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November 17, 2017

Which Post-1D One Direction Member Should You Date?

Have you and your fave member grown together or grown apart?

Immigrant Father Says Immigration Agents Took His Infant Son And Won't Tell Him Where He Is

Salvadoran Jose Demar Fuentes said he expected to be sent to a family detention center with his son when he requested asylum at the US border. That's not what happened.

Esto es para todos los que no entendieron la escena post-créditos de la 'Liga de la Justicia'

Las amenazas que vienen son mucho peores que las que ya enfrentaron.

Here Are 11 Facts About The Roswell Incident That’ll Make You Believe In Aliens

They were said to have large heads, large eyes, and only a hole for a nose.

10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Restaurant Vs. Homemade Chicken Parm Pizza

If you can't go to NYC for this chicken parm pizza, here's how you can make it at home

16 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Here's what happened this week

This Community College Basketball Player Says He Was Kicked Off The Team For Not Taking Part In The National Anthem

School officials contend Rasool Samir was kicked off the Kansas school's team because of a violation of rules, including aggressive and disrespectful behavior toward the coach.

Notes For Unsolved: Roswell's Bizarre UFO Crash

Research notes for Supernatural Season 3 Episode 6

Under Trump, The Pentagon Has Been Quietly Escalating Its Presence In Somalia

Like Niger, the increase in US troops deployed to Somalia has gone largely unnoticed.

People Are Trolling A Country Singer Who Debuted A Song Called "Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take A Knee)”

Neal McCoy was most likely not instructing his derriere to take a knee. But the jury is still out.

22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

23 Things That'll Help You Get The Laundry Room Of Your Dreams

There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh laundry.


“写真界の芥川賞”を受賞した森栄喜が、新作「Family Regained」を語る。

Tracee Ellis Ross Explained The Backstory Behind Her Mom, Diana Ross's, Now Iconic Lost Fanny Pack Tweet

She may be a legendary diva, but she's basically just like everyone's mom.

Así es como se ve el elenco de "Mi pobre angelito" exactamente 27 años después

Macaulay Culkin tuvo una mala época, pero se reivindicó.

21 Ways To Make Your House Smell Like Heaven Just In Time For The Holidays

Make sure your ~house smell~ is actually a good one.

The White House Says The Difference Between Franken And Trump Allegations Is "Franken Admitted Wrongdoing And The President Hasn't"

"In one case specifically, Sen. Franken admitted wrongdoing, and the president hasn't," Sanders said. "I think that's a very clear distinction."

"Is It Worth It?": Dean Smith's Calculated Risk On Marriage Equality

"There’ll be lots of queens there – but there’ll only be one The Queen."

Moore’s Wife Stands By Her Man

The wife of embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was joined by women supporters who are defending the Republican against accusations of sexual misconduct.

33 Winter Coats That'll Make You Think, "Why Is There Even Summer?"

Because the weather outside is frightful, but these coats are just delightful!

Everybody Deserves A Bathrobe, And Here's Why

Don't deny yourself comfort just because you don't know what to do with it.

Graduate Students Are Freaking Out About The New Tax Bill

The House bill would count the tuition discounts given to many grad students as income, doubling or even tripling many graduate students’ taxes.

Chief Hopper From "Stranger Things" Is The Detective Daddy Of Our Dreams

Dad bod? Check. Fatherly instincts? Check. Questionable though badass lifestyle? Check.

18 Ofertas del Buen Fin que te van a hacer decir "¡tomen todo mi dinero!"

Pijamas de osito, juguetes, viajes y hasta regalitos para tu perro.

BuzzFeed tiene un nuevo canal de YouTube en español y te vas a volver adicto a él

Tendremos videos nuevos todos los lunes, miércoles y viernes.

Danger For Turkey's Erdogan Grows From New York Money Laundering Case

A series of new court filings help explain why Turkey's president is so angry over the prosecution of Reza Zarrab.

12 coisas que aprendi com o racismo

Lições que eu gostaria de não precisar ter aprendido.

12 pessoas contam em que momento foram racistas

"Apareceu uma mulher negra e eu disse 'não, moça, preciso falar com a chefe de enfermagem!' E era ela."

Cinépolis organizó un concurso de videos musicales entre sus empleados y te vas a volver fan

Vas a necesitar palomitas y mucho tiempo libre para ver esto.

Este programa nos faz perguntar o que tem na água dos produtores do SBT

Vem com a gente conhecer as perguntas do "Jogo das Fichas".

People In Zimbabwe Still Aren’t Fully Convinced That Mugabe Will Step Down

As Zimbabweans anxiously await the outcome of the military intervention announced earlier this week, they also know to keep their optimism in check.

18 Memes You'll Relate To If You've Ever Been In A College Organization

'Yung feeling na ikaw na lang kumakain ng sarili mong FRA.

Women Waiting Tables Get Harassed Constantly, And We Know How To Stop It

Half of all American women work at a restaurant at some point in their lives, and there's a proven way to reduce the industry's shocking level of harassment.

20 Cosas que solo recordarás si naciste entre 1981 y 1997

Los nacidos antes y después, absténganse de leer esto.

¿Qué porcentaje de Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte y Miranda eres?

No importa el resultado, la realidad es que eres 100% Stanford Blatch.

19 Modas de 2008 que NECESITAN regresar en 2018

¿A quién más le urge que regresen las sandalias de gladiador?

11 Castigos horribles que las mujeres han sufrido a lo largo de la historia

A las mujeres que "les gustaba el chisme" les metían espinas de metal en la boca.

37 Detalles secretos que seguro no sabías sobre "Grey's Anatomy"

Originalmente, ¡Denny tenía un crush con Cristina!

27 Cosas que entenderás por completo si no podías vivir sin tu iPod

"¡Lo único que quiero son tarjetas de regalo de iTunes para mi cumpleaños!" —Tú en 2005. (Ok, chance y ahorita también, jejeje)

It Looks Like Sharon Osbourne Posed With The Ruff Ryders Sign And People Are Not Feeling It

Some are accusing The Talk cohost for gesturing "gang signs" while seated next to Eve, but it appears she may have been paying homage to the DMX's Ruff Ryders.

Sabemos qué tan seguido lloras por tus hábitos en el baño

Es momento de sacar los trapitos al sol.

31 Datos random sobre las bodas que te darán ganas de casarte, o de quedarte soltero para siempre

Olvídate de las flores, los ramos de novia solían tener ajos.

14 Cosas terribles que pasaron en películas famosas en la vida real

La magia del cine puede ser muy, muy oscura.

¿Realmente es seguro tener sexo cuando estás embarazada?

Es momento de romper todos los mitos.

Roy Moore’s Supporters, Without Evidence, Insist Women Accusing Moore Of Misconduct Were Paid Off

The Alabama Senate candidate’s wife said from the steps of the state capitol that her husband would not “step down.”

¿Eres más como Scar o como Mufasa?

Sí, esto es un desafío.

¿Con cual de los chicos de "Stranger Things" deberías salir?

Tu corazón solo tiene espacio para uno. ¿Quién será el ganador?

13 Razones por las que el vodka es el mejor alcohol de todos

Está científicamente comprobado que reduce el estrés.

¿Qué porcentaje de Michael, Dwight y Jim de 'The Office' eres?

¿A qué empleado de Dunder Mifflin te pareces más?

18 Undeniable Signs That You're A Pinoy Social Climber

May pambili ng iPhone X pero walang pang-data.

Sete coisas que você precisa saber para entender o suicídio

Especialistas falaram com o BuzzFeed sobre como perceber sinais de alerta e obter ajuda.

I Tried 4 Chub-Rub Hacks And Here's What Actually Worked

Because you can't let a little thing like chafing come between you and a good time.

Y Combinator Cuts Ties With Peter Thiel After Ending Part-Time Partner Program

Billionaire venture capitalist and Facebook board member Peter Thiel is no longer affiliated with Y Combinator after the startup accelerator ended its part-time partner program.

Women Are Reminding People That LinkedIn Is Not A Dating Website Following "Creepy" Messages

"Just had someone at least 30 years older than me ask me out for 'adult beverages' on LinkedIn," one woman wrote on Twitter. "FREAKING LINKEDIN."

I Hired A Love Coach Because I Was Tired Of Dating Shitty Guys

Sometimes you have to take things to the next level.

Female Directors And Producers Are Working To Turn The Weinstein Fallout Into An Opportunity

Women who direct and produce are feeling tentatively hopeful about their prospects, but know there’s still a long way to go. “You can’t undo a hundred years of the entertainment business in a week,” said Amber Tamblyn.

Delator da Fifa caiu no choro em pleno tribunal após réu fazer gesto de cortar garganta

O advogado de Manuel Burga, ex-cartola que fez o gesto, disse que seu cliente é um homem "tímido" e apenas sentiu coceira na garganta.

Jeff Sessions Says He's Fighting For Free Speech On College Campuses For Everyone. Civil Rights Lawyers Don't Buy It

The attorney general is pouring energy into defending free speech on college campuses, but civil rights activists and lawyers say he’s ignoring cases that split from his worldview.

Sólo un verdadero fan de Green Day podrá sacar 10 de 12 en este quiz

Vamos a ver qué tal está tu memoria musical.

31 Splurge-Worthy Things From Nordstrom You'll Want To Buy... Right Now

Who says you can't buy happiness? Not Nordstrom.

Stitch Fix Will Pick Your Clothes For You, And Now You Can Buy Shares In It

The mail-order clothing company Stitch Fix, which went public on Friday, is considered a bellwether for the growing subscription industry.

The End Of An Emo Era Is Breaking My Teenage Heart

As a teenager, Brand New’s music helped me through some of the darkest times in my life. That makes the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against lead singer Jesse Lacey hit even harder.

E a Assembleia do Rio decidiu tirar da cadeia deputados do PMDB suspeitos de corrupção

Além de Jorge Picciani, presidente da Casa, também serão beneficiados Paulo Melo e Edson Albertassi, todos dos PMDB. Eles foram presos ontem na operação Cadeia Velha.

O guia definitivo para todas as pessoas brancas que ficam na defensiva em conversas sobre racismo

Começando com: o seu amigo está falando sobre algo que você fez?

This $27 Air Mattress Is Perfect For Houseguests You Actually Like

Your guests will be happy and so will your wallet.

Moore Accuser: "He Scarred Me For Life"

The White House said the Alabama Senate candidate should step aside if the allegations against him are true.

As imagens da indignação das pessoas no Rio enquanto a Alerj vota prisão de deputados

Apesar do clima do lado de fora, a tendência na Assembleia é livrar a barra de Jorge Picciani, Paulo Melo e Edson Albertassi, todos do PMDB.

16 Petty And Savage Scottish Texts That'll Make You Say "This Is Me"

"Are you a banker because leave me a loan." Ouch.

20 personagens de desenho que marcaram a infância da criançada negra

Ciclope? Tô fora! Pego minha Tempestade e vou embora.

10 livros que são absolutamente impossíveis de parar de ler

Pra você ler por horas e horas e horas.


Você vai adorar este teste!

House GOP Cheer Tax Bill Vote

As the House Republicans celebrate the passage of their tax reform bill, the fate of the Senate’s version of the tax code overhaul remains unclear.

13 Facts About Normal Things That Fucked Me Up And Will Fuck You Up Too

We might share 50% of our DNA with a banana! A BANANA!

Here’s How Mary J. Blige Turned Her “Really Shitty” Year Into An Awardsworthy Performance

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul ended a 12-year marriage just before she started work on her latest film, Mudbound. She told BuzzFeed News how she channeled that pain into a raw performance.

DHS Has Used A Controversial Cell Phone–Tracking Device More Than 1,800 Times

BuzzFeed News obtained the information through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Voilà ce que font vraiment les gens quand ils se masturbent

BuzzFeed a demandé aux gens ce qu'ils font exactement quand ils se masturbent. Voici leurs réponses, honnêtes, claires et souvent créatives.

Uma menina recriou pôsteres da Netflix com cães para apoiar um abrigo de animais

Era parte de um trabalho acadêmico, mas a ideia ficou tão boa que continua rendendo.

Ce test de couleur va déterminer votre position sexuelle idéale

Quelle position est la meilleure pour vous?

À Mexico, des cliniques proposent à des femmes qui ne sont pas enceintes d'avorter

Info BuzzFeed News: trois cliniques privées de Mexico proposent des interruptions de grossesse à des femmes qui n’étaient pas enceintes.

Inside The Secret Facebook Group Of Quebec's Far-Right "Wolf Pack"

Much of La Meute's purported membership list is bogus, BuzzFeed News has uncovered.

O meme do coelhinho veio pra mostrar que a vida é feita de escolhas

280 caracteres para quê mesmo se não for para meme, né?

Ben Affleck Talked About Harvey Weinstein On The "Today" Show And Said He Knew Weinstein Was "Sleazy" And A "Bully"

Affleck also said that he "stopped working with Harvey a long time ago" and would donate the residuals from his Weinstein films to "organizations that are making a difference."

14 Cosas que necesitas saber antes de ver la 'Liga de la Justicia'

La película no tiene una escena post-créditos. Tiene dos.

The Navy Is Apologizing After One Of Its Pilots Drew A Penis In The Sky

The Navy said there was "zero training value in that maneuver." The crew has been grounded.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on furniture, LEGO sets, duffel bags, and more!

Wells Fargo Fires Executive For How He Communicated With A Former Colleague

"The dismissal was the result of Codel’s acting in a manner that was contrary to the company’s policies and expectations," the company said.

28 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Urban Outfitters, Nature Box, H&M, and more!

An Evening With The Tesla Faithful As Elon Musk Unveils A New Truck And Car

Here are the new Tesla Semis and Tesla Roadster.

The NFL Is Investigating Jameis Winston For Allegedly Groping An Uber Driver In 2016

“The League has been informed that you may have been the victim of such a violation perpetrated by Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Jameis Winston. The League takes allegations of this nature very seriously and has opened an investigation into this matter,” a letter to the driver from the NFL, sent Thursday, read.

Deine Suche ist vorbei, denn das hier ist der ultimative Schokoladenkuchen

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

Big Tech Cannot Stop Shooting Itself In The Foot

Trust, arguably more than ever, is Silicon Valley’s most coveted feature now. And blunders coming from tech’s biggest companies now feel more unsettling.

Apple's HomePod Smart Speaker Delayed Until 2018

The Siri-enabled smart speaker was originally slated to ship December 2017, but won't be ready until early 2018.

Le gouvernement baisse d'un quart le budget dédié à la sortie de la prostitution

Des associations et des députés de gauche dénoncent la baisse de 26 % des crédits alloués à la réinsertion des personnes prostituées.

«Potatoes» revisitées

Pour faire manger des légumes aux plus difficiles.

Pré-candidato do PT ao governo de SP, Luiz Marinho é denunciado por corrupção pela Procuradoria

Petista, que foi prefeito de São Bernardo, teria feito conluio com construtoras na construção do Museu do Trabalhador. Ele nega crime.

A Dozen London Uber Drivers Were Charged Following Accusations Of Rape Or Sexual Assault Last Year

Transport for London has released figures that show how many cab drivers were accused of – and convicted of – rape and sexual assault last year.

21 Verdades universales que todo estudihambre conoce

Si la necesidad es la madre del ingenio, entonces los estudihambre son las mamás de todos los mexicanos.

Can You Be Shrek's Best Friend?

This is the chance of a lifetime.

We Tested Pinterest Thanksgiving Hacks To See Which Ones Were Legit

Here's what worked and what (definitely) didn't.

For Black Families Like Mine, The Drug Epidemic Isn’t New

I’m happy to see our culture beginning to take a more sympathetic view of addiction. But for me, progress is bittersweet. And, for all four of my mother's brothers, it’s too little too late.

14 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Chance The Rapper wanted to hang with Drake, Ja Rule went looking for Banksy, and more!

Advocates Who Want To Change Criminal Justice Are Rallying Around These Republican Governors

Justice Action Network is featuring Iowa's Kim Reynolds and Kentucky's Matt Bevin in new videos meant to promote the nonprofit organization's agenda.

13 Ways To Avoid Being *That* Coworker Who Gets Everyone Sick This Year

Fun fact: A single sneeze can fill an entire room with germs.

A Hacker Hero Has Been Banned From Cyber Conferences After Decades Of Inappropriate Behavior

The claims against John Draper, better known as Cap'n Crunch, a pioneer hacker and an early associate of Apple cofounders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, are yet another example of how celebrity can be abused.

25 Amazing Pairs Of Leggings People Actually Swear By

Because no pants are the best pants.

Pelo jeito, agredir a ex-esposa não impediu Johnny Depp de continuar em "Animais Fantásticos"

"Tiraram o Kevin Spacey de um filme pronto, um mês antes do lançamento. Não tem pipipipopopo que justifique o Johnny Depp em 'Animais Fantásticos'."

Jamaika verhandelt, doch die Einschränkung von Flüchtlingsrechten ist schon Konsens

Die Jamaika-Verhandlungen gehen in die Verlängerung. Großes Streitthema bleibt der Familiennachzug. Die Einschränkung von Flüchtlingsrechten hingegen scheint bereits beschlossene Sache.

11 Produkte, die diese Woche auf Amazon total abgehen

Penis-Weinkorken, Plätzchenstempel und eine Popcorn-Maschine – das kauft Deutschland auf Amazon.

Die Jamaika-Parteien wollen das Urteil zum dritten Geschlechtseintrag „umgehend umsetzen“

Nach dem Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts muss Deutschland neben Frau und Mann einen dritten Geschlechtseintrag ermöglichen. Ein internes Papier zeigt nun: Das soll schon bald geschehen.

I Got A $200 Mattress (And The Rest Of My Bedding) From Amazon And Have No Regrets

A mattress, comforter, pillow, and highly rated sheet set for less than $310.

What Product Should Every New Cat Owner Buy?

Looking for purrfect recommendations for raising my furry child.

18 tweets qui vous feront marrer quand vous en avez marre des hommes

«Bouffe sa chatte et soutiens ses rêves.»

Do Not, I Repeat, Do NOT Go To Finland — Here's Why

Sorry, but I kind of need this Nordic wonderland all to myself.

We Asked Aubrey Plaza 31 Rapid-Fire Questions About Herself

We talked to the star of Ingrid Goes West about everything from crazy fan moments to her dream of winning a Grammy.



Jeffrey Tambor Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations Made By "Transparent" Costar Trace Lysette

Lysette issued a statement Thursday detailing an incident where the actor is alleged to have "acted inappropriately." Tambor has responded by denying that he is a "predator."

13 perfis do Instagram para encher os olhos

De estilo, atitude e talento.

Como falar com crianças sobre consciência racial

Ensinar a não "ver" raça, na verdade, não é a melhor abordagem para criar crianças não preconceituosas.

23 Things Every Baker Wants For Christmas

Must-have items for proper bakers.

Karina, 15, se matou com medo do vazamento de fotos íntimas. E então vazaram fotos de seu suicídio

A perseguição e o bullying contra a adolescente de Nova Andradina (MS) não terminaram nem com a sua morte.

Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently trending. This week: a nap pillow, slime-making kit, and fuzzy snow boots.

A New Survey Finds Most LGBTI Australians Were Negatively Affected By The Same-Sex Marriage Vote

"The debates of the past two months hurt me and hurt my family."


とても、 たくさん、 重ねる。

La gente está muy cabreada con la última campaña machista del Gobierno de España

Una campaña de concienciación del abuso de alcohol en menores parece responsabilizar a las víctimas de abusos sexuales por tomar alcohol.

Documentos reforçam delação da JBS contra Temer

O BuzzFeed News cruzou fornecedores da campanha de Chalita em 2012 com notas pagas pela JBS e descobriu que dois fornecedores trabalharam na eleição e receberam também do frigorífico. A delação de Joesley Batista diz que pagou a pedido de Temer. O presidente nega.

勘が鋭いポケモン好きにしか読めない! 最初に選んだのはどれクイズ


Britain Is Voting To Name Another Gritting Lorry, And "David Plowie" Is Winning

Or will "Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney" finally have its day?

This Woman Was Fed Up Of Microaggressions So She Made A Game About It

"For those who touch our hair, this is a moment for your ass to learn that this is not cool."



14 Things People Wish They'd Been Taught At School

From how to recognise depression to what to do in a power cut.

12 German Cities Vs. Their American Counterparts

America is filled with places named after Germany. They're, uh... not quite as impressive.

Diese 4-jährigen BFFs sagen, sie sind Schwestern und dulden da gar keine Widerrede

"Wir haben denselben Geburtstag und teilen uns eine Seele."

10 Things You 100% Need To Know If You're Going To Watch Ed Sheeran In Mumbai

Backpacks aren't allowed. Also don't forget to carry a valid photo ID.

Schneidest du im Anatomietest besser ab als die Teilnehmer dieser Studie?

Eine kürzlich veröffentlichte Studie hat das anatomische Wissen von 63 Leuten getestet. Wie schneidest du im Vergleich ab?

10 sencillas formas de cuidarte que no cuestan casi nada

Las pequeñas acciones con las que puedes cuidarte se acaban notando.

Schau dir diesen Post nur an, wenn du keinen nervösen Magen hast

WARNUNG: Nicht angucken, wenn dir bei Pickel-ausdrück-Videos übel wird.

13 Hunde, denen wirklich furchtbares Unrecht geschehen ist

Das sind alles ganz liebe Hunde, die ihr Bettchen zurückbekommen sollten.





President Trump, Silent On Roy Moore, Slams Al Franken Over Groping Allegations

President Trump took aim at "Al Frankenstien" on Twitter, but has remained silent on the allegations facing Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Gene Simmons Has Been Banned From Fox News After Harassing Staff

The Kiss rocker was taping interviews at the network's headquarters when he allegedly made sexist and racist remarks, and hit two staff members on the head.

Can You Guess The Christmas Song Based On These Vague Lyrics About Snow?

If you're a Christmas fanatic, this will be easy.

ドキンちゃん、ブルマ… 声優の鶴ひろみさん死亡 彼女が演じたキャラクターたち


Texas Woman Might Sue The Sheriff Who Went After Her "Fuck Trump" Truck Sticker

A Texas sheriff said in a now-deleted Facebook post that he could bring disorderly conduct charges against Karen Fonseca her massive "Fuck Trump" sticker. She has now added his name to the back of her truck.

35 Comfy AF Dresses You Won't Want To Take Off

Because comfort is the new black.

Don Dale Youth Detention Centre Should Be Shut Down, Royal Commission Says

"These things happened on our watch, in our country, to our children," the commissioners said.

Flash Briefing For November 17, 2017

More than 200,000 gallons of oil have spilled from the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota, Republicans have passed their tax reform overhaul through the House, a news anchor is accusing Sen. Al Franken of kissing and groping her without her consent, and a mistrial has been declared in the corruption trial of Sen. Bob Menendez.

東京新聞「米軍ヘリがベイブリッジに接近」 批判への対応から浮かぶネット軽視


赤ちゃんギャン泣きの「黄昏泣き」「コリック」 医師に聞く原因と対処法


This Man Says The Queensland Premier Promised His Sick Daughter Medicinal Cannabis And Then Never Spoke To Him Again

"My daughter died a criminal and she didn't deserve that," said Steve Peek. "They never even gave her a chance."

Here's What Starbucks Holiday Drinks Look Like Around The World

They look amazeballs (do people still say that?).

12 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See This Week

Chris Hemsworth on the set of Thor: Ragnarok kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

If You Love Music, Here Are 17 Books To Add To Your Reading List

From memoirs to coffee-table books to how music affects your brain, recommendations from BuzzFeed editors!

Would You Totally Mess Up Cooking A Thanksgiving Turkey?

Even if you fail, you'll learn a thing or two before the big day.

Almost 17,000 Australians Sent Back Blank Same-Sex Marriage Survey Forms

Observers saw 4.8% of all responses – and largely agreed with the ABS.

California Woman Sues Uber For Negligence In Alleged Rape By Driver

An unnamed woman sued the ride-hail giant on Thursday, alleging that the company did not do enough to properly vet the driver, who she says had been previously charged with violent offenses.

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