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March 25, 2012

25 Kids Who Support Trayvon Martin

Kids are joining the protests, too.

Miss Universe Canada Pageant Disqualifies Contestant Who Was Born A Boy

Jenna Talackova, who was born a boy but underwent hormone therapy at 14 and gender reassignment surgery at 19, was disqualified from participating in the Miss Universe Canada pageant after judges found out she was not a "naturally born female, despite reaching the finals of the competition. Also of note: the contest is actually owned by Donald Trump.

Muslim Mother Found Beaten To Death With A Note Calling Her A Terrorist

Shaima Alawadi, a mother of 5 from California, was found beaten to death in her home with a note next to her body saying "this is our country not yours you terrorist." This story will make you sick.

Tsunami Ghost Ship Spotted Off The Coast Of British Columbia

A 150-foot fishing boat swept away from the Japanese tsunami has been spotted 150 miles off the coast of British Colombia. According to Canadian Department of National Defence, the vessel is considered an obstruction to navigation, and a warning has been issued by the Canadian Coast Guard.

People Who Say President Obama Is Racist

Some people on Facebook think the President is racist because of his comments about Trayvon Martin. So, BuzzFeed, what do you think? Is President Obama the most racist President ever?

White House Dodges Gay Marriage Debate

The campaign to force same-sex marriage onto the Democratic Party platform is heating up. Obama would rather keep discussion of his own flip-flops out of a convention meant to focus on Mitt Romney's.

Rick Santorum Blamed Liberalism For The Church Sex Scandal

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum was known for being a culture warrior during his time in the Senate. But in a 2002 op-ed the former Pennsylvania took his habit of blaming the '60s for social woes to an extreme, assigning blame for the Catholic Church's sex scandal to "academic, political, and cultural liberalism." Santorum doubled down on his remarks in this July 2005 appearance on ABC's This Week.

Anderson Silva Left Speechless By Brazil’s Finest, Most Painted Asses

1. Anderson Silva is not afraid to insert himself into sexually confusing situations, be it singing a love song to a cheeseburger, threatening someone in a homosexual nightmare or tussling with a nude tribesman.

Bike Parkour Is The Best Parkour

Humans really shouldn't be able to do this.

Mitt Romney Introduces Erick Erickson To The Individual Mandate

Red State's Erick Erickson has been a relentless Mitt Romney critic. In this 2006 interview with Erickson for the Red State podcast Romney introduces him to the individual mandate. It was all down hill after this interview.

Obama Meets Mad Men

That distant '60s cool kind of suits him.

One Direction To Have 20 Bodyguards EACH For Their Dallas Performance... And It Only Lasts 45 Minutes

Going places: One Direction reportedly have 20 bodyguards each to protect them at their Dallas gig

People Who Should Never Have Children

This is incredibly upsetting. I am flabbergasted.

Tattoo Inspiration Photo - Buzznet

It's no secret that I'm a HUGE FAN of tattoos. I have 5 tattoos already --and YES --I do intend on getting more. Judge me if you must lol. Here is a gallery of pictures that have inspired ideas for the next tattoos that I plan on getting. --Check em…

Movie Fight Scenes

Filmmakers have been separating audiences from their ticket money with dustups since the silent era. Even now in an age of $250 million blockbusters, nothing quite compares with watching a handful of stuntmen kick the crap out of each other. The n…

Victoria' Secret Model Doutzen Kroes Turns Heads On The Beach In The Tiniest Of Two-pieces

She walks the catwalk in revealing lingerie and models swimwear for a living, so it is certainly in Doutzen Kroes' interest to maintain an incredibly figure.

The Recent History Of The Terrorist Fist Jab

Barack and Michelle Obama, with an assist from Fox News, took it from sports to politics. Now even Rick Santorum is doing it.

Kate Upton Is Worst At Denial, Best At Wearing Headphones

Furthermore, Kate Upton could sell me anything. I would punch out my wife to steal the money from her purse if Kate told me to get a new Tebow jersey for myself. Hell, she could sell me a Seneca Wallace jersey.

Mondo's Winning Project Runway Look Is Available Again!

Mondo Guerra's multi-colored dress from the Project Runway All Stars business challenge is available again online at Nanette Lepore. (Aside from size XS, it sold out the night the episode was broadcast.) The dress is on back order, but you'll be abl…

Are Wine Tasting Notes Really That Effective?

Welcome to Vintage America, a column on the history — and future — of American wine. Every week Talia Baiocchi, author of the Decanted column on Eater NY, will take a look at winemaking from Virginia to Texas to California, to uncover the people, ev…

Serbian Gangsters Killed Rival, Ate Him And Disposed Of Body Using A MEAT GRINDER Before Dumping Remains In River

Serbian gangsters beat Milan Jurisic, 37, to death with a hammer, skinned and boned him with a sharp knife then put him through a meat grinder at a flat in Madrid.

Let’s Talk About That Vogue Article About A Mom Putting Her Seven-Year-Old On A Diet…

Vogue published kind of a tricky article in their April issue about a woman putting her seven-year-old daughter on a diet. The larger issue of child obesity is, as Weiss makes sure to point out, a real one, and Weiss’ daughter was clinically obese a…

First Look: AnnaSophia Robb As Young Carrie Bradshaw

OK, so earlier today we showed you some paparazzi shots of AnnaSophia Robb, who plays the young Carrie Bradshaw in the CW’s new Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries. Her hair was crimped ’80s style and all but she was wearing the requisite “I…

Kazakh Athlete Serenaded By Borat Anthem By Mistake

A Kazakh athlete recently took home a gold medal at an “international shooting event” in Kuwait (which, as I imagine it, involves shooting a goat carcass with a Kalashnikov then fetching it with a hawk), and during the official medal ceremony, she r…

Santorum Wins Louisiana On The Demographics

Faith, income, and education. Tell us who you are, and we'll tell you who you'll vote for.

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