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This $422 Leather Trash Bag Is Honestly My Aesthetic

Made with quality materials, but still looks like trash.

By now, we've all accepted fashion can often get pretty weird. Remember when Supreme sold a literal brick and people paid up to $1,000 dollars for it??? Or when Balenciaga designed a $2,145 version of an Ikea bag? Welp, now we can add fancy trash bags to this list.

When you're trash but you're still better than everyone else.

Besides it being made out of Spanish leather and looking like a legit trash bag, there's really no more information about the product, or if it's actually meant to be used for trash.


Here's a picture of it in its natural habitat:

Instagram: @biis_ig


Say what you will, but ~fancy trash bag~ *is* a very relatable aesthetic.

the description for this leather trash bag is a post-modern aesthetic i will ironically relate to

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