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    19 Sleeper Sofas That People Love Having In Their Homes

    These will definitely turn your 30-minute power nap into a three-hour sleep, so be prepared.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tufted sofa sleeper you can get some good rest on after you tell your friends you already made plans.

    2. A black sofa bed for nights when you've binge-watched Twin Peaks so late you'll be too tired to walk the whole five feet to your bedroom.

    3. A tufted sleeper futon made specifically to amp up your bachelor pad game.

    4. A mustard-yellow couch, because after finals are over you're gonna need a soft place to land.

    5. A futon with stain-resistant microfiber made for people who eat, sleep, and breathe (but mostly eat) on the couch.

    6. A small sofa bed in black faux-leather that your perfect, but puny, studio is sure to thank you for.

    7. A mid-century modern sofa able to convert into a classic daybed in seconds.

    8. A modern sleeper sofa — it just may make you want to get rid of your regular bed altogether.

    9. A plush convertible couch/piggy bank, because you know you'll be finding change in those crevices whenever you need laundry money.

    10. An upholstered trundle for people who want to put in as little effort as possible when getting their house ready for guests (my kind of people).

    11. A stunning mid-century settee you're gonna want in every room of the house.

    12. A brilliantly bold loveseat, because your home decor should stand out as much as you do.

    13. A classic futon — it may be what the dreams of your first apartment are made of.

    14. A comforting crimson sleeper-sofa to collapse onto in despair when you finish Stranger Things and no longer know what to do with your free time.

    15. A trundle bed — it might not look like a traditional sofa, but throw on some accent pillows and you'll have yourself (and your studio) a bedroom, living room, and guest room.

    16. A posh convertible settee, so when your mom calls to see if you got out of bed before 11 a.m. you don't have to lie.

    17. A cushy, inexpensive sofa because you may be broke, but your back shouldn't be.

    18. A welcoming loveseat to pull out when your Tinder date thinks they'll be sleeping in your bed, they will not.

    19. A charmingly bulky gray couch, because you're still not too old to make pillow forts.

    They get it.

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