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November 9, 2017

CIA Reposts Bin Laden Documents After Removing 3,935 Files

The agency says the removed files contained copyrighted material or possible malware.

The Uncertain Future Of Outing

For decades, Kevin Spacey used the media’s fear of “outing” him to keep sexual misconduct allegations out of the news. But what really counts as “outing” — and when is it justified?

25 Of The Best Places To Buy An Engagement Ring Online

If you like it then you should buy a ring from it.

"Star Wars" Is Getting An Entirely New Trilogy And Cast Of Characters

Johnson will introduce "new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored," Lucasfilm announced.

This Sex Toy Shopping Spree Will Tell You How Fancy You Actually Are

Do you like your toys super cheap, super expensive, or juuust right?

For Anyone Who's Still Praying For Zanessa To Get Back Together

*Aggressively sobs while listening to "When There Was Me And You"*

Twitter CEO Dorsey: Trump's Deactivation "Should Never Have Been Possible"

"We hold every single account to the same standards, the same rules and the same policies."

Tasso diz que tem diferenças de princípio com Aécio e descarta conciliação: "É hora de ter lado"

Ao rebater Aécio que disse que substituição no PSDB era "normal", Tasso disse: "Tem acontecido coisas no partido e na política brasileira que estão absolutamente fora do normal e a população toda está falando isso e reclamando isso."

Billy, el más guapo de 'Stranger Things', estuvo en la CDMX y apenas nos estamos enterando

El actor visitó la capital para grabar un video musical de Angus & Julia Stone.

Nasty Gal's New Collection Is A Dream And It's 50% Off Right Now

Everything is hand beaded AND 50% off. I'm sweating.

16 Strange And Surreal Pictures That Perfectly Capture America

"Americans are creative, hardworking, resilient people, all trying to do our best with our own little piece of the puzzle."

Former J.Crew Head Mickey Drexler: "The Last Two Years Have Not Been Fun"

The struggling retailer tried to get Amazon to buy it, but had no luck.

20 Things That Are Cheaper At Jet Than They Are At Amazon

Awesome deals on stuff including a warming body scrub, a waterproof mattress cover, a set of pretty glass tumblers, and more!

This Guy Dyed His Natural Red Hair Blonde For A Week To See What It Was Like

This is what happened when a red-head decides to go blonde for a week.

Do CBD Oil And Other Marijuana Products Have Real Health Benefits?

Supposedly CBD oil, creams, capsules and even gummies can cure everything from anxiety and depression to cancer. But is it too good to be true?

65 Times The Same-Sex Marriage Debate Was Definitely Not Respectful

"Australians are able, and have demonstrated, that they can have a respectful discussion." — Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, August 8, 2017.

26 Yahoo Questions We All Need Answers To

"Do they have toilet paper in Canada?"

20 Really Good New Books You're About To Hear Everyone Talk About Nonstop

*Gets ready to curl up with these books all winter.*

Hoboken Elects First Sikh Mayor

Days after being labeled a terrorist in a racist campaign flyer, Ravi Bhalla was elected the first Sikh mayor of Hoboken.

This New Beauty Trend Takes Connecting The Dots To a Whole New Level

Connect the freckles and you'll find a hidden message.

This Is Why Abortion Is An Election Issue In Queensland

One candidate believes abortion is "state-sanctioned coercion".

19 Situaciones que reconocerás si creciste con una mamá muy mexicana

Sabes que las veladoras pueden convertirse en una gran vajilla y lloraste mil veces por un maldito chile asado.

30 Cozy, Homemade Soup Recipes You Can Make In 30 Minutes

Don't even think about reaching for the canned stuff.





33 Ridiculously Pretty Sneakers For Anyone Who's Sick Of High Heels

I mean, if Cinderella wasn't so into the whole glass slipper thing, she'd be totally into these.





Here's Our First Trailer For "Game Night" And Holy Shit This Cast, Though

"Tonight, we're taking game night up a notch!"

Attention Holly Golightly Fans: You Can Now Have Breakfast At Tiffany's, For Real

"And I said 'what about Breakfast at Tiffany's'..."

Aécio passou uma rasteira em Tasso e serviu uma torta de climão no PSDB

Mas quem assume a presidência do partido não é Aécio, e sim Goldman — aquele que João Doria chamou de "improdutivo" e "fracassado" em um vídeo no mês passado.

Women Tell The New York Times That Louis C.K. Masturbated In Front Of Them

Louis C.K. has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women, including two who said the comedian exposed himself to them and masturbated in 2002. C.K.'s publicist has said his client "is not going to answer any questions."

Se você conseguir chegar até o final deste teste, você não é millenial

Pra você mandar pra aquela pessoa que acha que hoje em dia é tudo mais complicado.

22 Situaciones surrealistas que sólo suceden en el Metro de la CDMX

Los momentos más extraños de esta ciudad ocurren bajo tierra.

Tell Us Your Horror Stories From Working As An Intern

Have you ever worked for a real-life Miranda Priestly?

Can Tech Workers Complain About Sexual Harassment? Depends What They Signed.

BuzzFeed News asked major tech companies if they’d pursue legal action against NDA-bound employees who speak out about workplace harassment or assault. Here’s what they said.

13 motivos pelos quais casais imperfeitos são TUDO

O outro não precisa ser a sua réplica perfeita para ser perfeito.

Police Are Investigating Allegations That Five 14-Year-Old Boys Were Sexually Assaulted By Multiple Students At A High School

The school's principal has been reassigned pending the investigation's completion.

Uma pessoa rica não vai marcar nem cinco itens neste post

"Quando vai em restaurante nunca pede bebida".

Este teste dirá para qual planeta você deve fugir quando a Terra acabar

Eu não quero ser o pessimista, mas sempre é bom ter um plano B.

10 Game Day Grill Recipes

Game and grill?

13 Weight Loss Myths You Should Stop Believing Yesterday

Like that you need to lose weight in the first place.

37 Behind The Scenes Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About "Grey’s Anatomy"

Denny was originally a love interest for Cristina.

The BBC Has Scrapped Plans To Air An Ed Westwick Drama After The Allegations Against Him

"The BBC is not making any judgement but until these matters are resolved we will not include Ordeal by Innocence in the schedules," a spokesperson for the network said.

Millions Of Puerto Ricans Just Lost Power Again After A Line Repaired By Whitefish Energy Failed

Officials confirmed more than 80% of Puerto Rico was once again in the dark Thursday after the failure of a major power line.

This Illustrated Story Captures The Way Love Can Make You Crazy

In “Back at Dawn,” a graphic short story by Blue Is the Warmest Color author Julie Maroh, a man stays up all night, waiting anxiously for his boyfriend to return from drinks with an ex.

Republicans Say They’re “Deeply Disturbed” By Allegations Of Alabama Senate Candidate’s Past With Teenage Girls

A woman says the Republican nominee initiated a sexual relationship with her when she was 14 and Moore was 32.

Silvio Santos contou uma história MUITO estranha ao vivo

Ele disse, rindo, que caras roçavam a perna nele no cinema quando tinha 14 anos e todo mundo ficou meio "O QUÊ?!".

Answer Nine Questions And We'll Give You An Old-Timey Phrase That Describes Your Love Life

Let's settle the score on how swell you are at making whoopee.

23 sinais de que você é uma bagunça organizada

Ou um desastre sob controle, como preferir.

Alckmin vai a evento bancado por empresa que deve R$ 1,9 bilhão ao Estado de São Paulo

Governador foi convidado pela Veja e disse que tem sido duro com "sonegadores contumazes", como a refinaria de Manguinhos, que patrocina o evento.

37 Delicious Looking Things You Can't Eat, But Can Definitely Buy

You'll be drooling over everything. Literally.

48 News Outlets Experimented For Five Years To See What Drives Twitter Politics

A five-year experiment has confirmed with hard-won data what every journalist already knows: The news exerts a massive influence on online conversations.

Tudo o que você aprendeu sobre penetração é mentira

Uma leitura que vai interessar todo mundo que tem vagina.

More Than A Quarter Of Trump's Overseas Partners Have Tangled With The Law

Donald Trump promised voters that in office, he would work with only the “best people.” But an analysis of his international real estate deals shows that in business, he chose to work with a remarkable number of partners who have been investigated, charged, or convicted of crimes.

This Handheld Vacuum Will Save Your House From A Dust And Pet Hair Takeover

Warning: Excessive (and enjoyable) vacuuming is a side effect.

Dos responsables de obra de un edificio dañado por el sismo del #19S fueron detenidos

El edificio sufrió afectaciones y los detenidos fueron llevados al Reclusorio Sur.

On Average 122 Immigrants Lose DACA Every Day, Advocacy Group Says

“There’s absolutely nothing protecting these individuals from being apprehended and deported."

16 Things That Are Actually Really Weird About American High Schools

Prom, pep rallies, and the fact that most of you didn't have to wear a uniform.

Los creadores de 'Pokémon GO' lanzarán un juego de Harry Potter y los Potterheads están enloqueciendo

Top tres de razones para seguir vivos en 2018: Este juego, este juego y sí, este juego.

17 importantes lições de vida que aprendemos com nossas mães

"Sempre perdoe, mas nunca se esqueça".

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on backpacks, boots, jewelry, and more!

We Tried The First Sex Toy Made For Transmasculine People

"The more we talk about it, the more we can start to feel more comfortable in our own bodies."

"Stranger Things" Is Nostalgic For A Time Before Nerds Were Toxic

The second season of the Netflix series has ventured where the first did not: into the realm of underdog wish fulfillment. (Warning: spoilers.)

How Well Do You Actually Know "Trainspotting"?

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose wasting time with this quiz.

15 Jokes That Are 110% True If You Overthink Literally Everything

My special skills include jumping to conclusions and worrying about hypothetical situations for hours.

14 pessoas contam histórias hilárias de quando o sexo virou uma transa ruim

"De repente passa na rua um carro tocando: NA SUA BOCA EU VIRO FRUTA, CHUPA QUE É DE UVA."

Mark Cuban: "I'm Honestly Considering" Running For President

"Given the circumstances there’s a unique opportunity for someone, like me, who’s independent and not affiliated with party in any way."

Twitter Pauses Verifications Amid Controversy Over Charlottesville Organizer

"We realized some time ago the system is broken and needs to be reconsidered," said CEO Jack Dorsey.

Além de criminalizar aborto, PEC também pode impedir estudos com células-tronco

Proposta de Emenda à Constituição foi aprovada ontem por comissão da Câmara dos Deputados. Texto ainda será submetido ao plenário.

Solo el 10% de la gente podrá pasar este examen de etiqueta

Llegó el momento de brillar en sociedad.

12 Genius Thanksgiving Cooking Tips From Celebrity Chefs

Tyler Florence's mashed potato hack = genius.

Voici à quoi ressemblait le monde en 2007

Je vous parle d'un temps que les moins de 10 ans ne peuvent pas connaître.

Jeff Merkley Warns Democrats Not To "Get Distracted" By DNC Fight

"If we get distracted by fighting the battle of the last election, we're going to lose the next election," Merkley said on BuzzFeed's morning show AM to DM Thursday.

36 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

Including a sweary sequin throw pillow, Corgi onesie, ice cream coozie, and 34 other things to make you say "Ugh thanks BuzzFeed, now I NEED THIS!"

"8 Mile" Turns 15 This Year, So Here's Some Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known

"There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti."

Ultimate Onion Rings 4 Ways

Bacon. Onion. Rings.

The 5 Best Fried Chicken Recipes

Winner winner fried chicken dinner

Ces bombes de raclette sont juste incroyables !

Êtes vous prêts pour un orgasme culinaire ?

Plan A Perfect Date And We'll Hook You Up With A Hot Celeb Boyfriend

The implication is that you're going on the date with the celeb guy, OK?

Você consegue se sair melhor do que as outras pessoas neste teste sobre o corpo humano?

Um estudo publicado recentemente testou o conhecimento de 63 pessoas em anatomia. Como você fica em comparação a elas?

Sephora's Weekly Wow Deals Are Here, So It's Time To Treat Yourself

Including all four Make Up For Ever Artist Palettes for 50% off!

Medic Describes Texas Church Shooting

First responder Paul Brunner describes what he saw when he arrived at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas after a gunman opened fire during a church service leaving 26 people dead.

24 Fotos von Deutschland, die jedes Klischee bestätigen

Deutsche haben immer was zu meckern.

People Are Seriously Freaking Out After That Insane Episode Of "Riverdale"

"I will never listen to 'Lollipop' the same way again..."

A Democratic Member Of Trump's Election Integrity Commission Is Suing To Find Out What The Commission Is Doing

"The Commission's superficial bipartisanship has been a facade," Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, a Democrat, alleges in a lawsuit filed on Thursday.

16 piadas de 'Stranger Things' para você rir até ir parar no mundo invertido

Americano: Stranger Things; brasileiro: coisas estranhas; mineiro: trem doido.

What Kind Of Christmas Tree Are You?

You know you want to figure it out.

12 Glasgow And 11 London Tweets That Will Make You Say "What The Fuck"?

Marauding geese, dangling neds, and rancid bus mince? No thank you.

24 ironische Sätze, die jeder genervten Krankenschwester aus der Seele sprechen

Auf der Facebook-Seite „Dinge, die eine Krankenschwester nicht sagt” gibt es täglich die witzigsten Krankenschwestern-Sätze.

Starbucks Chairman Trashes Tax Bill As "Fool's Gold"

"This is not tax reform, this is a tax cut."

What Is Your Stereotypical American Name, According To A British Person?

Specifically, a British person who's only ever seen one US TV show.

9 schreckliche Horror-Geschichten aus aller Welt, die dir Alpträume bereiten werden

Heute Nacht lässt du dein Licht beim Schlafen besser an!

16 Products Anyone Who Lives Alone Will Want To Buy ASAP

♪ Dancin' with myself, oh oh uh oh... ♪

10 Ways To Make Tacos

Make Taco Tuesday every day

Esta obra do governo Alckmin dobrou de preço antes de sair do papel — e o prejuízo pode ser de R$ 4,9 milhões

O Centro Paraolímpico Brasileiro chegou a ter orçamento de R$ 140 milhões, mas na hora de licitar dobrou de preço. Governo de SP diz que aumentou o escopo do projeto.

17 choses qui font un peu culpabiliser les gens qui ont leurs règles alors que bon, ça arrive!

Uriner en ayant un tampon et passer le restant de la journée avec le cordonnet mouillé.

25 Items Of Clothing Every Badass Feminist Should Own

So you don't have to tell every person you meet.

Penny Mordaunt Is Priti Patel's Replacement As International Development Secretary

For the second time in a week, Theresa May has had to fill a cabinet vacancy after a ministerial resignation.

This Toy Makes My Kids Super Excited About Reading, And I've Already Bought Three

The LeapFrog LeapReader teaches reading skills and will actually entertain your kid for a hot minute.

26 hommes qui ont été victimes d'abus sexuels citent leurs violeurs

Le projet Unbreakable, mis en place par Grace Brown, est une plateforme en ligne qui tente «de dénoncer les problèmes liés aux agressions sexuelles.» TW : viol et agressions sexuelles.

Are You 33%, 66%, Or 99% An Asshole?

Few people are downright assholes, but everyone has some asshole-ish traits.

A tag #dateruim está completamente fora de controle

"Devia estar dormindo, mas estou aqui vendo desgraça alheia"

Jason Momoa Has Shared A Load Of Pictures Of Him Partying With The "Game Of Thrones" Cast In Belfast

Jason Momoa also hung out with his old friends Jon Snow, the Hound, and Davos while partying in Belfast with the Game of Thrones cast.

8 trucs à raconter pour avoir l’air intelligent en soirée

Les corbeaux sont mesquins et gardent rancune, tout comme vous.

Boris Johnson Praised Trump On Trump's Favourite TV Show

Johnson's interview on Fox and Friends did not address the growing outcry over his remarks about a British-Iranian mother imprisoned in Iran.

14 filmes que provam que Winona Ryder é um verdadeiro ícone

Já terminou "Stranger Things" e está órfão? Deixa com a gente.

Médico investigado chama paciente de 'galinha para botar ovo' ao justificar cirurgia desnecessária

Ao investigar esquema de médicos que recebiam propina, PF descobriu que até cirurgias desnecessárias eram usadas para fazer dinheiro.

A Senior Judge Has Suggested Charging The Government For Every "No-Brainer" Benefits Case It Loses In Court

Sir Ernest Ryder, senior president of tribunals, said the quality of evidence provided by the Department for Work and Pensions is so poor it would be “wholly inadmissible” in any other court.

The Pillars That Hold India's Democracy Up Are Falling Apart

The 70-year-old skyscraper we live in has deep-rooted structural flaws which are preventing real change.

27 Amazing Products To Make Cleaning Your Whole House More Efficient

Products to make cleaning everywhere (and I mean everywhere) so much easier.

13 Situations That Are Way Too Fucking Real If You Don't Know How To Adult

*Irons one shirt* "Fuck this stupid dumb shit who cares about creases anyway"

Comentários ditos há 1 ano derrubaram William Waack em apenas 7 horas

O vídeo em que o jornalista diz "coisa de preto" foi publicado no Twitter às 14h28. Até por volta das 18h, ele ainda estava escalado para apresentar o jornal. Às 21h28, a Globo divulgou seu afastamento.



29 Hilarious Facts Farah Khan Revealed About The Making Of "Om Shanti Om"

TIL Farah Khan threw up every time SRK took off his shirt in "Dard-e-Disco" and people got Tag Heuer watches for being a part of "Deewangi Deewangi".

Iain Duncan Smith Said "We Are All Brexiteers Now" And It Annoyed Quite A Few People

The former cabinet minister made the claim on BBC Radio 4.

33 Bilder, die so russisch sind, dass du dich sofort hinhockst und Sonnenblumenkerne knabberst

Du weißt was passiert, wenn du Oma sagst, dass du ein bisschen Hunger hast.

Libre à vous de regarder ces images, mais évitez de manger juste avant

Vous pensez sans doute que vous allez gérer, mais croyez-nous sur parole, ces images vont hanter vos cauchemars.

13 photos étrangement perturbantes

Des pommes siamoises ?

Iranian State TV Is Using Boris Johnson's Words About A Detained Mother As "Proof" Of A British Plot

After widespread criticism, the foreign secretary eventually said that his remarks, in which he claimed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was teaching journalism, "could have been clearer".

Can You Answer All These Questions About "Dil Dhadakne Do" Correctly?

If your dil beats fast for this movie, this quiz is for you.

8 personas que echaron a perder la comida y otros 8 que son auténticos héroes

Hay quienes usan sus poderes para hacer el bien, y hay quienes hacen... otras cosas.

21 de los insultos más crueles que no usan palabrotas

Apretaos bien los cinturones. Esto va a doler. H/T /r/askreddit.

There's Been Nothing But Good Vibes This Trip Between Trump And Xi

The president abandoned his usual anti-China rhetoric during a trip to Beijing, in a bid for cooperation on the North Korean nuclear issue.

Kevin Spacey's Theatre Refuses To Answer Questions About Its Handling Of Complaints

Following concern from those alleging harassment by Spacey, BuzzFeed News asked the Old Vic a series of questions about its promised use of "external advisors" to help handle complaints. It said it was "not able to comment".

25 Snacks From Your Aussie Childhood That Are Sadly No Longer Available

How am I meant to survive summer without a Sunnyboy?!?!

Literally Just 14 Hilarious Tweets From The 2017 CMA Awards

"Carrie Underwood is our very own personal angel on earth."

19 Things You Discover When You Road Trip In Australia For The First Time

Seeing a Macca's in the distance is honestly like finding water in the desert.

The RNC And Sean Spicer Came To Iowa To Celebrate One Year Of Trump — And Got A Lot Of Virginia Questions

On the anniversary of Trump's election, in a state Republicans think is trending red, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel faced a lot of questions about Democrats' big night in Virginia (which she argues is blue).

Portia De Rossi Alleges Steven Seagal Unzipped His Pants In Front Of Her During An Audition

The Arrested Development actor said she immediately ran out and called her agent, who seemed unfazed by the allegation.

23 Bizarre "Friends" Plot Lines That Really Pissed People Off

A lot of them involve Ross Geller, TBH.

Puerto Rico’s Government Admits The Death Rate Rose After Maria, But Still Won’t Say It Was A Result Of The Hurricane

The average daily number of deaths in September increased sharply during and after Hurricane Maria, but officials still won't connect it to the storm.

Flash Briefing For November 9, 2017

Democrats swept Virginia’s statewide races, a news anchor says Kevin Spacey groped her son, and former President Barack Obama reported for jury duty in Chicago.

In An Unprecedented Move, Sony Pictures Will Reshoot Kevin Spacey’s Part In “All The Money In The World”

Kevin Spacey will be cut from the already-shot film and replaced by Christopher Plummer.

20 Moments From "Parenthood" That Are Too Emotional To Handle

I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying. Warning: potential spoilers ahead.

“Americans Have To Wake Up”: Here’s What Texans Are Saying After The Deadly Church Shooting

“You attend church and think you’re in a safe place. For something like this to happen, it’s heartbreaking,” one woman said.

When Pauline Went To The Zoo

Squark squark squark!

29 Things You'll Totally Understand If You Once Couldn't Live Without Your iPod

"All I want is iTunes gift cards for my birthday!" —You circa 2005

A Black Student Wrote A Racist Message On His Own Dorm Door, Air Force Academy Says

After giving a stern, powerful speech about racism after a racial slur was scrawled outside a black student's dorm room, Air Force Academy officials say the student did it himself.

Choose One Normal And One Slightly Odd Thanksgiving Food To See Into Your Future

We'll look into our magic gravy boat to see your future.

One Of First DACA Recipients To Face Deportation Can Challenge His Arrest, Court Rules

Daniel Ramirez was detained and threatened with deportation by immigration agents despite his DACA status.

This Couple Published A Book Of Poetry Based On Famous Vines And It's A Bestseller

Based on a variety of memes, milk and vine takes inspiration from the bestselling milk and honey, and it's way, way, better.

She Won Because She Was Better. That's A Big Win For Trans People.

Voters care more about their daily commute than the latest flavor-of-the-week moral crusade, and that's why a trans woman won a Virginia election.

This Bluetooth Keyboard Basically Turns Your Phone Into A Laptop, And It's Never Leaving My Side

You'll never have to type on a screen again with this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard.

Republicans Are Bracing For A “Total Wipeout” In Next Year’s Elections

This week’s results have some in the party on edge, and determined to quickly prove that Congress can get something done under Republican control.

Terry Crews Identifies Top Hollywood Agent As Alleged Groper

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star on Wednesday identified the man he says groped him at an event last year.

18 Películas para los amantes de Disney que puedes ver en Netflix

Etiqueta al Disney-fan que te acompañará en el maratón.

FEMA Plans To Fly Thousands Of Puerto Ricans Out Of Shelters And Into New York And Florida

The airlifts will be offered first to some 3,000 people still in shelters more than a month after Hurricane Maria, a FEMA spokesperson said.

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