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    If You're Looking For A Birthday Gift, Here Are 86 Excellent Ideas

    You might just find yourself wishing it was *your* birthday after seeing all of these fab gift ideas.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A mystical colorant that'll transform your loved one's fireplace into one seemingly filled with magic and dancing colors — who wouldn't want that?


    Promising review: "Love these, have purchased a few times and will now buy the 50-pack because they really add a ton of fun to my bonfires. Depending on how much your fire is raging they will last 30–60 minutes. I use two to three packets at a time. Highly recommend." —JAO

    Get six packets from Amazon for $6.42.

    2. The Book with No Pictures by The Office's own B.J. Novak that'll leave you and your mini-me giggling past their bedtime.

    the book with no pictures's cover

    The book is recommended for ages 5–8.

    Promising review: "Our 4-year-old is always pestering us to 'let me see the pictures' of her books every night, making storytime drag on forever, so I thought this would be great to chill her out at bedtime. NOT! She laughs so hard she gets the hiccups and has tears rolling down her face by the time we're two thirds through the book! What a perfect idea!" —Straight Outta the Suburbs

    Get it from Amazon for $8.64+ (available in four formats).

    3. A squat machine to help them target the three main muscles in their butt. "Bootylicious" is about to become their theme song.

    The DB Method, thedbmethod / Via

    The DB Method is a woman-owned company and has become quite popular among celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross, the Kardashians, and Hailey Bieber (which is enough reason for me to give it a test run). It'll help you strengthen your center of gravity and, IMO, is quite budget friendly in comparison to most other home workout equipment.

    Promising review: "I am so happy I made the decision to buy a DB Method. I've been using it for the past two weeks at least 10 minutes daily and I can see a difference in my abs, arms, legs and butt! A great full body workout! You will not be disappointed with this purchase! Go for it." —Cleo B.

    Get it from The DB Method for $329 (including free shipping and a phone stand to follow videos on their app).

    4. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, which will turn your home into a real-life race course for Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the classic gang.

    a screen shot of what it looks like to play the game with your home as the background

    Your kiddo will need a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite to play this game — and it's rated for ages "E for everyone." Essentially, this game uses artificial intelligence (and an actual remote car with a camera attached to it) to bring the classic game of Mario Kart to life in your home. I've personally tried it out and it is unbelievably cool and very fun. You can change the tracks over and over for new experiences each time. My favorite part is that when you run the race on your Nintendo Switch you actually feel like you're watching Luigi race through YOUR home!

    Promising review: "Awesome toy, kids will love it. Great quality and use, one of the far coolest Nintendo has made." —Luigi

    Get it from Target for $90.99.

    5. A Baby Yoda night-light that, for lack of a better term, can become their *guiding light* as they make their way through the hallway in the middle of the night when they'll inevitably have to pee.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    I am admittedly obsessed with "The Child" and can't get enough of him — that includes letting him reign over my bathroom at night in the form of the night-light.

    Promising review: "So cute and I love that it turns on when it senses it is dark. Would also make a cute gift! Could be brighter, but it is perfect for what I was looking for and adds fun to my home." —Julie

    Get it from Amazon for $7.48.

    6. A rechargeable lighter that'll let them light every candle in their house to create the *perfect* ambience without concern they'll run out of lighter fluid.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    I'm obsessed with candles, so it was a no-brainer for my husband to gift me this surprisingly super-fun gadget. It's really simple to use and charge, and it really works! I'll never have to buy another lighter again.

    Promising review: "This is seriously the coolest device of my winter holiday. It makes lighting candles a breeze. Yes, there is a weird crackling noise, but that's a super-minor annoyance. It's a super-intuitive device. Plug the lighter in with the USB (included), charge for a bit, then pop it open and light ALL THE THINGS; well, candles. I don't know how well it lights cigarettes or whatever. However, for my personal intended use, it's awesome!" —Jee W

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in three colors and in a three-pack).

    7. Ugg Classic Ultra Mini bootie to keep their feet feeling pampered all day long — they deserve it!

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, ugg / Via

    I got these Ugg Minis last year and have been wearing them as my "work shoes" while working from home. They're the perfect mix between a slipper and an actual shoe, so I can continue to wear my comfiest clothes to "the office" (my guest room) but also feel like I've somewhat transitioned into work mode for the day. They're super soft, as all Uggs are, and honestly just make me happy! They are true to size so no worries about sizing up or down.

    Promising review: "These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They are so cozy warm. Not bulky. I can go for walks or just lounge around the house in them. Having to be at home all the time these days during the pandemic, I wanted shoes that felt like a slipper but give more support. And they aren't weighing me down like the taller Ugg boots. I will wear these every season. Thank you, Ugg!" —Amy Del Santo

    Get them from Amazon for $139+ (available in women's sizes 5–12 and seven colors).

    Psst: This item is included in Prime Wardrobe, so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    8. A gourmet tower of treats for the foodie in your life — their mouth will be on the floor (and probably full of drool) when they get to feast their eyes on this gift.

    gold stacked boxes filled with delicious snacks
    Gift Tree

    This set comes with churro almonds, Wisconsin white cheddar popcorn, Lindt and Lindor gourmet chocolates, and double-chocolate brownie cookies. 

    You can save up to $50 on your order with our code AFFGTBUZZFEED21.

    Promising review: "I ordered one of the gourmet towers for a friend's belated birthday. She was so excited when it arrived. The boxes were arranged beautifully. She sent me a picture and the arrangement looked just like the picture on the website. The snacks were fresh and tasty. This is my second time ordering. Very pleased" —Birthday Girl

    Get it from Gift Tree for $69.95.

    9. A "Stolen Hoodie" scented candle you can likely play off as an inside joke and definitely make your S.O. smile each time they light it.

    a candle with a label that says "stolen hoodie good luck getting this back from me"
    Evil Queen

    That hoodie you borrowed from them with zero intention of ever returning? Yeah, that's the one. We've all been there. ;) They are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift and how good it smells. When I tell you I am wholeheartedly committed to this candle brand I mean it. I was first introduced to them when I discovered their "OMG You're Engaged" candle in a boutique near my NYC apartment a few years ago. I've been gifting them to everyone I know (and myself) since. This small business is woman-owned by an absolute badass who also writes poetry.

    Get it from Evil Queen for $22.

    10. A love language card game – it's perfect for anyone whether you've just started dating *or* if you've known each other forever.


    Promising review: "I wanted to find some ways to get to know my boyfriend better as I’ve asked every question I could possible think of, LOL. I didn’t look at a single card before we played and it really helped further strengthen our relationship. The different categories make sure you leave no part of your significant others life unturned! I highly recommend!" —Braxton

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    11. A rechargeable hand warmer complete with double-sided heat and three different heat settings they can adjust to their environment — a must-have for the person in your life who is *always* freezing (you know who you are).


    Psst — this is USB rechargeable, and you can even use a power bank or your phone to charge it!

    Promising review: "This hand warmer is amazing! My hands are constantly cold and I've tried all sorts of products to help keep them warm but nothing has worked until now. I charge the hand warmer every night with a standard USB charger and the next day, I have hours of warmth. The three temperature settings are very helpful — I use the highest setting when I'm outdoors for long periods of time and the lower settings when I'm indoors (e.g., sitting at my desk or in a cold movie theater). I've already given hand warmers as gifts to several cold-handed friends and family members and they're loving it as well. I hope Ocoopa comes out with a foot warmer next!" —Riva Kupritz

    Get it from Amazon for $29.89 (available in 11 colors).

    12. A s'mores-themed ChapStick collection that'll keep their pout super soft and give you an extra reason to ~give 'em some sugar~.

    A chapstick case with milk chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavored chapsticks

    Each set comes with three flavors: a Milk Chocolate, a Marshmallow, and a Graham Cracker flavor.

    Promising review: "My mom and I are ChapStick fans, so I bought us each a pack of these. The marshmallow is clear, the chocolate is brown, and the graham cracker is tan. The color isn’t too extreme, but it will leave a little bit of tint on your lips. The flavors are DELICIOUS. Graham cracker reminds me of Golden Grahams cereal and chocolate is just perfect. I love the marshmallow best because it tastes slightly toasted." —Elle Ardee

    Get it from Amazon for $3.99.

    13. A gold necklace with a charm inspired by modernist French sculptures, but more importantly was worn by Taylor Swift in this now iconic TikTok about fall. Any fan would delightfully appreciate this Easter egg of a gift.

    a side by side photo of Taylor Swift wearing the necklace next to the gold necklace with a square shaped charm
    Taylor Swift / Awe Inspired

    I have a few necklaces from this mother-and-son-owned company, and now this one is on my must-buy list. Each piece I own is sturdy but somehow still feels delicate. I love the way I can layer them with other necklaces I already own. 20% of all proceeds of this style will go to help women in need. The brand has hand selected an array of charities, such as The American Nurses Foundation, CancerCare, the NAACP, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network,  Emily's List, and The Trevor Project, that they donate to on a rotating cycle. Additionally, the  jewelry is manufactured in Minneapolis, Miami, New York, and abroad in Italy, Istanbul, and Bangkok.

    Get it from Awe Inspired for $195+ (also available in silver).

    14. A customized Starbucks cup that'll let them combine their obsessions with Disney and caffeine into one glittering tumbler.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, For The Love Of Pixie Dust

    Anyone who frequents the Disney Parks is familiar with the many Starbucks located around the property. The cups they use there are super cute and you can often have your name written (correctly!) with a Mickey or Minnie next to it. Carry that kind of magic around with you no matter where you are by purchasing this spectacular tumbler! You can even request a character of your choice to make it extra special. I have a bunch of these (there's so many cute designs) and def suggest you snag your own. For the Love of Pixie Dust is a woman-owned small business based out of New Jersey.

    Get it from For the Love of Pixie Dust for $21.

    15. The Wand, a handheld filter designed to remove the histamines and sulfites in alcohol that may trigger headaches and hangovers. This lil' gadget will have them singing out "blesssss my souuuuul" like one of the Muses from Hercules.

    a model stirring the wand into their wine

    Promising review: "OMG!!!! This works. I love wine, but have terrible allergies to the histamines, sulfites, and preservatives in wine. I actually use one wand for two glasses of wine. I was very skeptical, but it works like a dream! Thank you, PureWine. This is really a breakthrough for me." —Penny Froh

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $14.99 (available in multiple pack sizes).

    16. A Wreck This Journal can encourage them to get more in touch with their artistic side — great if they've been intimidated by trying to fill out the blank pages of boring old regular journals. This journal may not start out as a personalized item, but it'll certainly be one when they're done with it.

    Promising review: "I’m 17 and I loved this. In the intro it says the page instructions are all up to interpretation, so if it says 'spill your drink' or something you can take that literally or choose to paint on it with something such as tea or coffee that’ll look like brown watercolor. I love that it’s full of bizarre prompts but that you have wiggle room if you don’t want to do anything too crazy. I would recommend this if you’re just looking for something fun or if you’re going through some challenges this is really helpful to distract/express/push yourself!" —Marlee

    Get it from Amazon for $9.59+ (available in two styles).

    17. Snowflake earrings to bring a touch of sparkle and wintertime magic to their jewelry lineup.


    You can check out their entire seasonal collection as well!

    Get them from BaubleBar for $48.

    18. A gift assortment of Popbar hot chocolate sticks to upgrade their fave winter beverage from a standard powder hot chocolate mix to one you'd see the main character sipping on under twinkle lights in a Hallmark movie.

    the Popbar hot chocolate sticks / Via @popbar

    Promising review: "Delish! Wish I had tried them earlier, before I had already bought gifts. These are so yummy and rich, you can almost use one for two cups of cocoa. I will likely get these again next year for sweet treats and holiday gifts." —Jane Mitchell

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $24.99 (available in dark, milk, and white chocolate or chocolate, mocha, and peppermint. Also available in packs of three and 12).

    19. A graphic tee that'll be appreciated by your most stylish friend *and* the one who typically dresses up in a white tee and jeans.

    Reviewer wears dark yellow graphic tee with line drawings of stylized faces on the front under a black cardigan
    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "This is my new favorite T-shirt. First time wearing it out, I received so many compliments. When ordering, I really didn’t know what to expect from the sizing, but after reading the reviews I decided to choose an extra large due to everyone saying it was kind of crop-toppy, which is very true." —Sarah DaVitte

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in women's sizes XS–2XL and 32 styles).

    20. A small plot of land in Ireland or Scotland, so your Royal Family–obsessed friend can claim once and for all they are a Lord or a Lady.

    a photo of ireland
    celtictitles / Via

    I received this package and thought it was the coolest thing ever! It comes with a very formal certificate stating your name, your new "title" and exactly where your land is located. It's even encouraged that someday you come and visit it! So fun.

    Get land in Scotland from Highland Titles or land in Ireland from Celctic Titles for $45+ (available in 1 square foot up to 100 square feet).

    21. A Dyson Corrale straightener that'll make them never want to use another brand's again — it can be used for 30 minutes without a cord, has flexible plates, and chimes to let you know when it's done heating up.

    dysonhair / Via, Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    I was gifted this magnificent straightener and, boy, do I consider myself lucky. This is a gadget I typically wouldn't have splurged on, but after getting to try it out first hand I'd like to eat the words I just typed. This thing is AWESOME. It has its own stand so you don't have to worry about placing it down on an inappropriate surface (ahem, your bedroom carpet) while sectioning off the next part of your hair. It also heats up faster than it takes to watch a TikTok video — legit like SECONDS. It's very lightweight and straightens my hair in half the time it usually takes and can be used without a cord! It really is an incredible gadget that is worth every penny.

    Promising review: "I am 38 years old and I've finally found the one! By the one I mean the ONLY hair straightener in the world that delivers salon quality results at home. For the first time in my life, I can stop going to the salon once a week to get my hair done, and actually make it look amazing by myself. Hats off to the whole Dyson team for inventing this hair tool, I'm a guaranteed lifer. This is also the first time in my life any product has impressed me so much that I took the time to do a review, I'm just so excited to finally be able to my hair at home and have it look absolutely professional. Thank you Dyson!" —MaggieMo82

    Get it from Ulta for $499.99.

    22. A Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker that's *almost* as adorable as the real lil' guy in The Mandalorian — great for anyone who wants to blast their favorite tunes all across the galaxy.

    A model holding the round speaker with ears in the palm of their hand

    It has a 30-foot range and comes with a strap to easily attach to a backpack.

    Promising review: "This thing is amazing!!!! Super small but very very loud!! Way better than I could have ever expected!!! Sound quality is clear. Overall love this and I love Baby Yoda!! Definitely will be buying some as gifts for the future!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three styles and in five other characters).

    23. A sleek mirrored digital alarm clock with USB ports to charge their devices and ensure they have *no reason whatsoever* to be late again.

    the alarm clock on a reviewer's nightstand

    Promising review: "Love love love this clock...sleek and definitely a statement piece. Alarm is subtle it will definitely wake you up however it will not scare the bejesus out of you. Love the extra ports on the side to charge other things with it." —Meika B.

    Get it from Amazon for $22.59 (available in six colors).

    24. A Levi's denim jacket lined with sherpa for that one friend we all have who is forever forgetting a darn coat in the winter. This one is stylish and can be easily layered — they'll adore you for it.


    Promising review: "Love this jacket and can’t wait to wear in the cold weather. I’m usually a medium so I ordered both medium and large — the medium fit too tight and the large was perfect. I would say to size up" —Marisela

    Get it from Levi's for $98 (available in women's sizes XS–XL and four colors).

    25. A carbonated bubble clay mask that starts to bubble once it's applied — get one for you and each of your roomies, and prepare for a fun night of selfies (all the while banishing your blackheads).


    Promising review: "Wow! I purchased this on a whim after seeing one of my favorite YouTubers try it out. I didn't expect a lot from it. I tried it out and was shocked!!! The mask was simple (and fun) to use. I wasn't sure I felt a lot happening while it was on, but it was pretty cool how the bubbles started to grow off of my face. Upon inspection after using this mask I was completely amazed. My face felt cleaner than it has in a very long time AND my pores looked amazing! I don't remember a time when I felt like my pores looked great before using this mask. I would highly recommend this mask to anyone. It's also so much cheaper than the GlamGlow ones I have been using (and didn't see near these results from)." —K. Textor

    Get it from Amazon for $13.95+ (available in three sizes).

    26. A milk frother to pack a powerful, spinning punch despite looking rather delicate. It'll help transform their at-home coffee into one worthy of an actual spot on their 'gram (seriously, a fleeting IG story simply won't do it justice!).,

    I invested in one of these last year and I'm so glad I did — I use it to make lattes at home and have saved a lot of dollars without having to run out to Starbucks every morning (just...once a week or so instead hehe).

    Promising review: "OMG, this milk frother makes my homemade latte taste like it was made by a barista. It was perfect. So perfect that I bought a second one for my brother who loves coffee to use. I've already recommended it to some coworkers. It has changed my coffee-drinking life. This comes highly recommended." —Michelle Pirestani

    Get it from Amazon for $16.16+ (available in 41 colors).

    27. A drinking glass that says "iced coffee is always a great idea" — a must-have for someone who sips on *the good stuff* even when it's below freezing outside.

    the glass in a bed of holly and frosted pinecones
    Meryum Designs

    In addition to this fun mason jar, Meryum Designs also sells handmade art prints and an array of stickers you might want to peruse! This small business is both woman-and-POC owned. I'm personally a big fan of Meryum's Instagram :).

    Get it from Meryum Designs for $15 (originally $18).

    28. A subscription box of treats from Japan for anyone who has been there and experienced the perfection of their snacks IRL or has been hoping to venture there soon.

    a bottle of pepsi from japan and sparkling wine kit kats
    tokyotreat / Via

    Get it from TokyoTreat: subscriptions start at $32.50/month (available in one, three, six, and 12-month plans).

    29. A Birthdate Candle featuring their actual day of birth, because who doesn't love something customized JUST for them?

    a candle that says march fourth on it
    birthdatecandles / Via

    These candles are ~inspired by the stars~ and feature a label that contains your specific birthdate as well as typical traits for someone with your sign. You can shop by month or sign to find your perfect candle. I have one of these and have given them as gifts — they smell great and look great! Added bonus? Birthdate Candles is an Asian-owned small business!

    Get it from Birthdate Candles for $38.

    30. The World of Critical Role book for anyone who is infatuated with Dungeons & Dragons, the cast of the show, and, like myself, has taken the time to binge-watch their YouTube episodes.


    I cannot begin to tell you how much this lovely cast of characters has helped me and my husband get through this year. Their storytelling is simply unmatched, and this book is amazing because it provides a history of it all!

    Get it from Amazon for $17.50 (also available in kindle and paperback formats).

    31. A set of custom stickers you'll be able to make of whoever you want — your pet, your own face, Harry Styles, the list goes on and on.

    Amazon, Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    And all you have to do is click 'Customize Now' and then upload a well-lit image! I bought these as a funny stocking stuffer for my husband a few years ago and it was a big hit.

    Promising review: "I think this might be one of the best things I've ever bought on Amazon. I bought one sheet for my mom for Christmas, and they just came. She hasn't seen them, but I know they'll crack her up. They look fantastic. I'll definitely buy more!!" —Claudia Basile

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    32. A tabletop fireplace with removable glass so they can enjoy a freshly made s'more any time of year — yum.

    The small tabletop fireplace with rocks and a small flame
    One Man Garage / Etsy

    You can order this with or without the sand and rocks. The only thing that you will need to purchase separately is the 2.6-oz. gel fuel cans, which you can get from Amazon. 1Man1Garage is a small business based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

    Promising review: "Absolutely wonderful! It’s a great little addition to our patio and we decided to use Sterno so we can roast marshmallows! We love the craftsmanship on it and think it is well made! Perfect!!!" —Andrea Lavender

    Get it from 1Man1Garage on Etsy for $25.60.

    33. A Jeopardy trivia book to properly commemorate one of the greatest men to ever grace our televisions.

    The Jeopardy trivia book.

    Promising review: "I'm normally bored by crosswords and word-search puzzles after a short time, but these have a twist in that you have to answer five Jeopardy-type questions in order to get all the clues for the puzzles. And they aren't necessarily easy, although if you don't know the answer, you can generally figure it out. I have enjoyed a number of the Brain Games series, and this is one of the best." —Ginger Russell

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99. And if you really wanna make a gift set out of it, check out this awesome T-shirt.

    34. An adventure book just like the one Carl and Ellie created together in Up before Pixar went ahead and crushed all of our souls into a million pieces — they'll love it ;).

    a reviewer's up-inspired photo album
    rachmassaro / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Super awesome gift to make. I made it for my one year anniversary with my boyfriend because he loved the movie Up. (Who doesn't? It's so cute.) We're going to continue adding to the scrapbook and hopefully pass it on to our children. The book is real sturdy and easy to remove and add pages. Pages are easy to write on and paste on pictures. Really great for the price." —Esther G.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available with 40 or a set with 80 pages).

    35. A chic black belt bag to store all of their necessities and finally put an end to their habit of overloading their bag with a ton of stuff they simply never use.

    a model wearing a black belt bag
    Anne Cate

    Anne Cate is a woman-owned small business based in Cleveland, Ohio, that creates entirely handmade products using ethically sourced, high-quality materials.

    Get it from Anne Cate for $35.

    36. Matte hair clips made to work with *all* hair types — yes, even if they've broken your hairbrush while trying to comb through their bedhead, they can rock one of these beauties!, Amazon

    Promising review: "I absolutely recommend buying these if you have really thick hair like me. I haven’t been able to find clips that don’t break in my hair or that hold up all my hair. These clips are really tight, and I wear them at work with no problems, and they come in cute colors!" —Bethany

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in five color combos).

    37. A warm (and washable) Denali blanket featuring their favorite NFL team, so even if/when the NY Jets lose (sigh) they can be as snug as a bug while watching.

    an NFL jets blanket

    Get it from Denali for $100+ (available in three sizes and all teams)

    38. A mug warmer, because even if they're the self-proclaimed "busiest person on the planet" they deserve to have hot coffee.


    We've all been there — making our coffee or tea only to set it down and forget about it until it's cooled down completely. Thanks to this mug warmer none of us ever have to suffer through another cold cup of caffeine again!

    Promising review: "I'm a chronic coffee forgetter. I can't drink it straight from the brewer (too hot for me) so I set my mug down to cool slightly and often get distracted. Of course I then come back to my coffee to find it's already cold. I've currently got the warmer at my office and it's working great. I can sip my coffee leisurely over the course of an hour and it's still nice and warm." —Elle

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    39. A Harry Styles air freshener for your pal who went viral after he read their sign during one of his shows (it's more common than you think!).

    a watermelon themed harry styles air freshener
    GiftsbyElls / Etsy

    GiftsbyElls is a small business based out of the United Kingdom that sells handmade gifts.

    Promising review: "A lovely gift for my Harry Styles obsessed friend — she absolutely loved it! Arrived quickly! Was so great I ordered another!" —jridgill14

    Get it from GiftsbyElls on Etsy for $7.19 (available in 14 scents).

    40. A memorable ring with a dainty band made to look like Princess Diana's (and now Kate Middleton's) engagement ring. Any fan of the Royal Family will looooove showing off this sparkler.

    Promising review: "I love this ring! It’s a lookalike of my engagement ring but I wear this for work instead and I still get so many compliments and I have to tell people it’s from Amazon haha. I shower with it, I wash my hands 1,000 times a day with it and it hasn’t changed color or changed my skin color! I am really impressed!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in sizes 4–12 and two styles).

    41. A Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit for your crafty friend who would love nothing more than to *live like Jack and Sally*.

    the cross stitch set

    Promising review: "This is a great kit perfect for any cross-stitch or Nightmare Before Christmas fan. It contains a booklet with instructions and four patterns, the needed thread, three pieces of canvas, the holder, and two needles. It's a really awesome set. The instructions were easy to follow, and I managed to already finish one of the designs." —witchykitty39

    Get it from Amazon for $7.07.

    42. Otherland's Alpine Crystal candle from their latest Adorned collection — also known as the perfect gift for anyone who wants their home to smell like a refreshing forest.

    a dark blue candle with a forest on it

    I recently received this candle and got chills when I smelled it for the first time. IMO, it is THE perfect candle. I'm not even sure I want to light it — it's that good. It has notes of juniper sprig, icy tonic, and lemon fizz.

    Get it from Otherland for $26.

    43. Six pairs of thick knit socks, because, I promise you, you can never go wrong with gifting these bad boys.

    a reviewers printed colorful warm socks

    Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised to find these one-size socks fit great! They are very comfortable, and the quality is unbelievable for the price. I still can't believe it. I washed a few pairs, and they still fit perfectly. I've been wearing them to hike in, and they're not too tight and stay up amazingly. Hurry up before they're all gone" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in two style combinations).

    44. A Le Creuset cast-iron pan for the serious chef who has been dying to get the *perfect* crust on their steak but hasn't had the right pan to really GET there.

    Sur la Table

    Promising review: "Love it! Distributes and maintains heat perfectly. Cleans up easily. Is beautiful and enjoyable to cook with. Item was well packaged and quick delivery from Sur La Table. Feels like early Christmas present to myself??" —Cailin M

    Get it from Sur la Table for $189.95+ (available in six colors).

    45. A curtain of twinkle lights that'll make them feel like they've headed for the second star on the right and landed in Neverland.

    a reviewer's photo of the twinkle lights hanging behind their bed

    If it were up to me, I would leave my Christmas lights up inside my home all year long. These twinkle lights are a great way to create that look without being overtly holiday themed. Tinker Bell would certainly approve!

    Promising review: "I saw a few pictures online of fairy lights with sheer curtains and loved the look. These lights in particular are perfect for what I was looking for. It gives off a warm cozy glow, and really adds a nice touch of oomph to the room." —NG

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    46. Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning they'll want to sprinkle on everything — and they should because it's really freakin' delicious.

    Samantha Wieder / BuzzFeed,

    My colleague swears by this simple mixture of sea salt, onion, and garlic. Check out her Everything but the Bagel Seasoning review for more deets.

    Promising review: "Wow! Buy this. Just stop reading reviews and buy it now. Makes any dish better. I bought this over a week ago and have since used it on avocado toast, roasted veggies, crisped chickpeas, potato soup, grilled fish...just about everything!!! So delicious and no chemicals — just pure seasoning. Six stars!" —agora1031

    Get it from Amazon for $6.85.

    47. An Ultimate Beard Care Kit from Gillette that'll hopefully keep your partner's prickly facial hair at bay when they lean in for a kiss. A gift for both of you, honestly.


    Promising review: "This set has everything you need for your beard. The products smell amazing. I particularly like the safety razor for cleaning up lines, and the clear shave gel helps me see what I'm doing during my shave. The beard balm is also a great conditioner. If you're just getting into beard care, this is a great kit with a little bit of everything." —zachstray

    Get it from Gillette for $77.

    48. An infographic print that'll identify and describe herbs and spices and help any budding chef embrace more flavors.

    The poster, with images of spices, their names, and notes about them

    Promising review: "This poster is stunning. We of course hung it in our kitchen. I framed it in a Craig Frames 24"x36" frame and it looks perfect. There is SO MUCH DETAIL to the many pictures and all the text (and all the TEXT IS READABLE!). Plus, it has multiple versions of the spices, like in ground or granulated form in addition to its natural form. Love that it has some of the most famous spice blends like curry, garam masala, Chinese five spice, herbes de Provence, and pickling spices. This is such a great centerpiece of art for a kitchen. People will love to comment on it and ask questions about it as well as just look at it for a long time." —Roderick Rinehart

    Get it from Amazon for $8.49 (also available in a two-pack).

    49. A smart portable pack of soap sheets so your loved one will never find themselves stuck in a public bathroom that *just* ran out of soap (especially during times like these!).

    The pink plastic container with ears and a nose, plus the pink paper-thin soap sheets

    Promising review: "Exactly what I wanted! Hands feel very clean after wash! Highly recommend! I read other reviews and decided these had the best reviews, those reviews did not disappoint! Each sheet of soap produces enough soap to give the comfort of knowing your hands are throughly clean. We liked our first order so much that we bought 10 packs for my fiancé's work crew to help make keeping their hands clean during this pandemic! (He’s a delivery driver/repair tech.) If you have wanted to try something like this product, I highly recommend this brand!" —Clippin4you

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in three colors and five sizes).

    50. A chic faux-leather belt to act as the finishing touch on every outfit that just seems to be missing *something*.,

    Promising review: "So excited about this belt for the price. Good quality for the price, fits well, and it's got a designer look without really being a tacky dupe or knockoff. Five stars!" —kalyjo

    Get it from Amazon for $11.73+ (available in women's sizes XS–XL and 11 styles).

    51. An embroidered hat that'll keep the sun out of their eyes *and* provide them with the Disney Adult energy they've been searching for while scrolling through influencers who seemingly spend every day at Magic Kingdom.

    a teal hat with an embroidery of sleeping beauty castle on it in the clouds
    a reviewer wearing a black hat with cinderella castle embroidered on it
    999Spyglass / Etsy

    Every hat is made to order and is so well-crafted from this woman-owned small business, you'll likely start making excuses to wear one. Bad hair day every day? Yep, sounds good. You can also have custom embroidery added onto the back! I have and have gifted Claire's items many times now — they never disappoint to impress. 999Spyglass Is a small business based in Baltimore, Maryland, that sells, obviously, embroidered hats!

    Get it from 999Spyglass on Etsy: Sleeping Beauty Castle (left) or Cinderella Castle (right) for $24.99+ each (available with or without extra monogramming and in 13 colors).

    52. How To Bake, a cookbook from The Great British Baking Show's Paul Hollywood — it's filled with tips and tricks that'll ensure your loved one receives one of his legendary handshakes.

    The cover of the book
    Bloomsbury Publishing

    Reviewers agree that the instructions are clear, photos with *each* recipe are super helpful, and the step-by-step instructions helped them get amazing results on their first try.

    Since he's British, the book uses metric measurements (and weighing ingredients is really better for precise baking!) so you might also want to get a handy kitchen scale if you don't have one. You can get a top-rated one from Amazon for $11.99.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99 or Bookshop for $36.80 (to support local bookstores).

    53. A throw blanket that'll make a statement in their home decor while also ensuring they're nice 'n' cozy this winter.

    a blanket with blackberries and leaves on it with a boarder that says "the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice"
    Nappy Head Club

    Nappy Head Club is a Black-owned small business that sells apparel and accessories. They also donate a portion of proceeds monthly to different charities, which is outlined on the brand page.

    Get it from Nappy Head Club for $94.

    54. A trio of products from Glossier for your friend who has always *wanted* to know how to put together a daily makeup routine but never had the right items to do so.


    This set comes with a tube of Cloud Paint liquid blush, Boy Brow, and a Lash Slick mascara. I've personally used both Cloud Paint and Boy Brow (as well as *many* of my colleagues) and can say it is one of the greatest day-to-day makeup investments one may ever make.

    Promising review: "The perfect set for everyday, simple, and easy makeup. I use this kit nearly daily and makes my face so glowy. Highly recommend this set. I sometimes combine this with the Pro Tip Eyeliner for an extra pop on the eye." —Imogen

    Get them from Glossier for $40 (available in eight Cloud Paint colors and five Boy Brow colors).

    55. A pen with a cap that looks like their favorite Harry Potter character's wand, so they can shout spells and wave it around with great flourish whenever the moment feels right.


    Get them from Amazon for $8.99+ each: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Luna, Snape, or Voldemort.

    Editor's Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found a home in the Harry Potter series and will work to provide a safe space for fans. If you, like us, feel impassioned about trans rights, learn more or donate here.

    56. An adorable mini humidifier for your partner who is always complaining about their chapped lips and dry mouth when the wake up during the winter.

    model touching the cool mist humidifier in white with their finger

    Promising review: "I can honestly say I was shocked to find this little gem especially for the price. I have used it daily since it arrived at my doorstep. I’ve been taking it back and forth from home to work, but I will instead buy a second one, and most likely a couple more as gifts, as Christmas is around the corner." —Helen Quigley

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in four colors).

    57. A Baby Brezza formula dispensing machine to mix and warm bottles for their little one — it'll make those middle-of-the-night feeding sessions a bit more bearable for any new parent.

    Model putting bottle up to white and black formula machine
    Baby Brezza

    BuzzFeed editor John Mihaly swears by this gadget. He said:

    "Listen, listen, listen. Without hyperbole, the Baby Brezza has been one of my best investments for year one in babyland. Late-night feeds no longer become about fumbling, spilling, mixing, warming, and minutes later delivering a so-so bottle to a crying child. No, in seconds a measured and warm concoction is in hand and then in baby's mouth. Just add water to the tank and formula to the dispenser and serve bottles ranging between 2–10 ounces warmed to three different temperatures. The time, effort, and stress this wonderful machine has saved me from is emotionally immeasurable and worth the price tag. It even forces you to clean it after every four uses because that formula gets gunky and you get lazy."

    Get it from Baby Brezza for $160.99 (originally $299.99) and check out the newest version (it connects to Wi-Fi and let's you use an app to start making the bottle before you even get out of bed!) for $299.99.

    58. A splurge-worthy Yeti cooler they'll absolutely lose their mind over when they realize they can fill it with up to 26 cans and ice!

    person carrying a cooler on a boat dock

    I gifted one of these to my sister and she was absolutely overjoyed. It's quite magical how cold stuff stays in these! She recently drove from NC to NY to visit me and brought this empty cooler along with her to fill up with her favorite goodies. She filled it with bagels, chicken rolls, sandwiches, and more — despite her 10+ hour journey home all of her treats made it back safely chilled.

    Promising review: "Every other cooler that I have bought over the years never kept frozen items frozen for any length of time. I bought this cooler for my daughter who lives five and a half hours away from home, and after she packed the cooler and added the ice it was in the same shape when she arrived at her destination. No ice was melted and everything inside was kept frozen or cold. Love Yeti! I may have to get one for myself." —Mary M Hartman

    Get it from Amazon for $299.98+ (available in 10 colors).

    59. A two-piece outfit they can wear together or separate for an entire slew of other outfits! A gift that'll keep on giving.

    a model wearing the matching sweat set in grey

    Promising review: "This is so cute and so comfortable. The second I put it on my body I didn't want to take it off — that's how much I absolutely love this. It's casual and chic and wonderful." —Cyndi Lundeberg

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in women's sizes S–3XL and 30 colors).

    Psst: This item is included in Prime Wardrobe, so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    60. A 10-motor massage mat with a lumbar area that can heat up to 140 degrees in less than eight minutes! It has three vibration intensity levels to choose honestly might want to keep this one for yourself.

    Person laying on padded massage mat that's slightly larger than a yoga mat. It has a connected remote.

    Promising review: "Very easy to use! I like the versatility of the zone settings and varying intensities. The cushioning is quite nice. I lay it down into my recliner and it is very relaxing!" —Donna Shreve

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

    61. A handheld light your partner will surely find themselves *mooning* over each night.

    Promising review: "I originally bought the 7-inch moon for my husband as a gift of 'I love you to the moon and back' for our anniversary... Well, I loved his moon so much that I kept stealing it from our bedroom and taking it to the living room. So I bought myself the 5.9-inch moon to compare sizes and have one to call my own. As it turns out, the slightly smaller 5.9-inch one is just as amazing as the 7-inch. These moons charge up fast with a cord (with a cool 'blue moon' color when charging) and then once charged, they are completely free from cords or any connection dependence. They light up with a very detailed real moon surface design in white or yellow, and it will totally mesmerize you. You can literally 'hold the whole moon in your hand' and use it as a cordless and battery-free lamp, a night-light, a lantern, or quasi-candle in the dark. The wood stand is sleek and super easy to assemble, and is a perfect accent to any room décor. These moons are the best gift for friends, family, coworkers, kids, pets, and spouses. My #1 purchase pick for 2020!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in three si