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    40 Of The Best White Elephant Gifts Under $20

    These are so good, you may be tempted to steal your *own* gift.

    1. A mini waffle maker, because who can say no to delicious, freshly made mini waffles? No one, that's who!

    2. A miniature wacky waving inflatable tube guy everyone will be a huge fan of.

    3. A literary cocktail book so they're never out of clever drink ideas, from Romeo and Julep to The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose. It'll be the greatest gift in the game, bar none.

    4. A fuzzy sloth throw pillow that won't be slow to get picked from the pile.

    5. A set of cat butt magnets to pounce on before someone else does.

    6. A pair of light-up lightsaber chopsticks several people will duel over. May the force be with them.

    7. A ~bottomless~ wine glass so they can say, "I have a glass of wine with dinner" and mean it.

    8. A pair of fish flops that may cause all the participants to flip out.

    9. An electric egg cooker anyone would want — no ~egg-ceptions~. It delivers perfectly cooked yolks every single time.

    10. A very elegant mustached gentleman who will kindly hold their razor.

    11. A Nic Cage sequin throw pillow cover so they can laugh their face off.

    12. A Batman-inspired sleep mask that'll be ~Wayne~ cooler than any other eye mask they've ever seen.

    13. A mini cactus humidifier even the ~prickliest~ co-worker would love.

    14. A spinning mood enamel pin for expressing how they feel in every ~Stitch-uation~.

    15. A daily mood desk flipchart so their colleagues will know exactly how they're feeling on any given day.

    16. A set of mini lipsticks that'll make them say, "~Pill-ease~ don't steal this from me!"

    17. A wonderfully random screaming goat figurine (that actually screams) everyone will want ~baaaadly~.

    18. A clip-on selfie ring light for anyone who wants to up their Instagram game in the new year.

    19. A Star Wars dishwasher magnet so they'll always know if the dishes are clean or on the dark side.

    20. An art print any Oxford comma-defender will proudly show their friends, family, and colleagues.

    21. A Bob Ross Funko figure that may cause people to lose their chill.

    22. A mug with an adorable little animal hiding inside that can brighten anyone's day.

    23. A pack of artsy socks the recipient will enjoy wearing very ~Munch~.

    24. A hilarious farting animals coloring book you might be tempted to keep for yourself. It'll be a ~toot~ and a half.

    25. An adjustable neck phone mount so they can enjoy the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel hands-free.

    26. A sticky note packet that can help them get their life in order.

    27. An adorable boba tea light no one will want to pass ~oolong~ to another person.

    28. A waterproof speaker for turning their shower into a karaoke chamber.

    29. A quirky set of colorful pencils so they'll always know the right collective noun for animals like giraffes and flamingos.

    30. A donut lunch tote that can actually fit a ~hole~ lotta food inside.

    31. A pretty water tumbler sure to be a popular pick because everybody has to stay hydrated.

    32. A parody cookbook they'll definitely get a ~cluckle~ out of — and some pretty awesome recipes, too.

    33. A pair of Dwight and Michael necklaces (or keychains) so you can win the Dundie award for "Best White Elephant Gift-Giver."

    34. A ~dino-mite~ taco holder people might take ~Jurassic~ measures to claim as their own.

    35. A five-year journal for a meaningful gift they can enjoy for years to come. It only requires one line a day so it won't be too much work to fill in!

    36. A pack of Harry Potter playing cards (featuring the four Hogwarts houses) both wizards and muggles will ~wand~.

    37. A cable yoyo to solve the universal problem of tangled headphones.

    38. A movie bucket list scratch-off poster they'll actually enjoy using, for ~reel~.

    39. A tabletop vacuum shaped like a little cow that no ~udder~ gift can compete with.

    40. A pair of oven mitts you can't ~bear~ to see given away. (Is it wrong to pick your own gift?!)

    You, watching everyone fight over your white elephant gift:

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