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November 28, 2017

Schumer Cancels Trump Meeting After Tweet

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer pulled out of a planned meeting at the White House after President Trump tweeted he didn’t “see a deal” to address a potential government shutdown.

NSA Caught Navy Officer Illegally Trying To Pry Into American’s Phone

An officer deployed to Iraq tried to access data on her boyfriend’s son’s phone during a training exercise in 2011. After the breach was discovered, the officer was placed on administrative duty and stripped of access to top secret NSA databases, according to documents released this month.

Welcome To Amy Sedaris's Alternate Reality

The low-profile comedian has long been on the periphery of mainstream success, but by operating outside our current cultural climate, she provides the perfect escape from it.

The Power Struggle At The CFPB

Dueling heads of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are battling for control of the watchdog agency designed to protect consumers from abuse by the financial industry.

India Just Backed Net Neutrality

Under the new rules, India's internet service providers will no longer be able to carve up the internet into slow and fast lanes, and discriminating against any content on the internet will also be banned.

Flash Briefing For November 28, 2017

Trump referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” while honoring Native American war veterans, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was in a state of confusion Monday as two people said they were the agency’s acting director, people have a lot of feelings about the “Frozen” short before “Coco,” and a woman just became the first person with down syndrome to compete in a Miss USA state pageant.

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