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November 28, 2017

17 Times The Internet Roasted The Shit Out Of Pixar Movies

"Whatever your Pixar takes may be, I think we can all agree that the Cars franchise is trash..."

Howard University Is Keeping A Sexual Predator On Campus, New Court Documents Claim

The prestigious, historically black university is accused of mishandling another sexual assault investigation months after it was sued for allegedly turning a blind eye to rape victims.

¿Qué ves en esta foto?

Pasarás 20 segundos horribles tratando de entenderle.

Por fin alguien está corrigiendo los titulares machistas que ves a diario en las noticias

Hablamos con Abigail y Danae, las mentes detrás de La Correctora, y por qué quieren evidenciar los errores de los medios tradicionales al hablar sobre las mujeres.

15 Pruebas de que tienes una mamá como Mamá Imelda de 'Coco'

Etiqueta a esa mujer chingona de tu familia que te recuerda a ella.

Are You More Like Perd Hapley Or Joan Callamezzo?

Listen up, Pawneeans. The time has come to find out which local news anchor you're really like.

This Actor From "The Good Place" Has Come Out As Undocumented

Bambadjan Bamba says he wants Hollywood to do more to support undocumented immigrants. The Good Place creator, Michael Schur, told BuzzFeed News the actor has his full support.

32 Books That Have Helped People Feel Less Alone

You: "Why did it take me so long to read these??"

These People Say Their Facebook Accounts Were Locked For Posting About Protests

Dozens of Romanian anti-corruption advocates say they have been blocked from posting this week. They suspect Facebook's algorithm helped silence them — but Facebook says it was a bug.

A Judge Won't Stop Trump From Installing His Own Pick To Lead The CFPB

A federal judge in Washington, DC, said that Leandra English, the CFPB official suing over Trump's appointment of Mick Mulvaney as acting director, failed to show she was likely to succeed.

Justin Trudeau Apologized For Canada's Purge Of LGBT People From Government Jobs

"This happened systematically, in Canada, with a timeline more recent than any of us would like to admit."

Your Celebrity Sibling Preferences Will Guess Your Birth Order

"Kim, there's people that are dying (to take this quiz)."

Despite Hand-Wringing, Senate Republicans Push Tax Bill Forward

Two Senate Republicans who had said they had issues with parts of the plan voted Tuesday to advance it.

This Is What Being An Exorcist Is Actually Like

When it comes to evil spirits, Brother Carlos doesn't mess around.

A Man Allegedly Cut The Tails Off Five Kittens To Get Back At His Neighbor

The suspect allegedly said he wanted the owner to "look at those cats and think of him." He's been arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

19 Photos That Are Basically The Antidote For A Bad Day

Give us 90 seconds and we'll make you feel at least a little better.

Accused Ringleader Of Deadly Benghazi Attack Convicted Of Terrorism Charges, But Not Murder

Prosecutors argued that Ahmed Abu Khatallah was responsible for the 2012 attack that left a US ambassador and several other Americans dead.

Hey, What's Your Go-To Hangover Food?

We want to know the cure.

Schumer Cancels Trump Meeting After Tweet

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer pulled out of a planned meeting at the White House after President Trump tweeted he didn’t “see a deal” to address a potential government shutdown.

10 imagens de guerra e 10 imagens de paz na vida de um metódico

Cores iguais e arrumadinhas para melhorar o dia e tudo desarrumado para desgraçar a cabeça.

Este teste sobre saúde vai ser muito fácil para quem manja de doenças

Se acertar tudo é um sinal de que está no bico do corvo.

25 Awesome Wallets That Can Take All Of Our Money

These wallets are so great we'd be extra sad if they were stolen.

14 memórias de quem teve de engessar alguma parte do corpo

Tomar banho num banquinho e usar uma colher pra se coçar é só o começo.

Este artista faz ilustrações arrepiantes sobre os problemas da sociedade moderna

"Minhas ilustrações clamam por paz, tolerância e secularismo", disse Gunduz Aghayev ao BuzzFeed.

Former Congresswoman Who Oversaw Complaints Against Members Says She Didn’t Sign Off On Any Sexual Harassment Settlements

Former Michigan Rep. Candice Miller said she rejected settlement payments for harassment allegations, including one that sounds strikingly similar to the 2016 complaint against Rep. John Conyers.

As reações às notícias sobre as falas da Taís Araújo e do Bruno Gagliasso são MUITO diferentes

Bruno fez o certo em se posicionar, mas será que quando o assunto é racismo é mais fácil ouvirmos pessoas brancas?

Este teste do tipo "o que você prefere?" vai dizer o quanto você é imaturo

Você é o mais responsável ou irresponsável do seu grupo de amigos?

This Group Planned A Pro-Gun Rally At A Memorial For Canada's Worst Mass Shooting

Prime Minster Trudeau called it a "needless and cruel provocation."

This Is What It's Like To Live Through An Attack That Killed More Than 300 People

After an attack that killed more than 300 people gathered for prayers, Egyptians are grappling with their new reality as the army, ISIS, and other radicals battle in the Sinai Peninsula.

North Korea Claims It Fired A New Missile That Can Reach The Entire Mainland US

The missile launched Wednesday was a new type of ICBM called the Hwasong-15, its "most powerful missile so far," North Korea's state TV reported.

10 Great Places To Travel With Kids

Turns out "fun for the whole family" isn't a myth after all!

What Helped You Eat A Lower-Added-Sugar Diet?

Because it's not easy stuff to cut down on.

What Was Your Favorite Movie Moment From 2017?

Mine was the entirety of "Wonder Woman," TBH.

You'll Soon Be Able To Get Black Tap's Crazy Milkshakes At Disneyland

The happiest place on earth is now also the sweetest place on earth.

A Mother Is Facing A Felony Charge For Trying To Record Bullying At Her Daughter's School

School officials called the police when they discovered a recording device in her daughter's desk.

10 celebridades que só podem ter feito pacto com o diabo

Não é possível que esse povo não envelheça nunca.

NSA Caught Navy Officer Illegally Trying To Pry Into American’s Phone

An officer deployed to Iraq tried to access data on her boyfriend’s son’s phone during a training exercise in 2011. After the breach was discovered, the officer was placed on administrative duty and stripped of access to top secret NSA databases, according to documents released this month.

11 Fool-Proof Tips To Becoming The Man Of Every Filipina's Dreams

Paano maging ladies' man, as told by a lady herself.

Mueller's Russia Probe May Now Include Flynn's DIA Tenure

BuzzFeed News requested documents relating to Michael Flynn from the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014. The agency denied the request this month, citing ongoing "law enforcement investigative activities."

Cole Sprouse Just Hilariously Roasted The Shit Out Of Himself On Twitter

It was the perfect response to a tweet from Lili!

"Meu perfil é o melhor para vencer Lula", diz Arthur Virgílio

PSDB não pode ter “cagaço eleitoral”, disse o prefeito de Manaus, que quer disputar prévias contra Alckmin pela indicação do candidato tucano à Presidência.

40 Gifts For Anyone Who'd Rather Reread "Harry Potter" Than Hang Out With You

They'll definitely ~slytherin~ to your shopping cart.

14 coisas que as pessoas gostariam de ter aprendido na escola

Desde como reconhecer a depressão até como lidar com dinheiro.

Here's How A Simple Request For Brexit Documents Has Descended Into A Total Political Mess

David Davis has been accused of flouting a parliamentary vote ordering him to hand over dozens of internal papers. But his department insists the documents never existed in the first place.

16 Cosas que necesitas saber sobre los perritos Xolos si amaste 'Coco'

El Xoloitzcuintle será tu mejor amigo en la vida y en la muerte.

"She's Gotta Have It" Is Spike Lee At His Lecturing Worst

Lee's new Netflix series is full of didactic moments that detract from the impact a more nuanced reimagining of his original film might have had.

6 Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica That Might Be True

What's really going on in Antarctica?

Afiliada do SBT em Pernambuco é condenada por humilhar crianças ao vivo em teste de paternidade

"Oh, dúvida cruel! É do marido ou é do outro? Será que ele é filho de 'tiquim'? 'Tiquim' de um, 'tiquim' de outro?", disse o apresentador em um dos programas.

A US Money-Laundering Case Just Got More Serious For Turkey's Erdogan

Reza Zarrab, whose arrest on money-laundering charges brought an outcry from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will testify for the US government, it was announced Tuesday.

Prepárate una tostada y te diremos qué personaje clásico de Disney eres

¿Será que eres un Donald, Goofy o, chance, Daisy?

12 Ways To Make Healthy Smoothies

Nothing beets these smoothie recipes

What Made You Get Really Into Exercise This Year?

Give us your best advice because honestly we need it.

21 Little Ways To Make Your Home Less Of A Death Trap

Home safety is no joke, you guys!!!!!!!!

Gena-mour Barrett 6 hours ago

"Pra mim tanto faz ter US$ 1 milhão a mais ou a menos", diz ex-presidente da Conmebol

Acusado de receber propina em troca dos direitos de transmissão da Copa América, o paraguaio Juan Ángel Napout negou a acusação durante o julgamento da Fifa em Nova York.

Wir haben alle Parteien gefragt, ob sie das Werbeverbot für Abtreibungen jetzt abschaffen wollen

Am Freitag wurde eine Ärztin zu 6000 Euro Strafe verurteilt, weil sie auf ihrer Webseite Schwangerschaftsabbrüche anbietet. Was sagen die Parteien dazu? Eine Übersicht

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on air mattresses, snow blowers, candleholders, and more!

19 Royal Weddings That Prove Fairy Tales Do Exist

Every wedding is special, but some weddings are royal.

33 Sentences You'll Only Understand If You're In A Book Club

"I'm going to book group" is code for "I will come to work hungover tomorrow."

16 Razones por las que tener un amigo foráneo es lo mejor que te puede pasar en la vida

Siempre tienes dónde enfiestar y te trae comida de su ciudad que no conocías.

28 Thoughtful Gifts Your Mom Will Absolutely Adore

Moms aren't allowed favorites. But, these won't hurt. ::slow wink::

Dinner Roll-Ups 4 Ways

That's how we roll

19 Hilarious Tumblr Posts You Probably Haven't Seen Before

"That moment of intimacy with the person who adjusts your seat belt on a roller coaster."

Here's What The Cast Of "The Inbetweeners" Look Like Almost A Decade Later

The fact that so many of them are dads kind of freaks me out.

26 coisas pelas quais todo mundo já passou, mesmo que não admita

Tipo quando você ouve uma gravação da própria voz e começa a questionar quem realmente é...

What % Night Owl Are You?

Have you ever considered quitting a job just because it requires you to get up way too early?

Jennifer Lawrence Talked About Why She's Rude To Fans

"That's my only way of defending myself."

Êtes-vous capable de prendre de meilleures décisions que le Petit Chaperon rouge ?

Parce que dans la version de Charles Perrault, il n'y a pas de chasseur pour vous sauver.

31 Quirks That Every Dog Owner Feels A Tiny Bit Guilty About

Only pretending to throw them the ball.

18 Things All "A Place In The Sun" Addicts Will Understand

You'll happily watch it for five hours straight.

17 High School Students Who Are Just Strugggggggling

Student: How's your day? Teacher: Not relevant.

15 Tumblr Posts About Chronic Illness That Are Real AF

"Hello yes I’d like to cancel my subscriptions to chronic illness daily"

17 figurantes que fizeram seu trabalho direitinho

Dica: olhe para as pessoas ao fundo da cena.

17 Times Rihanna Was Funnier Than A Goddamn Comedian

Singer, model, make-up entrepreneur, and actual comedian.

21 Señales de que eres la Helga Pataki de tu grupo de amigos

Eres intensa, creativa y buena amiga... aunque un poco dramática.

Are You On Santa's Naughty Or Nice List?

He's making a list and checking it twice!

What Little Changes Helped You Be Healthier In 2017?

Tell us about the simple steps you took to feel healthier this past year — whether it was mentally or physically.

Este teste vai adivinhar há quanto tempo você está solteiro(a)

O quanto te irritam aquelas fotinhos de mãos dadas?

How Well Do You Know Rick And Morty?

Can you even call yourself a Rick and Morty fan if you don't ace this?

24 Times Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Made Your Cold Heart ~Feel~ Things

For everyone who loves them as much as they love each other.

People In Japan Are Calling This Kiwi Politician "Uncle" For His Speech About Gay Marriage

"I am not gay but your speech changed the way I see the world completely."

Welcome To Amy Sedaris's Alternate Reality

The low-profile comedian has long been on the periphery of mainstream success, but by operating outside our current cultural climate, she provides the perfect escape from it.

"Would You Rather": Snacks Of The '90s Edition

Time to choose... Gushers or Go-Gurt?

The Power Struggle At The CFPB

Dueling heads of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are battling for control of the watchdog agency designed to protect consumers from abuse by the financial industry.

44 témoignages qui montrent la réalité du sexe après un accouchement

Les montées de lait ne s'arrêtent pas juste parce que vous êtes excitée.

Estoy harta de esos tíos que no se ponen condón por iniciativa propia, porque no soy su madre

«Es una verdad mundialmente reconocida que un hombre va a intentar practicar sexo sin condón siempre que se le presente la ocasión».

Are These Places In London Or Nah?

It's harder than you think.

AmazonFresh Is Causing Customers Some Big Headaches

"I've gotten stinky, slimy potatoes, heads of lettuce that were only the size of my fist, greens that were completely wilted through," one reviewer complains.

"Bodak Yellow" Was Nominated For A Grammy And I'm Actually Very Emotional Right Now

Bought a bag? Check. Fixed her teeth? Check. Got nominated for two Grammys? Checkity check.

15 Tried And Tested Items With Over 1k Reviews On Amazon

Tried, tested and loved by real people.

9 Secrets Big Sisters Will Never Tell You, And 9 They Want You To Know

No one except us is allowed to be mean about you.

16 aktuelle Tweets über Glyphosat, über die du gleichzeitig lachen und weinen wirst

"Glyphosat scheint auch ein effektives Koalitionsvernichtungsmittel zu sein."

Deputados do PT comparam força tarefa da Lava Jato ao DOI-Codi, órgão de repressão da ditadura

Os petistas Wadih Damous (RJ) e Paulo Pimenta (RS) dizem que carta divulgada por procuradores nesta segunda foi uma "afronta à democracia".

Tenemos que hablar de lo maravillosos que son los memes de Mónica Naranjo en OT

No somos dignos de compartir este planeta con Mónica Naranjo.

Social Platforms Promised A Level Playing Field For All. The Russian Trolls Showed That Was Never True.

Thanks to the internet, the marketplace of ideas is more open and democratized than ever before. Thanks to social platforms, it’s also been rigged.

21 Times Richard Madden Made You Say "Woah There, Sexy Tiger"

Robb Stark: ex-King In The North, current King Of Everyone's Sexual Fantasies.

100 Tweets That Made British People Piss Themselves In 2017

These tweets were the only good things to happen this year. Enjoy!

Quantos destes álbuns marcantes dos anos 90 e 2000 você teve em CD?

Você também torcia para o encarte ter as letras e não um monte de fotos?

13 motivos para nunca visitar Tocantins

Igual o Jalapão tem em todo lugar, né?

Can You Score 15/21 In This Insanely Hard Kardashian Quotes Quiz?

You may know these iconic quotes, but who actually said them?

18 Tumblr Posts So Scarily Relatable You Can't Help But Laugh

"You ever be so comfortable in bed, you start rubbing your legs together like a cricket?"

India Just Backed Net Neutrality

Under the new rules, India's internet service providers will no longer be able to carve up the internet into slow and fast lanes, and discriminating against any content on the internet will also be banned.

26 lições de sabedoria escritas em banheiros públicos brasileiros

Aparentemente as pessoas adoram conversar desse jeito.

Teste se você consegue adivinhar a comédia romântica com apenas uma imagem

Só pra quem já viu e reviu todo o catálogo de comédias românticas da Netflix.

How Many Of These British Festive Favourites Have You Watched?

There's a lot of TV-watching traditions out there. How many of these are yours?

More Than 40% Of British Voters Are Aware Of That Misleading Story About Animal Sentience

Polling by YouGov for BuzzFeed News shows how the Conservatives are still getting crushed on social media, especially over animal stories.

Angela Lansbury Said Attractive Women Should Take Some Blame For Sexual Assault

The 92-year-old actor said that the recent string of sexual assault allegations in Hollywood is due to women making themselves too attractive.

Edinburgh's Hogmanay Events Have Been Criticised For Advertising Hundreds Of Unpaid Roles

MSPs have told BuzzFeed News that the use of unpaid volunteers will tarnish the world-famous New Year celebrations.

30 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A Sailor Moon purse, a DNA home test kit, a ramen key chain, and 28 other favorite products from our recent posts.

O YouTube deletou milhares de vídeos perturbadores com crianças

A empresa disse ter apagado 150 mil vídeos de crianças em situações perturbadoras, após reclamações de usuários e de anunciantes.

How British Was Your '90s Childhood?

Did you dream of being on Stars In Their Eyes?

19 Beweise, dass die Entwickler von "Die Sims" echt ein bisschen die Nerven verloren haben

"Mein Sim hat 16 Stunden gebraucht, um das Feuer zu löschen, weil er mittendrin seinen Geburtstag feiern musste."

True Or False: The Kinky Sex Edition

You might want to take a seat for this one — there are some real stunners in here.

This Yes Or No Quiz Will Reveal If You're Actually A Picky Eater

Do you need to deconstruct a sandwich before eating it?

Just A Reminder Of How Beautifully '90s The "Titanic" Premiere Was

Can you believe this was TWENTY years ago now?

Este bolo de frango com bacon vai aparecer nos seus sonhos

A gente falou que tem bacon? MUITO BACON?

28 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Kal Ho Naa Ho"

Preity Zinta designed some clothes, the red dress was probably jinxed, and there was a LOT of casting drama.

33 schreckliche und widerliche Dinge, die fast alle Frauen schon einmal erlebt haben

Wenn dir ein bisschen Toilettenwasser an den Hintern spritzt, während deine Wurst hineinplumpst.

Over 1,000 Teachers And Academics Want To Know Why School Inspectors Are Asking Kids About Their Hijabs

More than 1,000 teachers and academics have condemned the move as "dangerous in a climate in which street violence, abuse and attacks on Muslims are increasing".

El cartel de Navidad de Sevilla NO, pero homofobia MENOS

Ni lo uno, ni por supuesto lo otro.

14 Moments That Sum Up The 2017 Aria Awards

*Hits replay on Daryl Braithwaite and Guy Sebastian singing "The Horses" together*

17 Dinge, die du laut Arzt über Harnwegsinfekte wissen solltest

Es ist wichtiger, nach dem Sex zu pinkeln als davor.

Ladies, Can You Guess What % Of Women Do These Gross Things?

We're all pretty gross, but specifically how gross?

Falls du jemals eines dieser Dinge getan hast, zählt das als Belästigung

Ob wissentlich oder nicht ... du könntest ein Teil des Problems sein!

18 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Celebrities From The 2017 Aria Awards


37 Useful Kitchen Gadgets To Put On Your Holiday Wish List

♫ Deck the halls with kitchen gadgets, fa la la la la ♫

This Seventh-Grader Made A Meme Go Viral At Her School And It Spun Out Of Control In The Best Way

This is the story of a girl named Max and how she really creeped out her math teacher.

The Senate Just Voted Down All The Conservative Amendments To The Same-Sex Marriage Bill

A powerful cross-party bloc of senators voted down several amendments that were largely backed by opponents to marriage equality.

Tell Us The Most Mind-Blowing Disney Fan Theory You've Ever Heard

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to Disney movies.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Everybody has their favorite one, are you the one you desire?

Facebook And Twitter Say They're Ready To Cooperate With The UK Inquiry Into Russian Meddling In Brexit

Facebook will be ready to report as early as mid-December about what it's found on its platform relating to Russia and Brexit.



8 cosas que solo entienden los españoles y 7 cosas que no entienden los españoles

Lo nuestro no tiene sentido, pero lo vuestro, tampoco.

18 petits trucs qui vont bien aider les fans de maquillage

Pour éviter vous mettre du maquillage plein les dents, utilisez vos doigts pour enlever le surplus de rouge.

La gente está creando cárceles en "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp"

No se puede confiar en ninguno de vosotros para mantener las cosas puras.



The Hardest "Would You Rather" Quiz Procrastinators Will Ever Take

Papers write themselves when stress fuels you.

The Australian Federal Police Has Been Told It Should Really Know What The Law Is

The Commonwealth ombudsman found the AFP unlawfully accessed a journalist's phone records.

Here Are All The Red Carpet Looks From The 2017 Aria Awards

The Aussie music industry's night of nights.

The Hardest "Would You Rather" Quiz For Any College Student

So to be embarrassed or... to be embarrassed?

Everything You Need To Know About The "Controversial" Japanese Politician Who Brought Her Son To Work

The Kumamoto Prefecture assembly waited 40 minutes before Japanese politician Yuka Ogata left the chamber with her son.

Amazon Is Asking Indians To Hand Over Their Aadhaar, India’s Controversial Biometric ID, To Track Lost Packages

The move has baffled Amazon’s Indian customers, who are already grappling with being forced to link their Aadhaar numbers to open bank accounts, get life insurance, and much more.

YouTube Has Deleted Hundreds Of Thousands Of Disturbing Kids' Videos

The company said it deleted 150,000 videos after the discovery of exploitative content depicting children in revealing clothing, distress, and abusive situations.

Take Some Time To Read This Powerful Same-Sex Marriage Speech From George Brandis

"To the boy or girl who senses a difference from their friends, which they find difficult to understand and impossible to deal with."

"Would You Rather": First Date Edition

These things may turn a first date into a last date...

Are Your Everyday Habits Normal Or Are You Just A Rebel?

We all have our way of doing things.

Billie Joe Armstrong Couldn't Even Get 10/12 On This Green Day Quiz

Let's see how well you remember your favorite band from your formative years.

Flash Briefing For November 28, 2017

Trump referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” while honoring Native American war veterans, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was in a state of confusion Monday as two people said they were the agency’s acting director, people have a lot of feelings about the “Frozen” short before “Coco,” and a woman just became the first person with down syndrome to compete in a Miss USA state pageant.

時短でラクチン! おいしい卵料理がじゃんじゃん作れるグッズたち


This Quiz Will Reveal Whether Or Not You Went To A TV High School

"Everyone looked like they were 25 years old..."

10 Things Under $30 That Will Actually Organize Your Life

Who knew your mail could stay in one place??

What's Been The Worst Storyline On A TV Show This Year?

The perfect place to vent your feels.

Este IHOP de Veracruz pasó porno porque aman los desayunos calientes

La gente entró por hotcakes y salió muy confundida.

Literally Just 18 Random AF Tweets That Keep Me Awake All Night, Every Night

Provoking thought in 140 (and now also 280) characters or less.

Esta es la casa donde vive Meade (y para la que compró un terreno de 2.3 millones de pesos para hacer un jardín)

Un socio de Librerías Gandhi vendió el terreno al aspirante presidencial del PRI, en 2012.

This "Would You Rather" Candy Quiz Will Tell If You're Naughty Or Nice

Deck the halls with boughs of Jolly Ranchers.

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