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    We Went To LA's Coolest New Exhibit And It Was Instagram Heaven

    AKA how to get a month's worth of grams in an hour...

    The country's latest Instagram-worthy experience just opened in LA's Arts District. It's called Happy Place and it's in a 20,000 square foot yellow warehouse.

    Here are 23 reasons to check it out:

    1. 13 rooms full of different looks and experiences:

    2. SO MUCH NEON!

    3. A Giant XO for all you hopeless romantics.

    4. With a Giant Lips Couch.

    5. The XO is lined with 150,000 1 inch mirror squares... so it's shimmery AF.

    6. Free candy!

    7. ...and cake pops!

    8. Even the hallways are cool.

    9. A giant birthday cake with person sized candles.

    10. That you can bend, because why not?!

    11. And giant balloons!

    12. The 24x16 foot cake is a great place to eat the free cake pops you just got.

    13. A super bloom room with 15,000 (fake) flowers.

    For real, though, this is the best room in the joint.

    You're gonna wanna take a million pictures.

    14. An upside-down bedroom.

    That is legit trippy.

    And big enough for your whole crew!

    15. 115 positive light boxes that remind you to "Live, Laugh, Love."

    16. A hand painted mural that will bring you to your knees.

    17. This yellow ducky room.

    18. This giant mirror room (so you can see your butt a bunch of times).

    19. And, of course, a 50 foot rainbow and a pot of 25,000 oversized coins.

    20. Perfect for mid-air photos...

    You'll want to gram so much, you won't even wait to land.

    21. A room where you can make confetti angels.

    22. And if that's not enough, they've also got the world's largest (only?) confetti dome!

    23. Once you're done with the rooms, there's a "backyard" area with snacks, games, and other stuff.

    So what are you waiting for? Get to your HAPPY PLACE!