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March 18, 2012

Occupy Arrests Are Good News For The Movement

Last night's dustup with police put Occupy back in the news in a way it hasn't managed since the original New York occupation was kicked out in November. "It felt more like it had last fall than at any point previously," says Jeff Smith.

Paying For Sex


Fabrice Muamba Collapse: Bolton Player Suffers Suspected Heart Attack On Pitch

Club manager Owen Coyle said outside the London Chest Hospital: 'Fabrice is critically ill. The next 24 hours are going to be absolutely crucial.

Romney Dominates Puerto Rico Primary

Triumph of the machine! A microcosm of the candidate's national strategy.

Newt Missed Puerto Rico Opportunity, Says His Island Chief

Why is the candidate with the strongest record on Hispanic issues poised to wash out on the island? If he had shown up, the race "would have been a lot closer," Regis tells BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins.

In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day -- The 10 "Best" Scenes From Leprechaun 4

Tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day, and I have just the thing to get you in the proper festive mood. No, not a fake ID and a coupon for the liquor store -- a

Bolton: Expect A "Slog"

Romney's supporters settle in for a long fight.

Gay Republican Blitzes Puerto Rico, Gets Ignored

Karger has spent more time here than any other candidate. At least he got a headline.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Clash With Police At Zuccotti Park Where Movement Began 6 Months Ago

On the six-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, protesters swarmed its birthplace –Zuccotti Park – again sparking the cat-and-mouse clashes between New York City police officers and demonstrators.

Prime Minister Of Uganda Versus Random Celebrities

Weeks after various celebrities tweeted their support for Kony 2012, the Prime Minister of Uganda finally responded in what is probably the weirdest Twitter fight ever. It's almost as weird as the Prime Minister of Uganda having a Twitter.

Senator Scott Brown On Santorum's Security: "The First Time He's Actually Ever Used Protection"

Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown entertained the crowd at the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Boston with a line on Santorum's new Secret Service detail.

Next Supersonic Plane Might Be A Biplane

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 16 (UPI) -- Supersonic travel could make a comeback, U.S. researchers say, with a technology from an earlier era in aviation -- the biplane.

In 2004 Interview, Obama Said He'd Attack Before Iran Got Nukes

The President favored a diplomatic approach in 2004, but said surgical missile strikes may be necessary. Now, he's pressing the Israelis to let sanctions work, and his endgame isn't clear.

Bobbi Kristina Wearing Engagement Ring

ATLANTA, March 17 (UPI) -- Bobbi Kristina Brown has been spotted wearing a ring some people believe means she's engaged to a 22-year-old man raised as her brother, People magazine said.

Nickelodeon Announce They Have Given One Direction Their Own TV Show

After having guest starred in a couple of Nickelodeon shows already, One Direction have been rewarded with their own TV programme.

Random Number Prank Received By Police

ROGERS, Ark., March 15 (UPI) -- Police in Arkansas said a girl inspired by a funny picture online sent a message about a "body" to a random number that turned out to be a police detective.

Kony 2012 Video Director Jason Russell Arrested For Being 'Drunk And Performing Sex Act In Public'

The director of the 'Kony 2012' viral video has been detained in a mental hospital for his own safety, as his wife blamed critics of the film for his public breakdown. Jason Russell, co-founder of the charity Invisible Children, was hospitalised aft…

Apple's Got To Drop

The latest viral buzz from

Insecticides Linked To Honeybee Die-offs

WASHINGTON, March 15 (UPI) -- Die-offs of honeybees critical for pollinating food crops -- part of so-called colony collapse disorder -- is linked to an insecticide, a U.S. journal reports.

Canada Finally Frees Man Arrested For Having Manga On His Computer

We'd make jokes, but this guy got his human rights violated because Canadian customs are idiots and kinda racist.

Great Moments In Movie Marketing: American Reunion Goes MILF Hunting

With American Reunion set to be released on April 6, it’s only standard that Universal Pictures would amp up the promotional campaigns to try to milk every last drop out of the franchise’s prostate. Reunion has us checking in on the American Pie gan…

Marilyn Hagerty Storms NYC, Day Three: Le Bernardin

The Olive Garden-reviewing meta media food celebrity Marilyn Hagerty is on a plane now, headed back to chilly North Dakota. Capping off her final day in New York City? Oh, just dinner at the Eric Ripert's three-Michelin star restaurant Le Bernardin …

Ryan Seacrest Mocks Jennifer Lopez's Boyfriend Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez seems to be getting more serious with boyfriend Casper Smart -- but pal Ryan Seacrest is finding the humor in their relationship! During an American Idol taping on Wednesday, Smart, 24, showed up to support Lopez, 43, only to take a r…

George Clooney Sits Next To Michelle Obama At White House Dinner

Many well-known British and American stars turned out last night for the White House State Dinner given in honor of visiting U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. Though there were several A-list celebrities in attendance, it was George Clooney who was…

Sir Paul McCartney Passes The Perfect Gent Test

As the sunseeker sprang to his feet at the sight of Sir Paul McCartney, he obviously forgot about his topless female companion who tried in vain to cover her modesty.

Amanda Brooks Leaves Barneys – Fashionista

Just yesterday we attended an event at Barneys in which Brooks hosted a talk with the creative directors of Maiyet, introducing Barneys’ newest label to a group of online editors. She looked immaculate as always, and asked thoughtful, well-researche…

Watch: Here’s How A Chanel Jacket Gets Made

Since Coco Chanel designed one in the 1950′s, the little black jacket has been a fundamental part of Chanel–even after Karl Lagerfeld took over and reinvented it time and time again. This is likely why he’s publishing a series of photographs of mode…

Politically Direct - Election 2012 // Current TV

Politically Direct 2012: The online home for Current TV's coverage of the 2012 primaries and General Election.

Santorum's Gay Porn Obsession, Cenk Goes Fist-pumping With 'Jersey Shore' & More From 'The Young Turks'

The dumbest criticism of the president ever, Cenk meows over the GOP cat fight, and the cast of “Jersey Shore” invites us all to Jenk’s, their favorite party place of the year. “I have done some fist pumping back in the day in Jersey,” he admits.

43 Increasingly Precise Netflix Custom Genre Recommendations

43. Dysfunctional Family TV Dramas 42. Dark Biographical 20th Century Period Pieces 41. Classic Goofy Musicals 40. Critically-acclaimed Underdog Dramas 39. Suspenseful Spy Movies Based on Real Life 38. Quirky Crime TV Shows 37. Feel-good Oppos…

Everybody Wants A ‘John Carter’ Sequel Except The People Who’d Have To Pay For It

John Carter, having cost $350 million to make and market and earning only about $30 million its opening weekend (albeit another $70 million internationally), appears likely to join the grand pantheon of colossal box office flops. This New York Times…

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