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November 29, 2017

Esto es para los que no entienden ni madres de las Gemas del Infinito

Etiqueta a ese amigo que te acompañará a ver Infinity War, pero no sabe del tema.

Decorate A Christmas Tree And We'll Tell You What Christmas Movie To Watch

All I want for Christmas is a well-decorated tree and a good movie.

Trump's Race-Baiting Tweets Are Candy For His Base

"He’s got his finger on the pulse of American voters."

Somalia Says An August Raid Killed Children. US Insists Only The Enemy Died.

Somali officials already had admitted civilians were killed when US-backed troops raided Bariire in August. Wednesday, the Pentagon said only terrorists were killed.

17 Reasons You Need To Road-Trip The Great Ocean Road

There's so much more than just driving.

19 Photos That Prove The Top End Is Basically Jurassic Park IRL

Turns out that the Top End feels exactly like being on Isla Nublar.

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari Has Resigned From His Senate Positions Following Chinese Donor Scandal

For the second time in just over a year, the senator has been forced to resign from his positions over his actions with a Chinese donor.

Gawker’s Lawyers Don’t Think Peter Thiel Is “The Most Able And Logical Purchaser” Of

In a new filing, attorneys for the Gawker estate question Thiel’s motives given his "long history of vindictive conduct" against the now-defunct publication.

30 Books To Get You Through An Existential Crisis

"I get so caught up in the magical realism, it’s easy to forget my own crisis."

Let Black Girls Be Funny

Not that we need your permission, anyway.

Here's Where That False Anti-Muslim Video Trump Retweeted Came From

The video, which depicts an attack by a Dutch teen on another Dutch teen, was first picked up by anti-Muslim activists in May. It has circulated through pro-Trump Twitter accounts, Reddit, Alex Jones' website Prison Planet, and the website of an anti-Muslim crusader — before being retweeted by the president of the United States.

There Are Slave Markets In Libya. Here's What You Need To Know.

Hundreds of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans are currently trapped in Libya, stranded as they try to reach Europe. A recent report shows some of them being auctioned off.

10 Sex Kinks That Prove There's No One Way To Do It

The new book Deviant Desires explores the vast and complex facets of human sexuality. NSFW, obviously.

12 Kitchen Products That, I'm Very Sorry, Sweetie, You're A Fool If You Don't Own

What are you even doing if you don't have a garlic chopping wheel?

There Will Be A Royal Commission Into Australia's Banks

The government was dragged into agreeing to a 12-month-long commission after the CEOs of the major banks called for one themselves.

Trump's Counselor Kellyanne Conway Is Now Leading His Opioids Strategy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced pollster Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, will lead White House initiatives against the opioid overdose epidemic.

So This Pipe Is Just Spewing Blood And Fish Guts Into The Open Water

"I wasn't really prepared for how grossed out I was going to be."

Australia Has Banned The Use Of Some Mesh Implants

The ruling only affects surgeons inserting mesh devices for pelvic organ prolapse.

A revolta do fotógrafo que ficou cego em protesto com derrota no Tribunal de Justiça de SP

"Essa decisão carrega tanta deficiência quanto eu depois de ser ferido com a bala de borracha, porque mostra que a Justiça olhou apenas para um lado", disse Sérgio Silva, 36.

Trump Winery Again Seeks To Hire Foreign Guest Workers

The Virginia vineyard, owned by Eric Trump, is seeking six workers to start in January. Businesses owned by President Trump or bearing his name have been frequent users of the program in the past, seeking to hire more than 400 foreign guest workers since he launched his presidential campaign.

That Crazy Weird Dog Photo, Explained

Don't worry, everything's okay.

No Twitter, Meirelles já está andando, falando e posando como candidato

Na vida real, ele escorrega toda vez que lhe perguntam se vai disputar a Presidência.

People Can't Get Enough Of These Pets On Instagram In 2017

The furry friends you never knew you needed.

Existe uma solução muito fácil para te salvar nos dias da menstruação

Conheça o poder da água oxigenada – e não é só ela!

18 Cosas que me pasaron después de usar el iPhone X durante 10 días

Vivo con miedo a que me lo roben, pero mis selfies mejoraron un 200%.



24 Of The Best Places To Buy A Suit Online

You'll be the best-dressed person in the room.

Here Is Each State's Most Instagrammed Location In 2017

Featuring some of the biggest universities and incredibly stunning national parks.

Uber Attorney Calls Former Employee’s Allegations Of Corporate Espionage “Extortionate"

Her testimony was "outrageous and could be defamatory," an attorney for the former employee told BuzzFeed News. The allegations from that former Uber employee are now at the center of Waymo's case against Uber for theft of trade secrets.

Some Senate Republicans Skeptical Of Trump’s New HHS Pick And His “Big Pharma” Past

Alex Azar, picked to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price, faced tough questioning over rising drug prices, especially in light of his decade-long tenure as a pharmaceutical executive with Eli Lilly and Co.

12 receitas que provam que limão é o ingrediente mais versátil que existe

O bom de ser limoner é fazer do limão uma limonada e uma porrada de outras coisas!

27 Cozy Pajamas You'll Want To Hibernate In This Winter

Cozy pajamas (AKA a valid reason to not leave your house).

Many Republicans Hate A Plan They Will Probably Vote For Just Because They Want To Get Taxes Done

"I don’t want this bill to be destroyed in pursuit of perfection," one Republican said.

All Members Of Congress And Their Staff Will Now Have To Go Through Sexual Harassment Training

The House and Senate will now require all members, employees, and interns to go through sexual harassment training every year. The House’s vote comes as members grapple with how to respond to multiple allegations of harassment against Democratic Rep. John Conyers.

13 fatos sobre a matemática que te deixarão de boca aberta

Pode clicar. Não precisa de calculadora.

21 Tweets That Are Better Than Sex

Sex is cool and all, but tweets are better.

Answer These 12 Questions And We’ll Match Your Workout to Your Mood

Or maybe we'll tell you not to work out at all!

Esta cafetería es atendida por personas con Síndrome de Down porque México es chidísimo

Coffee Córdica 21 será tu nuevo lugar favorito para tomar café en Guadalajara.

Die AfD will einen eigenen TV-Sender starten. Ob sie dort jemals senden darf, ist fraglich.

In Berlin richtet die AfD ein TV-Studio ein. Das könnte schon bald ein Fall für die Medienaufsicht werden.

Your Favorite TV Characters Will Reveal What Type Of Guys You're Into

Is your future hubby the TV star you've been day dreaming about?

Quão ultrapassado você está?

Spoiler: provavelmente muito.

California Is Suing A Giant For-Profit College For Allegedly Misleading Students

Some Ashford University admissions counselors were allegedly "forced to stand at their desk when they missed enrollment targets," the new suit says.

This Guy Is Trying To Lead The White Nationalist Movement In Canada

The Canadian Nationalist Party wants to oust Trudeau with far-right politics.

27 dicas realmente úteis para lidar com ataques de pânico

Estratégias usadas por pessoas que já passaram por isso.

25 Gifts For People Who Love Yoga

Things that'll make you say "namaste."

15 pessoas que precisam urgentemente de um abraço

Tem gente lamentando por vários motivos na hashtag #Totristepq e é nosso dever contribuir para melhorar isso.

Congress Wants To Know More About 45 Suspicious Twitter Accounts Uncovered By BuzzFeed News

The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested information from Twitter about 45 suspicious accounts with direct connections to Russia-linked bots, following a report by BuzzFeed News.

We Followed A Marine Animal Trainer For A Day

Under the sea. Darling, it's better, down where it's wetter — take it from me!

How To Better Care For Your Natural Curly Hair

The gentler you are with your curly hair, the better results you'll get.

Este torneo de futbol le prohibió a una niña seguir en su equipo de toda la vida "porque NO es hombre"

Roberta tenía dos años siendo la única mujer en su equipo sin ningún problema.

People Keep Proposing During Daniel Caesar Concerts And It's Fucking Beautiful

"Through drought and famine, natural disasters, my baby has been around for me."

Se você já fez 20 destas coisas, pode se considerar adulto de verdade

Largando os boletos de lado por um segundo pra fazer o teste.

Caso Fifa: testemunha afirma que Del Nero e Marin receberam propina de US$ 4 milhões

No julgamento do caso Fifa, dirigente de empresa reclamou que brasileiros cobravam propina mas não davam instruções de como receber o dinheiro. Del Nero nega as acusações.

This "She's Gotta Have It" Character's Jordan Collection Is Fire!

Mars Blackmon will definitely have you asking "Is it the shoes?"

La segunda temporada de El Chapo involucra a los expresidentes de México con el narco

Netflix presentó el trailer de la serie, en la cual se muestra un pacto entre el gobierno mexicano y el capo del crimen organizado.

Quantas vezes você foi trouxa em 2017?

Fé no pai, que a trouxice sai.

The "Avengers: Infinity War" Trailer Is Here And Holy God My Body Wasn't Ready

Captain America's beard deserves an Oscar, a Nobel Peace Prize, AND a Medal of Honor.

Este tuíte sobre sexo oral dividiu opiniões mas levantou um ponto

Mulheres provavelmente querem mais sexo oral do que recebem.

Este teste vai dizer qual é seu problema afinal

Talvez você seja bom demais para esse mundo.

Garrison Keillor Has Been Fired From Minnesota Public Radio Over Allegations Of Inappropriate Behavior

MPR is severing all ties with Keillor, including ending rebroadcasts of The Best of A Prairie Home Companion.

Nome de Marisa Letícia para avenida em São Paulo paralisa votações na Câmara

Há vereadores contrários à homenagem porque 1) é a mulher de Lula e 2) ela foi investigada na Lava Jato. "Não vou dar título a uma pessoa que está sendo processada por corrupção", disse Gilberto Natalini.

8 Healthy After-School Snacks

Feed your kids bellies after they feed their minds

First Woman With Down Syndrome Competes In Miss USA Pageant

Meet the 22-year-old who made history as the first woman with Down Syndrome to compete in a Miss USA pageant.

Disney Has Cast The Star Of Its Live Action "Mulan" Remake

Chinese actor Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu, will play the heroic Disney princess in the 2019 adaptation.

Pelo menos 228 milhões de pessoas fazem sexo todos os dias

Levando em consideração relações com apenas duas pessoas.

War Crimes Defendant Drinks Poison In Court

In 2013, Slobodan Praljak was sentenced to 20 years in prison for crimes committed in the Croat–Bosniak War.

Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez Won't Say If He Thinks John Conyers Should Resign

Perez said in a radio interview on Wednesday that "there have to be prompt but very full investigations here."

BuzzFeed Is Cutting Jobs And Restructuring Its Business Team

The company is laying off about 100 employees in the US and restructuring its advertising sales team. President Greg Coleman is moving into an advisory role, and there are editorial and business cuts in the UK.

Você lembra em qual temporada as coisas acontecem em "Friends"?

Este é REALMENTE o teste mais difícil sobre "Friends" que você já viu.

Qual teste do BuzzFeed você é?

Todo dia um teste diferente do BuzzFeed, mas um deles é você.

18 situações horríveis que teimam em acontecer na vida de uma pessoa tímida

Sentar com alguém que você não conhece em uma praça de alimentação por falta de cadeiras livres.

Same-Sex Marriage Bill Clears Australia Senate

Australia’s Senate overwhelmingly passed a same-sex marriage bill, which now heads to the lower house and could become law as soon as next week.

Comment la Turquie d'Erdogan fait sa pub grâce à la Love Army de Jérôme Jarre

La campagne humanitaire de l'influenceur, venu en aide aux Rohingya, permet au régime turc de se faire une très bonne publicité.

Los 17 mejores tweets sobre 'Infinity War' hasta el momento

Porque el tren del mame es mucho mejor cuando Marvel está involucrado.

Só um quase-chef de cozinha vai identificar todas essas ervas e temperos

Você é especialista em temperos ou é meio sem sal?

These Were The Top 10 Most-Instagrammed Places In 2017

It turns out Disney isn't just the happiest place on earth, it's also the most Instagrammed!

24 Romantic Novels That'll Make You Cry Every Time

Keep your tissue box close while reading these novels.

Vous ne mangez pas assez de légumes ? Glissez-les dans vos smoothies avec ces 4 recettes

Pour faire manger des légumes même aux plus récalcitrants !

23 Things That Are Painfully Accurate For Journalism Students

The Oxford comma will be the death of me.

Jennifer Lawrence Opened Up About Dating Darren Aronofsky

"Dating the director was different."

Could Trump Become A Lame-Duck President After Only One Year?

He needs a win badly. Instead, December could leave him with another missed agenda item, a deteriorated Senate majority, and a shuttered government.

Apple Released A Patch For That Massive Security Flaw In MacOS

The fix can be downloaded in the Mac App Store now.

17 personnes qui ont eu affaire à de TRÈS grosses bites

«Ce mec, c'était une tête de bite avec une grosse bite.»

Quem é você em "Titanic"?

Não se preocupe, não dá pra tirar "O iceberg" neste teste.

18 frases que podem ser ditas numa transa ou no trabalho

"Tem certeza que não quer minha ajuda com isso?"

17 Pictures That Are As Impressive As They Are Gross

Turns out this is a thing everyone does.

Este teste dirá como você é durante o sexo

Vamos falar sobre o que importa.

This Is What A Sandwich Looks Like In 18 Different Countries

BRB, moving to Puerto Rico for a triple-meat sub.

Rate These TV Sitcom Characters And We'll Give You A Netflix Show To Binge

They say character development is the key to great television...

17 vezes em que Rihanna foi mais engraçada do que muito comediante por aí

Cantora, modelo, empreendedora do ramo de maquiagem e comediante de verdade.

21 Books You Need To Diversify Your Reading List

Essential for your ever growing reading list.

People Are Wondering How Ann Curry Is Reacting To Matt Lauer's Firing From NBC

"Somewhere, Ann Curry just made her orange juice a mimosa."

19 Sleeper Sofas That People Love Having In Their Homes

These will definitely turn your 30-minute power nap into a three-hour sleep, so be prepared.

17 Cosas que todos los mexicanos hacemos y el resto del mundo considera asquerosas

Sí, tomamos de la misma caguama y le ponemos chilito a la fruta.

Es ist 2017 und bei diesem Journalisten-Preis haben 100% Männer gewonnen

"Vielleicht gibt es da doch ein klitzekleines Diversity-Problem in Deutschlands Redaktionen?"

The Far-Right Group Retweeted By Donald Trump Deleted A Bunch Of Pro-Putin Posts From Its Website

Deleted posts included "GO PUTIN! Russian president’s popularity on rise in Czech Republic!" and "VIDEO: Putin backs our Brexit".

21 Adam Scott Characters Ranked From Least To Most Likable

Warning: You're about to see Adam Scott's face 135 times.

19 photos qui sont un vrai antidote contre une journée pourrie

Consacrez-nous 90 secondes, et on vous garantit que vous vous sentirez au moins un petit peu mieux.

As The Floodgates Open, Don't Forget About Our Cleaners, Nannies, And Carers

Domestic work is done overwhelmingly by women of color and immigrants, and a long, racist history means they still aren't protected like other workers.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on desks, sound systems, shampoo, and more!

33 Things All Work BFFs Have Done In Secret

Sent emails to each other and asked "Is this ok to send?"

19 momentos icónicos que todo aquel que viese la tele en los 2000 reconocerá


31 Photos Of Kim Kardashian 10 Years Ago That Are Just Perfect

What did we do to deserve this blessing.

Here Are The Top 10 Most-Liked Instagram Photos Of 2017

Spoiler: people really love Selena Gomez.

36 Things All British People Feel Slightly Guilty About Doing

Removing your card too quickly from the machine and having to start the transaction all over again.

Here's A Look Inside 16 Super-Expensive Houses That'll Make You Say "I Need To Be Rich"

It's time to plot what you can buy when you've earned your millions.

If You Fail This "IT Crowd" Quiz You Will Break The Internet

Did you come here to drink milk and kick ass or what?

19 Science Jokes That Will Make You Laugh And Then Say "Hmmmmmmm"

"Are tectonic plates dishwasher safe?" "Idk but they're perfect for a continental breakfast."

5 Hearty Slow Cooker Recipes

Recipes *perfect* for winter

These Are The Most Popular Celebrities On Instagram In 2017

Did your favorite celebrity make the list?

Damian Green Has Refused To Apologise On Behalf Of The Government To Victims Of Sexual Harassment In Parliament

Theresa May's deputy, who is being investigated for alleged inappropriate behaviour, ducked a call at PMQs to apologise to victims of sexual harassment.

Chipotle's Founder Steps Down As CEO Of The Struggling Burrito Chain

"Simply put, we need to execute better to ensure our future success," said Chipotle founder Steve Ells.

26 Jokes From "Gavin & Stacey" That Are Just 10/10

"Obama, Osama, very different people with very different ideas."

Uber Says The Names, Email Addresses, And Mobile Phone Numbers Of 2.7 Million People In The UK Were Compromised In A Data Breach

Uber confirmed earlier this month that in a data breach last year, details from millions of accounts had been compromised.

Esta cuenta que apoyaba a EPN en 2012 y tiene casi 750 mil seguidores cambió su nombre para respaldar a Meade

@MovimientoEPN tiene más de 746 mil seguidores y fue renombrada hace unos días como @MovimientoMEADE.

A White Marvel Employee Has Admitted He Used An Asian Pseudonym To Write Comics

C.B. Cebulski, writing under the name Akira Yoshida, was even praised at one point as one of "Japan’s greatest comic book creators."

23 Thoughtful And Clever Gifts For Your Favorite Couple

Whether you're part of it or know the love birds!

11 fatos nojentos que podem fazer você parar de roer as unhas

A não ser que você adore colocar na boca 10 milhões de germes por dia, é claro.

19 Party Dresses That Say "Surprise Bitch, I Bet You Thought You'd Seen The Last Of Me"

Including an old-school Hollywood gown with a modern red carpet twist.

"Pela vida do meu filho, eu não mandei gravar o presidente, não", diz ex-procurador Marcelo Miller

Suspeito de ter atuado ao mesmo tempo para a Lava Jato e para a JBS, ex-procurador Marcelo Miller diz que fez lambança, mas não cometeu crime.

Which Teen Movie Best Describes What's Going On In Your Love Life?

Which 90-minute masterpiece reflects your life the most?

El tráiler de 'Infinity War' finalmente está aquí y es todo lo que esperabas (y más)

Destrucción global, el nuevo traje de Spider-Man, todos los héroes luchando juntos, THANOS.

15 histórias de quem inventou de usar comida na hora do sexo

"Não usem Nutella pra incrementar o sexo oral, fica parecendo diarreia."



19 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A set of pimple patches for acne, a laptop standing table, pickle-flavored candy canes, and 16 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

23 Products For Anyone Who's Taking A Break From Playing "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" To Read This

No, you don't have to build a ranch chair to get me to visit your place.

Quatro sabores incríveis de brigadeiros para sua semana

E na dúvida de qual brigadeiro fazer, faça os quatro!

Many People Are Moved By This Teen's Tweet Sharing Her Father's Mental Health Journey

Brian Wilkie's story was pulled from This Morning due to breaking news of the royal engagement. He tells BuzzFeed News about how he has "a second chance to be a father".

Ministério Público quer devolução de R$ 284 bilhões do BNDES aos cofres públicos

Procuradoria diz que banco foi financiando de forma irregular nos últimos anos por meio de títulos do Tesouro, criando uma espécie de “orçamento paralelo”.

Matt Lauer Says He's "Embarrassed And Ashamed" In His First Statement Since Being Fired From NBC News

The longtime Today host was fired Wednesday after an employee came forward with a sexual misconduct complaint.

5 Cute Subscription Boxes Your Quirky BFF Will Probably Love

Or pretty much anyone else who'll love getting a package of surprise goods delivered to their doorstop, TBH.

Australiens Senat sagt Ja zur Ehe für alle

In einer historischen Abstimmung hat der Senat mit 43 zu 12 Stimmen für die gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe gestimmt. Nun muss noch das Unterhaus entscheiden.

Trump Retweeted Anti-Muslim Videos Posted By Far-Right Group Britain First

Trump's tweets drew criticism from UK Prime Minister Theresa May and rebukes from around the world. The White House vigorously defended the tweets, saying they spoke to a national security issue.

Can You Guess The Classic Science Book From Just One Line?

Do you know A Brief History of Time from A Short History of Nearly Everything?

25 técnicas de masturbación que quizás quieras probar

Le preguntamos a distintas personas cuáles son sus mejores técnicas. Aquí te damos algunos tips de nuestros lectores con vaginas que puede que quieras intentar tú misma.

A War Crimes Defendant Has Died After He "Took Poison" As His Verdict Was Read Out

Former Bosnian Croat general Slobodan Praljak stood up and appeared to drink from a small bottle as his 20-year sentence was upheld at the criminal tribunal over the Yugoslav conflict. Warning: Video in this article may be considered disturbing.

Recast These Famous Movie Roles And We'll Reveal A Deep Truth About You

It's finally your chance to sit in the director's chair.

28 Gifts Based On Awesome Women To Give The Awesome Women In Your Life

Wonderful gifts based on inspirational women (both real and fictional).


BuzzFeed Japanでは12月1日23時30分から、ロシアW杯の組み合わせ抽選を解説する生番組「今日からあなたもサッカー通!これだけ押さえとけW杯抽選会」を放送します!

13 festlich bemalte Popos, die deine Glocken zum Klingen bringen

Bei dem Anblick glühen auch dir die Bäckchen.

Diese mit Käse, Hack und Spinat gefüllte Blätterteigrolle ist einfach ein gebackener Traum

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!



Así se llamarían estos 17 famosos con su nombre en castellano

Me gustó mucho Godofredo Puentes en 'El gran Lebowski'.



Immigration Judges Say “Too Many People Are Banged Up” In Detention

A Bar Council report shown exclusively to BuzzFeed News reveals many detainees do not get the legal advice they're entitled to, and are held for months for no crime.



Saif Ali Khan Had Some Brutally Honest Thoughts About How Fake Bollywood Award Shows Are

"Honestly, if you ask me, there’s no such thing as an awards function. It’s the biggest joke in the world."

Zizzi Waiting Staff Say They Foot The Bill If Customers Leave Without Paying, Along With Other "Mistakes"

BuzzFeed News spoke to several employees who claimed the company charges them if a customer walks out without paying and for a catalogue of "mistakes". Zizzi said staff "welcome" the opportunity to learn "cash handling skills".



Hearing Begins Into The Deaths Of Three Aboriginal Children On Bowraville Mission

A hearing into the murders of three Aboriginal children in the NSW mid north coast town of Bowraville in the early 90s began today before the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

日馬富士「先輩としての義務」だった 暴行問題を引退会見で語る


Hope At The End Of The World's Most Heartbreaking Climate Summit

Conversations about the end of the world from the centre of the world.

17 Things To Do If You Live In Sydney And Have A Week Off

We know that you're aware of the Bondi to Coogee walk... let's explore further.

This Christian Woman Said Having An Abortion In A State Where The Procedure Is A Crime Was An "Eye-Opener"

"Abortion is portrayed in Christianity as being this cold and callous money-making business."

Two Teenage Boys Charged After Allegedly Planning Attack On School

A 16-year-old boy has been charged with solicit to murder, and an 18-year-old has been charged with four counts of aggravated threats.

An Anguished Congressional Black Caucus Is Trying To Figure Out What To Do About John Conyers

"You don’t want to believe anyone just would lie about something like this. But you don’t want to believe he would do it, either, because we know him. And it’s one thing if it’s Harvey Weinstein, but it’s another thing when it’s somebody you know.”

The White House Reporter For A Pro-Trump News Site Was Arrested After Allegedly Accosting A Woman

Lucian Wintrich, a reporter with the Gateway Pundit, was arrested Tuesday night at the University of Connecticut, where he was delivering a speech titled "It's OK to Be White."

A Woman Who Said Roy Moore Sexually Assaulted Her At 14 Has Written An Emotional Open Letter

"Where does your immorality end?" Leigh Corfman asked the Alabama Republican after he dismissed her allegations as false and malicious.

Flash Briefing For November 29, 2017

Democratic leaders canceled a White House meeting after Trump tweeted that he didn’t “see a deal” to address a potential government shutdown, North Korea launched what appears to be its longest-range missile yet, the nominations for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards have good black representation, and the genie in “Aladdin” was originally green.

The Same-Sex Marriage Bill Just Passed The Senate

In a historic vote, Australia's upper house has passed a bill for marriage equality. It now goes to the lower house for debate.

A Bombshell Letter That Could Change Waymo's Case Against Uber Is Being Kept Confidential For Now

The public will have to wait to read the letter in which a former Uber employee said he observed the company’s attempts to hack competitors, steal trade secrets, and cover up potentially illegal operations.

We Went To LA's Coolest New Exhibit And It Was Instagram Heaven

AKA how to get a month's worth of grams in an hour...

高級和牛を独り占めするぞー! 肉好きのための超高級30万円弁当


ボディサスペンションで結婚式 「身体改造」のクレイジーな世界


見るだけで「小学生に戻りたい…」という気持ちが強くなる駄菓子 9選


Cornell University Is Investigating This Controversial Research About Eating Behaviors

In April, Cornell said it had found no evidence of misconduct in four of Brian Wansink’s controversial papers on the psychology of eating. But now the school tells BuzzFeed News an investigation is “underway.”

Here's Everything You Need To Know About "Virginity Tests"

"Virginity testing is a form of gender discrimination, as well as a violation of fundamental rights, and when carried out without consent, a form of sexual assault."

Estos son los documentos que muestran que Meade nunca declaró públicamente la casa donde vive

En entrevista radiofónica dijo que él compró la casa en 2002, pero la propiedad no está a su nombre ni de su esposa. Tampoco aparece en sus declaraciones patrimoniales públicas.

Company That Won $30 Million FEMA Contract Never Delivered Supplies To Puerto Rico

FEMA ultimately canceled the deal before paying out the money. The contractor said it had experienced problems with its supply chain.

29 Dino-Mite Gifts To Give The Dinosaur Lover In Your Life

Amateur paleontologists will really *dig* this stuff.