal: Why Does The Hermit Kingdom Suffer So Many Famines?

North Korea has agreed to suspend its nuclear development in return for food aid. The country suffers from chronic food shortages and periodic famine, even though neighbors China and South Korea haven’t had such problems for many years. Why are the …

Advertisers Fleeing Rush Limbaugh's Show

Advertisers are fleeing from Rush Limbaugh's radio program a day after he took his abhorrent remarks about college student Sandra Fluke to a new low.

Extraterrestrials: Crowdsourcing The Search

A new website crowdsources the search for intelligent signals from space

Famous Last Tweets: Andrew Breitbart And Death In The Twitter Era

You may not think of a page filled with drunk photos and shameless self-promotion as an accurate reflection of your full self, but the fact remains that when we die, our social networks live on. Sometimes, that's tragic. I had a college friend who d…

Sandra Fluke Receives Call From Obama After Rush Limbaugh 'Slut' Comments

President Obama on Friday placed a call to Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law school student at the heart of the debate over the contraception law, thanking her for speaking out on the issue.

Nick Cannon On Recent Health Issues: 'I Feel Blessed To Be Alive'

After being hospitalized for mild kidney failure in January and blood clots in his lungs in February, 31-year-old Nick Cannon has opened up about the cause of his recent health problems. He tells People that he has an autoimmune disease similar to L…

"News Feed History Of The World: February 2012"

You'll also be able to post your CollegeHumor activity to your Facebook feed.

Gorgeous Princess Birthday Cakes

She knows all the Disney Princesses by heart, can turn any dress-up item into a gown and goes ga-ga over anything pink, ruffled, glittery or girly. She's your little princess, and it's her birthday. So celebrate with one of these gorgeous, awe-inspi…

Kristen Stewart News - Kristen Stewart Shows Off Bra With See-Through Shirt In Paris (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart looked rocker-chic - aka super-sexy - as she made her way to lunch this week in Paris. The Twilight beauty donned a black motorcycle jacket

Whitney Houston -- Secret 'Son' UNWELCOME At Singer's Home

Whitney Houston's mom is on a mission to eradicate the bad influences from Bobbi Kristina's life ... and she's starting with a 22-year-old man who Whitney treated like her very own son. Houston family sources tell TMZ ... Whitney invited Nick Gord…

Selena Gomez’s Clothes Fit Really Well

Here’s Selena Gomez shooting Spring Breakers with Vanessa Hudgens in Miami yesterday which is completely useless information to you, so here are shots of her flashing her bra and a shot of her butt cheeks hanging out of her shorts. Because after ind…

5 Mysterious Disappearances (That Were Elaborate Hoaxes)

Not these champs. When things got tough, they decided it was time to disappear under the cover of a grossly implausible story.

'The Walking Dead' DVD Ad Reveals Major Season 2 Spoiler

[Warning: This story contains a potential spoiler about The Walking Dead.] AMC may have inadvertently spoiled the upcoming three remaining episodes in Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

A Modern-Day Downton? Why Servant Work May Be On The Rise

In Downton, the cousin comes to terms with his servant after a kindly lecture from the local lord on the importance of vocation and social order, but the idea of a life surrounded by domestic servants performing daily chores looks strange to modern …

Jaclyn Swedberg’s 36 Sexiest Instagram Photos

In March 2011, we posted a crowd-sourced interview with Playboy’s Miss April 2011 Jaclyn Swedberg. We found out the 21-year-old Playmate isn’t afraid to answer the tough questions. Once we started following her on Twitter and Facebook, we discovered…

Man Weeps As He's Reunited With His Dog After Deadly Tornado Outbreak

This is alternately heartwarming and heartbreaking. More twisters ravaged the the Midwest and the South today, claiming at least 3 lives on top of the 12 that were lost earlier this week. This is at least one spot of good news amid all the devastation.

Mitt Romney's Advice For ObamaCare: Look At RomneyCare

Mitt Romney was once touting his plan to Obama as a model for health care reform. He didn't mention keeping it at the state level.

30 Devastating Photos Of The March 2 Tornado Outbreak

Here's a compilation of pictures from Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr of the destruction from the tornado outbreak on March 2. Apparently the town of Marysville, Indiana is "completely gone". 33 people have been confirmed dead so far.

Twitter Buzz: Boy George And Lana Del Rey Hang Out

Wonder what they talked about? Plus, Brett Favre joins twitter, Jimmy Fallon celebrates three years of "Late Night," and Katie Couric says that doing Zumba make her feel super white.

The Police Are On The Lookout For Kenny From "South Park"

Or someone who looks very, very much like Kenny. And also seems to be a bastard.

Pixelated Characters In A Polaroid World

Jherin Miller's project Pixels and Polaroids mashes up all sorts of retro. It's like if '80s video game characters had Instagram accounts. (via

Rush Limbaugh Advertisers Pulls Commercials In Wake Of Sandra Fluke 'Slut' Firestorm

Several of Rush Limbaugh's advertisers announced Friday that they were pulling their commercials from his radio show in the wake of Limbaugh's incendiary comments about a female law student and contraception.

Angelina Jolie's Leg And More Famous Body Parts On Twitter

Angie’s leg isn’t the only one tweeting. See other celebrity body parts on Twitter including Justin Bieber’s hair, Bradley Cooper’s mustache, and Pippa Middleton’s bum on

Darren Aronofsky's Ideas For A Batman Movie Were...Interesting

So, before Warner Bros. handed the Batman franchise over to Christopher Nolan, they almost let Darren Aronofsky do a Bat-flick even though he had only done one movie at that point, and he told them he wanted to cast Clint Eastwood as Batman. Yes, Cl…

Eight Great MIT Pranks - Slate Magazine

The latest viral buzz from

Zac Efron Dropped That Condom To Impress Nicole Kidman. Of Course.

When Zac Efron dropped a Magnum condom at The Lorax premiere, you’d just assume it was a simple mistake at best or a deliberate message to the ladies at worst. Except if you’re The National Enquirer, you immediately assume it’s a clever stunt to woo…

Snooki Is Pregnant -- New Report

Jersey Shore: The Next Generation? Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi says she isn’t pregnant, but sources say the guidette is totally expecting, according to Page Six! The insiders say she wants to use her mommy-to-be status to be “the next Kourtney Kardashia…

'Once Upon A Time': Kathryn's Disappearance Tests Emma's Intuition (Exclusive Video)

Storybrooke’s residents can’t leave the town or something bad will happen to them. That’s part of the curse on ABC’s Once Upon a Time and a lesson Kathryn (Anastasia Griffith) seemingly learned when she tried to leave on the last episode.

Dr. Seuss Birthday: 9 Things You Didn't Know About The Author

Beloved children’s book author Dr. Seuss would have turned 108 today, and he would surely have been proud to see that his works are still relevant as ever, resonating with children—and adults—of all ages. Born Theodor Seuss Geisel in 1904, the write…

Low-Hanging Fruit: Can An Edible Forest Take Root In Seattle?

Imagine if your neighborhood park doubled as a communal orchard. Out of fruit in the fridge? Just stroll down the block and pluck the first ripe pear you see. It may sound like a hippie fantasy, but residents of Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood co…

Eastbound & Downton From Funny Or Die, JohnFord, And Anne Rieman

Eastbound & Down and Downton Abbey finally come together just like you have always dreamed of.

10 Of The Best "First World Dog Problems" Meme

Dogs have it hard these days. Hopefully this meme has helped dogs to realize they're not alone.

Another Advertiser Pulls Out From Limbaugh's Show

CEO of Quicken Loans announces that his company will no longer run ads on Rush Limbaugh because he called a young woman who testified about contraception a "slut."

Anderson Cooper Investigates Danny DeVito's Troll Foot

I love Danny DeVito, but I believe this is what most people would refer to as a "slow news day." That said, TROLL FOOT FOREVER.

Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein Put A Bird On LaMarcus Aldridge's Jersey

Is there anything Portland hipsters love more than birds and Blazers basketball? Okay, probably. But this is proof that they do love birds and basketball.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

Wow. I guess this had to happen some time?

Tatum O'Neal Back In Rehab: Report

Tatum O'Neal, who became the youngest actor to win a major Oscar at just 10 years old, is back in rehab after a cocaine relapse, reports say.

What She Said: Going Girl

In which Jenny Mollen tries to date a girl.

4 Famous Pop Culture Moments Everyone Remembers Incorrectly

The fact that no one ever says "Ewok" in all of Jedi hadn't even occurred to me until I stumbled upon a Reddit link drawing attention to it last week. I didn't believe it at first. Surely Threepio must have said something like "My word! The Ewoks be…

Ohio School Shooting: Portrait Of The Teenage Suspect

Lane told Sethman that he loved camping and hunting. But there were things the young man did not care for. Sethman recalls that he did not share her love of reading, especially the Twilight series of books. He didn't care much for organized athletic…

Bad Karma: Can Yoga And Capitalism Get Along?

Last month, Friend was exposed as an even more unconventional spiritual leader when yoga bloggers aired anonymous allegations that Friend purportedly cheated on his girlfriends with married students, dealt pot, and secretly froze employee pensions. …

Ted Nugent Endorses Mitt Romney

Santorum still has the Megadeth frontman, at least.

How To Meet Boys - E. Jean Advises A Single Woman Looking For A Relationship On

How (and where) does a single woman meet men nowadays? E. Jean offers some advice on how to meet Mr. Right on

Selena Gomez News - Selena Gomez Bares Lotta Leg (And Cleavage) On Justin Bieber's Birthday (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez proves that you don’t need to be all dressed up to be super sexy. The “Bang Bang Bang” singer strolled out of a tanning salon in Florida on Thursday working a denim duo that included very short-shorts and a denim shirt that she paired w…

16-Year-Old Model Hailey Clauson Is Depicted Getting Strangled In Pop Magazine

If you’re wondering how much progress the fashion industry has made in creating healthier working conditions for models, particularly young teen ones, well, not very much. To wit, images of a recent Pop editorial shot by photographer Tyrone Lebon, h…

Project X Review - Project X -

Project X delivers exactly what it promises: an over-the-top and insane party that'll keep you smiling the whole time. If you just want to enjoy a good laugh with some friends this weekend and you loved Superbad or The Hangover, then it's safe to sa…

New Trailer For Piranha 3DD

Starring Christopher Lloyd as kooky scientist, Gary Busey as crazy guy who eats piranhas, Ving Rhames as black guy with guns for legs, and David Hasselhoff as David Hasselhoff, the trailer for Piranha 3DD appears below. The big question coming into …

25 Bizarre Celebrity Commercials You’ve Never Seen

A few weeks ago, during a roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, George Clooney defended making his coffee commercials overseas, arguing that it

New American Bridge PAC Ad Targets Romney For Michigan Ties

The Democratic affiliated American Bridge PAC targets Mitt Romney in the scarlet and grey Buckeye State for his love of Michigan. Ohio sports fans have no love lost with their rival up north, and the ad hits Romney hard at the end with the quip, "I have been a Michigan and a Wolverine fan for a long long time."

43 Beautiful Photos Of The Freak Snow Storm In Jerusalem

A divided region comes together to marvel at a small miracle...snow in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Here are some gorgeous and moving photos of the first snowfall in this region in four years.

This Is What Lamar Odom Will Look Like In A D-League Uniform

After taking a leave of absence to attend to his ailing father, Lamar Odom has decided that a game in the D-League will help ease him back into basketball. Odom will play a game for the Mavericks' affiliate, the Texas Legends, on Saturday. This type of minor league "rehab" start for star players is common in baseball, but marks a new step for the D-League's role in the NBA.

President Obama Keeps Aziz Ansari Humble

At a fundraiser last night at ABC Kitchen in New York City the President mentioned his daughter was a big "Parks and Recreation" fan. But the President made sure the star's head didn't get too big, dishing, "I've got more Twitter followers than you, man."

Baby Sloths Wear 'Onesies' As Part Of Home Remedy For Mange (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell is probably freaking out right now. Honestly, so are we ... just look at them. How could you not?

Comedians Without Their Beards (PHOTOS)

A lot of our favorite comedians have facial hair that, in some cases, has become synonymous with their on-stage personas. But sometimes you have to wonder what's going on underneath all that hair. In most cases there lies an innocent face with boyis…

Turn An Orange Into A Juicebox

This is a really good idea. Why did they have to go and turn it into my nightmare with this commercial? The juicer is available for pre-order at The Japan Trend Shop. (via

Watch Spartacus:Vengeance Season 1 Episode 6

The latest viral buzz from

39 Cats Eating Ice Cream

Here are some cats eating ice cream to improve your mood. Just look at them!

The Office Takes On Hipsters And Bloggers

Last night Sabre launched a new product and in order for it to be a success, they had to win over a crowd of bloggers. They pretty much nailed it.

John Kerry Doesn't Think He's Anything Like Mitt Romney

Rejects the premise that he and another wealthy politician from Massachusetts might have had similar difficulties in their presidential bids.

Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa Engaged

Model Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa are engaged.

Prabal Gurung Is Probably Making Leandra Medine’s Wedding Dress

23-year-old Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller, is on the cover of Avenue‘s March issue. The cover reads, “The Man Repeller Says ‘I Do.’” She’s getting married to a longtime on-again-off-again boyfriend who works in finance. Her engagement announc…

Kanye West’s Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes Are Selling For Nearly $6,000 At Colette

PARIS–I stopped by Colette today on the way home from Balmain because Carven designer Guillaume Henry was wearing the cutest white t-shirt with his initials embroidered on it and he said he got it at Colette. Turns out It was a limited edition thing…

Would You Wear A Customized Vagina Pendant?

So we have mentioned these before, since we obviously can’t get enough of photoreal vagina pendants. …But did you know you can send in a picture of your own vagina and get a customized version?

Looking Back At Lindsay Lohan's Previous "Saturday Night Live" Appearances

Tomorrow night will mark the 4th time Lindsay Lohan will have hosted "SNL" -- unbelievable, right? Here's a look back at some of the sketches she'd previously been in, as well as what she told Jimmy Fallon last night about what's in store for tomorrow night's episode.

2 Adorable Pictures Of The Vienna Zoo's New Baby Sloth

Everyone all together now: AWWW!!!

You Can Buy An Entire House At IKEA Now

It's basically a mobile home for people who listen to NPR and belong to the co-op. The Swedish retail giant teamed up with Oregon-based design firm Ideabox to sell this prefab house, known in IKEAese as Activ, for $86,500. No, you don't have to assemble it yourself, but imagine the wordless instructions and infuriatingly vague cartoons that would come with an entire house.

Fired Up! A Call To Boycott 'Repulsive, Misogynistic' Limbaugh And His Sponsors

When Rush Limbaugh doubles down on Sandra Fluke, a law student who was to testify in front of Congress about contraception legislation, Jennifer Granholm fires back:

Reasons To Watch Awake - Awake -

The highly anticipated pilot for NBC's Awake is finally here and I've gotta say it has left an amazingly powerful impression. This show dives straight into the emotionally intriguing premise and keeps a firm grip on your focus until the very end. In…

Beautiful Pre-Code Movie Posters Unconvered In A Pennsylvania Attic

Here’s the story: 30 or so vintage posters from the “Pre-Code” era (that strangely lenient period of early talking pictures released before the active enforcement of the Motion Picture Code, which stringently censored implications of sexuality, viol…

Seeing In Circles: Camera Attached To Power Drill

This brave man attached his camera to a power drill to see what it captures. The video takes 15 frames a second while rotating 20 times a second, creating a dizzying effect.

Nancy Grace Explains How She Coined The Name "Tot Mom"

On the most thrilling edition of "Watch What Happens Live" that I've ever seen, Kris Jenner and Nancy Grace let loose in the Bravo Clubhouse last night. Everybody's favorite HLN pundit talked about the chances of ever meeting Casey Anthony, how she came up with "Tot Mom," and how her tombstone will read "There was no nip slip -- it didn't happen." Suuuure it didn't.

Is Anyone Missing A Leg?

Because someone in Harrisburg, Illinois has found it for you.

Listen To The Arcade Fire's "Hunger Games" Song

Spoiler alert: it's a million times better than Taylor Swift's song on the soundtrack.

Meat Loaf Puts A Banana On His Head And Immediately Gets Sick

After putting a banana on his head and dancing a bit of a jig, Meat Loaf was unable to finish an interview on British TV because he had "taken unwell. The more I think about this, the funnier it gets.

So Now There's X-Rated Jeremy Lin Fan Art [NSFW]

"And as his legend grew, soon all the women screamed Jeremy! I want you LINside me!" What in the actual fuck? (Also why is Amare on his knees watching?)

Upstate Widow Accused Of Violating Law With ‘slave’ Maid

A wealthy upstate widow allegedly turned her multimillion-dollar mansion into a “forced labor” camp where her helpless immigrant maid worked 17-hour days for years while sleeping in a closet.

2012 Color Trends: Pantone Tangerine Tango Orange

We’ve got a major orange crush on this look. Noted as a favorite pick of Ann Taylor spokesperson Kate Hudson (who also just happens to be our girl crush), this sophisticated update on the can’t-go-wrong cargo blouse is sure to wake up all the basics…

Amber Rose News - Amber Rose Engaged To Wiz Khalifa, Flashes Engagement Ring (PHOTOS)

Amber Rose is getting hitched! The voluptuous model and Wiz Khalifa, her boyfriend of almost two years, recently got engaged and broke the exciting news on Twitter, writing:

The Least Sympathetic Headline On Andrew Breitbart's Death

It's from the New York City African-American weekly, the Amsterdam News.

The 20 Best Cold Opens From ‘The Office’

The thing about The Office is that, even as the overall quality of the show continues to decline, the Cold Opens are consistently great. When everyone

Random Interesting Facts :

March 1, 2012 | Author: Bob | In: Funny, Interesting

5 Secrets To Dewy, Glowing Skin : Girls In The Beauty Department

How to get glowing skin may seem like one of the great mysteries of the universe, but it doesn't have to be. Not if you know these four tricks anyway. Here are the secrets:

Lindsay Lohan Is Not Very Good At Pictionary

In case you hadn't heard, it's LiLo week on NBC. Yesterday she appeared on "Today," tomorrow she'll host "SNL," and last night she showed up on "Late Night" to play a game of charades with Jimmy Fallon. Here's what we learned: Lindsay's never heard of Pole Vaulting before and isn't all that familiar with deodorant.

Controversial Baby Yoga Lady Is Back

About a year ago videos surfaced of Russian Lena Fokina spinning babies around in what she called "baby yoga". Understandably, some people got a little mad. She's back in this video teaching baby yoga in Egypt.

Wade And LeBron's Insane Alley Oop From Last Night

The Miami Heat play basketball like it's a video game, and they have all the cheat codes.

The 25 Most Depressing Justin Bieber Birthday Tweets

Yesterday Justin Bieber turned 18. Here's a collection of tweets from his fans that weren't too happy about it. #sadday

Comedy Central Prepares For The Road

Advice from BuzzFeed's Ben Smith: Follow @zekejmiller.

Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Sherlock/Doctor Who Musical Right Now

Watch the Doctor and Sherlock sing a musical duet to "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" that's edited so expertly, you'll have to convince yourself that this isn't something that should make its way onto Broadway. This is pretty much the best way to kick off your Friday morning, I'll guarantee it.

Rick Santorum's Frat Brothers Perplexed By Claims Of Cultural Oppression

David Vondercrone doesn't remember sharing his fraternity house with a besieged conservative student. He remembers his former Penn State frat brother -- and current GOP presidential contender -- Rick Santorum as a regular poker player.

10 Albums You Need To Hear In March

Extra day or not, February seems to have flown by, and it was a fine month for music lovers, with a slew of decent record releases to fill your shelves and/or your iTunes library. Today we’re looking ahead to March, which seems to start with a rush …

A Ron Paul Song That Doesn't Suck

"Don't vote for the philanderer, the robot, or the zealot."

Micky Dolenz On Davy Jones' Death -- I Knew Something Was Wrong

Micky Dolenz says he had a feeling something bad was going to happen today ... saying  he "had bad dreams all night long" ... only to later learn about the death of his friend Davy Jones. Dolenz released a statement moments ago ... saying, "Can't …

Breitbart's Final Hours

An impromptu conversation about politics at a local bar and combative tweets preceded the crisis that ended his life. The digital timeline.

Cat Learns Sign Language From That Happened!

The latest viral buzz from

Cenk: Breitbart Treated Politics Like A Game, And It's Not A Game

Cenk examines the legacy left by Andrew Breitbart, the conservative provocateur and media entrepreneur who died Wednesday, just two weeks after appearing on TYT.

17 Crazy/Awesome Japanese Commercials (VIDEO)

One of the many things the Japanese people have perfected is the art of advertising. They're just a step ahead of everyone else. So if you stumble across a commercial from Japan on YouTube, there's a good chance it will blow your mind in one way or …

Lea Michele "Hooking Up" With Glee Costar Cory Monteith!

On February 25, Monteith took Michele to his Vancouver hometown for a romantic sightseeing weekend. "They stayed in a hotel, toured Grouse Mountain and went for sushi and sake," a source reveals.

Kendall Jenner News - Kendall, Kylie & Kris Jenner Pose For ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Shots! (PHOTOS)

Source: CW Written by Amanda Hasaka Facebook Twitter Email More Follow Celebuzz on: Facebook / Twitter More on: Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner …

Girls With No Bras :

Some girls just want to watch their bras burn (47 photos)

BuzzFeed's JP Moore Attempts The Cookie Challenge

The Cookie Challenge initially seems simple. You place a cookie on the top of your head (not on your forehead), and you have to eat it without using your hands. It's harder than you think. I know. I tried it.

Lana Del Rey: Chateau Marmont For The Evening!

Lana Del Rey leaves Chateau Marmont on Wednesday night (February 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Lucy Hale News - 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Lucy Hale Bikinis In Brazil (PHOTOS)

The 22-year-old Pretty Little Liars star was seen showing off her bikini body in Brazil this week as she sipped some drinks and soaked up the sun. Also with Lucy was her PLL co-star Shay Mitchell, who didn’t opt for a bikini, but was sporting a cute…

Kim Kardashian Tweets 'Before & After' Makeup Pics

Though Kim loves to glam it up with a hefty amount of makeup, she's never shy to show off her bare face. Kim Kardashian Tweeted her "Before & After" l

From OWS To TED, Where Spontaneous Sentiment Meets Community Organizing

The campaign was an example of one of the most important phenomena in the modern world: semi-spontaneous mass collaboration, in which new groups form for the express purpose of achieving a particular objective. Such efforts are not new, but the rise…

Intermission: No Bears There - News

As the arctic ice cap vanishes, polar bears and grizzlies are meeting. And mating, forming a new hybrid species of "grolar bears."

Google Privacy Policy Changing For Everyone

Google’s plan to collapse 60 privacy policies into a single one and combine information it collects about its users has sparked outcry among privacy advocates and scrutiny from lawmakers around the world. Privacy experts have slammed the approach as…

Wearing This Color May Make Men Think You're More Likely To Have Sex With Them (Nice Optimism, Dudes)

Do you guys remember this story about how men are kind of clueless at reading sexual cues? Well OMG, it’s actually so bad that they even think the color of your T-shirt indicates your interest in sex.

James Hooker, California High School Teacher, Leaves Job And Family For Former Student

California teacher James Hooker has left his family and his position at a Modesto high school to live with his 18-year-old former student. The 41-year-old educator walked away from his wife and children and resigned from his role as a 15-year busine…

Worst Persons: Richard Cebull, George Cleveland And Rush Limbaugh

Find out why Judge Richard Cebull, chief federal judge of Montana, is WORSE; North Carolina state Rep. George Cleveland (R-Onslow) is WORSER; and Rush Limbaugh is THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for March 1, 2012.

Shut Up, Internet: Jeremy Lin -

Meet Jeremy Lin. The point guard for the New York Knicks had been benched for most of the season, but after coach Mike D’Antoni put him in against the Celtics in the fourth quarter, a star was born. Lin played five straight games of incredible baske…

Beautifully Unpretentious Celebrity Portraits

Yann Rabanier‘s portraits of celebrities aren’t your typically glossy affair. The lighting isn’t perfectly flattering, hair is out of place; clearly Rabanier isn’t trying to imitate the hundreds of slick snapshots we normally see of celebs, but that…

How A 'Starshade' Can Help A Space Telescope Find E.T.

Stars do a devilishly good job of hiding the planets that circle them, but there's a clever way to flush them out

Sounds Of Skyrim | The 20 Best Skyrim Mods (So Far)

Frustrated with Skyrim's PC user interface? Bored with its one-dimensional artificial intelligence routines? Looking for dragons that actually put up a fight, or maybe the option to summon one yourself? These best-in-show mods are aimed squarely at …

In Romney, Moderates See A Champion Against The "Nutjobs"

The counter-revolution is here. The Tea Party is so 2009.

Dwight Howard Eats A Cookie Off The Top Of His Head Without Using His Hands

The Cookie Challenge is no joke. Dwight starts with the cookie on his head and has to get it to his mouth without using his hands. That is insane facial control.

Carolyn Maloney: Rush Limbaugh 'Slut' Comment Is Attempt To Silence Women

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) angrily walked out of a congressional hearing on the contraception coverage rule last month because the one female witness the Democrats brought, Sandra Fluke, was rejected by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) for being "unq…

Staying In Anthem

LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" gets a musical makeover for those of us who neither party, nor rock.

New Hair - Anime Cartoon Photo - Buzznet

changed my hair today! got my extensions redone by the fabulous ivey! she kills it every time.. went with 22 inches this time so my hair is mermaid long.. i also went to alex at cush salon to redo my color & get a cut.. missed having my mini bangs s…

Wall Street Bonuses Drop 14 Percent, So Bankers Cry About Losing Aspen Vacation Homes

Cenk calls out Wall Street employees whining about the 14 percent drop in their cash-bonus pool. Although 2011 bonuses were at their lowest since 2008, the average Wall Street employee still took home $121,000 in cash, according to NY State Controll…

Beautiful Portraits Of Extreme Plastic Surgery [NSFW]

“I’m interested in what we define as beauty, when we choose to create it ourselves,” says photographer Phillip Toledano. This striking series of portraits features partially robed models undergone significant plastic surgery. Facial modification, im…

Daily Morning Awesomeness -- Thechive :

March 1, 2012 | Author: Bob | In: Awesome, Funny, Morning Awesomeness

Lindsay Lohan Hates Bras [60 PHOTOS]

While it’s true that it might be harder for Lilo to land a legitimate job in Hollywood since whatever it was she last got in trouble for, two things that certainly haven’t taken a turn for the worse are her boobs. Or the fact that she never wears br…

Awkward Intern Videobomb From TubularGoldmine

This intern is very smooth and very cool and exhibits it on camera in a very cool way.

Rush Limbaugh: I'll Buy Georgetown Women 'As Much Aspirin To Put Between Their Knees As They Want'

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh drew sharp criticism from Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) and others on Wednesday when he called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University law student, a "slut" and a "prostitute" for publicly advocating that employer…

Katy Perry’s Butt Cheeks Are Here. Thank God.

Not a whole lot happening today, folks, so here’s Katy Perry walking around Paris Fashion Week wearing a see-through dress that’d almost be scandalous if she didn’t want you to see her mint green granny panties with a double side of ass-cheek. On th…

George Clooney Doesn’t Care About Homophobic People

CLOONEY! He’s the best! I like him very much. He is good at his job, which is acting, and he’s the original Prankosaurus Rex. Also, the dude just does not seem to give a fuck. And I don’t mean in the way that, like, Ricky Gervais pretends like he do…

5 Terrifyingly Advanced Ways Animals Know How To Kill

Whether you know it or not, humanity is fighting a war right now, and we are losing. Badly. That's because this fight is with Mother Nature herself, and while you're over there on the other side of this screen, microwaving tea and knitting tiny swea…

There’s No Happy Ending Here (12 Photos)

Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

Tatum O'Neal Is Back In Rehab (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Gossip Cop is reporting Tatum O'Neal is in rehab, but not due to a cocaine relapse.

Art Jones, Illinois Republican Congressional Candidate, Says Holocaust Never Happened

A congressional candidate running as a Republican in the upcoming Illinois primary says the "Holocaust never happened." Arthur Jones, 64, a Lyons, IL, insurance salesman who organizes family-friendly, neo-Nazi events around Adolph Hitler's birthday,…

Michigan Primary 2012 Results: Election Reporting By County (MAP, REAL-TIME DATA)

The Michigan GOP primary has shaped up to be a significant battle just one week before Super Tuesday. The contest could prove to be an outstanding upset for Rick Santorum, who had been gaining support amongst conservatives, but lost ground in the po…

Erykah Badu Show Banned In Malaysia Over Singer's Allah Body Art

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Muslim-majority Malaysia on Tuesday banned a planned concert by Erykah Badu after a photograph appeared showing the Grammy-winning singer with the Arabic word for Allah written on her body. The American R&B singer was schedu…

Samuel Garner Affleck: Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Welcome Baby Boy

UPDATE: Ben Affleck took to Facebook Wednesday to confirm he and Jennifer Garner are the proud parents of a baby boy.

FHM 'Racist' Cover Gets Nixed After Readers Complain (PHOTO)

FHM Philippines has decided to axe the cover of its latest issue from shelves after readers complained upon seeing a teaser that it was racist. The problem?

Khloe Kardashian: 'Kris Humphries Rubbed Me The Wrong Way'

"When I met Kris the very first time, I had just landed in New York and it was late at night," Kardashian told Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday night. "He was in Kourtney and Kim's suite. And I went in there to say 'hi' because Kim was like, ‘…

Knicks' Lin Gets Job Done Vs. Cavaliers Guard Irving

Jeremy Lin was not the Knicks' hero last night. He was just a good, solid, all-around, mistake-free point guard who ultimately got the better of Cavaliers Rookie of the Year candidate Kyrie Irving.

How To Use Every Social Network To Find A Job

Whether you’re responding to someone’s update on Twitter, posting a picture to Instagram or writing a review of a book on Goodreads, you never know who might see it and how they may be able to help your job search. For this reason alone, the career …

MoonChild World Report: Germany Photo

Just a day later I already found some genuinely kind reactions on my supportsite,among them a certain "CrijjjjMoonchild" she just commented on the great version of "ButterflyCry" I had posted the night before. So,we just began chatting,found out tha…

Lady Gaga's First Photoshoot On Laetitia12's Blog

Wow! In 2005, Lady Gaga was known as Stefani Germanotta. She was photographed by a restaurant co-worker (Malgorzata Saniewska). I find her beautiful in these pics! Do you prefer her then or now? in laetitia12's Journal

Beyonce Breastfeeds Baby Blue Ivy In Public

Breastfeeding mothers, you now have a new celebrity member among your ranks. Beyonce has been spotted nursing baby Blue Ivy -- in public!

Taylor Swift's Date With Tebow Is A PR Attempt To Keep Her Image Pure

Or this could be another massive PR set-up to keep Taylor Swift looking sweet and innocent. Not so coincidentally timed with the release of her family friendly film, The Lorax. What’s more family friendly than a respected football player who’s a pro…

Wes Anderson's Hyundai Commercials

Wes Anderson recently directed a pair of television advertisements for Hyundai Motor Group. They are typically Wes Andersonian.

Rihanna News - Rihanna Posts Sexy Outtakes From Esquire Shoot (PHOTOS)

Rihanna got up close and personal on her Twitter account when she posted some sexy pics from her shoot with Esquire Magazine on Sunday, February 26. It's

Justin Bieber News - Justin Bieber Clears Up Selena Gomez Engagement Rumors

Justin Bieber decided to celebrate his 18th birthday by stopping by On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday. During the interview, the host asked about Selena Gomez‘s cursive J ring and gave Biebs a chance to clear up those pesky engagement rumors.

Hermès Fails To Register Its Chinese Name, Loses Trademark Infringement Case

According to WWD, Hermès recently lost an appeal to trademark the Chinese version of its name in China. If you’re thinking, “Wait, there’s a different version of Hermes for China? Why?” You are not alone. We thought the same thing. Apparently, Chine…

The Avengers New Trailer - The Avengers

Iron Man vs Thor! More Hulk! Stop waiting and watch the latest Avengers trailer now!

Best Street Fighter Tattoos - Street Fighter

The preeminent fighting franchise inspires serious dedication in its fans, especially in tattoo form. Check out the best Street fighter tattoos!

Obama Clinches Re-Election With Omar Little Name Drop

You guys following the 2012 presidential election? Well don’t bother. It’s all sewn up. A new USA Today/Pew Research Center poll shows that 100 percent of Americans would vote for Obama if the election were held today after he was asked who his favo…

Pomegranate Molasses: The Sweet-And-Sour Syrup

Pomegranates: beautiful and delicious, but they scare me a little. All those little geometrically arranged blood-red seed pods embedded in fleshy nutritive pulp. If M.C. Escher, H.R Giger and H.P. Lovecraft got together and designed a fruit, it woul…

'The Valley Of Horses': Once More Into The Breach

It is rare for Classic Trash to revisit a series. One cannot step into the same attic of flowers or coven of teen witches twice, as Heraclitus of Ephesus so memorably told us. But in a case like this, where our intrepid Ayla came so far without… act…

Angelina Jolie’s Oscars Thigh Flash, Explained

In the days since Angelina Jolie made headlines by flashing her thigh at the Oscars, people have been asking “how” and “why.” How could she do such a thing when she has children at home, not watching? Was she trying to send some coded political mess…

Why It’s Awesome That Female Lawmakers Are Penning ‘Joke’ Amendments In Response To Anti-Abortion Bills

Over the past few weeks, something curious as been happening in the world of reproductive rights. First in Virginia, then in Oklahoma, then in Georgia, female senators have responded to anti-abortion bills by offering up amendments that would affect…

The Most Racially Stereotyped Characters On TV Right Now

It’s great that television writers and producers are slowly making pop culture more diverse, but that doesn’t mean every non-white character on TV represents a step forward. Some programs seem to do nothing but pump racial stereotypes into the publi…

'Dark Knight' Director Christopher Nolan Exits CAA

The move, confirmed by sources close to the agency, comes in the wake of the abrupt departure Wednesday of Nolan's longtime agent Dan Aloni, who a source says was called out of a meeting and fired by CAA brass. Aloni's assistants also were fired, ac…

'The Voice' First Look: Cee Lo Green's Powerhouse Battle Round (Video)

Having made the cut during The Voice blind auditions, the performers are now getting ready for battle. Next Monday, the coaches will start the tough process of whittling their teams down in the battle rounds.

Paramount To Release 'SpongeBob' Movie In Late 2014

"We will be releasing a SpongeBob movie at the end of 2014, which will serve to start off or be one of our films that starts off our new animation effort," he told a Deutsche Bank media and telecom investor conference in Palm Beach, Fla. His appeara…

Reports Swirl Around Snooki's Supposed Pregnancy, Magazine Cover Deal

After MTV reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi publicly denounced rumors that she was expecting a baby, reports went into overdrive on Wednesday alleging that the pint-sized guidette has actually been shopping the story around to several celebrity w…

Monkees Frontman Davy Jones Dead At 66

Davy Jones, the pint-sized, mop-haired English frontman of the Monkees, the 1960s group created for television to capitalize on the pop-music craze fueled by The Beatles, has died, TMZ reported. He was 66.

Sofia Coppola Recruits Emma Watson For 'The Bling Ring'

Coppola signs up the "Harry Potter" star for an ensemble picture about a group of celebrity-obsessed teen thieves.

Google Launches New Privacy Standards: 5 Ways To Control Your Online Exposure

Google just rolled out a streamlined privacy policy that consolidates your personal information for use across various Google-owned services. Despite some criticism and accusations of an Orwellian Big Brother scenario, the updated policy’s goal, say…

Davy Jones, Monkees' 'Daydream Believer' Singer, Dies At 66

He was the cute one. The little one. The one who got starry-eyed in the sight of a pretty girl and led his fellow Monkees on romp after romp. Davy Jones, in many ways the most memorable Monkee, passed away Feb. 29 at 66. If you’re reading this, you …

Woman Who Faked Cancer Fined $100

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Feb. 28 (UPI) -- A 42-year-old Virginia woman was fined $100 and given five years of probation for faking cancer to raise money for herself.

Beyonce Breastfeeds Blue Ivy In Public

Escorted by husband Jay-Z, the "Girls (Run the World)" singer, 30, took along daughter Blue Ivy, seven weeks, for a casual lunch at Sant Ambroeus in NYC's West Village last Saturday. And Beyonce nursed her little girl at her the table, an observer t…

Kate Middleton Thanks Her Royal Wedding Dressmakers In Person

In true royal form, the Duchess, 30, stopped by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace Tuesday to thank those who helped make her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen creation come to life (while keeping the work under wraps) for her a…

Courtney Robertson Tries On Wedding Dresses After Ben's Cheating Exposed

The most hated woman vying for Ben Flajnik's final rose hits a bridal shop in L.A.

Hilarious Nailed Fails :

February 29, 2012 | Author: Leo | In: Funny, Nailed It, WTF

Jordan Carver Playing Tennis Is Sexy :

My girls a 40dd. Watching her run down the driveway looks painful, couldnt imagine her playing tennis. Jordan must have the back of an ox. A really hot ox.

The Cranberries: Roses

The Cranberries’ most memorable song from the ’90s is the politically charged single “Zombie,” with its smoldering immediacy and Dolores O’Riordan’s biting vocals. The rest of the Irish group’s output (including the higher-charting “Linger”) was ple…

Exclusive: Here's The Track Listing And Cover Art For The Third Wilco/Billy Bragg Mermaid Album

Remember those heady days of 1998, when British agit-folkie Billy Bragg was more famous than scrappy alt-country band Wilco? (That was true, right?) The two entities collaborated on a project that set rediscovered Woody Guthrie lyrics--which he had …

Meet America’s Next Top Energy Innovators

On Monday, the first day of the summit’s technology showcase, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu called special attention to three companies for winning the department’s America’s Next Top Energy Innovator contest, which used online voting and departmen…

How Jet Set Radio Brought Pop Culture To Video Games

Sega's classic introduced "cool" to video games.

Here's The Best Evidence I've Seen Yet That Snooki Is Actually Pregnant, Courtesy Of Live! With Kelly

Kelly Ripa, you sly fox. A little backstory, for those of you who aren't fortunate enough to work at home in yoga pants: not long ago, the Jersey Shore kids were on a press tour that saw several of them swing through Live! With Kelly. And something …

4 Stars Rocking Ombre Hair Color: You Still Into This Trend?

The ombre hair color trend is still going strong, folks. Confused as to what I mean by ombre? I'm talking hair color that gradually lightens or darkens within the same color family, usually done by a hand-painting technique called balayage. Here are…

Katy Perry Channels Provocative Glamour

Are her candy-coated ensembles a thing of the past? Remember this leaked photo? Incredulous or not, that smoky dame is our bubble gum princess.

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