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Henry Cavill's Mustache Was Digitally Removed In "Justice League" And It's Pretty Bad

Is that Superman or human Shrek?

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If you're like me and have been stalking Henry Cavill's Instagram account every evening after drinking a bottle of wine, then you know he's sporting a pretty badass mustache that he grew for Mission: Impossible 6, which comes out in 2018.

Well unfortunately for Cavill, the shooting schedules for Justice League and Mission: Impossible 6 overlapped, and Paramount told Cavill he couldn't shave his mustache. Meaning, Warner Brothers had to spend "approximately $25 million" digitally removing Cavill's mustache from the film.

If you're up to date on your movie releases, you'll know that Justice League came out last weekend, which means everyone has finally gotten a glimpse of Henry Cavill's CGI'd face, and...well, just look for yourself.


Needless to say, people definitely noticed, and they had some thoughts about Superman's new look.

JUSTICE LEAGUE EXEC: We can just CGI Henry Cavill’s mustache out it will be fine and not look weird at all HENRY CA…

The mustache may be gone, but its essence definitely lingers.

Henry Cavill's mustache could not be contained by mere human CGI

Others realized CGI'd Henry Cavill looks a lot like another mystical human.

This is really disturbing. The CGI reshoots of Henry Cavill as Superman in #JusticeLeague make him look like human…


But many were proud of Paramount.

paramount not letting henry cavill shave his mustache for justice league because of mission impossible six, thus co…

things i am thankful for this year: 1) henry cavill's mustache 2) paramount being a petty bitch and not letting hi…

The mustache removal may be pretty damn noticeable...

Find someone who looks at you the way Henry Cavill looks with his mustache CGI'd out

...but at least it gives us a new drinking game.

Drink every time you can spot Henry Cavill’s CGI mustache mouth.

  1. Do you think the mustache CGI is noticeable?

    Do you think the mustache CGI is noticeable?
    Of course! You would be daft not to notice it!
    Honestly, I can't tell it's been retouched at all!
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