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    34 Teachers Share The Best Gift They've Ever Received

    Smart ideas from actual teachers.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community teachers about the best gift they'd ever been given. Here are some of their answers!

    1. A mason jar filled with enough of their favorite gum to last them a couple of months.

    blogger's photo of jar full of extra gum packs

    2. A set of holiday dish towels (or lemon-print dishtowels, depending on the season!) and fancy dish soap that they normally wouldn't buy for themselves.

    3. Personalized pencils that have a better chance of actually being returned when students borrow one.

    pile of pink, light pink, and white pencils imprinted with "courtney and andrew" in gold

    4. A bottle of not crazy expensive but still good wine they can take home and enjoy...

    5. ...or something a little harder that'll help them really relax! Like a bucket of cocktail mixes with alcohol, a decorated bottle of tequila, or even just a liquor store gift card.

    6. A big Thirty-One bag with room for carrying everything home at the end of the day...and back into school the next morning.

    four spacious top-handle shoulder totes, some monogrammed; in black; in white with black dot print, in navy with brown windowpane print, and in teal

    7. Or, a no-brand personalized tote bag that works just as well!

    heavyweight zipper purple and black polyester totebag with front pockets for phone, pens, and water bottle, embroidered with an apple and "Mrs. Coleman"

    8. A basic toolkit to help them with little fixes around the classroom or at home.

    9. A personal laminator and laminating sheets, so they can display more student work and make nicer bulletin boards with less effort.

    10. Disinfecting wipes to keep the classroom clean, fresh-smelling, and semi-sanitized.

    11. Something meaningful that a student saved up for and bought themselves, like an iced coffee tumbler.

    12. A custom recipe box packed with each student's favorite recipe.

    13. A personalized crayon wreath that they can hang up in their classroom.

    crayon wreath with customized chalkboard, two pencils and a wooden apple glued to the chalkboard

    14. Monogrammed toiletry/pencil bags and scarves they can use in their everyday life.

    15. A coffee mug or travel cup that's tailored to their interests.

    16. A nicer lanyard than the one the school issues for holding all of their most important items through the day.

    17. A brand-new office chair in their very favorite color that'll bring them joy every time they sit down to grade papers or answer emails.

    Reviewer image of pink office chair

    18. Gift cards to Starbucks, so they can treat themselves to their favorite drinks and pastries.

    model holding starbucks hot drink with whipped cream in their hand

    19. Or gift cards to the local movie theater, so they can check out the latest buzz-worthy flick.

    bloggers teacher appreciation movie gift with gift certificate, candy, and sign that says "thanks for making me feel like a star!"

    20. OR gift cards for a massage, a fancy car wash, or a nail salon — enough to cover the full cost of at least one service, of course.

    21. ORRR just straight-up money they can spend however they want.

    Open chocolate box with folded and rolled dollar bills inside accordion chocolate wrappers

    22. You could even coordinate with other parents in the class to get everyone to chip in on a pricier gift certificate.

    23. A custom-made gift that they can hang up in their classroom for years to come.

    buzzfeed community member's plaque that says "#1 teacher award presented to mr. carey" and "Thank you for going above and beyond to help me excel throughout my high school years"

    24. Notes and letters that are heartfelt and sincere, and that remind teachers how important they are when they have a hard week (or month, or year).

    25. Or jar (or notebook) full of notes from the whole class.

    26. A gift basket made up of all of that teacher's favorite things.

    chalkboard-front basket filled with craft, school, and cleaning supplies

    27. Or a gift basket made up of just useful, nice things to have, even if you don't know much about your kid's teacher at all.

    buzzfeed community member's gift basket with leggings, chocolate covered espresso beans, an oven mitt, and a candle

    28. Thoughtful, homemade gifts that that tie directly to something they love, whether it's a fandom or their subject matter.

    29. Something meaningful *from* their favorite fandom, whether it's a personalized piece of art...

    ...or a really cool piece of merch, like Harry Potter's wand.

    harry potter light-up wand in a gift box

    30. A surprise pizza (or other food) delivery they can enjoy during their lunch break.

    Dominos pepperoni and bacon pizza

    31. Tickets to see their favorite music artist — split between members of the class, of course.

    buzzfeed community user's class, faces blurred out, holding signs announcing they gifted the user tickets

    32. A gaming console (maybe split between a few parents to save some $$$) to *really* show your appreciation and give them a reason to sit down and relax once in a while.

    Nintendo Switch box

    33. A box (or a bouquet, if you will) of instant coffee to help them quickly refuel themselves throughout the day.

    BuzzFeed Community user's photo of their instant coffee bouquet

    34. A planter decorated with some hand-painted designs because teachers help children grow, and this is a fun and meaningful way to show how much you appreciate that.

    BuzzFeed Community user's photo of a pink potted flower that reads "thanks for helping me grow" with the name "Olivia" on it

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