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Posted on Nov 29, 2017

People Can't Get Enough Of These Pets On Instagram In 2017

The furry friends you never knew you needed.

11. Loki, a beautiful husky with over 1.6M followers.

10. Lil Bub, a quirky cat with over 1.6M followers.

9. JuniperFoxx, a curious fox with over 1.9M followers.

8. Tuna, the chiweenie with an adorable overbite has over 1.9M followers.

7. Marnie the Dog, a funny Shih Tzu with over 2.1M followers.

6. Grumpy Cat, a meme-royal cat with over 2.4M followers.

5. Shinjiro Ono, a handsome Shiba Inu with over 2.6M followers.

4. Doug the Pug, a cute pug with over 3M followers.

3. Nala, the pretty cat with mesmerizing eyes has over 3.5M followers.

2. Jiffpom, the stylish Pomeranian with over 7.1M followers.

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