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    34 Teachers Share The Best Gift They've Ever Received

    Smart ideas from actual teachers.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community teachers about the best gift they'd ever been given. Here are some of their answers!

    1. A mason jar filled with enough of their favorite gum to last them a couple of months.

    blogger's photo of jar full of extra gum packs

    I love Mason jars, and I always chew gum after lunch so my breath doesn't stink. This one kid got me a Mason jar full of gum. Best thing ever!


    See how one mom styled jars of gum on Three Different Directions.

    Get a bulk six-pack of Extra gum on Amazon for $7.15, or do a search for "bulk gum" to find the brand and flavor you're looking for.

    2. A set of holiday dish towels (or lemon-print dishtowels, depending on the season!) and fancy dish soap that they normally wouldn't buy for themselves.


    One student gave me a set of cute Christmas dish towels and a nice smelling bottle of organic dish soap. Sweet little things to make washing the dishes feel fancy.


    Get them on Amazon: the holiday towel set for $17.40+ (available in nine designs), the lemon towel set for $14.99 (if you like that aesthetic, they have a pineapple set, too), and a three-pack of Mrs. Meyers lavender-scented dish soap for $11.55.

    3. Personalized pencils that have a better chance of actually being returned when students borrow one.

    pile of pink, light pink, and white pencils imprinted with "courtney and andrew" in gold
    Roost Paperie / Etsy

    My mother and I are both teachers and our biggest pet peeve are students who ask to borrow a pencil, never give it back, and have the nerve to ask for another one the next day. So, for my birthday she ordered me 1,000 pencils with the words "Please Return to Ms. --" on the sides. Literally the best thing ever, and it works too!


    Get a set of 12 personalized pencils from Roost Paperie on Etsy for $15Β (available in 24 colors).

    Here are some other easy personalized gift ideas!

    4. A bottle of not crazy expensive but still good wine they can take home and enjoy..., @fridgetofork /, Argaux



    Wine. The best gift when dealing with kids.


    Print out this free wine tag on The Kim Six Fix. And I personally love and recommend a bottle of Apothic Red (or any of their other blends) β€” most people I've served it to have liked it, and it's been $15 or less anywhere I've bought it!

    Or if you want to gift red *and* white, Argaux's sauvignon blanc is organic and ~delish~ for $17 (plus you'll get brownie points if they like golf!).

    5. ...or something a little harder that'll help them really relax! Like a bucket of cocktail mixes with alcohol, a decorated bottle of tequila, or even just a liquor store gift card.,

    Just in case my kid is the reason they need a drink... β€”jenniferwillprechtw

    A parent gave me a bottle of tequila that said "We know our son is the reason you drink, so here's a bottle on us." Most teachers get wine but her claim was that since I taught her son, wine wasn't strong enough...her son wasn't even bad!


    After a particularly rough year with young Robert, his parents got me a gift card to the liquor store. Best. Gift. Ever.


    6. A big Thirty-One bag with room for carrying everything home at the end of the day...and back into school the next morning.

    four spacious top-handle shoulder totes, some monogrammed; in black; in white with black dot print, in navy with brown windowpane print, and in teal
    @thirtyone /

    A Thirty-One bag with an owl embroidered on it with the saying, "This teacher gives a hoot!". It was from a parent of a child who had a long way to go that year and it meant a lot that she thought I made a difference with her daughter.


    A student gave me a nice big Thirty-One teacher bag. I use it to haul everything back and forth from school. Best teacher gift ever!


    Get a similar customizable tote from Thirty-One for $82 (available in three colors/patterns).

    7. Or, a no-brand personalized tote bag that works just as well!

    heavyweight zipper purple and black polyester totebag with front pockets for phone, pens, and water bottle, embroidered with an apple and "Mrs. Coleman"
    STRGembroidery / Etsy

    A personalized tote bag perfect for carrying around all my marking, snacks, and notebooks!! β€”helens4ee29ad84

    Get this personalized bag from STRGembroidery on Etsy for $28.99Β (available in four colors with eight designs).

    8. A basic toolkit to help them with little fixes around the classroom or at home.


    I got a pink toolbox filled with tools my first year teaching. The student told me it was a tradition in his family to have your own tool kit β€” I never felt more special!


    The pictured 39-piece toolkit comes with a tape measure, claw hammer, slip joint pliers, bit driver, bit connector, pair of scissors, snap-off utility knife, four screwdriver (Phillips and slotted), eight hex keys, and 20 screwdriver bits (Phillips, slotted, and torx star).

    Get it on Amazon for $19.99+ (available in five colors, or check out a similar set in pink for $21.99).

    9. A personal laminator and laminating sheets, so they can display more student work and make nicer bulletin boards with less effort.,

    Personal laminator, and if they have that, laminating sheets.


    Get a personal laminator on Amazon for $29.99, and 100 laminating sheets for $12.06.

    10. Disinfecting wipes to keep the classroom clean, fresh-smelling, and semi-sanitized.


    Clorox wipes, Clorox wipes, Clorox wipes.


    Get a pack of 80 Lysol wipes from Amazon for $4.13.

    11. Something meaningful that a student saved up for and bought themselves, like an iced coffee tumbler., Totally Teacher / Etsy

    I work in a special education classroom for fourth and fifth graders with emotional disabilities. I had this student for two years and he had grown so much. At the end of the second year, he saved up and bought me this cup because I always drink iced coffee so I wouldn't forget if I ever could. β€”adecarlidurkan

    The most meaningful gift ever was a boy who went to the dollar store to buy me something with his own money, and he bought me a stuffed troll. It is my most cherished gift.


    Get a customizable iced coffee tumbler from Totally Teacher on Etsy for $19.95.

    12. A custom recipe box packed with each student's favorite recipe.

    Custom Craft UA/Etsy

    My favorite gift I have received so far is a recipe box filled with my students favorite recipes. I love the thought-out gifts!


    Get this custom recipe box from Custom Craft UA on Etsy for $19.59+ (available in 10 engraving styles).

    13. A personalized crayon wreath that they can hang up in their classroom.

    crayon wreath with customized chalkboard, two pencils and a wooden apple glued to the chalkboard
    Crafty Crystal Shop / Etsy

    A wreath made of crayons hot glued to a flat circular base, with a little chalkboard in the middle of the wreath with my name written on it and hanging from black and white abc ribbon. It's my most prized classroom possession!


    Get this customizable wreath from CraftyCrystalShop on Etsy for $40+ (available with personalization for an additional $3).

    14. Monogrammed toiletry/pencil bags and scarves they can use in their everyday life.

    Things Remembered

    One year for Christmas, a parent made all of the preschool teachers a monogrammed makeup bag and monogrammed scarves. They're super cute, and I was so excited over them!


    Get monogrammed toiletry bags from Things Remembered for $12 (available in eight colors), and monogrammed scarves for $19.

    15. A coffee mug or travel cup that's tailored to their interests.

    Kate Spade, Little Maple Shop / Etsy

    Very quickly the kids learned about my Starbucks and pug obsession. One of my favorite students bought me a coffee mug that says "starpugs" coffee with a pug in place of the Starbucks logo. I use it every day at school!


    A mom was volunteering at a weekend school event that I was sponsoring when she noticed the $1 plastic cup from which I was drinking. Monday morning, her child finds me and hands me a Kate Spade bag. In it was a beautiful Kate Spade tumbler. So thoughtful and beautiful.


    Get the StarPugs mug from Little Maple Shop on Etsy for $14.99+, and the "Joy" tumbler from Kate Spade for $13 (originally $18).

    16. A nicer lanyard than the one the school issues for holding all of their most important items through the day.

    bythegraces / Etsy

    A gorgeous lanyard to hold my ID, classroom key, and whistle. My ($5 cheap one) broke while teaching and my student went home and told her mom. β€”c4b3e062fb

    Get this custom lanyard from bythegraces on Etsy for $21.21+.

    17. A brand-new office chair in their very favorite color that'll bring them joy every time they sit down to grade papers or answer emails.

    Reviewer image of pink office chair

    My favorite color is pink, it makes me happy. This fact is no secret to any of my students. Two years ago my honors English 10 class got together and surprised me with a beautiful pink desk chair. I cried, I was so surprised! I love that chair, the color is perfect and it is so comfortable! β€”grace28

    Get this pink office chair on Amazon for $72.98+Β (available in four colors).

    Or check out our picks for the best desk chairs you can get onlineΒ for more styles.

    18. Gift cards to Starbucks, so they can treat themselves to their favorite drinks and pastries.

    model holding starbucks hot drink with whipped cream in their hand
    Starbucks /

    Starbucks gift cards for any occasion and homemade snacks β€” like trail mix with a Chinese twist and Jamaican sponge cake!


    Starbucks gift cards every time!


    Starbucks card!!!! Always the best gift.


    Get them in whatever denomination works for you at your local Starbucks, or from their website.

    19. Or gift cards to the local movie theater, so they can check out the latest buzz-worthy flick.

    bloggers teacher appreciation movie gift with gift certificate, candy, and sign that says "thanks for making me feel like a star!"

    Movie theatre giftcards are my favorite gifts I've gotten. My husband and I rarely have to pay for movie tickets since I've become a teacher. So we always feel like we can splurge on popcorn and sodas!


    While the cute box and candy are totally optional, you can get the printable for it on Tatertots & Jello. They may also like one of the amazing gift sets we rounded up too.

    20. OR gift cards for a massage, a fancy car wash, or a nail salon β€” enough to cover the full cost of at least one service, of course.

    Marccophoto / Getty Images, Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

    The best gift I've ever gotten as a teacher was a massage gift certificate. Working with kindergarteners had you all over the classroom. I am constantly sitting, standing and lifting things. The massage was much appreciated and easily my favorite gift.


    A $75 gift certificate to the nail salon I frequent.


    A gift certificate for a swanky car wash (this was AWESOME).


    21. ORRR just straight-up money they can spend however they want.

    Open chocolate box with folded and rolled dollar bills inside accordion chocolate wrappers

    I taught first grade in a private school. The pay was very low. On the last day of school the parents of one of my students gave me a check for $100 thanking me for teaching their son. I was floored and so needed it.


    My mom taught elementary school for 35 years. Every Valentine's Day we would get more chocolate than we could eat, which was nice, but she also got a ton of coffee mugs. She also got so many apple/chalkboard Christmas ornaments that we could have filled two 7.5 foot trees. The best gift she got was a money tree from the whole class with $1 and $5 bills tied on.


    The cute chocolate box money is from Life as a Mom.

    22. You could even coordinate with other parents in the class to get everyone to chip in on a pricier gift certificate.

    Alaska Airlines /

    I teach high school band. Fun, but many hours and weekends are spent at work with the kids (this last week was "light", and it was 70 hours.) At the end of the year one year, the booster moms chipped in and got me a gift certificate for a weekend stay in a hotel at the beach. Gorgeous room and view, and utterly relaxing. Bless them!


    23. A custom-made gift that they can hang up in their classroom for years to come.

    buzzfeed community member's plaque that says "#1 teacher award presented to mr. carey" and "Thank you for going above and beyond to help me excel throughout my high school years"

    Two in particular stand out. The first was from a student who I became close to during his sophomore year, although I didn't teach him until his senior year. On his last day, he gave me a plaque thanking me. This was early in my teaching career, and still means the world to me. The second came from about a dozen of my students from last year, most of whom were graduating. They pooled their money together and secretly bought me a Playstation 4! I was completely shocked by their grand gift. They went above and beyond! β€”thurmanfc

    As a Geography teacher I talked a lot about different cultures and the places I've traveled. One of my students, whose father is a welder, made me a metal globe of the earth. It was flat, to hang on the wall as a decoration. I was astounded at how much work and effort went into it. β€”kenzhunter

    Get a custom plaque made from Graphics2Art on Etsy for $17.95+Β (available in seven sizes).

    24. Notes and letters that are heartfelt and sincere, and that remind teachers how important they are when they have a hard week (or month, or year).

    CBS /

    Believe it or not, my favorite gifts are handwritten letters and personal drawings. "Stuff" gets used, lost, or broken. Letters and drawings go right into my memories binder, which I love looking through on rough days. β™₯️


    Best gift I ever got was the letter I got from a student on his graduation day. He explained that he never would have made it so far without me, I'm the reason he didn't drop out, and the reason he graduated. He told me I changed his life. Most amazing gift ever.


    Mine was a handmade Christmas card from a student during my first year of teaching. I speak French and would teach words and phrases to the kids at the end of the day. It turns out this kid went home and begged his dad to use his high school French to help him write my card in French. It was so thoughtful and cute. I still have it!


    I work in a low-income area, so I don't receive gifts from my students, so I was especially thankful when I received a hand-written note from a student around the holidays. The note was written on a ripped piece of loose leaf paper, and his parents didn't speak/write in English, so I knew the note came directly from the student himself. So meaningful. 😊


    25. Or jar (or notebook) full of notes from the whole class.

    26. A gift basket made up of all of that teacher's favorite things.

    chalkboard-front basket filled with craft, school, and cleaning supplies

    I had a student ask me a question everyday about myself β€” favorite color, food etc. Little did I know he was recording the answers! At the end of the year put 20 of my favorite things from my answers in a giant gift basket. It was so incredibly sweet and something I will remember forever!


    It's not exactly the same concept, but get a free printable tag and a list of everything in this Back-to-School teacher gift basket from A Pumpkin And A Princess. Too bad you weren't graded on gifts because these school supplies get an A+ in style.

    27. Or a gift basket made up of just useful, nice things to have, even if you don't know much about your kid's teacher at all.

    buzzfeed community member's gift basket with leggings, chocolate covered espresso beans, an oven mitt, and a candle

    One of my 3rd grade boys got to pick out the gifts his mom gave me for Christmas. I still use the oven mitt, I ain't mad. β€”simil

    You can get similar things on Amazon: a custom teacher-appreciation potholder that says "Thank you for making me one smart cookie!" for $12.99, two pounds of dark chocolate covered espresso beans for $22.99Β (originally $24.99), some leggings for $9.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and 37 colors/patterns), and a Mrs. Meyers Clean Day soy candle tin for $4.49 (available in five scents).

    28. Thoughtful, homemade gifts that that tie directly to something they love, whether it's a fandom or their subject matter.,

    I'm a Latin teacher. One of my students was heavily into nail art and made me a set of Latin class themed fake nails. Love them because they are unique and remind me of that lovely student. β€”cproc18

    I have two favorites: a stool all my students signed and I use as my "teacher's chair" everyday, and a ceramic coffee mug a student decorated for me. Thoughtful, homemade gifts are my favorite, especially from kindergarteners. β€”kayf3

    29. Something meaningful *from* their favorite fandom, whether it's a personalized piece of art...

    I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. My extra credit questions are based around the show and its history, so my students know this. My first year at my new school wrapped up. I shared all the good, bad, and ugly about my own life with these kids because we were so similar. On the last day a student gave me a hand drawn and inked cartoon of myself as the 10th doctor. It is currently framed and part of a collection of things I call "Reasons Not to Quit". β€”chriss4e40d9c56

    ...or a really cool piece of merch, like Harry Potter's wand.

    harry potter light-up wand in a gift box

    I teach fifth grade, and one year I introduced a student to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. He gave me a very fancy replica of Harry Potter's wand for Christmas. It was the best present I've ever gotten. I still keep it in my classroom and use it as a pointer from time to time.


    Get Harry's light-up wand from Amazon for $35Β (originally $49.99).

    Editor's Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found a home in the Harry Potter series and will work to provide a safe space for fans. If you, like us, feel impassioned about trans rights, learn more or donate here.

    30. A surprise pizza (or other food) delivery they can enjoy during their lunch break.

    Dominos pepperoni and bacon pizza
    @dominos /

    For teacher appreciation week, my second grade student and his mom had a large pepperoni pizza from Dominos delivered during my lunch time. Pizza is my favorite food of all time. Best gift ever!!


    31. Tickets to see their favorite music artist β€” split between members of the class, of course.

    buzzfeed community user's class, faces blurred out, holding signs announcing they gifted the user tickets

    In the spring, my students gave me tickets to see Ed Sheeran, at the Boston Garden. I had tried to get tickets and I had constantly been listening to Divide. I'd eventually found out they got them from a secondary agency and had divided (see what I just did) the cost. I think what surprised me most was that they could keep a secret!Β 


    32. A gaming console (maybe split between a few parents to save some $$$) to *really* show your appreciation and give them a reason to sit down and relax once in a while.

    Nintendo Switch box

    Several years ago I was teaching 3rd grade and always used a Wii as an example for math problems. So for an end-of-the-year gift, the parents all got together and bought me one!


    Get it from Amazon for $299.99.

    33. A box (or a bouquet, if you will) of instant coffee to help them quickly refuel themselves throughout the day.

    BuzzFeed Community user's photo of their instant coffee bouquet

    Bouquet of instant coffee.


    Get a box from Amazon for $17.26.

    34. A planter decorated with some hand-painted designs because teachers help children grow, and this is a fun and meaningful way to show how much you appreciate that.

    BuzzFeed Community user's photo of a pink potted flower that reads "thanks for helping me grow" with the name "Olivia" on it

    I am a preschool teacher. I had a difficult time choosing my favorite. But for our preschooler’s graduation last year, one of the families gave each of us a painted flower pot with a flower that read β€œThanks for helping me grow” and the student wrote her name on the side. It was very sweet! Sadly, it's now broken thanks to a squirrel. But I loved it very much! –sarinamayw

    Get a set of four clay planter pots from Amazon for $29.99Β and a set of acrylic, ceramic-friendly paints from Amazon for $19.99.

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