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    Posted on Nov 29, 2017

    14 Photos That Will Absolutely Enrage Cheese Haters, Sorry

    Praise cheesus.

    Hello friends. We are gathered here together to celebrate the glory of the Cheese Bridge.

    The key component of a cheese bridge is stretchy, melty, glorious cheese.

    The engineering of the bridge isn't crucial, it's all about the stretch.

    Which means that it doesn't matter which cheese you choose, as long as it gets good and stretchy.

    Traditionally a cheese bridge is found within a cheese toastie.

    But you can find cheese bridges in any dish, if you dream enough.

    Like these mozarella sticks.

    Or this mac and cheese, which is technically a cheese waterfall.

    This rare bridge is a key example of the Lesser Spotted Taco Cheese Bridge.

    This breakfast bagel showcases a cheese footbridge – smaller in stature, but no less noble for it.

    And though some cheese bridges may be fancier than others.

    Or some bridges may be less structurally sound than others.

    We can all agree on one thing...

    That the bridge is the absolute best part of eating a toastie.