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From roasting white chocolate to grilling with mayonnaise.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

So get to know them now!

"'Do muslims have sex?' nah bruv i was delivered into this world thru amazon prime."

Your fave could NEVER!

Turns out, this year wasn't all bad.

Sea ice melted, natural disasters were disastrous, US life expectancy dropped, and the Trump administration lent a sympathetic ear to climate and vaccine deniers.

Here's what our editors and writers loved this year.

This what your faves were looking back on this past year!

How'd you do this year?

Your fortune is in the food.

Everything you searched for this year.

Here are the poetry collections that we absolutely loved in 2017. (Ranked in no particular order.)

All the innovations, apps, hacks, habits, gadgets, and robovacuums that made our lives a little better this year.

As more pioneers of the organic movement approached retirement age this year, Whole Foods, an icon of natural foods, was bought by Amazon. "It is without a doubt a different world."

Some relationships lasted, others ended. Everyone got a free trip from MTV to NYC (JK — but actually).

Another year, another great collection of Florida headlines. Never change, bb!

Meet the plebes among us who did something that changed the tech industry, spoke truth to power in a remarkable way that effected real change, or just made the world a little more interesting.

Celine for president 2018.

"I feel a connection to BoJack that I have never felt for another fictional character. I feel REPRESENTED by him."

"Don't hold yourself back! Open up a can of whoop-ass!" – Louis Theroux, 2017

Jelena's back and I'm literally shaking, you guys.

"I accidentally sat on a packet of cheddars today and heard my 4-year-old niece say 'oh no, my cheds' faintly from across the room."

From neo-Nazis taking over a resort town in Montana to a look inside a Sikh motorcycle club, here are the most captivating stories Reader published in 2017.

The US has rolled back a host of climate research, funding, and regulations. Here are the biggest changes, in no particular order.

Is your movie knowledge worthy of an Academy Award?

An innocent man freed after 23 years behind bars. Russian assassinations. Psychiatric hospitals beset by violence. Sexual assault at America's largest massage chain. Shadowy CIA contractors. And, yes, Donald Trump.


"Life is full of sweet mistakes / And love's an honest one to make."

2017 was a time to feel HIP.

Twitter's 2017 was pretty bumpy.

From "bute and thick" to a crazy competitive game of black Monopoly, here are some of the blackest scenes that graced television this year.

How the pro-Trump media, conspiratorial hyperpartisans, and delinquent platforms ushered in two parallel universes of information.

From ISIS's apparent defeat to nationalism's resurgence to women's voices finally being heard as they said "me too," the world seemed more turbulent than ever in 2017. BuzzFeed World was there.

The only year-end list you need, TBH.

The news is fake. The grammar epidemic is real.

Here’s a second helping of the best and most popular BuzzFeed food trivia quizzes from 2017.

From Tiffany Haddish and Matt Damon to Wonder Woman and Tom Cruise, here are the actors, filmmakers, and studios with reason to celebrate 2017 — and others who likely can't wait to see it go.

Here are some of the most beautiful and insightful personal essays written by BuzzFeed News staff and contributors this year (in the order they were published).

2017 was the year fentanyl became a household name. Here are 12 stories that show just how bad the US opioid epidemic has gotten, the hucksters who have profited, and how much it’ll take to get us out of it.

"Well, I'm a drunk idiot."

Amazon swallowed retail, massive hacks turned privacy into a joke, food was bad, RiRi was good, and everyone sued Betsy DeVos. Oh, what a year!


Do judge these books by their covers.

First of all, America.

Patrice Peck • 4 hours ago

Some of the best horror this year was also shockingly funny — in 2017, you had to laugh to keep from screaming.

Say the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth.

"We are a feather falling from the wing of a bird."

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