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November 6, 2017

Just 15 Hilarious Tweets By Women This Week

"Someone stole my cat food delivery, aaaand having typed that, I think my vagina just zipped itself shut."

Contesta 6 preguntas y te diremos qué personaje de 'Thor: Ragnarok' eres

Descubre si llevas a Hulk, Loki o Hela en tu corazón.

El largo brazo de Peña Nieto se convirtió en meme porque ya no sabe cómo dejar de ser chistoso

¿Por qué le toman tantas fotos cuando se saca selfies con otra gente?

Ikea Wants You To Buy Miniature Furniture For Your Pets

Your dog or cat can lounge in modern style.

Air Force Failed To Alert The FBI To Church Shooter's Past, Allowing Him To Obtain Guns

That failure seems to have allowed Devin Patrick Kelley to buy the weapons he used in the massacre. The Air Force has launched a review of its procedures.

Marilyn Manson dio un concierto en silla de ruedas con dos enfermeros a su lado y... fue bastante extraño

Su primera presentación en vivo luego de haberse fracturado el tobillo en el escenario.

6 Low-Cost Meal Preps

Each serving is under $5!

Congress Can Crack Down On Tech Companies, But It Can’t Do Much To Their Algorithms

“Congress is not going to legislate an algorithm.”

Mark Hamill Says Luke Skywalker "Hasn’t Gone To The Dark Side," But IDK Who To Believe Anymore

"It has pulled me out of my comfort zone. It’s a real challenge."

KFC Created A Fried Chicken Bath Bomb And I'm Struggling To Understand Why

Nothing like a relaxing, finger lickin' good bath bomb.

Este quiz visual revelará cuál es tu mejor cualidad en el sexo

Podemos adivinar qué te hace especial en la cama.

23 Tweets To Read If You Stan The Hell Out Of Thanksgiving

It's the mooost wonderful tiiiime of the year. *Burps, farts, takes a nap*

Tells Us Your Most Horrifying Breakup Story

Since we can't all write songs about it like T-Swift.

11 Tubular Facts About The New "Stranger Things 2" Creatures

Here's everything you need to know about baby Demogorgons.

2017年のプロ野球を盛り上げた3球団 亜細亜大卒の若手選手が活躍


Here's How A False Conspiracy Theory About The Texas Shooter Being Antifa Went Viral

Tweets with false reporting, a doctored screenshot, and a boost from Google.

Here Is What Malcolm Roberts' Opponents Think Of Him

"He has got completely wacky ideas."

Kevin Spacey's Behavior On The Set Of "House Of Cards" Wasn't A Secret

Kevin Spacey carried the dark Netflix drama on his shoulders, but sources say he exploited this power with brazen behavior on set that was professionally inappropriate. After BuzzFeed News first published explosive allegations of sexual misconduct against the actor, some who worked on the show are speaking out.

Some Of Trump's Aides Don't Want Him To Meet Putin This Week

The two leaders are set to meet on the sidelines of an Asian economic summit in Vietnam.

25 Amazing Products That'll Help Give You Something To Do When You're Bored

A bunch of fun solutions that don't involve wearing pants.

31 Things That Are Too Damn Real For Anyone Raised By Italian-American Parents

Your immediate family could make up the population of a small country.

Build A Cabin And We Will Tell You What You'll Get For Christmas

Do you ever dream of leaving it all behind and moving to a cozy cabin?



Este é o elenco de "Charmed" 10 anos após o fim da série

Já faz um tempo que nos despedimos das irmãs Halliwell.

Texas Pastor And His Wife Speak Out

Pastor Frank Pomeroy and his wife spoke out Monday following the deadly shooting Sunday morning at First Baptist Church. Their teen daughter Annabelle was among the victims.

14 frases que você nunca vai ouvir uma mulher dizer

"Ooooin, que linda sua preocupação com meu peso, com certeza é pela minha saúde".

What's The Most Life-Changing Thing You Own?

We want to know all about the items that have helped you live your best life. (And maybe even pay you for it!)

El terreno que quiere expropiar el Gobierno para hacer un memorial del #19S tiene adeudos por 26 mil pesos

La Consejería Jurídica dijo que el predio de Álvaro Obregón 286 tiene "adeudos" pero no quiso revelar el monto. BuzzFeed News México tiene los documentos de la deuda.

Saudi Arabia's Royal Drama Kicked Up To 11, So Here It Is Broken Down With "Star Wars" GIFs

Dozens of arrests, a country under total blockade, and no vision of what will come next — all a short time ago, in a region not so far away.

36 Amazing Things To Get At The Nordstrom Fall Sale

S-A-L-E = my favorite four letter word.

Eduardo Cunha diz que ministro de Temer mentiu em juízo sobre relação com empreiteira

O ex-deputado diz que testemunhou um encontro entre Moreira Franco e Léo Pinheiro, da OAS, para tratar de doações em 2010.

Which "Thor: Ragnarok" Character Are You?

It's time to sort the Hulks from the Valkyries.

6 Giant Food Recipes

The bigger the better

Which Sport Should You Play?

Yes, dance is a sport.

In dieser Bar bestellst du mit deiner Nase

Hier bekommst du einen Cocktail basierend auf deinem Lieblingsduft!

This $20 Knife Set Is Ridiculously High-Quality And Will Become Your Everyday Kitchen Tools

This Cuisinart knife set comes highly rated for a reason — and it'll brighten up your kitchen to boot.

"O que eu faço não é 100% correto", disse à própria mãe empresário acusado de fraudar Lei Rouanet

Ministério Público denunciou 32 pessoas por desvios que somam R$ 21 milhões. Bruno Amorim, sócio da Bellini Cultural, foi grampeado explicando à mãe: "É tipo… Eu cumpro a lei, mas não poderia estar fazendo o que eu faço".

26 vezes em que Kim Kardashian mostrou seu engajamento político

Você pode até discordar de suas opiniões, mas não dizer que ela é uma alienada.

Pick Out Some Clothes And We'll Tell You Which Blair Waldorf You Are

Blair's taste is expensive, and her emotions are nothing less than uncontrollable.

15 heróis da Marvel e da DC que mudaram demais nos últimos anos

Pra você ver que não foi só você que mudou.

14 pessoas que deixaram os melhores comentários da internet

Gente que fala exatamente o que você tá pensando.

La gente está usando los Animojis para hacer karaoke porque Internet es un lugar maravilloso

Emojis cantando "Gasolina". ¡Qué tiempo para estar vivos!

Esta marca de ropa mexicana creó una colección inspirada en 'Coco' y la necesitamos para ayer

Ahora puedes llevar la nueva película de Pixar hasta en la bolsa, literal.

Texas Church Shooting Victims Remembered

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott attended a vigil in Sutherland Springs, Texas, following a deadly shooting at First Baptist Church Sunday morning that left at least 26 people dead.

27 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

You'll need just a few dollar bills for these ~cheap thrills~. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

Praise God, The iPhone Bug For The Letter "I" Is Finally Fixed

Update: You'll need to download the latest software update on your phone so "I" doesn't look like "A ?."

This Man Chased Down The Texas Shooter

Johnnie Langendorff pursued Devin Patrick Kelley in his vehicle before the shooter crashed into a ditch.

A este alcalde se le ocurrió fotografiar a mujeres desnudas para atraer turismo a su municipio en Yucatán

“Es normal, algunos no entienden ese trabajo artístico, pero nuestra intención únicamente es promocionar a Izamal como un destino turístico", dijo el priista.

Breakfast Potato Volcanoes

Breakfast Potato Volcanoes

Este teste vai dizer se você é o filho favorito dos seus pais

Não nos responsabilizamos por corações partidos.

21 Fucking Offensive Food Crimes That Will Upset All Scottish People

Who disguises an onion as a fucking chocolate apple? FFS.

15 Bellísimas palabras del portugués que nos urgen en español

¿Cómo vamos a sentir esas emociones si no sabemos sus nombres?

Chip And Joanna's New Target Line Is The Stuff That HGTV And Holiday Dreams Are Made Of

Time to "fix up" your holiday game... see what I did there?

18 Animal Adoption Stories That'll Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

"We were told that if we hadn't adopted her when we did, she probably would not have made it because they wouldn't have caught the symptoms."

Esta professora surda desenhou por que o tema da redação do ENEM é relevante

“Para quem este tema está sendo proposto?” Para todos!

31 coisas que aprendi sobre estar solteira agora que tenho 30 anos

Quem diz "Não sei por que você está solteira!" está basicamente dizendo "Deve ter algo de errado com você".

36 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Nordstrom, Birchbox, Teleflora, and more!

Apple Pie Cheesecake

Apple Pie Cheesecake

These Two Men Shot And Chased After The Texas Church Shooter

Stephen Willeford ran barefoot to Johnnie Langendorff's car after engaging with the shooter. Seconds later, the two strangers were chasing the man who killed 26 people at a Texas church.

Le terme de «troll» ne convient pas aux harceleurs du 18-25 de

Ce terme fourre-tout contribue à réduire les méfaits de personnes menaçant de mort, de viol, et qui cherchent à faire taire leurs opposants. Dernier exemple en date avec la journaliste Nadia Daam, harcelée par des membres du forum de

29 Awesome Things From Urban Outfitters You'll Want To Wear Tomorrow

Cute hipster shit is your aesthetic, don't lie.

29 British Songs Everyone Under The Age Of 21 Needs To Listen To

Consider this a musical education from your ancestors.

Twitter blockiert Inhalte mit dem Stichwort bisexuell und homosexuell

Das Netzwerk sagt, es handele sich um einem Fehler.

17 Fun Party Games That Are Perfect For Big Groups

Party games: the other social lubricant.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Cookware, cat toys, gadgets, and more!

17 tweets hilarants qui vont vous donner envie de démolir le patriarcat

Qui a dit que les féministes avaient pas d'humour ?

Ce test de personnalité ne fonctionnera que si vous êtes VRAIMENT honnête

Si vous n'êtes pas d'accord avec votre résultat, peut-être que vous n'avez pas été assez honnête...

18 pílulas de pura sabedoria vindas diretamente do Twitter do Paulo Coelho

"É fácil ser um hater. Escolha a tarefa mais difícil: seja um lover."

Este cara provou que é muito melhor ser bicha do que ser "macho"

Spartakus Santiago postou sua "declaração de bicha" em resposta a uma tal "declaração de macho" que tem circulado na internet.

How Awful Are Your '00s TV Opinions?

One Tree Hill or The OC?

33 Tumblr Posts That Prove "Cutthroat Kitchen" Is The Best Show On Food Network

"I've got my capers, I've got my breadcrumbs, I don't really need my legs."

The Judge In The Paul Manafort Case Is Mulling Really Tough Release Conditions

A federal judge said she was inclined to keep Paul Manafort and Rick Gates on GPS monitoring if they're released from house arrest, but would "keep an open mind" because prosecutors aren't asking for it.

All The Red Carpet Looks At The Hollywood Film Awards

Awards season has officially begun!

Exonerated Man Who Mike Pence Wouldn't Pardon Sues Police Over Wrongful Conviction

A 50-year-old Indiana man who spent 10 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit has sued, claiming that police framed him. Earlier this year, Keith Cooper, whom Mike Pence declined to exonerate while he was governor, became the first person in Indiana history pardoned for innocence.

21 cosas que ningún español ha comprado jamás

Algunas deberían estar prohibidas.

Only A Movie Expert Can Score 12/17 On This "Which Came First?" Quiz

Monsters, Inc. definitely came out before Finding Nemo, right?

21 Objetos que son 100% reales, cero fake

Como cuando te encuentras a Mario, pero ahora se llama Marco y vende pasta.

25 Cosas que jamás podrías hacer si tienes las pompas grandes

Seis kilos de cadera no es cadera, ¿o sí?

Este teste de personalidade só vai funcionar se você for sincero(a)

Fique tranquilo(a). Ninguém está aqui para te julgar.

17 Times Emily Heller Was Basically The Only Reason I Haven't Quit Twitter

"I was voted 'class clown,' but only because, like a clown, people generally agreed not to invite me to parties."

22 Tweets About "Thor: Ragnarok" That Will Make You Piss Yourself Laughing

"Jeff Goldblum as himself is the best part of Thor: Ragnarok."

The Son Of A Charleston Church Shooting Victim Spoke Out About Gun Violence After The Texas Massacre

"Hard to breathe thinking about ... more people killed in a place of worship," Chris Singleton posted Monday.

Chef José Andrés And The Trump Administration Are Fighting Over Puerto Rico

FEMA says Andrés is no longer working with them on the island because he's a "businessman" who wanted a contract through 2017. Andrés said anyone who says he was just trying to make a buck "should be ashamed of themselves."

Necesito saber qué pasa con las galletas de dinosaurios

Aquí pasa algo y no nos están contando toda la verdad.

I Acted Like A Famous Model On Instagram And Lost All My Followers

I've had body image issues my whole life and wanted to see if this would help change the way I saw myself.

6 Pairs Of Shoes You Need In Your Damn Life

Tried, tested, and worn by BuzzFeed editors!

15 astuces de cuisine pour improviser quand il vous manque des ingrédients

Quand vous commencez une recette avant de vous apercevoir que vous n'avez plus de poudre d'amande... mais que vous avez des amandes !

Esta entrevista do Guimarães Rosa representa 99,9% do Twitter brasileiro

Detesta: frio e reuniões sociais. Gosta: de gatos.

Priti Patel Suggested Some Of The UK's Aid Budget Could Go To The Israeli Army After Undisclosed Meetings

A Number 10 spokesperson confirmed that Patel "did discuss" some of the aid budget going to Israeli army-run hospitals with her officials.

Chegou a hora de admitir que o Neymar está BEM gato

Alguns sempre acharam ele bonito, mas agora está difícil negar.

Boris Johnson Made A Statement About A Mother Detained In Iran. That Could Get Her In More Trouble.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's husband said her five-year sentence could now be doubled, but the Foreign Office has not retracted inaccurate comments made by Johnson last week.

These Sean Hannity And Tucker Carlson Fox News Segments Didn't Meet British Broadcasting Standards

The media regulator found some coverage on Fox News, which is no longer broadcast in Britain, raised concerns about “due impartiality”.

Sam Smith Told Us 23 Secrets About Himself And Wow Were They Amazing

The singer spills the tea on everything from hating karaoke to wishing for instant orgasms.

At Least 24 Women Who Sold Lularoe Who Have Filed For Bankruptcy Since 2016

A bankruptcy lawyer told BuzzFeed News she would guess that number is probably substantially higher.

Here's What You Need To Know About A Nevada Family On Trial For An Armed Standoff With The Government

The four men standing trial are key figures in two separate armed standoffs in the West that have emboldened an anti-federal government movement.

18 pessoas contam em que momento perceberam que eram brancas

"Fui detida em flagrante e, dentro da viatura, os policiais me orientaram a inventar uma desculpa para não ser presa."

Eduardo Cunha ataca delator do PMDB e defende Temer

Cunha disse em depoimento que Lúcio Funaro o colocou como um "posto Ipiranga" de todas acusações.

Jeremy Corbyn Has Said All MPs Should Get Employment Training After Each General Election

Party leaders are meeting to decide on new rules for tackling sexual harassment across parliament.

7 Dinge, die nur Schwestern verstehen

Eine Schwester ist so viel wert wie 1000 Freundinnen.

21 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

Silicone oven mitts, a maxi dress, pizza pan, and 18 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

29 Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About "Jab We Met"

TIL the Ratlam scenes were not even shot in Ratlam. My life is a lie.

Estas são as vítimas do ataque a tiros numa igreja do Texas

Ao menos 26 pessoas morreram depois que um homem abriu fogo durante o culto dominical de uma pequena igreja de Sutherland Springs, no Texas. A vítima mais nova tinha 5 anos.

People Are Inspired By This Beauty Pageant Contestant Who Spoke About Her Girlfriend

"Because I believe love does not see gender and if you love that someone, go for it.”

This Grandmother Had To Fight Without A Lawyer To Stop A Local Authority Putting Her Grandchild Up For Adoption

Gloucestershire County Council attempted to stop journalists naming the authority, but this was successfully challenged in court by BuzzFeed News and two other news outlets.

24 nojeirinhas com comida que estão nas suas memórias de infância

O inesquecível sabor de Fandangos recheado de MASSA DE FANDANGOS MASTIGADA.

In diese BBQ-Hühchen-Nachos willst du dich reinlegen

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

11 affreux rebondissements de contes de fées dont Disney n'a pas voulu

Vous ne voulez vraiment pas savoir ce qu'il y a vraiment dans la version originale de Blanche-Neige.

6 frases machistas que no deberían volver a escucharse en una cadena pública como TVE

"Cuando he entrado en el plató y el público me ha llamado guapo no me he sentido acosado".

34 Deals On Some Of The Cutest Things You've Ever Seen

Because "aww!" should be reserved for "OMG that's so cute," not "OMG that's expensive AF."

12 historias realmente jodidas que los fans de Disney no se van a creer que son verdad

De verdad que no quieres saber cómo era la versión original de La Bella Durmiente.

This Photo Of Trump Dumping Carp Food In A Pond In Japan Has Become A Huge Meme

"It's such a 'president of the United States' thing to do."

21 moments qui vont vous faire réaliser l'horrible vérité : vous êtes vieux

Même si dans votre tête vous vous voyez encore jeune, les chiffres ne mentent pas.

42 cosas que hace automáticamente cualquier grupo de amigas sin ni siquiera pensarlo

Por favor, sabed que cualquier texto que recibáis ha sido compuesto por un comité de grupo de whatsapp.







Two People Crashed A Church Service To Campaign Against Same-Sex Marriage

"We would never do anything like that to churches or people who feel differently than we do."

21 School Excursions You'll Only Remember If You Grew Up In Sydney

Going to Luna Park for a maths excursion was the best.

The Ketogenic Diet Now Comes In A Tiny Bottle, But Dietitians Are Skeptical

There’s now a shortcut for the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet — and it comes in a shot-sized bottle sold by the startup HVMN. But experts doubt it will actually help improve your athletic prowess as claimed.

Texas Residents Describe Shock And Horror Of Church Massacre

The small community of Sutherland Springs struggles to come to terms with being the latest scene of a mass shooting in which dozens were killed, this time inside a church.

Here's Everything We Know So Far About The Texas Church Shooter

Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, was court-martialed for assaulting his spouse and their child in 2012. He received a bad-conduct discharge, a year of confinement in military prison, and was reduced to the Air Force's lowest rank.

Here's How Much Australia Has Progressed Since It Legalised Medicinal Cannabis

"It's hard to think of legislation that has so adversely affected the people it was intended to help."

27 Situations Literally Every Aussie Has Been In At Least Once

Turning around when someone yells out "Oi, c**t!"

These Are The Victims Of The Texas Church Shooting

At least 26 people died after a man opened fire during a Sunday service in a small church in rural Sutherland Springs, Texas. Here are their stories.

Flash Briefing For November 6, 2017

At least 26 people are dead after a man opened fire in a Texas church, we looked at metadata released for 29 Russian Facebook and Instagram ads, and Sen. Rand Paul is suffering from five broken ribs after being assaulted at his home.

Rate These Pizza Toppings And We'll Predict Your Relationship Status In Two Years

♫Take another little pizza my heart now, baby!♫





21 Hot Santas To Get You Excited... For Christmas

They're sure to bring out your inner ho ho ho!

¿Qué son los Paradise Papers y cómo están involucrados empresarios mexicanos?

Desde Carlos Slim hasta la Reina de Inglaterra. Aquí te explicamos de qué se trata.

12 Fetishes That'll Make You Feel Vanilla As Fuck

*Casually fantasizes about eternal damnation*

This Hyphen Quiz Will Test Your Punctuation IQ

Are you living the hyph life?

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