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    24 Romantic Novels That'll Make You Cry Every Time

    Keep your tissue box close while reading these novels.

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    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which novels always make them cry tears of joy—look below for their list of reads (they'll likely leave you in a puddle of tears once you finish them).

    1. Loving Mr. Daniels, which will shake up your emotions as Ashlyn Jennings navigates the ups and downs of her relationship with an unexpected soulmate.

    2. Our Souls at Night so you can take a journey to Holt, Colorado, and witness a heartwarming tale about second chances.

    3. Eleanor & Park for a walk down memory lane to those days of young love and all the dramatics that come with it.

    4. P.S., I Love You to have you all in your feelings while following Holly's search for herself after the death of her childhood sweetheart Gary's death.

    5. The Game of Love and Death, a novel that'll surely make you break down over Flora and Henry's extraordinary connection and battle to protect it.

    6. The I Heart series can fill your mornings and nights with Angela Clark's endless escapades to figure out life and love.

    7. Beautiful Disaster so you'll be on edge while following the romance of good girl Abby Abernathy and her alluring bad boy Travis Maddox.

    8. The Wedding may give you all the feels as you keep up with Wilson Lewis' quest to reconnect with his wife and repair their broken bond.

    9. Ugly Love that'll leave you shook by Tate Collins and Miles Archer's twisted struggle to keep their attraction from complicating their casual romance.

    10. The first three books in the Outlander series — Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, and Voyager — that'll take you through basically every emotion you can imagine.

    11. Breathe for an adorable story of Sadie White and Jax Stone's surprise summer romance you'll be swooning over forever.

    12. The Book Thief, which will take you on an emotional trip to World War II-era Germany, where Liesel Meminger uncovers a love for books that deeply touches her and the lives of those around her.

    13. Perfect Chemistry to wrap yourself in Brittany Ellis and bad boy Alex Fuentes' attempt to navigate their uncertain feelings for each other.

    14. The Time Traveler's Wife for a classic tale that'll tug at your heart from start to finish.

    15. Fangirl will let you take on a new life with Cath as she attempts to transition into college and truly succeed at living on her own.

    16. A Walk to Remember so you'll be able to celebrate the extraordinary bond between Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan.

    17. Persuasion to tap into your inner sappiness thanks to the sweet love between Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth.

    18. The Fault in Our Stars for an overwhelming journey of joy and heartbreak that'll stick with you forever.

    19. The Night Circus so you'll be left dreaming about the magically tangled love story of Celia and Marco.

    20. It's Only Temporary to follow Penelope Stewart's dramatic change of life plans after taking a summer job as an office temp.

    21. The Truth About Forever, which'll transport you into Macy Queen's summer at Wish Catering as she copes with the death of her father and budding friendship with her new acquaintance Wes.

    22. Corelli's Mandolin so you can travel to the Greek island of Cephallonia to witness Mandras and Captain Corelli's emotional battle for Pelagia's heart.

    23. Pride and Prejudice to charm you with Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy's struggle to simply get along.

    24. And Oh My Stars, which'll leave you beyond touched as you track Violet Mathers' quest to redefine herself while figuring out what matters most in her life.

    Let the waterworks begin.

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