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    29 Dino-Mite Gifts To Give The Dinosaur Lover In Your Life

    Amateur paleontologists will really *dig* this stuff.

    1. A pair of fancy collar clips that are the cutest accessories your recipient ever saur.

    2. An awesome dinosaur pasta spoon for the greatest kitchen gadget in history.

    3. An inflatable costume honestly perfect for any occasion.

    4. A little egg candle that "hatches" when you light it, revealing a baby dinosaur.

    5. Dinosaur stockings for adding a little personality to their outfit.

    6. A sandwich cutter capable of transforming your plain ol' sandwich into two awesome brachiosauruses.

    7. An extremely helpful T. rex with powerful jaws that can open even the toughest bottle.

    8. A punny mug for starting their mornings right.

    9. A dino-dress so cute it'll make their heat saur.

    10. A pair of gem-eyed earrings for a fierce outfit.

    11. An adorable stocking to fill up with cool stuff like stegosaurus figures and ankylosaurus socks.

    12. A bold statement necklace they're really going to dig.

    13. An adorable T-shirt that's absolutely dino-mite!

    14. A little friend for your desk that holds memos and desk accessories.

    15. A humerus tee with a hidden surprise on the inside.

    16. A beautiful print that comes with a frame so they can hang it up as soon as they get it.

    17. A prehistorically amazing robe to make their mornings epoch.

    18. A triceratops bust for pretending to be an accomplished time-traveling hunter. Dinosaurs are the *real* most dangerous game.

    19. A cuddly kigurumi to give someone if you wish you knew more dinosaurs.

    20. A hilarious book about the downsides of being a dinosaur (or pirate, dodo, etc.)

    21. A fluffy stuffed animal they can cuddle tight while they dream of pterodactyls.

    22. A tin of lip gloss to help soothe their saur lips.

    23. Perfectly-shaped crayons for attacking their latest prey — a new coloring book.

    24. A throw pillow ready to prowl across the cushions of their couch.

    25. A conversation-starting menorah perfect for making Hanukkah as bright as a meteorite hurdling towards Earth (just kidding).

    26. A charming ring holder that will look great on their dresser — no bones about it.

    27. Origami cufflinks every suit needs when going to up-scale events.

    28. A dinosaur taco holder that keeps filling safe inside the shell — and just looks awesome.

    29. A Monopoly-inspired board game for buying up all the real estate while it's still cheap.

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