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March 24, 2012

Mad Men Vs. Metal Gear Solid 3 From

This may not even be the most impressive of Metal Gear Solid 3's undocumented features and opportunities, but it's certainly a striking one. And, like its equivalent scene from Mad Men, it's one fraught with unforeseen consequences down the road. In…

Conservative Conference Organizers Say They'll Look Into Alleged Anti-Semitic Song

Most say they didn't catch objectionable lyrics which landed on Think Progress last night. Band was satirizing the Occupy movement.

Buzznet Exclusive: LIGHTS Shares What's In Her Backpack On We've Got You Covered's Blog

One of the things that made our SXSW experience awesome was being able to hang out with LIGHTS after the BUZZNET party. The Siberia singer was beyond sweet and totally cool to hang with! We talked about a ton of stuff, her tattoos, her love life, he…

Biden: Republicans Tear Apart Generations

COCONUT CREEK, Fla., March 23 (UPI) -- Republicans are tearing at the bonds that connect the generations and would dismantle Medicare, Vice President Joe Biden told Florida seniors Friday.

Perfect Tintin Cosplay

Accurate, and adorable. That's a pretty good combination!

Louisiana Slouches To The Polls Tonight

A low-key primary, as the race shifts into slog mode. Between apathy and demographics, Louisana voters are not inclined to help wrap this thing up.

Balding And Stem Cells

The latest viral buzz from

Two Bears Jumping Rope

This is just about the most pointless thing ever. But it brings me joy, which is why I had to share it with you.

Rick Santorum's Appeal In Pennsylvania: Nostalgia

The pitch: hey, I was your Senator!

Owen Wilson Posing With The Real Prime Minister Of Malaysia

For the "Zoolander" fans. It's a good thing he and Derek destroyed Mugatu's evil plan or the Prime Minister of Malayyysia would be dead!

Giant Black Holes Called Cosmic 'Gluttons'

LEICESTER, England, March 23 (UPI) -- Black holes a billion times heavier than our sun may have gotten that big by being gluttons and eating several "meal courses" at once, U.K. researchers say.

The 25 Hottest Female Athletes In Heels

Here are 25 of the hottest female athletes in heels. Enjoy.

A Grocery Store Censored Jessica Simpson’s Pregnant, Naked Elle Cover

Apparently someone feels that her naked, pregnant Elle cover isn’t suitable for all audiences. Someone sent Jezebel this photo of the glossy on a newsstand in an Arizona grocery store behind a piece of cardboard that covers everything but Simpson’s …

2012 NFL Mock Draft: First Round Predictions, Post-Tim Tebow To Jets Trade

Tim Tebow being traded to the New York Jets won't have a major influence on the first round of the 2012 NFL draft, but it's important to keep mock drafts as up-to-date as possible. (Yes, the deal is finally official, according to Adam Schefter's Twi…

Jennie Garth Comments On Life After Split From Peter Facinelli

Jennie Garth reveals how crazy her personal life since her split from husband Peter Facinelli.

Since When Does Nicole Richie Look Good In A Bikini?

I have no idea when this happened, but Nicole Richie actually exceeded all expectations yesterday at a hotel pool on South Beach. The girl put on about 15 pounds, and for the first and last time ever, I’m saying that as a compliment.

Rebecca Helen Elder Accused Of Raping Man After Breaking Into His House To Stand Trial

Rebecca Helen Elder, 39, of Parkside, Adelaide, denied performing oral sex on the alleged victim without his consent.

Just A Little Cell Division Humor For You

This text pretty much sums up your entire year of AP Bio.

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