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March 4, 2012

Meet The Soldier Behind The "I Am Not A Slut" Campaign

Army Lieutenant Jessica Scott was the accidental leader of a successful Twitter campaign against Rush Limbaugh last week. She also writes romance novels.

Hot Pink! Imogen Thomas Hides Her Blushes In A Bright Dress Out On The Town

Imogen Thomas has just turned 30 but she is certainly not slowing down on the party circuit.

Lebron James Carrying A Purse

I feel like it's my duty as a sports fan to share this.

27 Reasons Why Vladimir Putin Definitely Won The Russian Presidential Election

A lot of people are saying that Vladimir Putin tampered with the results or somehow unfairly won the Russian presidency. Well, this should set the record straight.

Lesbian Denied Communion At Her Mother's Funeral

The Priest also walked out while she was giving the eulogy.

Baby Girl Found Alive In A Field 10 Miles From Her Home After Tornado

This is an absolutely incredible and heartbreaking story. UPDATE: Unfortunately the little girl passed away from her injuries.

13 Great Senior Discounts

The latest viral buzz from

10 Pictures Of Riot Police At A Peaceful Women's Rights Protest In Virginia

Virginia police in full riot gear showed up at a women's rights protest at the Virginia State Capitol this weekend. Hundreds of people were protesting a new amendment that passed that Virginia House that would require women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion. 31 people were arrested. (Thanks to Style Weekly for taking most of these pictures.)

Two "Tim And Eric" Cast Members Are Former Public-Access Bible Teachers

Before their success on Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, James Quall and puppeteer David Liebe Hart (along with zero self-awareness) had a public-access TV show called The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program. Here are some videos of both shows so you can ask yourself, which is weirder?

The Numbers We Don't Know

Numbers can tell us a lot about technology, but only if we know them. Here are a few we don't.

This Is Why You Should Never Talk Smack On The Internet

Oh, you'll get what's coming to you. Wait for it...

David Hasselhoff Dressed As Hitler

In all fairness, this was at a show in London where the Hoff sang a song from the musical "The Producers." Still, dressing like Hitler: always a good career move.

Snooki Partying Pregnancy Photos

Snooki doesn't need an excuse to party -- but when it's her birthday, she goes all out! The Guidette celebrates her 24th in Las Vegas on Nov. 13, hitting the dance floor with a drink in hand. And we can take a good guess as to what's in that clear, …

SNL's "The Real Housewives Of Disney"

Here's probably the best skit from Lindsay Lohan's come-back SNL performance, which many are calling "okay." Judge for yourself: okay or nay?

Anonymous Appears To Take Down AIPAC Website

The Israel group a target as Obama speaks. Also "Occupy AIPAC."

Top Republicans Settle For Romney

Make it stop! The establishment wants to end this race on Super Tuesday.

OP-ED: Staying Shepard: Character Consistency Within Mass Effect

Though it's not advertised as such, Mass Effect may be the most successful episodic series ever made. Since we saw the last Half-Life episode, BioWare's entire space trilogy has played out over three successful installments, each one refining the fl…

Rush Limbaugh's Last Six Apologies

The radio host offends often, but he doesn't apologize much. And when he does, as he did today — to women, African-Americans, a sick person — he doesn't exactly put his heart into it. But Sandra Fluke, whom he called a "slut," is in good company.

Andrew Zimmern On His Future In Public Service

Last weekend during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern told a reporter that he intends to pursue a career in politics once he leaves television. Yesterday, while on his way from a hotel to McCarren Airport in Las…

Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Name Baby Boy

So we were surprised (and maybe even a teeny bit disappointed) that the couple picked the uber-normal name of... Samuel Garner Affleck. But we're kind of loving the choice now. For starters, it just seems totally fitting. By all appearances, Jen …

Taylor Swift & Tim Tebow Spotted On A Dinner Date!

Taylor Swift should know by now that two single famous people cannot have a simple dinner without setting off the celebrity-dating alarm. So it's no wonder that the country star set tongues wagging after she was reportedly spotted out with the famou…

Felicity Huffman Launches Website WhattheFlicka

Actress, mom and iVillage's CelebVillage blogger Felicity Huffman has a full plate that's about to get even fuller. On Thursday, the Desperate Housewives star (pictured with costars Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Brenda Strong and Teri Hatcher) is lau…

Katy Perry Understands What Makes A Good Skirt

The paparazzi caught Katy Perry leaving her hotel in Paris today, and she ruined a perfectly good outfit by wearing that top over her see thru dress. What is she, a banker? Stop being so stuck up and let me see your tits, Katy. You’re gonna make the…

'Raoul Moat Still Haunts Me Like Voldemort'

Pc David Rathband, from Blyth, Northumberland, revealed shortly before killing himself that he could no longer remember the faces of his wife and children - but could recall the image of gunman Raoul Moat.

Lady Gaga Draws Attention To Her Unusually Ample Cleavage As She Steps Out In Just A Bra

And while the pop star is known for wearing risque get-ups, she looked curvier than usual.   More... Those boots were made for Harding: Girls Aloud's Sarah looks hot to trot as she steps out in stylish knee-high tan boots Not again! Katie Price m…

Gwyneth Paltrow Explains How She Chose That Tom Ford Oscars Dress, Shows You How To Dress Just Like Her For Spring

Let’s just ignore Gwyneth’s other accomplishments (actress, goop-er, cookbook writer, singer, etc) and talk about her clothes today. With a few exceptions, she generally nails it. She knows what she likes, and for the last few years–let’s call them …

Cate Blanchett ‘Would Never Bathe In Her Own Urine’, Plus All Her Other Beauty Secrets

Cate Blanchett’s skin deserves all the superlatives it always gets. I recently had the chance to meet her and sit with a small group of beauty editors for an interview with the actress, and her skin is unbelievably luminous. While I’ve always respec…

Sneaky Trend To Shop Now: Sneaker Wedges

Fashion industry folk are not known for their love of comfortable footwear. Actually, a few seasons ago it would have been unthinkable to wear your running shoes around during fashion week (unless you’re Taylor Tomasi Hill and then you may proceed).…

The Members Of 'The Next Bob Dylan' Club

Critics have always been quick to proclaim someone as the Next Dylan. "No sooner was Dylan Dylan," says Gene Santoro in Highway 61 Revisited, "than the search was on for the Next Dylan, the New Dylan—a list that, over the decades, accumulated dozens…

Friday Free For All: Weird Al Stars In ‘Weird Owl’

Here’s the latest from our friends at 5secondFilms. It stars Weird Al Yankovic, it’s called ‘Weird Owl,’ and I think you’d have to agree that it’s one of the finest films in the history of five-second cinema. I’d like to think it was heavily influen…

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