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39 Pretty Gross Things All Couples Feel *Slightly* Guilty About

Peeing in the shower. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1. Making your partner check your foot to see if you have something nasty going on down there – maybe a verruca, athlete’s foot, or just a bunion.

2. Doing a fart in bed so the smell wafts up their side.

3. Not flushing the toilet if they’re about to use it because it’s a waste of water.

4. Stinking out the bathroom.

5. Using their lip balm even though you have a cold sore.

6. Kissing them when you have a cold.

7. Giving them a scrunched-up tissue from your pocket and saying it’s never been used, even though you’re not 100% sure.

8. Leaving your nail clippings in a pile on the side – or just all over the floor depending how sloppy you are.

9. Eating the last chewing gum, then feeling bad so taking it out of your mouth to give to them.

10. Asking them to chuck away your old chewing gum because they're standing up already and you can't be bothered to move.

11. Shaving in the bath, then not rinsing out the bath afterwards.

12. Not pulling the massive drain hairball out, and leaving it for them.

13. Leaving your cereal bowl in the sink with an inch of soggy cereal and milk in the bottom.

14. Sharing a toothbrush when one of you forgets yours on holiday.

15. Sharing a razor.

16. Sharing a flannel.

17. Peeing in the shower.

18. Washing your hair in the bath before they’re about to get in.

19. Leaving hair swirls on the shower tiles.

20. Leaving your dirty underwear on the floor in the bedroom.

21. Not changing your bedding so it goes all fusty and a little bit grey.

22. Not having a proper wash after having sex.

23. Having sex without having a good wash first.

24. Having sex and getting ~stuff~ on the sheets, but not changing the sheets afterwards.

25. Plucking your eyebrow hairs out and sticking them on the mirror.

26. Getting them to smell your armpits to see if they’re stinky.

27. Showing them your monster mouth ulcer.

28. Showing them your monster back zit.

29. Asking them if they’ll help you pop the monster back zit.

30. Warming your feet up on their body in bed.

31. Asking them to check your nose for bogies.

32. Having them fish some grit out of your eye.

33. Getting them to check the back of your throat to see if your tonsils are up.

34. Having a wee while they’re in the bathroom with you.

35. Telling them about the size of the poo you just did.

36. Telling them about your haemorrhoids.

37. Telling them you have an itchy bum.

38. Sharing a towel.

39. Exchanging saliva with them on a daily basis because you love them so damn much.