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38 Things That Totally Belong On Your Birthday Wish List

The cute, the useful, and the splurge-worthy. Get ready to treat yo' self!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A set of adorable cat pins you'll want to add to cart right ~meow~.

These pins come in a velvet pouch with extra pin backs!

Promising review: "These are adorable! They're quality and super fun. I gave one to each of my friends! A little smaller than expected but still well worth it in my opinion!" —Jem Calcut

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $7.99.

3. A corgi butt coin purse for stashing some loose change and other bits and bobs.

Resist the urge to rub your face against it all the time.

Promising review: "Looks so cute, and it's super squishy — I love it! I've gotten so many compliments on it. The pocket is somewhat roomy, I use it as a wallet." —Belle Sanchez

Get it from Amazon for $5.99.


4. A pair of wireless, noise-cancelling headphones that may truly be life-changing.

These highly-rated Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones feature Bluetooth and NFC pairing and have a 20-hour battery life per charge. It can last up to 40 hours in wired mode! They're also great for making calls because they have a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system that'll even work in windy environments.

Promising review: "I cannot express enough how impressed I am by the sound quality. When you first put these on, you are immediately secluded in silence... the kind of silence that lets you actually focus on breathing and relaxing. That's not even the best part. When you start playing music, you hear all the notes you've been missing out on for years. I played some of my favorite songs, and it was like listening to them for the first time. All the details come to life: you hear a tap on the floor, the vocalist taking a breath, the fly that was swatted in the opposite end of the recording studio. The speakers are angled inside the cups to actually put music into your ears, not just on them. The design is amazing." —CMCROW

Get them from Amazon for $329 (available in two colors). Check out other pairs of headphones from Amazon that people swear by!

5. A beautifully packaged and pigmented (limited edition!!!) eyeshadow palette worth shelling out for.

This palette features 14 matte and metallic shades!

Promising review: "100% the best palette Tarte has done in a long time. The colors are incredibly pigmented and blendable and so stunning on the eye, plus the colors are beautifully unique yet still wearable. The packaging is very heavy and feels surprisingly luxurious. There is also a nice large mirror inside. 10/10." —Brynn216

Get it from Sephora or Tarte for $42 (PETA Certified cruelty-free).

6. A poop emoji battery pack to always have on hand, so you're not shit outta luck when your phone dies.

This battery pack can charge both iOS and Android smartphones! It has a 2,600 mAh battery capacity (iPhone 6/7/8 charges fully on 2,300 mAh).

Get it from Fab for $31.99 or a similar one from Amazon for $14.99 or Walmart for $16.99.


8. A pack of colorful socks with animal patterns that'll peek out when you wear loafers.

These socks are made of 80% cotton, 15% acrylic, and 5% spandex. They're designed to fit women's shoe size 6–11.

Promising review: "I recently went on an Amazon sock binge where I purchased $100+ of socks. These are by far the best ones I've gotten. They are soft and fit perfectly and hold their shape after many washes. They were also the most well priced out of all the others I've purchased. I've worn these ones the most." —Cristina Adams

Get a five-pack from Amazon for $11.99 (available in eight assortments). Check out the best socks you can buy on Amazon!

9. A pair of cute and comfy sandals to wear with spring dresses when the weather gets warmer.

Promising review: "Love the cute color combo; it's bright and as shown in the photo. Easy adjustable, SOFT-to-the-skin straps and so comfy — and not after a break in time but from the first use, very comfy. If I had the extra money, I would buy them in more colors. I might just get me one more anyhow." —Kelly Jansema

Get them from Amazon for $24.95+ (available in sizes 5–11 and 13 colors). Check out more cute and affordable sandals!

10. A pair of gold hands for holding the coffee table books together, if your aesthetic is luxe and slightly creepy. (It's an underrated combo!)

Promising review: "These hands can be bookends or just a display of praying hands. They are heavy enough and substantial to function as bookends. I like them as a decor item just put together in prayer. Even though they are heavy enough, the felt on the bottom makes them safe for any surface. They also possess nice detail and patina." —Deborah Lyn C.

Get them from Overstock for $39.49.


12. A candle designed to smell like your home state (or city), in case you're far away from family on your birthday.

These candles are made of all-natural soy wax and have a 60-80 hour burn time!

Promising review: "My mom gave me a Florida homesick candle in Christmas of 2016. I absolutely loved it — it reminded me of home and made me tear up from time to time. I purchased one for my friend's birthday this year — she's from Ohio — and it had the same effect on her. I don't know how they do it, but they manage to capture the very best scents of each state and cram them into a beautiful candle. My friend and I discovered that they smell infinitely more like home if burned outside or during a rainy day. 10/10 would purchase again." —Alex & Brittany

Get it from Amazon for $29.95 (available in 54 scents).

PSST! BuzzFeed makes money if you buy this.

13. A LED shell lamp for anyone who wants to live in Ariel's grotto.

This magical LED light runs on three AAA batteries. You can choose from 12 different colors in three different light modes. There's also an included remote control so you don't have to leave the bed to turn it on or off!

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $99.

14. A bottle of holographic nail polish that'll seriously hurt your productivity because you'll be staring at your nails all day.

This polish is fully opaque, so you don't need a base coat!

Promising review: "Okay, in all seriousness, I don't think I've ever been more satisfied with a nail polish. Not only does it look GORGEOUS in the light — it makes me feel like a unicorn — but I'm on day six, and only three nails have the tiniest of chips. No curing, no waiting, two easy coats (dries super fast), and it's got incredible staying power. I got another color, too, but I don't know that I'll ever try it because I think I'm just gonna wear this one for the rest of my life. Seriously — if it lasts this long on your fingers, imagine how long it'll last on your toes!(FOREVER!)" —Liz Osborn

Get it from Amazon for $13.75.

15. A floral dress to twirl around in as you say, "Byeee winter!"

Promising review: "Cute dress! Can't wait to wear it. I love the pockets and the soft fabric. The fabric is light but not thin. The dress is very well made and will be perfect for hot, Georgia summers. It will be good for spring as well, with a jean jacket and belt. The shoulder straps are adjustable. I'm 5'7" and it comes to my knees. The pockets are a good size, too." —SEP1978

Get it from Amazon for $3.99+ (available in sizes S–XL and five colors). Check out the best spring dresses you can buy on Amazon!


16. A polka-dot pajama set so you'll have an excuse to host a sleepover with your BFF.

Promising review: "THESE ARE THE BEST PAJAMAS EVER! I am a person who is very picky when it comes to pajamas; they can't be too clingy, and I can only wear shorts when I sleep because pajama pants are too warm and feel like I'm suffocating my legs in my sleep. I was eyeing these pajamas for a long time before I finally gave in and bought them because I wasn't sure if the price tag was worth it. Boy, was I wrong! Not only are these the softest, most comfortable pajamas I've ever worn, they are not clingy, they came in cute packaging, and they make me feel cute when I'm sleeping! I LOVE THESE PAJAMAS! I came back here just to buy another pair because I like them so much." —Arielle Andelin

Get them from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in sizes XS–XXL and 10 colors/patterns).

18. A pair of fruit-inspired earrings to be the cherry on top of every outfit.

Promising review: "These are super cute. Not as heavy as you might expect. As an added bonus, they make a satisfying clicking noise like those hair bands with the plastic balls on the end from my childhood." —michelle

Get them from ModCloth for $19.

19. A Nintendo Switch — a hybrid console that'll let you play on a TV at home and on the go, like using a tablet!

Each Nintendo Switch console comes with a Joy-Con grip, an HDMI cable, a Nintendo Switch AC adapter, a Nintendo Switch dock, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), and two Joy-Con strap accessories. The Joy-Con can be used separately for two-player action, inserted into the Joy-Con grip like a traditional controller, held in each hand for left and right controls, or attached to either side of the Nintendo Switch!

Promising review: "I don't want to beat a dead horse, but the Nintendo Switch is a must-have game system. If you want to travel with high-quality portable games, this is for you. If you want to 'break the ice' with your social gathering friends, turn on the Switch and put on Just Dance 2018, and everyone will start dancing. And if you want the best game of 2017, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you could only play it on this system and also the Wii U (R.I.P.)." —Mr. Phiny

Get it from Amazon or Walmart for $299.


20. A book filled with words of wisdom by ultimate chill dude Bob Ross to soothe your tired old soul.

"Isn't that fantastic? I knew you could do it." —Exactly what you need to hear rn.

Promising review: "It's more a picture book, and then on the other page it has a quote from him and his shows. From 'smack the devil out of the paintbrush' to 'happy little trees', all your favorite sayings are in this book. There are some very breathtaking paintings of his as well, and some of them play directly off of the quote that is provided. I would highly suggest this book to any Bob Ross fan, as it would make a great coffee table book or even to use it as a quote a day and just leave the book open to that day's page and quote. The book is a little bit small at about 6"x4", but still I'd say it's worth it." —Leria Draven

Get it from Amazon for $12.61, Barnes & Noble for $13.16, or from a local bookseller through Indiebound.

21. An avocado T-shirt because guac is extra and so are you. (In the best way, obviously.)

22. A set of reusable grocery bags that can fold down into adorable animals.

These bags measure 17"W x 24.25"H when unfolded!

Promising review: "Sturdier than the ones from the grocery store, adorable, and super easy to turn it back into the animal shape. I like that I don't have to try and fold them. They hold a decent amount." —Jess

Get a three-pack from World Market for $10.47.

23. A miniature MacBook-shaped compact mirror everyone will ask you where you got.

Promising review: "This adorable little MacBook mirror has started more conversations! Besides being a nice-sized mirror, it closes to protect the mirror and is slim enough to tuck in your pocket or purse. A great find." —BookLoverExtraordinaire

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.


25. A cleanser formulated with egg whites that may help tighten pores and smooth fine lines. People with oily skin swear by it!

Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I have very oily skin. I’ve literally tried thousands of dollars worth of products over the years; cleansers and masks have not worked even half as well as promised. Same thing with makeup. This product is absolutely amazing! I would have to use blotting papers or powder at least ten times a day. Results of this product are immediate! I now use blotting papers a couple times a day and only apply powder once in the morning. I’m so impressed that I’ve ordered a few more of their products." —D. B.

Get it from Amazon for $9.95 or Walmart for $9.99.

26. An Instant Pot because you want homecooked meals but hate cooking. Well, this 7-in-1 appliance will do most of the work for you.

The seven functions are pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer! Check out a BuzzFeeder's review of the Instant Pot!

Promising review: "I didn't know the Instant Pot existed until my brother asked me if I wanted one for my birthday last month. Now, I can't imagine my kitchen without one. This is by far my new favorite way to cook. You can slow cook with it if you want to, but I really like the pressure cooker function. It's so nice to be able to just throw a bunch of food in the same pot and have a meal ready in 20 minutes. You can find recipes for just about anything you can imagine online. It's been easy to use, and the food cooks very well. Everything I've made so far has tasted great. Buffalo chicken soup, cheesy bacon ranch potatoes, mac and cheese — so many things! I just cook for myself, and the three-quart size is more than big enough. I usually end up with three plus servings of whatever I make. Buy an extra stainless steel pot and a couple of silicone lids, and you can store the stuff in the fridge for later without transferring the food to another container. The stainless steel pots are easy to clean, too, and don't hold odors or get stained like plastic containers. If you're looking for a way to whip up meals without a whole lot of hassle and maintenance, this is the way to go." —Noah Boddy

Get it from Amazon for $79.99+ (available in three sizes).

27. A pair of comfy yet stylish Adidas sneakers you can wear for fashion, not just for the gym.

Reviewers say this style runs big and recommend ordering half a size down.

Promising review: "These shoes are comfortable. I have flat feet and with most shoes, my feet start to hurt during and after a 45-min workout. NOT these, they have plenty of room in the toe area. Buy'em, try'em — you won't send them back." —Cathy cavanero

Get it from Amazon for $65.95+ (available in sizes 5–12 and 14 colors) or Zappos for $79.98+ (available in sizes 5–12 and 10 colors). Check out more cute and comfy sneakers!


29. A flower lip balm you'll want to pull out of your bag and admire from time to time because it's just so pretty (and hydrating)!

This lip balm goes on clear and turns into the perfect shade of pink based on your skin's pH levels! Each one contains a real chrysanthemum. To top it all off, it's cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic!

Promising review: "This is just the best lip balm ever. It's not sticky feeling and leaves your lips a nice pink color. I have a LOT of lip glosses that I've tried over the years — this is one of the only ones I'll actually use every day. It's also very hydrating and just plain cool how it changes color based on the pH of your lips. A+, Winky Lux, A+. If you really like glosses and balms and want a hint of ACTUAL color, this is 100% something you should get." —annm

Get it from Free People for $14 (available in five flower colors).

30. A 3-in-1 coffee maker for satisfying all your caffeine needs but won't take up too much of your very limited cabinet space.

This handy coffee maker does French press, pour over, and cold brew coffee! It's also dishwasher-safe!

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $75. Or, check out the best coffee products you can get on Amazon!

31. An Instax Mini 9 because one of your New Year's resolutions was to start a photo album for your future grandchildren. (Or is that just me?)

Promising review: "What a great product! We bought two cameras for our wedding as a guest book idea. Took a couple pictures as soon as we got them in the mail, and we're totally in love! Growing up with Polaroids as our primary source of photography (that or going to JCPenney for family portraits), my husband and I both were sent back a few years. The quality of the pictures are better than expected, the camera is super easy to use, and we are looking forward to not only using it at our wedding but for future pictures to capture our special moments in a 'vintage' sort of way. Definitely would recommend this camera to anyone and everyone!" —Krista PRuske

Get it from Amazon for $56.93 or Walmart for $56.78 (available in five colors).


32. A clear umbrella with a Frenchie design to make rainy days a little less dreary.

This umbrella measures 33 inches long and 33 inches in diameter when opened!

Promising review: "I love this so much! Not only is it the cutest umbrella I've ever seen, but it's durable! I love the dome shape because I have to worry less about my hair and makeup in the rain. So worth the money." —Brianna Willis

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in two designs).

33. A set of fine-line pens for starting that bullet journal you've been planning since your last birthday.

Promising review: "These are fabulous pens. We got three sets of them, and we love them. The fine point makes them fabulous to use for journaling. They don't bleed through the paper either. The colors are bright and vibrant." —T. Rasmussen

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $5.85. Check out other products to help you start a bullet journal!

34. A hipster cat watch that'll go ~purrr-fectly~ with anything in your closet.

Promising review: "I bought it for a friend who loves watches. I was sure when I got it that it was going to be cheaply made because of the low price, but I was wrong! It's well put together. My friend loves it." —Dianne Westcott

Get it from Amazon for $8.98. Check out some other cute and inexpensive watches!


36. An aesthetically pleasing water bottle that just might get you to start drinking more water. Maybe, we'll ~sea~.

This 20.3-ounce water bottle is made of glass with a watertight plastic lid!

Get it from Apollo Box for $29.99 (available in two designs).

37. A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses to match your fave emoji 😍.

These sunglasses block out UVA and UVB Rays!

Promising review: "Good points: Exactly as described in pictures. Love, love, love. Downside: Within five minutes of it arriving at my house, it was immediately stolen by a younger sibling. Bright side to the downside: by letting them keep it, I pretty much made their week, and they've been wearing it around everywhere and beaming." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in seven colors). Check out some other stylish sunglasses from Amazon!

38. A splurge-worthy Vitamix blender you've been eyeing since your last blender died on you mid-smoothie.

This 64-ounce classic container can mix medium to large batches!

Promising review: "I've had MANY, MANY blenders over the years. They break, aren't powerful enough, are too hard to clean, have too many pieces, etc. Vitamix has NONE of these problems. I LOVE making green smoothies, but every other blender I've had at best gets my smoothies to a fine salsa-like consistency. Not so great for drinking. The Vitamix has handled everything I've put in it, blending to a fine smoothie consistency. Now even my husband craves daily green smoothies. If I added up everything I've previously spent on blenders, it would be more than buying one Vitamix. The only advice I can give you is if you need a quality blender, go ahead and buy this one. It is more expensive on the front end, but cheaper in the long run. You will not regret it. Seriously: Vitamix. There is no substitute." —HalleyD

Get it from Amazon for $377.99.

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