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November 5, 2017

Live Updates: Texas Church Holds First Sunday Service Since Mass Shooting

Devin Kelley entered a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and killed 26 people, ranging in age from 18 months to 77 years old. He was later found dead in his vehicle after a short pursuit.

Massive Document Leak Reveals Use Of Tax Havens By Trump's Cabinet

The 13.4 million documents reveal how everyone from the Queen of England to President Trump's cabinet and corporations like Apple and Nike secretly use offshore tax havens.

Here Is The Misinformation Going Around About The Texas Church Shooting

A gunman opened fire at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. No, Sam Hyde was not the shooter.

14 Unforgettable Truths About Being A Movie Fan In The '90s

Why exactly did you see so many Pauly Shore movies?

25 Things For Kids' Rooms That Are Too Cute To Be This Useful

Because if you leave it up to them, they'll be their own season of Hoarders.

Reportan muertos y heridos tras un nuevo tiroteo en EU, esta vez dentro de una iglesia

De acuerdo con reportes preliminares, al menos 20 personas habrían muerto. El atacante fue abatido por la policía, según un medio local.

Caramel Apple Desserts 4 Ways

A caramel apple a day keeps the doctor away...right?

Plan A Seven-Course Friendsgiving Dinner And We'll Reveal What Type Of Friend You Are

All the delicious food – without that one aunt who REALLY loves wine.

Are You Going To Heaven Or Hell? Answer These 3 Questions And Find Out

What does the afterlife have in store for you?

Norberto Briceño • 12 hours ago

This $11 Target Candle Smells Just Like The One Burning In Every Anthropologie

"Island Moonlight" and "Volcano" are basically one in the same.



Gloria Fallon, Jimmy's Mom, Has Died

The death came one day after the Tonight Show host canceled his Nov. 3 show due to "a private Fallon family matter."

12 Baking Mistakes Everyone Makes (And How To Avoid Them)

For the perfect pie crust, just remember 3-2-1.

15 Memes About Making Mom Friends That Are Hilariously Relatable

“I see you have created a tiny human. I, too, have done this.”

What's Your British Name?

Already have a British name? Take this quiz anyway.

At Least 26 People Are Dead In Texas Church Shooting

A gunman opened fire Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, near San Antonio. More than two dozen people are dead and many are injured.

15 Bald Dudes Who Put The "D" In Daddy

Who needs hair to be sexy?

Tell Us About The Most Fucked-Up Micoraggression You've Experienced At School

"You're only good at sports because you're black."

If Your Natural Hair Is Too Damn Dry, Stop What You're Doing And Read These 12 Expert Tips

Find out how things like co-washing your hair, oiling your scalp, and using warm water are really affecting your coils.

If You'd Eat 14/28 Of These Foods With Gravy, You're A Monster

Just how much do you ~really~ love gravy?

9 Husbands And 8 Boyfriends Who Confused The Fuck Out Of Their Partners

"I was late because I had to find all the things that were in plain sight for my husband."

The US Is Refusing To Compromise On Health And Climate Issues With Its G7 Allies

US negotiators spent the past week steadfastly blocking all attempts to reach a compromise on climate change, sexual and reproductive rights, and universal health coverage ahead of a G7 meeting.

26 Pictures That Are So Incredibly 2007 They Hurt

2007 wasn't just a year... it was AN EXPERIENCE.

Uma Thurman's Viral Response To The Weinstein Scandal Is Incredibly Raw

A video of the actor speaking to Access Hollywood in October is gaining new attention after being tweeted by Asia Argento.

18 Hilarious Tweets From This Weekend Guaranteed To Make You LOL

LOL @ the dog ear that looks like Donald Trump.

Meet The Riders Of The Sikh Motorcycle Club Of The Northeast

Riding their bikes together offers this group of Sikhs an all-American way to celebrate their faith, in a country where it often makes them targets.

19 Times "The Office" Made You Feel Single As Fuck

"Must be nice" – you, watching this show.

9 Life-Changing Things You'll Want To Add To Your Wardrobe

Tried, tested, and worn by BuzzFeed editors!

9 Books That Actually Helped Me Win On "Jeopardy!"

It takes a lot of work to be this nerdy.

17 Lower-Carb Meals For Busy Weeknights That Actually Look Delicious

Recipes that will make eating fewer carbs a beautiful thing.

Saudi Arabia Has Shaken Up The Middle East — This Is How

Tensions mounted in the region following the abrupt resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister Saad Hariri and an extraordinary purge of royal family members, including a billionaire prince, in Saudi Arabia.

18 Quick-Fire Questions With Sarah Michelle Gellar

The actress and cookbook author talks about her kitchen habits, raising children who aren't picky eaters, and her favorite Buffy episodes.

Taylor Swift Fans Are Calling Diplo The Fuck Out After He Reportedly Threw Shade At Her

"Diplo, repeat after me: 'I’m not going to use Taylor ever again for publicity.'"

Fox News Falsely Warned People Of An Upcoming "Antifa Apocalypse"

Previously, far-right commentators perpetuated the rumour.

17 Confessions Of Counselors and Therapists Who Help People Cope After Disasters

First responders are there to save people in physical danger, but no disaster response is complete without psychological first aid too.

33 Of The Most Splurge-Worthy Products At Sephora (Because You Deserve It)

Let's be real: you already spend most of your paycheck there. Might as well truly splurge on those products you're always eyeing. #treatyourself

33 Things That Will Make You Say "Yup, I Do That" If You're Basically A Grandma

There's no way you'd watch a movie any later than 8pm.

Amber Rudd Says Sexual Harassment Allegations Will Lead To A "Clearing Out" At Westminster

"What we’ve seen is an abuse of power, and a widespread change needs to take place as we recognise that," the home secretary told the BBC.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: an amazing makeup brush, a portable charging port, and duvet cover.

34 Hilarious "Black Books" Moments That Will Make You Shit Yourself Laughing

"Half ten? I've never been up at half ten. What happens?"

This Is What It's Like When Your Only Child Dies In Police Custody

James Herbert died after being restrained by officers and left naked in a cell. As a bill calls for changes when force is used with people with mental illness, his father said: "We're not going to get accountability, so let's focus on making the world better for people who are vulnerable."

ほっかほか♪ 炊飯器で作る大きな肉まん




Can You Survive In The "Harry Potter" World And Defeat Voldemort?

Will you make it to the end and slay the Dark Lord, or will you die before you can get to the end of Philosopher's Stone?

callmekarina123 • 6 hours ago

Thanks, But No Thanks: Australia Rejects New Zealand's Offer To Resettle 150 Refugees

Hundreds of men are refusing to leave the closed detention centre, despite water, electricity and food being cut off.

The Hardest Quiz Movie Lovers Will Ever Have To Take

Are you more of a Titanic or a The Notebook fan?



Clinton Campaign Staffers Hit Back At Former DNC Chair For Considering Replacing Hillary

The former head of the Democratic National Committee said she considered replacing Clinton as nominee after the candidate appeared to stumble after a 9/11 ceremony.

30 Delicious Things You Should Eat In November

Because the best Food Holiday is almost here.

19 Times Celebs Shaded Each Other In The Instagram Comments Section

"Too much makeup" — Lindsay Lohan to Ariana Grande.



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