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November 8, 2017


Don't think they're linked? You're wrong!

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

The landscapes, beaches, and gorges will make you want to stay for ever.

This isn't atypical at all.

Aguas, es sólo para eruditos de la calle.

Just rate everything on a scale of 0 to 10.

"This isn’t just a matter of a few bad eggs and ​we all know it," the celebrity chef wrote.

Zenith Education, which tried to bail out the failed for-profit Corinthian school chain, said it would close all but a few of its campuses.

Whatever it is, you were doing it before it was cool.

The Philadelphia rapper's two- to four-year prison sentence for violating probation serves as a litmus test for how one feels about the US’s prison-industrial complex.

Just one pillow can fix your yawns-ville sofa or combine a few for even more fun!

“When wars end, the costs don’t stop, they grow." And with the Trump administration's buildup in Afghanistan, they're not ending any time soon.

Maine residents voted overwhelmingly to expand their Medicaid program Tuesday. The Republican governor is threatening to block the move, but he likely doesn’t have that power.

Just what type of person are you?

Chris Hurst, a Democrat, beat three-time incumbent Joseph Yost for a seat in Virginia's House of Delegates. His girlfriend Alison Parker was killed live on TV in 2015.

The dog has since been returned to its rightful owner after its wild ride was captured by news helicopters.

A simple list.

Ahora los tuits son 50% más divertidos.

Ap-parent-ly this quiz is pretty hard.

"280 characters? Fuck that." —Stephen King

Women who have used an IUD may have a 30% lower risk of invasive cervical cancer than women who have not.

Here's what should be at the top of your list in the Top End.

"Be positive, be patient, be petty."

"Everywhere I go, I get white nationalists following me."

Ho Ho Ho!

“He does scare me a little with some of the things he says. I hope he makes the full term.”

Cut the carbs, not the flavor.

¿Te acuerdas de Los motorratones de Marte y Sheep en la gran ciudad?

“It goes against the very notion of a free press,” Boston Globe film critic Ty Burr told BuzzFeed News of Disney’s initial decision to blacklist the Los Angeles Times.

"Taylor could literally release the rest of reputation as 10 second clips of static and we would still cry over it and every single track would be in the top charts."

"It's not just a model of a butt... it moves!"

"Call it what you want..."

We missed you, Drake!

Your iPod was life.

EXCLUSIVO: Após crise crescer em redes sociais, apresentador disse a pessoas próximas não se lembrar do episódio e negou declarações racistas. Globo anunciou afastamento do jornalista "até que a situação esteja esclarecida".



Honestly, I'm here for anything Rihanna touches.



Sejamos todos dedo no cu.

Angelika Graswald pleaded guilty to charges of negligent homicide related to the 2015 death of Vincent Viafore, who drowned while the couple were kayaking on the Hudson River in New York.

Você sabe quem é o dono da horta?

Are you more exotic beach, laid-back wine country, or bustling city?

No duraron ni una semana.

We're all gonna be wizards!!!

The conservative activist filmmaker is battling insurance company Gemini after it refused to back Project Veritas on lawsuits filed by targets of his undercover videos.

The conspiracy site also copied content from many other mainstream publications.

Less than a year before Marine Corps cyberwarrior Robert Johnston discovered that the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee, he found they had launched a similar attack at the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

13 DIY Hacks And Projects For Wine Lovers ?

Keep your leftover wine fresh.

Recycled Chopsticks Fruit Bowl

Who got the answers???

"Preciso Dizer Que Te Amo" surgiu após seu idealizador, Ariel Nobre, sofrer violência e cogitar o suicídio.

"It was awesome," said one surprised potential juror.

Life was hard.

Uber’s Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden explains the motivation behind the ride-hailing service’s plans to test flying cabs by 2020.

Eres lo que comes... Sí. Hasta en el Upside Down.

The artist was inspired by Dominican baseball player, Sammy Sosa, who bleached his skin.

Matthew McConaughey, who?

The commissioner of the FCC said forcing the sale of CNN "because the president doesn't like its news coverage" is "extremely disturbing if true."

Escolha de Fernando Segóvia, apontado como próximo a Sarney, para o cargo foi interpretada por deputados e senadores como sinal de mudança de rumos na PF.

Una última probadita de Día de Muertos antes de la locura navideña.

Get your rap snacks with a dab of ranch themed clothing.

"Eventually there will be a shakeout, there's no doubt about it."

El INE hizo mal una solicitud de información a la compañía y esto provocó que el rebase del tope de gastos de campaña fuera reducido, según ONGs.

Heather Unruh alleged the actor put his hands down her son's pants and grabbed his genitals at a restaurant on Nantucket.

O "Thorzinho" é expressivo DEMAIS para ser apenas um dog.

Because we deserve SOME constants in this world.

The international development secretary resigned in a meeting with Theresa May in Downing Street after being summoned back from an official trip to Uganda.

"If we don't hold them accountable, who will?"

How many cat puns are too many? We're about to find out.

"Yo vengo a hablar aquí de mi música y de mi trabajo, no de pendejadas".

It was a passionate exchange of ideas in Brazil on Tuesday as pro- and anti-Judith Butler demonstrators gathered outside a seminar.

OCD doesn't mean being a neat freak, OK???

Reclining chairs, belts, coffee mugs, and more!

Estamos aquí para ayudarte a descubrir la verdad.

*drenches self in ranch*

"We have the same birthday and we share the same soul."

A laugh is worth a thousand words.

Thanks for your feedback, but we really have no idea what a tourist buffalo is.

It's like pop-culture overload. And I love it.

Agora quem vai problematizar quem aqui?

The treatment is far from becoming mainstream, but scientists say it's a major step forward in using stem cells to treat disease.

*Lo vuelve a ver 354 veces para entenderle*

Tem pra todo gosto.

"Seu orçamento deve ser um reflexo de quem você é e do que valoriza."

Music to my ears.

Não é à toa que de lá saíram os maiores nomes do humor brasileiro.

Es un escándalo internacional de evasión fiscal... pero básicamente saldría la misma gente.

"I have a #1 New York Times best-selling cookbook..."

Em outras palavras: quantas risadas você já deu a troco de nada?

If the International Criminal Court takes the case, it would be the first time persecuting LGBT people would be tried as a crime against humanity.

Everyone judging you for not liking mayo.

A+ for effort.

Subtly beautiful.

Você se identifica com muitas pinturas renascentistas.

Pode reparar.

In BPM (Beats Per Minute), protagonists dance, have sex, and fight like fully realized people, portraying AIDS as a disease not of the dying, but of those fighting to survive.

Haaaaaaave you met Ted?

A portable washing machine, a big ol' bag of gummies, a heated massaging pillow, and 19 more perfect gifts for practically everyone you know.

Mas também é bom de comer no inverno, na primavera, no outono...


Ce steak parfaitement cuit, grillé et croustillant va vous faire fondre.

Time to re-watch all of these.

Pré-candidato disse que MST planeja "atos terroristas" e governo federal não toma providências. O MST diz que acusação do deputado não tem fundamento.

A quiz for the best season of them all.

Foster Friess, who was encouraged to run for Senate by Steve Bannon, is launching a listening tour in Wyoming to decide if he could be more influential inside Congress.

"I think my number one responsibility is just growing day by day."

De nada.


The Virginia Democrat said in an interview on AM to DM that the Senate Intelligence Committee is still working through "next steps," but he has more questions for Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

O seu primeiro sutiã ainda serve!


Do you have the same movie tastes as the Academy?

me as a child: (crying) please don't let the aliens take me. me now: (crying) why won't the aliens take me.

Ainda dá tempo de curtir muito.

"My ex posted a pic of his new fling, saying, 'Ain't she pretty. My mom commented 'no, not really.'"

Reach for the stars.


Pegue seu leite com Nescau/Toddy e faça este teste!

Das Bundesverfassungsgericht hat entschieden, dass in Deutschland ein drittes Geschlecht rechtlich anerkannt werden muss.

She unveiled the tracklist today, so of course theorising has begun.

¿Eres más Juan Antonio o Amaia?

Descubre cuál de las dos te representa.

Six weeks after the article was published, the government-approved newspaper regulator Impress has begun an investigation.

Nous vivons dans la peur de fuites.

If it's kinda sloppy, it can go on chips.

Happy anniversary to a real one!

Depuis un an Donald Trump a supprimé des subventions au Planning familial, s'en est pris aux cliniques qui pratiquent des IVG, a supprimé une réglementation en faveur de l'égalité salariale, etc.

Direto do Instituto BuzzFeed de estudos de relacionamentos.

Deanne and Mark Stidham also implied to CBS News that they think the multiple billion-dollar lawsuits against them are coercive attacks by other retailers, not genuine complaints.

I'll just have a taste.


Cuidado! Spoilers!

We can hear your stomach growling.

Niall Horan's Flicker, candy corn, and 16 other things you'll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Pack those bags.

A refinaria de Manguinhos questiona a dívida na Justiça.

“No longer do I have to stuff myself into three sports bras, crushing my bosom and my soul, to be able to get a good workout.”

"Ich muss nicht mitschreiben, ich merk mir das."

Sorry about the water thing.

Le ketchup, sur ou à côté des frites ?

"Dale a un hombre un pez y comerá un día. Enséñale cómo calculo yo la cantidad de pasta para dos personas y comerá siete años".

A new take on the meaning of getting ~dolled~ up.

"I was told I had done a 'silly' thing in thwarting my own potential to be a leading man," he told Shortlist.

The international development secretary met an Israeli charity that has showcased products of a company directly connected to the Tory peer who arranged the meeting.

Queen Bey will tell ya.

«Nous ne commettons pas d'erreur, seulement de petits accidents heureux», Bob Ross.

Cynsha Best said: “I thought I was going to be deported and I hit rock bottom but I’m back up now, thanks to BuzzFeed.”

The newspaper claims Downing Street knew about development secretary Priti Patel's meetings with Israeli officials earlier than previously admitted. Number 10 says that's not true.

Magic Chocolate Ball

Um teste muito importante.

Big Brother is quite literally watching you.

"O lance era chamar tweet por ser um lance curto feito um pio. Agora com 280 parece um arara que não cala a boca".

Certains trucs sont bien dégueu, mais bon c'est pas grave, la plupart des couples le font.

Chegar perto do cu dele.

The singer held absolutely nothing back when BuzzFeed challenged him to this game.

Se você der conta de passar por 79 emoções ao mesmo tempo e ainda cagar menstruada, este teste vai ser fichinha.

♫ Baby buy, buy, buy. ♫ The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

Ator e alguns dos fundadores do MBL criaram uma associação e reivindicam a propriedade da marca Movimento Brasil Livre, que ficou nacionalmente conhecida durante manifestações pró-impeachment de Dilma Rousseff.

The city that never sleeps!

Updated: It's all over.

A tensão aumentou na região após a renúncia repentina do primeiro-ministro do Líbano, Saad Hariri, e um expurgo extraordinário de membros da família real — incluindo um príncipe bilionário — na Arábia Saudita.

"Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat?"

Bring back BBM.

"He's saying 'Thank you, little bear,'" an M&S spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

"They meeting the real president, what to expect."




O que você escolhe para maratonar revela muito da sua personalidade.

For the HUNDREDTH TIME, we don't just pop pimples and rub lotion on people.

Read these if you've ever been anxious on school photo day, worried if you can pull off bold lipstick, or used sexy fanfiction as a guide to life.

This might be your new favorite song.

Bem-vindos à terceira idade.

Here's another reason to freak out for the next two days.

Deck the halls.

¡Vuela, vuela vuela! ¡Más rápido!

Parce qu'on peut manger du tofu et savoir rigoler.

At least we got justice for Eleven.

On est là pour toi.

Savez-vous seulement où se trouve le vagin ?

Seriously, why does this need saying out loud?


Deinen BH ausziehen, ohne dein Shirt auszuziehen, auch wenn es lange Ärmel hat.

"It was quite scary having to tell my boss."

Möchte jemand Eis mit Walscheiße? Oder einen Brotdildo?

You give us colonisation, we give you a lifetime of respiratory diseases.



Let's find out.


Wenn du was im obersten Fach des Küchenschranks suchst.

Some of our tubes are driven by computers.



The video for Pussy Riot's song "Police State" is a surreal trip but one that will leave you with a new earworm.




Son. Demasiadas. Capas.




El salario por hora de trabajo de una mujer equivale a un 15% menos que el de los hombres.







Before he opened fire on dozens of people at a Sunday church service, Devin Kelley beat his wife and stepson, was accused of rape, and threatened others.

The best duo ever.

Cue the band-baaja in 3...2...

"'I came to this country with 100 rupees in my Paytm wallet' – Dads in the future."

Send n00dz.




Danica Roem is on track to become the first out transgender person to be elected and get seated in a state legislature.

Nicaraguan immigrants will lose temporary protected status in the US, you can now send 280-character tweets, and Kim Kardashian's new “Shazam for fashion” app.

A Donald Trump le gusta esto.

Now all I want in the world is to watch Eleven face off against Pennywise next season.

"How do you do, fellow kids?"

A classic.


Despite being involved in various investigations into Russian election interference, the one-time adviser to Donald Trump has recently sought the spotlight — without a lawyer.

Police would not elaborate on the allegations, but Feldman has long vowed to take down the "pedophile ring" in Hollywood that he allegedly fell victim to early in his career.

Because you deserve every last drop of that foundation.

Sign of a healthy relationship: farting.

Even before Ralph Northam's victory, Latino Victory Fund was telling people its polarizing ad was part of a strategy it would further embrace to defend the Hispanic community from what it sees as Republican attacks.

La asociación civil que respalda a la candidata indígena acusa que la app del INE tiene fallas y tampoco protege los datos ciudadanos.

Telstra has agreed to compensate about 42,000 people who aren't getting the speeds promised on Malcolm Turnbull's version of the NBN.

Solving stick figures is a challenge.

Page's testimony before the House Intelligence Committee was "loopy," said one member of Congress. But it also provided new details about his contacts in Russia.

Thanksgiving is always better spent with Friends.

About a week after the university announced that it would take advantage of new Trump administration rules and stop providing insurance coverage for contraception, the school reversed the decision.

Because hey, the teachers can bring a pet, too.

Hopefully not your fave.

Pope or nope?

You are NOT the same person on Facebook and Twitter.

An ad that appeared in Glamour to promote Condé Nast Traveller magazine featured a model that was too thin, the UK's ad regulator has said.

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