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November 3, 2017

Kris, you're doing amazing sweetie.

You're unique...just like everybody else.

Three new accusers shed light on the Oscar winner's history of abuse. “Being closeted has … enabled him to use this privacy claim as a shield,” one of the men told BuzzFeed News.

An actor who contacted the Old Vic's confidential helpline to allege that Spacey repeatedly groped him in 2013 said: "This is not confidential. It’s not private."

"U still coming tonight?"

Everything from food to Anushka Sharma. Oh, and bitching about his teammates... LOTS of bitching about his teammates.

Only the baddest of the bad.

I had no idea it could be this easy!

Pass the yams Yonce!


But deportation hearings still await Rosa Maria Hernandez after 10 days in custody.

The MP for Dover was suspended by the party on Friday night – but strongly denies any wrongdoing.

Hope we get it right!

Advocates for and against abortion rights are taking interest in the bill because it seems to grant unborn children new rights to hold college savings accounts.

The one good thing to come out of 2017.

Negan this, Negan that. Negan, Negan, Negan, Negan.

Ever wonder why the food critic would get so sentimental?

Algunas cadenas de cines mexicanos quitaron La aventura congelada de Olaf, después de quejas de la audiencia.

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Starbucks time!

Warning: There are a lotta black boots in here because there's nothing better to wear in the fall!

The bridge's Goatman is said to have glowing eyes and horns.

Yes, there were drinks involved.

"It's just easier to say, 'Yeah, she's pregnant.' That's what you should just say."

Whatever, Disney characters are hot, right? Right?

Sí, estamos hablando de la peste, como la que acabó con el 60% de la población de Europa hace 700 años.

“I think whatever fears we had weren’t realized,” said one of the study’s authors. “This report says what scientists want it to say.”

Sure, people are literally starving in his country, but...empanada drawer.

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

The film studio had barred the Times from covering upcoming Disney films in retaliation for stories on the company's business dealings in Anaheim.

Imagine "You get a car!" but with these instead.

Would you say "I do"?

Miley or Cara?

Bueno, debes tener de cinco a nueve años, pero, ¿te imaginas?

These recipes are so good, you won't miss the carbs

"This guy is stupid!!!"

Earlier this week, actor Paz de la Huerta alleged Harvey Weinstein raped her twice in 2010.

Exclusive: In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the former minister denied sexually harassing women but acknowledged his behaviour to "a few women" had been "unwelcome".

Sabe quando um tio seu tenta usar memes no grupo da família? Então.

La visita es parte de una campaña para reunir fondos.


El Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) aprobó ayer que las telefónicas deberán pagar una tarifa cuando sus usuarios llamen o manden mensaje a un número de Telcel. La empresas dicen que el costo afectará a los usuarios.

The student wore a German uniform with swastikas on it for the college's Halloween "Dress Down Day."

It's one step closer to fulfilling your dream of an at-home spa.

(Casi) nadie quiere a Eleven punk y sus amigos.

A cantora de "Havana" fala sobre talentos secretos, seu medo de tubarões e faz uma defesa apaixonada do abacaxi na pizza.

It's 2017 — what else would you expect?

Noodle Nopes 2017.

Eat up!

Você consegue decidir?

Her friends went all out but Jocelyn did something...different.

Segura meu poodle que eu vou fazer esse teste!

They're almost too cute for sushi.

Una persona compró diez iPhones... ¡DIEZ IPHONES!

Here's everything you need to know about Billy Hargrove, Trash King.

Relatable queen.

"Did Justin ever tell you why he and Britney broke up?"

Mmmmm, no entiendo nada.

Dos y dos son cuatro, cuatro y dos son....

No tienes que vivir de ensaladas y cereales.

Cuando sientas que estás en el límite, intenta alguno de estos.

¿Prefieres Mimosa o Bloody Mary?

¡Hoy no, Satanás!

Está difícil... Solo para verdaderos fans.

Both George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn’s client, Turkish businessman Kamil Ekim Alptekin, are tied to Israeli gas dealings and attended energy conferences in Tel Aviv last year.

Ahora sí, ya salió el peine.

¿Has visto lo mejor que este año tiene para ofrecer?

Toma este curso intensivo de educación sexual

A ver si tienes unagi.

A Sharpay Evans le gusta esto.

Tu vida NO volverá a ser la misma. Prometido.

Porque los chefs son profesionales organizados y tú necesitas un poco de eso en tu vida.

“We ran it over - twice with Chevy 2500 & then the trailer. GUESS WHAT! It still works! Just bought 2 more!” —an actual Amazon review of the OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Because representation matters.

Can you tell what's real anymore?

RIP George Washington.

Martha O'Donovan, who works for a local television station, was arrested at dawn, her lawyers said, for allegedly sending out a tweet mocking Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe.


Now you'll look like the smartest person in the theater.

Here's what happened.

Tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeed editors!

*Este mensaje fue eliminado* y nosotros tampoco sabemos cómo sentirnos...

They're reuniting on SNL this weekend!

Não sabemos qual(is) livro(s) dela Feliciano e Alexandre Frota leram, mas selecionamos trechos da principal obra da pensadora feminista.

Remember One Tree Hill and The O.C.?

Payette told a science conference that science matters. Uh oh.

"Chegue cedo, não vire meme!"

Ou seja, que funcionam!

Por exemplo, sentir o cheiro de grama recém-cortada.

Mas seja sincero(a)!

Você acha que sabe, mas sabe de verdade?

Ah! As agruras de ser uma pessoa famosa...

"It's not a lie if you believe it."

We're basically living on top of a giant pit of trash and skeletons.

*Movie announcer voice* "John McSporran is a tough ex-detective on the hunt for the most epic sunsets and lochs. Rated PG-13 for prettiness."

Swish, swish, bish.

Tá aqui muito do que vimos e gostamos nos últimos meses.

Bring Back Normal Food 2018.

Just rude!

Welcome to Dog-warts.

So. Much. Candy.

Pennywise? Don't you mean Daddywise?

Slippers, bonsai tree starter kits, backpacks, and more!

Les essayer, c'est les adopter.

"Elsie: gets emotionally attached, doesn't like being called a 'wiener dog.'"

Ce n'est rien, jusqu'à ce que vous perdiez votre élastique fétiche.

Deux médecins nous disent tout.

New sales estimates suggest that Obama’s support for gun controls may have driven earlier spikes.

Ela não é prejudicial APENAS para meninas, mas para TODA criança.

En 1948, Dr Alfred Kinsey a élaboré une échelle pour mesurer la sexualité humaine qui déterminait si une personne était homosexuelle, hétérosexuelle ou quelque chose entre les deux. Où vous situez-vous sur l'échelle ?

Deals at Nordstrom, Sole Society, Target, and more!

From Kanye's weirdest habit to why she doesn't speak publicly about OJ's murder trial.

Unless you just wanna date your coffee.

Depuis au moins 2013, des militantes féministes, des victimes de harcèlement en ligne et des médias alertent sur la culture haineuse du 18-25. En vain.

Job growth returns, but wage growth is still slow and disappointing.

"They got the golden 'arches', Mine is the golden arcs."

These kids are way too wholesome.

Does not buying them a birthday present make you a bad friend?

¿Cuál es la humana y cuál es la muñeca?

Autant vous prévenir, les gars, il y en a dans cette liste qui sont tout bonnement répugnants.

Partager sa chambre avec un-e inconnu-e, pour commencer.

Trucs et astuces pour vous aider.

«C'est la recherche de ce qui vous rend heureux.»

Sorry in advance.

"When you know better, you do better."

Non, nous n'adorons pas particulièrement les enfants.

The US Army sergeant who pleaded guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior was facing a possible penalty of life in prison.

During a debate on the ban, a Tory councillor appeared to criticise a task force on halal meat for having "two Muslims and a Jew".

Rihanna and Cher fangirled over each other, Sarah Hyland was obsessed with Taylor Swift's new song, and more!

If you're mourning the loss of sandwiches, bagels, and pasta, this is for you.

“More people are gonna have to start speaking out” about sexual harassment in the industry, said country singer Meghan Linsey.

Alias Grace is historical fiction. But the insidious effects of patriarchy that it portrays — and one woman’s violent response to them — feel inextricable from our present. Warning: light spoilers.

Bible, you guys. This is so cute.

"can't wait for the all-female reboot of healthcare"

At the last minute, the Obama administration elevated standards for organic meat. Trump's USDA has managed to delay them for eight months so far, and the outlook isn't bright.

"Nothing is going to stop us from coming together and celebrating our Somaliness."

A brief history on the best music group of the '90s.

The bus driver turning off the engine.

Well, do they?

¿Serás de mano dura como Mamá Imelda o alegre y despreocupado como Miguel?

Twitter just updated its policies on abusive behavior, self-harm, spam, graphic violence, and adult content.

There is no discreet way to hand over a pad.

6,000 Americans were killed by cars while walking city streets last year. As terrorists embrace this deadly power, car-free cities make even more sense.

"I love you and I treasure you, and YA BORE ME."

The undocumented teen at the heart of the court fight had an abortion on Oct. 25. The government is arguing other young women shouldn't be able to rely on the court orders that made that possible.

We're about to answer the question you've been asking all your life.

Seni's Law aims to make medics and officers more accountable when caring for individuals with mental health problems.

You're gonna have the best-dressed kid on the block!

Mehr als nur Essen! Erinnerung!

"I like your beard." —Kesha/everyone you know after trying these products.

Peu importe le produit : tout est prétexte à dénuder les femmes.

Thank us later.

Es ist wirklich beeindruckend, was dein Baby kann!

For several years medical professionals have described the lack of regulation as a “crisis waiting to happen”. Dr Tijion Esho, one of the resident doctors on E4's Body Fixer series, says there need to be legal age restrictions.

A apresentadora apareceu em público com Túlio Gadêlha, seu suposto namorado.

Pas si difficile à faire, la crème brûlée !


Small in size, big in flavor

Go Kim.

Bienvenidos a "Cámbiame, el Procés edition".

O perfil do presidente dos Estados Unidos ficou fora do ar durante 11 minutos.

From sweaty season to cozy town.


Es ella, la que sigue aquí.

Une erreur que vous n'aurez plus envie de recommencer.

The president said earlier this week he finds it "sad" that he is not "supposed to" influence the DOJ or direct it to investigate his former political opponent.


The Met is understood to have launched the investigation this week after a man made a complaint about an alleged incident in Lambeth.

On devrait plutôt parler d'Harry Halloween, pas vrai ?

Issa wig!

Toutes ces fois où vous étiez en public et que votre serviette vous grattait.

Orig3n, the startup behind a controversial plan to collect football fans’ DNA, doesn’t have the legal certification to sell genetic health tests.

The best quote retweets our tiny little island has to offer.

Seymour's character was based on Terry Zwigoff, the director.

The 32-year-old victim was approached by two men on scooters who threw a corrosive substance at his face, according to police.


Transform your tresses.


Só neste ano, 114 policiais foram mortos no Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

Y de bonus track, un truqui para comprar tu primer dildo.

BuzzFeed News looked at metadata released for 29 Russian Facebook and Instagram ads that the House of Representatives released. Here are all the groups they targeted.

Pourquoi, pourquoi ?!!

Client suivant !



«Je me sens soulagée de ne plus avoir à combattre chacune de mes pensées.»

"Se llama Código Cállate la Boca".

Fall jemand fragt: Wir haben uns "bei einer Veranstaltung" kennengelernt.

Potato-crusted Quiche

Kannst du Bucatini von Capellini unterscheiden?

Who knew Jet had so much good stuff!?!

Forwarded as received.

Für Passive ist das eine harte Welt da draußen.

Es gibt keine "milde Form" von Diabetes.

Denk daran: Gewalt ist nicht nur physisch.


Tantos buenos chicos con tan mala pinta.

Ein Unterschied wie Tag und Nacht!



Oh la lá.

Critics have said the party's National Executive Committee, which failed to consult with its women's organisations before implementing the new policy, has shown a "complete misunderstanding of the problem" by continuing to deal with matters internally.

Why so serious?

This damn lyrical mastermind.

Christmas is near!


Keep calm and carry on talking about citizenship.

A dream is a wish your wand makes.

We stan Joe Alwyn.

The six firefighters also defaced the photos with penises and other sexually explicit drawings, officials said.

Halloween is a good time to be a student of Dr. Larry Greil.

Trump’s pick for science chief at USDA withdrew because of the Russia investigation, billionaire Robert Mercer will step down as CEO following a BuzzFeed News exposé, how drinking and drug use has changed in the last 30 years, and inside the great poop emoji feud.


"Signs a first date is bad: won't make eye contact, keep checking their phone, didn't respond any of the times you said you loved them."

As more allegations mount against Spacey, CAA and Polaris have "parted ways" with the actor.

Shortly after Turnbull's remarks, Labor leader Bill Shorten said he would support a "universal disclosure to the parliament" to solve the citizenship mess.


The chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus accused one Republican interested in joining their ranks of "suggesting that he's more Hispanic than she is," a source said.

Environmental groups say the Trump administration is withholding information about a sweeping review of America's national monuments that concluded this summer.






I loaf you.

Time to order in.

It's like living inside a Pottery Barn.

Flaunt it!

All of the overanalyzing and overreacting.

WARNING: this quiz may not be suitable for those who suffer from second-hand embarrassment.

Demuestra que sí hiciste tu papeleo anoche.

Que le pusieran candado al teléfono de disco y que siempre se te muriera el mentado Tamagotchi.

Let's get to building!

ATTENTION: The first four seasons are streaming on Netflix!

A very young John Stamos and Lori Loughlin looking adorable together in the early '80s kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

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