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    Posted on Nov 29, 2017

    23 Things That Are Painfully Accurate For Journalism Students

    The Oxford comma will be the death of me.

    1. Interviewing a person for the very first time is awkward as fuck, but it gets easier with time.


    2. You never get used to deadlines, even though they've become a part of life.


    3. But regardless of how stressful they are, you wouldn't DARE miss one.


    4. And the adrenaline you feel while putting the final touches on your story and submitting it is REAL.

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    5. You've (probably) corrected someone's spelling on social media.


    6. You quickly learn to take ~constructive~ criticism well, because it's something that happens literally every hour of every day.


    7. Twitter becomes your best friend because you've learned it's usually the place news first breaks.


    8. While reading basically anything, you subconsciously pay attention to the writing style and are always on the lookout for grammatical errors or typos.


    9. Networking is extremely important because it can help you get a job in the future and/or first dibs on a story.

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    10. You've been told you shouldn't be pursuing this industry "for the money."

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    11. The AP Style Guide is something you eat, breathe, and think about 24/7.

    12. There's a special place in your heart for movies centered around Journalism, such as Almost Famous and Spotlight.

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    13. It's a not-so-secret love of yours when you spot a typo made by one of your professors.


    14. Transcribing an interview is without a doubt one of the worst things you've ever had to do.


    15. You've been told to use the Oxford comma by some professors, and that it's useless by others.


    16. But hey, being a Journalism student has some perks. You can get ~extra credit~ for ridiculous things, like live-tweeting a movie screening.


    17. And it's likely your classes are all in one building, so you'll only need to walk to different floors instead of 85 miles across campus.


    18. Seeing your name published for the first time is an indescribable feeling.

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    19. Editors of magazines, reporters, and media influencers frequently visit your classes, offering key insight into the industry you are working so hard to break in to.


    20. Your classes are incredibly small, and it's not uncommon for your classmates in one class to be classmates in another.

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    21. You're ALWAYS up to speed on current events of all types. From the latest in government news to which celebrity couple just broke up, you know your shit because it's your literal job to do so.


    22. And you rarely (if ever) have actual finals because your "final" was an article you've been working on the entire semester.


    23. Through it all, late nights, editing and re-editing your papers is all worth it because you are working toward the chance to tell stories for a living.


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