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    The 35 Saddest Deaths In "Titanic"

    Feel-good buzz!

    35. The random rats

    34. Officer Murdoch

    33. Floating dead lady

    32. This random dude who stampedes Rose in the hallway like WTF

    31. This lady in the hallway that doesn't want to leave her luggage

    30. This shitty father who thought Jack was kidnapping his son when the boat was literally going down and then he and his son get bulldozed by a wall of water because he's a dumbass!

    29. These screaming ladies

    28. This guy who gets shot by Officer Murdoch

    27. The guy who falls off the ship and hits the propeller

    26. These two dudes who die in the storage facility while searching for Rose and Jack

    25. Screaming statue-clinger dude

    24. Screaming dining room people

    23. Frozen dead lady

    22. Frozen dead lady and baby

    21. This random guy that gets electrocuted

    20. The guy who says, "We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen. But, we would like a brandy"

    19. This random woman in a shawl with a baby who asks the captain for help when the ship is CLEARLY going down

    18. All the people the boat falls on

    17. All the people who slid and died when the boat tilted upward

    16. Floating dead whistle guy

    15. This priest

    14. This lady and her small child

    13. This woman who makes eye contact with Rose and cries a single tear

    12. Captain John Smith

    11. Trudy, Rose's maid

    10. The guys in the engine room who don't make it out before the doors close

    9. Tommy Ryan (Fabrizio + Jack's friend)

    8. Thomas Andrews

    7. Anyone stuck behind a gate

    6. Fabrizio

    5. Old Rose

    4. Leo aka Jack Dawson

    3. The Irish children and their ginger mom

    2. The orchestra

    1. The cuddling old couple

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