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25 Things For People Who Just Can't Get Enough Armadillo

Now taking bets on how many nicknames/puns for "armadillo" I can come up with.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. An armadillo plushie (who goes by Mike) because we need to start with the closest thing you can possibly get to a real 'dillo.

Granted, armadillos aren't exactly soft – but let Mike live Mike's best life.

Promising review: "Mike was brought into my family to help my sister learn to love armadillos instead of fearing them. Mike jumped out of his present box on Christmas morning, and swung on a string into his new owner's arms. Mike is soft, cuddly, and he comes with a cute little story about himself. He's a great ambassador for all armadillo kind." –Jenn

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

2. An armadillo-inspired ring for anyone who wants protection for their fingers.

And by protection I mean protect your fingers from looking uncool.

Get it from Metal Mixology on TicTail for $96 (sizes 6, 7).

3. An adorable soap babe you'll want to get your hands on ASAP – it's just too good of a ~dill~ to pass up.

Let this 'dill into your home.

Promising review: "Looks and smells amazing. I'm sure the person I'm giving it to will love it :)." –sleepylizard

Get it from Nerdy Soap on Etsy for $7.48.


4. A masterful armadillo statue worthy of holding onto your most treasured items.,

Fill your soon-to-be bougie home with this glorious AF creature.

Promising review: "I have a grand foyer (pronounced foy-ay) that has – until now – been empty, echoey, and lonely. I was looking for the perfect decorative statue to place in its exact center, and when I happened upon this fine little fellow I knew he would be perfect. Indeed, though he's small, he is of the described high quality resin materials, and the workmanship really shows well in the late afternoon sunshine that comes through my cupola. Although he is advertised holding a Heineken, he is capable of holding many things. Sometimes, I place a single zinnia between his paws, and he lets it gently lean there against one paw because his grasp is set to beer can-width. It's very evocative, although I'm not sure what it evokes. I think my dog also likes him. They can hang out together during the day when I'm out." –Kate

Get it from Amazon for $15.95 or a set of two from Jet for $38.90.

5. A precious book you just may die from reading, because it is so freaking cute.

Puffin Books

It's about a lil' 'dillo who is near-sighted (like all armadillos) and mistakes a pair of boots for another lil' 'dillo, need I say more?

Promising review: "I bought this for my advisor who has a thing for armadillos! She said this book was cute, and she loved it. I thought the illustrations were done very well." –Michelle

Get it from Amazon for $6.96+, Barnes and Noble for $6.99+, or a local bookseller through IndieBound here.


9. A notebook featuring the wham-bam-arillos you'll write love letters to.


13. A pair of socks so you can rock some distinguished AF armadillos every day., Jay Watson /

Promising review: "What's not to love about armadillo socks?" –Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $12 (green), from Socksmith for $12 (green), or from BoldSocks for $12 (teal).

15. A set of two cookie cutters you just may fawn over forever.


16. A duvet cover for snuggling up to the BFF of your dreams.

17. An armadillo ornament babe to brighten up your Christmas tree/wreath/hang it from a necklace, no judgement here.

Glass-blown and crafted with the love every 'dillo deserves.

Promising review: "Love this lightweight and glittery armadillo! I purchased two, one for my tree and one for my dad's tree. They came in a little designer box that was very cute." –JLHA

Get it from Amazon for $9.69.

18. A waterproof, armadillo-inspired raincoat so you can *arm* yourself against the elements and boring fashion choices.

Raincoat includes a compact pouch, a hood you can hide, and zippers which allow you to adapt it from a full-length coat into a jacket.

Get it from Colorat on Tictail for $191.

19. A handmade, large planter that'll keep your plant cozy and safe.

Promising review: "Perfect! I bought it as a gift to give my sister, but it was hard to part with (even though I have a smaller version of my own). Wonderful expression on the armadillo's face." –Nancy Purifoy

Get it from Cindy Searles on Etsy for $48+ (available in nine colors).


23. A stroller blanket that'll be just as tough (and precious) as a real baby-dillo.

Okay so maybe not as tough as a 'dillo carapace, but close.

Promising review: "We have tried a variety of the easy swaddlers and some of the other blankets on the market, and this one is definitely our favorite and our baby's. The stretchy fabric allows for a tight swaddle, and the material is so soft and comfortable. We've already ordered a second, and may get more. The price is a bit steep, but worth it!" –Vernon

Get it from Amazon for $47.99.


The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.