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    Just 42 Products For The Person Who Lives For Their Morning (Plus Afternoon And Night) Coffee Or Tea

    Obvious and out-of-the-box options for those who already own a million mugs. ☕️

    1. A hand-blown Chemex coffeemaker from which you can brew the baddest cup of coffee your kitchen ever did see. This way, you won't have to change out of your slippies and venture outside to secure your morning caffeine fix.

    Someone pouring water in the glass coffee maker which has a wooden cuff

    2. A burr coffee grinder with 40 different grind settings which, if you ask my coffee snob boyfriend, are ESSENTIAL for getting the perfect at-home cup. Espresso, cold brew, French press... you can do it all with this guy.

    3. A pair of dinosaur looseleaf tea infusers that look a whole lot like Nessie when submerged in your mug.

    4. A set of five coffee syrups so you can whip up coffeehouse-worthy drinks right at home. The whole pack costs less than two grande caramel macchiatos so you'll save a pretty penny, too.

    the set of five coffee syrups

    5. A coffee poster that not only serves as decor, but doubles as an instructional guide to most coffees imaginable. So next time your MIL asks for a café con leche or ristretto, you can use this as a cheat sheet.

    the guide to coffee poster which has recipes and illustrations for 25 drinks

    6. Or, if you're looking something semi-less-obvious, a set of three Pantone prints that convey your love of caffeine in a way that perfectly matches your neutral aesthetic.

    the three prints in Pantone colors vanilla, espresso, and latte

    7. A Smeg milk frother so you can craft a copycat version of Starbucks' sweet cream cold foam. One dollop of that stuff and you'll have no trouble drinking iced coffee at home.

    8. A bottle of Jot coffee concentrate for the person who ~exclusively~ drinks cold brew. Just pour one tablespoon over ice and add eight ounces of water for a super smooth cup of joe.

    9. An embroidered sweatshirt that communicates the way a lot of us have been feeling lately. BTW spilled milk may not be worth a cry, but spilled boba *definitely* is.

    10. A designer-inspired coffee stencil you can use to create Instagram-worthy lattes or just impress your friends with whenever they can sleep over again (hopefully by the end of 2021!! 🤞🏻).

    11. A custom Starbucks cup with a bright sunflower design and your name in one of 20 (!) fonts. This way, no one can "accidentally" steal your cup.

    12. A coffee scoop clip that's pretty basic, but a must for anyone who buys their coffee ground. Obviously it makes it easier to scoop, but the built-in alligator clip also keeps your bag sealed so nothing goes stale.

    reviewer's photo of the coffee clip on a bag of ground coffee

    13. A metal mug rack with room for your entire collection. This way, you can show off all of your cool finds and free up room in your cabinets.

    14. A pair of tongue-in-cheek socks that tells it like it is — "Get my coffee wrong, and I cut you."

    a model wearing the socks which say "get my coffee wrong and I cut you"

    15. A stoneware cream and sugar set so you can feel like you're sipping an after-dinner espresso in a fine dining restaurant even though you're just sitting at the kitchen table with a fresh cup of Folgers.

    the white canisters holding sugar and cream and sitting on a stoneware tray

    16. A French press tumbler ideal for the caffeine aficionado who's always running behind. With this insulated mug, you can brew your coffee or tea right from the car, office, or even Target's parking lot.

    the two-piece silver tumbler and black lid

    17. A pack of honey clover spoons so you can add a special touch to your daily cup of chamomile. If you're trying to cut out refined sugar, it also makes a sweet, all-natural alternative.

    one of the honey spoons being used in a cup of tea

    18. A hand-thrown stoneware mug to take your morning caffeine kick up a notch. Each wabi-sabi (perfectly imperfect) piece has its own quirks, so no other mug will be identical to yours.

    a hand holding the pink speckled stoneware mug

    19. A filtered tea bottle so you can always have a full carafe in your fridge. Brew your tea in the decanter overnight and even infuse it with lemon or your favorite fruit.

    the diffusers in light pink, white, and light green

    20. A groovy tee that wastes no time in getting straight to the point — you need coffee, STAT!

    a model wearing the "bring me an iced coffee" shirt in yam

    21. A colorful macrame coaster so you can take your coffee all over the house without worrying about cup rings. Or, you can just get a few and leave them scattered about if that's easier.

    the coasters in  neutral, pink, orange, mustard, sage, blue, and lavender

    22. A hand-poured soy candle that will come in handy come nighttime when you don't want to drink another cup of coffee, but would love to savor the divine smell.

    two nine-ounce caramel drizzle coffee candles in  amber and clear jars

    23. An Aeropress coffee and espresso maker to make one to three (your choice) full, flavorful cups of coffee without any bitterness. The rapid brewer operates similarly to a French press, but is much faster (it only takes a minute) and a micro-filter keeps even the finest grounds at bay.

    24. A coffee scale so accurate, you'll be able to perfect your grounds to water ratio down to a single drop.

    reviewer's photo of the scale weighing a Chemex full of coffee

    25. A HyperChiller beverage cooler that allows you to turn hot coffee into iced coffee in 60 seconds flat. Just fill the container with water and keep it in your freezer so it's always ready when you need it.

    The frozen black canister next to a glass of iced coffee

    26. A handheld milk frother with a faux wood or marble finish that does cartwheels around its plain plastic counterparts. No moving this gadget out of frame when you take an aesthetic IG shot!

    The milk frother which comes in different wood and stone finishes

    27. A Yes Plz Coffee subscription so you can get new beans delivered straight to your door every week (or other week, or once a month — you get it). Specialty coffee and I don't have to walk anywhere to get it? Sign me up.

    The coffee beans which come in a clear plastic bag

    28. A matching pour-over set that looks like the sun is wearing a speckled top hat. Making coffee with a plain white pour-over = boring. Making coffee with a celestial set = decadent.

    The celestial-themed set which comes with a blue pour over and white mug

    29. A stainless-steel pour-over coffee filter destined to replace those paper filters you've come to use oh, just three times a day, every day.

    30. A pack of reusable K-Cups for those who like to grind their own beans but still enjoy the convenience of a Keurig. Just stuff your caffeine of choice into the reusable purple pod, pop it into your machine, and brew like usual. ☕️

    31. A four-beverage cup caddy so you can stop relying on those flimsy cardboard ones your fave coffee shop hands out. Keep this in your car or everyday tote and you'll have no trouble transporting your flat whites, frappes, and lightly sweetened teas.

    The foldable four-cup caddy in colorful dots

    32. A moka espresso pot that — if you were also raised on late-'90s Disney — will likely give you major Rollie Pollie Ollie energy.

    The yellow, blue, silver, and red espresso pot

    33. A cult-favorite Fellow electric kettle for those who control the outcome of their at-home brew down to the degree. A dial allows you to adjust the temperature by individual degrees and a hold button means you can keep your water at the perfect temp once it's done.

    a model pouring water from the pink electric kettle

    34. A starter matcha set with everything you need to whip up your favorite Shrek-colored drink. (I just don't get the appeal of matcha guys, sorry 🤷‍♀️.)

    The matcha set which comes with ceramic and bamboo utensils

    35. A Breville espresso machine that will allow you to live out your barista fantasy in the comfort of your own home. As someone who had high school and college jobs at Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks, I can tell you it's much more fun this way!!

    36. A Sips by subscription box so you can enjoy four new teas every month — without having to hunt them down yourself.

    a Sips by subscription box and a mug with a teabag steeping

    37. A canister of chai that tastes JUST as good as your favorite coffee shop cup. If you already have a stove top espresso pot, you can even make it ~dirty.~

    38. A cold brew coffee maker with — if you can even believe it — more than 26,000 5-star Amazon reviews!

    39. A temperature-controlled smart mug ready to extend the life of your latte. Once paired with your smartphone, you can choose the exact degree you'd like your beverage (between 120 degrees F to 145 degrees F), so no more sippin' on lukewarm coffee at your midday meeting!

    40. A set of snail-shaped silicone tea holders so you no longer have to use your finger to fish your tea bag string out of ~boiling hot water.~ These guys have it from here.

    41. A vintage Kate Spade kettle tea drinkers are sure to adore. If you have a thing for matching sets, you can also get accent plates, mugs, trays and more in the same darling design.

    The polka-dotted white kettle which has a cherry pattern

    42. And a Dunkin' Donuts AirPod case I ~personally~ refuse to shut up about. Yes, I run on Dunkin' and now, my headphones do too.

    Me after expending a lot of energy on this list:

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