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21 Adam Scott Characters Ranked From Least To Most Likable

Warning: You're about to see Adam Scott's face 135 times.

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Because he's portrayed his fair share of nice guys and bullies, we've decided to rank his most iconic characters on a likeability scale from zero to five Adam Scotts, five being the most likable.

21. Matthew (Sleeping with Other People)

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This piece of human garbage is, without a doubt, the worst character Adam Scott has ever played. He strings Lainey (Alison Brie) along for a DECADE and then tries to cheat on his wife with her. Also, the mustache is appalling.


12. Jason Fryman (Friends With Kids)

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Jason was a complex guy who clearly didn't know what he wanted. He made some infuriating moves along the way, but he was a good dad and ultimately came through.


10. Ben 2.0 (Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later)

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Bradley Cooper will always be the true Ben in our hearts, but Adam stepped it up and did a great job as McKinley's other half. Bonus points for playing a character named Ben opposite Amy Poehler.

9. Clyde (Bachelorette)


Admittedly, Clyde doesn't get off to a great start. He's initially a real dick to Gena AND we find out he pulled a "Damone" in high school. However, he really manages to turn it around and sings a sweet rendition of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)".


2. Ed Mackenzie (Big Little Lies)

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Ed might be the only decent man in Monterey. He supports his wife, he teaches his daughter about music and seems genuinely concerned for his step-daughter's well-being. Bless Ed MacKenzie, his gigantic heart, and willingness to sing Elvis.

1. Ben Wyatt (Parks and Rec)

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Was there any other option for the top spot? Ben Wyatt is the nerdy husband of our dreams. He loves the early '90s, Batman, calzones, and is considered a god among the local Pawnee accountants. We love him and we like him.