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November 10, 2017

18 Imágenes que te harán enojar un chingo

El juego más menso de tu secundaria volvió, en forma de memes.

La nueva campaña de H&M captura a la perfección la diversidad y la belleza de los mexicanos

Vecindades, elotes, arte urbano y gimnasios callejeros: por fin una campaña que da en el clavo. <3

U Of T Profs Say That Jordan Peterson Is Building "A Climate Of Fear And Intimidation"

Jordan Peterson said he was building a website that identifies courses and professors likely to turn students into "social justice warriors."

These Guys Hit Up 6 Of The Best BBQ Joints In The U.S.

The most mouthwatering road trip you'll ever take. I promise.

A Former Colleague Has Accused Richard Dreyfuss Of Sexual Harassment

Dreyfuss has denied the allegation he exposed himself to a woman in the 1980s.

17 Imágenes que muestran la impresionante evolución de Taylor Swift

De chica country a reina serpiente del drama.

Which "Stranger Things" Boy Should You Date?

Maybe he'll buy you a stranger ring.

We Investigated The Haunted Pennhurst Asylum, Here's What Happened

The spirits of tortured patients are said to linger within the facility's walls.

21 Toys Guaranteed To Satisfy Any Pooch

Toys for the chewer, brainiac, herder, pupper, snuggler, and more.

Describe tu vida como estudiante en Hogwarts y te diremos a qué profesor le caes bien

Porque, bueno, los profesores también pueden tener sus favoritos.

17 Diminutos tatuajes que desearás tener ya

Sutiles, elegantes y hermosos.

¿Qué Príncipe de Disney es el amor de tu vida?

¿Con quién tendrás tu vivieron felices para siempre?

26 Truly Awful Breakup Stories That Will Put You In A Rage

Every single one of these should get their own movies, tbh.

Hope Solo Said The Head Of FIFA Groped Her At An Awards Show

The soccer star told a Portuguese magazine about being grabbed by then-FIFA president Sepp Blatter in 2013.

Roy Moore Says He May Have Gone Out On A Date With A Teenager

The Alabama Senate candidate also denied, again, initiating sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl while he was in his thirties.

More Men Join "ER" Actor Anthony Edwards In Accusing Broadway Producer Of Sexual Misconduct

Eight more men joined ER actor Anthony Edwards to allege that Broadway producer Gary Goddard sexually assaulted them when they were adolescents.

Puerto Rico's Emergency Management Chief Resigns As Island Continues To Struggle After Hurricane

Nearly two months after Hurricane Maria struck the island, 60% of the US territory still does not have electricity and more than 20% does not have water.

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

Este el primer juguete sexual hecho especialmente para hombres trans

"Mientras más hablemos de eso, podremos comenzar a sentirnos más cómodos en nuestros propios cuerpos".



Taylor Swift’s Persona Is Not Built For 2017

In 2017, Swift is still absenting herself from the cultural conversation while simultaneously trying to center herself in it.

The Comics Giant Behind Wonder Woman Is Accused Of Promoting An Editor After Women Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment

At least two female employees at the publishing giant DC Comics accused a top editor of trying to forcibly kiss or grope them. He was promoted anyway. Two years later, he was accused of doing it again.

FX Has Cut Ties With Louis C.K. After He Admits Sexual Misconduct

In a statement Friday, the network announced it is "ending our association with Louis C.K."

13 Dogs Who Have Suffered A Terrible Injustice

They are all very good dogs and should have their beds back. H/T r/StolenDogBeds.

This 30-Year-Old Play About Gender And Asian Identity Is More Relevant Than Ever

Playwright David Henry Hwang has revised M. Butterfly for a new production, but its themes of toxic masculinity and Asian gender stereotypes have been there from the beginning.

It Took This Teen's Parents More Than 9 Months To Realize He Framed A Photo Of Guy Fieri In Their House

Mom is still not quite sure why her son did this. Welcome to 2017, mom.

Transform Your $8 Ikea Table 7 Different Ways

I just think it's LACKing something...

14 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

John Mayer faved Sarah Hyland's tweet, Demi Lovato bought some mugs, and more!

Ellen Page Accuses Director Brett Ratner Of Homophobia And Harassment

"Don’t allow this behavior to be normalized," Page wrote in a personal Facebook post, which detailed various incidents of harassment she says she experienced as a teenage actor.

Fallout Over Roy Moore Allegations

Weeks away from Alabama’s special election for US senator, a woman is accusing Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore of initiating a sexual relationship with her when she was 14.

A Beyoncé tá metida com o Eminem e nós estamos com o coração partido

Primeiro a gente fala "que hino" e depois chora.

Solo si estás en una relación feliz, podrás contestar estas 19 preguntas sin problema

Por ejemplo, ¿realmente te importa si tu pareja habla sobre ti en las redes sociales?

Solo mira esta publicación si tienes un estómago fuerte

ADVERTENCIA: no veas esto mientras comes.

36 Datos sobre 'Stranger Things' que probablemente no sabías

Muchos chismes y muchos spoilers también.

Si recuerdas 13 de estas 20 cosas probablemente tengas entre 32 y 50 años

Si rebobinaste películas de VHS, esto es contigo.

Aquí está en español la respuesta del comediante Louis CK sobre la acusación de acoso sexual en su contra

Cinco mujeres lo acusaron de haberse masturbado frente ellas, reveló ayer el diario The New York Times.

18 Datos gráficos para comer un poquito más sano y sabroso

Siempre llena la nevera de frutas y compra té rojo.

¿Puedes identificar estas banderas sin ver sus colores?

Sólo un ciudadano del mundo podrá tener todas bien en este difícil quiz.

Muitos atiradores em massa nos EUA têm algo em comum: o histórico de violência doméstica

Vários atiradores em massa americanos escolhem como vítimas seus próprios parentes.

Did Russian Trolls Try To Meddle In Energy Markets? Congress Wants To Look Into It

The House science committee has specifically requested information on the source of ads related to “so-called green initiatives,” the source of advertisements on Facebook related renewable and nonrenewable energy, and all information related to any activity from a foreign entity involvement in the US energy sector.

Drew Barrymore Got Dragged On Instagram, But She Decided Not To Let It Get Her Down

"...You know what women do when they get hurt???? They pick themselves up!"

A vinda de Judith Butler ao Brasil deu B.O. até no aeroporto

A filósofa foi perseguida também em Congonhas. E uma ativista negra registrou ocorrência contra uma manifestante por injúria racial.

Here's How Late-Night Hosts And Other Celebs Are Responding To The Louis C.K. News

"Now that I think bout it, all women in Hollywood should win double Oscars for acting like all the men were cool all along."

12 provas de que a celulite é uma invenção sexista

O conceito de "celulite" não existe nem há um século, mas já afetou, e MUITO, as mulheres.

A Senior Guardian Editor Is Under Investigation Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Sources have told BuzzFeed News that digital editor Ian Prior has been suspended pending an investigation by management. He declined to comment, and a Guardian source has denied that three male staffers have been suspended.

11 pessoas respondem William Waack dizendo o que é #coisadebranco

"É coisa de branco falar que não é racista porque tem amigos negros."

22 Extremely Clever Products That'll Totally Trick Out Your Phone

These should help ease the FOMO of not getting the new iPhone yet.

Ulta Beauty Is Giving Sephora A Run For Its Money With The Opening Of A New Store

The retailer's first Manhattan location is among 100 plus locations to be opened this year, the company told BuzzFeed News. It plans to open another 100 stores in 2018.

13 coisas que você já fez se é meio caseiro e meio rueiro

Num dia ralou a bunda no chão e no outro não saiu nem pra ir na padaria.

People Are Laying This Guy To Rest After He Was Brutally, Hilariously, And Creatively Rejected Over DM

Nick said he was "flabbergasted", but impressed, by the woman's creative curve. He's announced his retirement from DM-sliding.

Poll Shows Alabama Race Tied After Allegations Against Roy Moore

According to a poll commissioned by Decision Desk and conducted by firm Opinion Savvy, the Republican nominee is now locked in a dead heat with Democrat Doug Jones following an accusation that Moore initiated a sexual encounter with a minor years ago.

"These Stories Are True": Louis C.K. Admits To Masturbating In Front Of Women

"At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my dick without asking first."

15 coisas que quem tem cara de bonzinho tem que aturar

Pareço boazinha, mas sou grossa pra caralho.

Estaria o Padre Fábio de Melo saindo da jaula?

Preparem-se para ser "aBIRLçoados".

A Labour MP Has Accused Another MP Of "Unacceptable" Behaviour Towards Her Over A Period Of 20 Years

Kerry McCarthy is the first MP to come forward with specific claims against a parliamentary colleague since sexual harassment allegations surfaced recently in Westminster.

There's A Top Knot Instagram And It's Bomb AF

Addicted to beauty videos? You're gonna want to get in on this.

Which Rihanna Are You?

A true queen.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on string lights, fitness watches, furniture, and more!

Estos diputados priístas le gritaron "PUTO" a un compañero y extrañamente ya nada nos sorprende

¿En serio estos son nuestros representantes? ¿No había nadie mejor?

Este escritor afirma que el fundador de Rolling Stone le ofreció trabajo a cambio de sexo

El reportero Ben Ryan acusó al fundador de la revista Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner, de ofrecerle un contrato de escritor a cambio de sexo.

16 Batshit Historical Fashion Facts That'll Blow Your Damn Mind

I mean, why wouldn't you want to wear a hat made from perfumed animal grease?

12 Cooking Mistakes You Might Be Making (And How To Avoid Them)

From preheating pans to perfecting eggs.

People Are Freaking Out Over How Good "Getaway Car" Is


16 Trucos para comer un poquito más saludable sin estar a dieta intensa

Sustitutos deliciosos, para comer bien y mantenerte en forma.

12 fétiches qui vont vous faire vous sentir super conventionnel

*Fantasme tranquillement sur la damnation éternelle*

People In Japan Are Lining Up For A $10 Burger Because Of Trump

The chef behind the burger said the president told him it was "very good."

Ein Jahr “Nein heißt Nein” - was das neue Sexualstrafrecht geändert hat

Betroffene zeigen Sexualdelikte häufiger an - ob es auch zu mehr Verurteilungen führt, muss sich noch zeigen.

7 princesses qui méritent plus d'attention

Demandez donc à Leia, à Starfire ou à Tornade si elles doivent rougir de leur ascendance royale.

This Writer Says Rolling Stone Founder Jann Wenner Offered Him Work In Exchange For Sex

Ben Ryan says the offer was made in the publisher’s Upper West Side townhouse on Aug. 11, 2005. “There was that moment where it’s like time stood still,” he recalled. “But that’s not me. I would never do that.”

Police In London Have Decided To Scrap A Form Accused Of Unfairly Discriminating Against Black Music

London mayor Sadiq Khan had called for a review of Form 696 over concerns raised by promoters and artists that the process was unfairly affecting black communities and music genres.

Fans Are Sharing Their Fave Celeb Encounters On Twitter And It's Pretty Sweet

If Beyoncé can return her empty glasses to the bar, then you can too.

Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman Says She Was Sexually Abused By Team Doctor

Raisman's former teammate McKayla Maroney has also accused the longtime USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar of sexual abuse.

17 Products Under £20 That'll Greatly Improve Your Everyday Life

Trust me, it'll make a world of difference to your day.

This Is What Happened When I Asked British People To Guess Aussie Slang

"A franger sounds edible but also like a mistake."

People In Saudi Arabia Are Actually Pretty Supportive Of The Royal Purge

The extraordinary purge of top princes and officials in Saudi Arabia has been described as a push to wipe out dissent against a young crown prince. But experts say the crackdown on corruption is sorely needed — and welcomed.

24 total fragwürdige Sachen, die vor über 50 Jahren völlig normal waren

Der originale Ronald Mcdonald war ein Albtraum.

Quel prince Disney est fait pour vous ?

Qui est l'homme de votre conte de fées ?

17 photos incroyables de cheveux afros

Des coupes, des couleurs, des textures tellement belles et tellement variées.

Taylor Swift's "I Did Something Bad" May Throw Serious Shade At Calvin Harris And Tom Hiddleston

Everyone settle in for a piping hot cup of English breakfast tea.

Fallout Continues For Louis C.K. After Masturbation Scandal

The distributor has decided not to release the film, after women told the New York Times the comedian masturbated in front of them.

26 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Nordstrom, J.Crew, World Market, and more!

16 Gorgeous Hairstyles For People With Really Short Hair

You can do SO much with short hair.

17 Tweets That Are Too Fuckin' Real For Anyone With Facebook And Twitter

"It's a job you need, Lauren, not another boyfriend" — a mom on Facebook

Trump’s Tough Talk On Trade

President Trump criticized international trade deals that he says leave the US at a disadvantage and vowed to take a harder line on future agreements.

25 Sprüche, die beweisen, dass Erzieherinnen grandios witzig sind

"Wir trinken nicht nur Kaffee und klatschen in die Hände. Wir essen auch Kekse."

We Listened To Taylor Swift's "Reputation" And Have A Lot To Say About I️t

Please join us for an emotional journey through Taylor Swift's sixth album.

22 Celebrity Instagrams You Missed This Week

Here's everything you missed!

Here's Why Amy Adams Is The New Leonardo DiCaprio


24 vérités sur la vie quotidienne des coiffeurs et des coiffeuses

Les courbatures dans les bras à la fin de la journée...

Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: draft guard, delicious maple butter, and vegan beard oil.

Le casting de «The Office» à leurs débuts dans la série et maintenant

De l'eau a coulé sous les ponts de Dunder Mifflin.

Hans Donner não está sozinho: até Darcy Ribeiro quis incluir "amor" na bandeira

Um projeto de lei que tentava aprovar a mudança na Câmara foi engavetado. "Ordem e Progresso já se incorporou ao inconsciente coletivo", justificou o relator.

Quantas destas comidas você acha ok comer com ketchup?

Na pizza pode ou não pode, galera?

Il y a une astuce pour contacter discrètement les urgences sur votre smartphone

Selon votre modèle de téléphone, vous n'avez pas à composer de numéro.

19 pessoas que também sugeriram novas bandeiras do Brasil

Muito além da proposta do Hans Donner.

10 situações que só meninas bis/lésbicas vão entender

Quando o cara dá em cima da sua namorada na sua frente.

Trump’s Plan to Make America Great Just Derailed in Asia

The president’s masterplan requires a series of bilateral trade deals – but no one’s interested in signing one.

21 prédictions de médiums qui se sont vraiment produites

Ça donne des frissons dans le dos !

Si vous avez déjà fait une de ces choses, vous avez participé à la culture du viol

Si vous avez déjà fait une des ces choses, ce n'est ni de la drague, ni de l'humour.



40 Ridiculously Awesome Things You Can Only Get At Nordstrom

Like we really needed another reason to spend all our money there.

"Desativar a conta de Trump nunca deveria ter sido possível", diz CEO do Twitter

"Todas as contas estão submetidas aos mesmos padrões, às mesmas regras e às mesmas políticas."

33 eklige Dinge, die allen Mädchen im Winter passieren

Du musst alle 30 Minuten Lippenbalsam auftragen.

Europas höchste Richter kritisieren Deutschland, weil Polizisten hier anonym bleiben

Wenn Polizisten Pfefferspray einsetzen, den Schlagstock benutzen oder Menschen festnehmen, dürfen sie nicht anonym bleiben. Das hat der Europäische Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte entschieden. Deutschland hält sich nach wie vor nicht daran.

Uber Has Lost An Appeal Against A Ruling That Gave Drivers Workers' Rights

A tribunal upheld a decision that drivers had the right to be classed as workers rather than as self-employed. Uber is expected to launch further appeals.

7 Worte, die etwas komplett anderes bedeuten, wenn du deine Tage hast

Wir befürchten, dass etwas durchsickern könnte.

7 stars noires qui ont déjà été victimes de retouches indésirables en couverture de magazines

Une longue série de polémiques sur l'utilisation abusive de Photoshop.

21 Recipes Anyone Who's Always Sick Needs

Banish those winter sniffles.

30 Fakten, die dir Experten über Analsex niemals verraten


23 Things For Adults Who Regularly Get Locked Out Of Their Apartments

Because you're currently sitting on the steps outside of your locked apartment muttering "not today satan" to yourself.

15 anecdotes historiques sur le sexe qui vont vous faire halluciner

Où l'on découvre que les manchots sont de gros connards.

Hemos recopilado nuestros mejores QUÉ PREFERIRÍAS para que juegues de pedo con tus amigos

También puedes jugar sobrio, pero habrá respuestas que preferirías olvidar.

36 problemas que sufren todas las tías de compras y te harán decir: “joder, es verdad”

Probarte un abrigo en la tienda y tener que pelearte con alguien por el espejo de cuerpo entero.

Gordon Brown Made A Tribute Video For Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre's Anniversary Dinner

News of the former Labour prime minister's tribute comes after senior party figures tweeted in outrage that Theresa May attended the glitzy banquet for Paul Dacre.

Here Are 23 Hilarious Tweets About "Reputation"

T-Swift? More like Tea Swift.

Can You Pass An Aussie Driving Test?

How good is your general road knowledge?



We Tried Tanmay Bhat's Diet For 30 Days

Watch this before trying the Keto Diet (and also check with a doctor).

Lots Of People Don't Quite Understand The John Lewis Christmas Advert

It stars a cute monster who lives under the bed. And for some it is not heartwarming enough.

This Is What High Functioning Anxiety Looks Like

Don't ignore your mental health.

Ces cinq astuces alimentaires qui feront durer vos provisions plus longtemps

Jeter moins de nourriture vous fera économiser de l'argent !

何これズルい… ディズニーキャラたちの仕草があざとすぎてキュンとする




The White House Has Ruled Out A Formal Meeting Between Trump And Putin In Vietnam

Trump officials cited "scheduling conflicts," but diplomatic sources say the US side wanted Moscow to agree to certain conditions on the substance of a meeting in Vietnam.





Phrases You Should Know In India

Sar pe chutiya likha hai kya?

This Week, Conservatives Lined Up To Suggest Delaying Same-Sex Marriage

Conservatives lined up each day this week to say, 'Let's not rush same-sex marriage'.

Episode 30: It's Bennelong Time

What a citizenship racquet.

When Your Mom Is Actually A Savage

"Burn bro, buuuurn."

Which Famous Artist Are You Most Like?

"Draw me like one of your French girls."

This Giant Teddy Bear Has Ridiculously Long Legs And People Can’t Stop Laughing

"I was expecting the bear to be huge because it's 6.5 feet right? No, all of its height is from its legs and the legs are longer than its upper body."

This One Nation Candidate Just Got Absolutely Grilled About His Sex Shop's Facebook Page

"Good sex should be in the gray [sic] area between 'tickle fight' and domestic violence," one of the posts said.

98 Thoughts We Had While Listening To Taylor Swift's "Reputation" Album

"Hahahha I can't even say it with a straight face” — I JUST SCREAMED SO LOUD.

Oops, The High Court Has An Issue With George Brandis Giving Out A Plum AAT Job

Hollie Hughes might be ineligible to replace Fiona Nash.





There’s No Way Louis C.K.’s New Movie Can Happen Now

I Love You, Daddy is a primer for how conversations about power and consent get muddied and used to excuse abusive behavior. And in the wake of allegations against C.K., the film became unreleasable.

A Major Conservative Group Will Now Examine Candidates’ Personalities Before Meeting With Them

The Club for Growth wants to make sure it’s only backing “rock stars,” and will now make candidates take a survey to help.

Flash Briefing For November 10, 2017

A woman has accused US Senate candidate Roy Moore of initiating sexual contact with her when she was 14, comedian Louis C.K. has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women, Disney has backed down from its decision to blacklist the Los Angeles Times, and millions of Puerto Ricans have lost power yet again.

13 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See This Week

Mandy Moore hanging out with the ICONIC Stevie Nicks kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

This Guy Hired A Stranger To Be His Friend And It Somehow Worked Out Well

"I don't want you sleeping with anyone I'm dating."

16 Outfits For Every Type Of College Party

YOCO = You Only College Once.

¿Puedes reconocer la caricatura por su comida?

¿Recuerdas quiénes se la pasan comiendo pizza todo el día?

Louis C.K. Told Us Who He Was, But That Doesn’t Make It Better

The fact that C.K. spent years making self-aware jokes about men’s sexual aggression only makes the revelation of his own alleged behavior feel more like a personal betrayal.

19 Cosas que sólo entenderás si amas a Mon Laferte con todo tu corazoncito

Sabes que ha luchado mucho por estar donde está y que urge una exposición de los dibujos que hace.

The UN Human Rights Committee Has Slammed Australia On Manus And Same-Sex Marriage

The committee also criticised Australia's "repeated failure" to listen to the UN when it comes to human rights.

17 Jokes From "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" That Are Way Too Real

"Everybody's dying, bitch. Let's go get some fruit."

Can You Pass Computer Science GCSE Right Now?

Knowing how to use Word and Excel won't save you now.

A 3-Year-Old Died After Eating A Grilled Cheese Sandwich At Preschool And His Parents Want Answers

Elijah Silvera went into anaphylactic shock after a school worker gave him a grilled cheese sandwich despite knowing he was allergic to dairy products, his parents say.



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