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November 21, 2017

Can You Handle These Impossible Carb Decisions?

Cookies vs. fries vs. pasta vs. bread. The ultimate carb war!

The Highs And Lows Of The "Mean Girls" Musical

Tina Fey’s Broadway-bound adaptation of the 2004 film feels a lot like the movie you know and love — and that’s a good thing.

Para todas las que estaban enamoradas de Dimitri de 'Anastasia'

Quítense, otras caricaturas sensuales.

Sorry Americans, That Funny Crocodile Politician Is Wicked Problematic

The whole internet loves Bob Katter, the lovely politician who hates crocodiles. *five seconds later* We regret to inform you Bob Katter doesn't want Muslims in Australia.

This Study Links Air Pollution To Abnormal Sperm Shape – But That Doesn’t Mean It's Making You Infertile

The study adds to the evidence on how air pollution can negatively impact health.

Just 17 Stories About Encounters With Really Big Penises

"He was a big penis with a big penis."

The Man Accused Of Killing 8 People With A Truck On Halloween Has Been Charged With Terrorism

Justice officials on Tuesday charged the 29-year-old from Uzbekistan with multiple counts of murder in aid of racketeering in what they called a "calculated act of terrorism."

Uber Says Hackers Compromised 57 Million Accounts A Year Ago, But It's Only Telling Users Now

Uber's new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that he is only learning about the hack now after company executives allegedly concealed the breach last year, in part by reportedly paying the hackers $100,000. Those executives have reportedly been terminated.

The Man Who Banned Same-Sex Marriage In Australia Is Now Responsible For Examining Freedoms

"This bill is necessary because there is significant community concern about the possible erosion of the institution of marriage," Philip Ruddock said in 2004.

This University Apologized To A Grad Student After Her Class Discussion Of Gender Pronouns Became A Whole Big Thing

Lindsay Shepherd was told that presenting a debate about pronoun usage "neutrally" risked creating a "toxic climate" for trans students.

Another Woman Accused Rep. John Conyers Of Sexual Harassment In Court Filings This Year

A former scheduler for the Democratic congressman said she faced daily harassment from him, in a suit she later abandoned after a court denied her request to keep it sealed. A BuzzFeed News investigation on Monday showed that Conyers had settled a sexual harassment complaint with another former staffer.

10 Rites Of Passage Everyone With A Period Has

The memories that have left a permanent stain on your life.

24 Cosas que has vivido si tu mejor amiga vive estúpidamente lejos

Cada día es uno menos para la siguiente vez que puedan volver a verse.

Anyone Can Make These 17 Easy One-Pot Vegetarian Recipes

You want your holiday meals to look good and taste great. But let's be honest, EASY is important too. Plus, vegetarian.

Children's Snacks To Pack For Traveling

Make traveling a little easier with these snacks

This Is How The Biggest Movie Soundtrack Of All Time Got Made

Whitney Houston’s behind-the-scenes role in creating the best-selling soundtrack of The Bodyguard, which turns 25 this year, is a reminder that she was much more than just “The Voice.”

A Federal Judge Just Called Trump's Transgender Military Tweets "Capricious, Arbitrary, and Unqualified"

US District Court Judge Marvin J. Garbis wrote the tweets were “shocking” in an order that fully suspended the ban.

"O taxista me chamou de vagabunda e foi machista", diz Kéfera

Youtuber foi condenada a pagar R$ 25 mil a taxista após bate-boca e divulgar o número do celular dele. Ela vai recorrer.

18 Really Messed-Up Things Assholes Said At Family Thanksgivings

It's the old people you need to look out for the most.

Pixar And Disney Animation Chief John Lasseter Goes On Leave For Making Staff "Uncomfortable"

"It’s been brought to my attention that I have made some of you feel disrespected or uncomfortable," the director wrote in a memo to staff. "That was never my intent."

ICE Says It Separated Immigrant Father From Infant Son Because He Couldn't Prove Relationship

Attorneys and advocates working with the family say the father had his son's birth certificate that showed he was the father.

Uma conversa entre homens gays ativos abriu um debate sobre violência na hora do sexo

O debate sobre "sentir prazer na dor do outro" começou num grupo fechado do Facebook.



父と娘はいつまで一緒に風呂に入れる? 子どもの脳を傷つける子育て


31 Useful Products That'll Help You Waste Less Food

Let's put an end to the sweat-inducing guilt you feel when cleaning out the fridge at the end of the week.

This $422 Leather Trash Bag Is Honestly My Aesthetic

Made with quality materials, but still looks like trash.

Trump Defends Roy Moore Against Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct With Teen Girls

President Trump defended Senate candidate Roy Moore on Tuesday, saying the Alabama Republican "totally denies" the sexual misconduct allegations against him and that "we have to listen to him."

5 Delicious Foods To Share With Friends

Or you can eat it all by yourself... we won't judge.

Latino Leader Who Has Had Turbulent Relationship With Trump May Be Ousted From Major Hispanic Group

The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce board could oust President Javier Palomarez over alleged financial impropriety, BuzzFeed News has learned.

The Internet Is Probably Going To Lose Its Net Neutrality Rules In December

A vote will take place next month to determine net neutrality's future.

15 Tweets That'll Make You Say, "This Is The One Thing I Hate About Thanksgiving!"

AKA: "The everyone wants to know why you're are still single" holiday.

How Russia Hawks Are Selling Trump On Sending Weapons To Ukraine

The president’s advisers are telling him “peace” can be achieved in eastern Ukraine through a provision of anti-tank missiles – and that Kiev will finance it.

Funaro diz que temia retaliações do governo caso Geddel descobrisse sobre delação

Operador de propinas do PMDB disse que pediu a sua mulher sempre atender aos telefonemas de Geddel para evitar desconfianças.

If You've Been Dreaming Of Getting A KitchenAid Mixer, You'll Want To Check Out This Sale

Time to snag yourself one of these holy grail kitchen appliances!

18 Times Barack Obama And Joe Biden Were #FriendshipGoals

"I feel more loose and relaxed than ever. Those Joe Biden shoulder massages are like magic." —Obama

Ni feminicidios ni derechos LGBT en el proyecto de gobierno de AMLO

La equidad de género sólo es mencionada una vez a lo largo de las 415 páginas del programa que ayer presentó.

The Woman Behind The FasciaBlaster Cellulite-Busting Tool Faces A Lawsuit

FasciaBlaster users accused Ashley Black of "gross negligence" and "false advertising" in a lawsuit filed after BuzzFeed News first reported about alleged injuries.

This Dad Got Kicked Off YouTube For Making Disturbing Videos Of His Daughters That Millions Of People Watched

Greg Chism's YouTube channel, which featured videos of his girls screaming with fear, spitting up, wetting themselves, and bathing, had more than 8 million subscribers before it was terminated. Warning: This post contains disturbing videos.

This Hamper Actually Makes My Room Look Cuter

No airing any dirty laundry here.

Let The Puns Begin: "Winter Has Come" To The Iranian Who Pirated HBO's Game Of Thrones

Behzad Mesri also downloaded Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, then demanded payments from the company.

11 formas fáceis de se cuidar que custam pouco ou nada

Coisas simples, mas que podem fazer a diferença.

Kéfera é condenada a indenizar taxista em R$ 25 mil por vídeo de "vingança"

O juiz disse que a youtuber foi "inconsequente" e gerou "onda de ódio e perseguição" contra o taxista, que recebeu mais de 5.000 ameaças. Ela disse que vai recorrer.

Quem você é na cama diz algo sobre sua personalidade

O que os detalhes mais gostosos revelam sobre você.

34 Inexpensive Luxuries You Should 100% Treat Yourself To

Brilliant ways to treat yo'self for under $25!

12 erros na cozinha que você pode estar cometendo (e como evitá-los)

Como usar manteiga para fritar bifes ou lavar frango.

This Indigenous Couple Says A Denny’s Employee Asked Them To Pay For Their Meals Upfront

"No one else deserves to be treated the way I was treated that day."

Paul Manafort And Rick Gates Will Get To Leave House Arrest For Thanksgiving But They Have To Stay Totally Sober

In traveling for Thanksgiving, Manafort and Gates will remain under GPS monitoring, will have to report where exactly they're going and when, and they can't consume alcohol.

9 expressões que mudam de sentido quando você vira adulto

Já pensando no rodo que vou passar no final de semana.

Fallout From Allegations Against Charlie Rose

Less than a day after eight women alleged that they had been sexually harassed by Charlie Rose, CBS News has fired the veteran broadcaster.

Los expresidentes mexicanos no reciben 5 millones de pesos mensuales de pensión como asegura AMLO

El aspirante presidencial presentó ayer su plan de gobierno 2018-2024 y planea eliminar la pensión que reciben los ex mandatarios.

Ikea Recalls Malm Dressers — Again — After More Deaths Are Reported

The Swedish furniture company's Malm dresser is being recalled again after it received 91 reports of injuries to children.

Behold, All That Is The Beautiful People Of City Hearts Festival

In case you missed it, Desert Hearts hosted the most epic dance party in downtown LA, celebrating City Hearts festival for its five years anniversary. Check out all the beauties who attended !

People Have A Lot Of Thoughts About "Incredibles 2" And They're Hilarious AF

"If kids ruin my 'Incredibles 2' viewing experience next summer I'm fighting parents..."

Healthier Pasta 4 Ways

*eats pasta for every meal*

27 VERY Urgent Questions Twitter Has For Scottish People

"Why do scottish people say canny instead of cannot what is this >>horseplay<<"

Zimbabwe President Mugabe Has Resigned

Mugabe stepped down in the midst of parliament’s impeachment proceedings.

16 Casserole Ideas To Try This Thanksgiving (Or Year-Round)

Because all the best food comes in a casserole dish.

What Totally Fascinating Wikipedia Pages Have Kept You Reading All Night?

Whether it's because it was super spooky or just super interesting.

Facebook May Get Blocked In Russia If It Doesn't Start Storing Its Data There

After shutting down LinkedIn, Russian regulators may turn their gaze to Facebook and cut off its access to users in the world’s ninth-most populous country.

Germans Detain Six Syrians Suspected Of Being An ISIS Planning Team

All had used false identities to claim refugee status in Germany, authorities said.

Frédéric Haziza finalement suspendu après des atermoiements de la direction de LCP

Après l'annonce d'une plainte visant le journaliste Frédéric Haziza pour agression sexuelle, la patronne de La Chaîne parlementaire, Marie-Ève Malouines, avait annoncé son maintient à l'antenne. Le journaliste a finalement été suspendu. Une enquête préliminaire a été ouverte par le parquet de Paris.

27 Things From Macy's Pre-Black Friday Sale That'll Make You Say "Yes, Please"

*Deep* discounts to help you put a dent in your holiday shopping.

This "Makeup-Free" Doll Is Equal Parts Hilarious And Terrifying

"This is literally me before and after removing my makeup."

19 Black Friday Secrets That Retail Workers Will Never Tell You

"The best deals are usually for the worst products."

The Justice Department Is Threatening To Sue Harvard To Get Its Admissions Records

The Trump administration is drilling down on affirmative action.

27 Stunning Boots That'll Make You Actually Like Winter

You won't want to give these ~the boot~!!

Raptor Dissident, Valek Noraj : dans la tête des youtubeurs réacs qui inspirent les harceleurs de

Les harceleurs du «blabla 18-25» de ont leurs influenceurs: des youtubeurs aux centaines de milliers d'abonnés qui développent un discours réactionnaire et antiféministe d'une extrême violence. Ils expliquent clairement leurs ambitions dans une table ronde diffusée sur YouTube.

31 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

From twirl-worthy dresses to scented pillows to a Turkish bath towel: just an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

How To Avoid Buying Crap On Amazon

A guide to not wasting your money, and surviving the hell that is Amazon Black Friday.

Henry Cavill Has Always Been Hot And Honestly I Can't Deal

You might want to sit down for this one.

How Truly In Love Are You?

You feel comfortable enough to be your truest, ugliest self around them.

Meet The Woman Who Has Been Saving Thanksgiving For The Past 33 Years

Carol Miller is one of the MVPs of Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line.

16 manières d'améliorer votre vie sexuelle selon les conseils des gens

De la confiance en soi et un-e partenaire respectueux-se. Entre autres.

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe Has Resigned

The embattled leader has formally stepped down from his position after mounting pressure from his own party.

Midwives Say They're Getting Into Debt Because They Don't Earn Enough

Ahead of tomorrow's Budget, the Royal College of Midwives said it now regularly hears reports of staff maxing out credit cards and building up debt as a result of low pay.

Non-Americans, How Well Can You Label The US States?

Have you got what it takes to play Chandler's dumb states game?

US Deportation Protection For Haitians Set To End

The Trump administration is ending the Temporary Protected Status granted to Haitian immigrants fleeing devastation from the 2010 earthquake.

Esta poderosa série de fotos captura o horror do assédio sexual

O projeto da fotógrafa Eliza Hatch, "Cheer Up Luv", pede às mulheres que retornem aos locais públicos em que já sofreram assédio sexual, permitindo que elas dêem um novo significado, de fortalecimento, àquele ambiente. Cada imagem é uma história única, e, juntas, as fotos revelam uma horrível epidemia.

17 Games That Will Make You Never Want To Put Your Phone Down

Escape in these mobile adventures for an hour or 10.

Companies Giving “Climate Leave” Is Now A Thing

A software company in New York put in place the new policy after one worker was displaced by Hurricane Irma in Florida and others were threatened by wildfires in Northern California. Other companies are starting to follow suit.

29 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A cable-knit beanie, a contoured eye mask, fuzzy slipper socks, and 26 other favorite products from our recent posts.

13 Alternative Gadget Gifts For People Who Are Tired Of The Same Old Thing

Just to show that person who has everything that they don't quite have everything just yet.

Conyers Says He "Vehemently" Denies The Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Him

And the Ethics Committee said it has launched an investigation, saying it is aware Conyers "may have engaged in sexual harassment of members of his staff, discriminated against certain staff on the basis of age, and used official resources for impermissible personal purposes."

Introducing My Parents To My Boyfriend Meant Introducing Them To Me

It’s one thing to know your son is gay — it’s another to see the proof.

Adivinhe quem é quem neste quiz de gringas ou brasileiras

Lady Gaga ou Joelma? Anitta ou Dua Lipa?

21 "Stranger Things" Fans Who Took Fandom To A Whole New Level

There are some seriously dedicated people out there. Especially Elijah Wood.

Dirceu perde recurso e tribunal confirma condenação a 30 anos de prisão

Ele segue em liberdade monitorada com tornozeleira em Brasília e pode recorrer.

Répondez à ces 8 questions et on devine en quel animal vous vous réincarnerez

Un test fiable, basé sur de véritables études scientifiques renommées et pas du tout inventées.

Finalmente, esses galãs são feios ou bonitos?

Quem ama o galã feio, bonito lhe parece.

A Senior Tory MP Has Told Boris Johnson That Britain Is Failing To Deal With Iran

"We have a capital in Tehran that is taking British hostages, developing missiles, threatening its neighbours, destabilising the region – and our policy is what? We have none," said Tom Tugendhat.

12 kaputte Geschichten über Disney-Figuren, die dir deine Kindheit ruinieren

Stellt sich raus: Dornröschen gibt's auch in richtig irre.

36 Amazing Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

Everything you need to know (or buy) to make your house spotless!



Jennifer Lawrence Got Real About How The Nude Photo Leak Still Upsets Her

For the first time, Jennifer has spoken in detail about the experience of her nude photos being hacked and released online in 2014.

Nova fase da Lava Jato investiga ex-gerente da Transpetro que usava filho para receber propina

De acordo com a investigação, foram R$ 7 milhões em propinas de uma empresa de engenharia, entre setembro de 2009 e março de 2014.

How Stereotypically Black Was Your Childhood?

How did your mum apologise to you?

Val, Selasi, And Benjamina Are Going To Back To "Bake Off" And Christmas Is Saved

Oh, and Paul (you know, who made the fantastical bread lion)!

One Of The Biggest Alternative Media Networks In Italy Is Spreading Anti-Immigrant News And Misinformation On Facebook

The network sheds light on the overlap between the fringe underbelly of the Catholic world, Italy’s nationalist movements, and for-profit clickbait.

Dites-nous comment vous féminisez les noms, et on vous dit qui vous êtes vraiment

Faites-vous peser un péril mortel sur la langue française ?

Seul un vrai Gryffondor réussira à avoir au moins 10 à ce quiz

Un test qui brise même le meilleur des polynectars.

28 Beauty Products Under $10 That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Stop spending your whole paycheck on one lipstick. This post was updated in March 2018.

Happy T.Hanksgiving – Can You Name 20 Tom Hanks Movies In Two Minutes?

"There's a snake in my boots!" (There's three to start you off...)

朝日新聞が維新議員に抗議 加計問題めぐる記事を「捏造」と繰り返し


I Tried A Bunch Of Products To Help Me Sleep Better And Here's What Happened

It turns out there's a lot of stuff out there for the sleep-deprived among us.

«Il lui a attrapé la fesse»: le journaliste de LCP Frédéric Haziza accusé d'agression sexuelle

Le présentateur phare de la chaîne est accusé d'avoir les «mains baladeuses» par plusieurs de ses collègues. Certaines racontent des scènes qui se finissent en pelotage de seins ou de mollets. Après une main aux fesses, la direction lui a adressé un avertissement. La victime de cette agression vient de porter plainte. Le journaliste a finalement été suspendu de LCP.

Übrigens: Es ist scheiße lustig, wie Jodel-User auf Christian Lindner reagiert haben

„Lieber gar nicht zur Vorlesung gehen, als schlecht zur Vorlesung gehen.”

17 veces en que Parks and Recreation te hizo reír histéricamente y 12 veces en que te hizo llorar

"Estoy pensando tantas cosas y sintiendo tantas cosas que ahora mismo tengo parálisis".

14 choses qu'on aurait aimé apprendre à l'école

Comment reconnaître une dépression ? Quoi faire en cas de coupure de courant ?

『るろうに剣心』の続編が休載 作者の和月伸宏さん書類送検









BuzzFeed Newsは日本政府が晩餐会に招待したゲスト41人全員のリストを入手した。

The New Railcard For 25- To 30-Year-Olds Will Launch In Early 2018

No more worrying about paying full price for rail travel when you hit your mid-twenties.





MERY、1年ぶりに記事配信を再開 「女の子の毎日をかわいく」


People Are Freaking Out About Americans Trying To Eat Meat Pies

"Every cut to this pie is making me flinch like the knife is cutting into my body."

She Said A Powerful Congressman Harassed Her. Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear Her Story.

“When you make private settlements, it doesn’t warn the next woman or the next person going into that situation.”

Flash Briefing For November 21, 2017

A woman says Sen. Al Franken grabbed her butt while taking a photo in 2010, the Justice Department announced it will award more than $98 million to police departments who promise to report undocumented immigrants, and the Keystone XL pipeline cleared a big hurdle in Nebraska.

These 29 Coworker Pranks Will Make You The Jim Halpert Of Your Office

Maybe check the HR pamphlet first before trying, though.

What's The Best Australian Bird?

There is only one correct answer, really.

おうちで手作り♪ サックサクのチョコクロワッサン




This Is How Contraception Saves Women's Lives In The Asia-Pacific

"Being able to avoid an unwanted pregnancy could be the difference between life and death.”

Which Sport Should You Play?

Time to get on the field!

An Employee At A Catholic Girls School Has Been Charged After Child Pornography Was Allegedly Found On His Computer

"The individual was removed from contact with students and suspended from work," the school's principal wrote in a letter to parents.

Nearly 60,000 Haitians To Lose Deportation Protections, Will Get 18 Months To Leave

The Haitians were given Temporary Protected Status after an earthquake in 2010 leveled their country’s capital and killed more than 200,000.

Australian Employers Are Ripping Off International Student Workers, Study Finds

Almost one-third of temporary migrants working in Australia were paid less than half their entitled hourly wage.

17 Things That Will Only Make Sense To Movie Theater Employees Who Work During The Holidays

"Hi, I know there's a line of 20 people behind me but can I get a batch of unsalted popcorn?"

The Chancellor Says He's Finally Going To Stop Graduates Overpaying Their Student Loans

"It is well past the time that ministers should have stepped in," a Labour spokesman said in response.

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