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    12 Unbelievable Stories Of Betrayal To Make You Feel Better About Your Relationships


    BuzzFeed Brazil asked its followers: "What's the worst betrayal story you've lived through, and how did you react?" Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "In the middle of a party, I caught him in the bedroom with five other guys with their cocks out and two naked women."

    Ikopylov / Getty Images

    "I once went to a party at a friend's apartment with my ex. When we arrived, it was all guys, but since I knew some of them, we sat and talked while my ex wandered off. When I went looking for him, he was in the bedroom with five other guys with their cocks out and two naked women." —Annita S.

    2. "I skipped work to throw a surprise party for my ex and she cheated on me at the party. Then the next day, I was fired."

    Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

    "I think the worst betrayal I ever went through was when I skipped work to throw a surprise party for my ex, and she cheated right in front of me with one of the guests at the party. To make things worse, the next day I was fired for skipping work." —Bianca R.

    3. "My boyfriend invited a girl who he had hooked up with before to spend Christmas with us."

    Tassii / Getty Images

    "My boyfriend and I went to spend Christmas at a friend's place. When he came to pick me up, this girl who he hooked up with (while we were dating) was in the car with him. As soon as I saw her, I started shaking all over. I looked at him and said, 'Are you serious?' and he blamed his friend for inviting her. The worst part is she was really drunk and messy.

    "On the way to the party, she tried to make conversation and kept calling me 'Cath.' I'd respond to be polite, but never with any familiarity. I also told her I'd always be Catharina, the woman she screwed over, and eventually asked that she not speak to me anymore." —Catharina M.

    4. "When I wasn't having sex after giving birth, he downloaded Tinder and went on several dates."

    Luckybusiness / Getty Images

    "We didn't intend to get pregnant, but our relationship was really nice. He liked to party, and I'd often tell him to go out with his friends. I was never jealous.

    "After I had my son, I went 30 days without sex to recover. During that period, he downloaded Tinder and went on several dates with girls to hook up with them, because I couldn't 'indulge' him. I didn't find out until months later when a friend came across his Tinder profile.

    "To get even with him, I told him he was forgiven, and the following year I got an engineering internship in a place full of interesting and educated people, who I spent a month cheating on him with. Then I broke up with him and made a point of telling him about everything I had done with one guy who was older and more successful. I pampered my own pride and self-esteem with that." —Anonymous

    5. "Some guy asked my ex for a photo of me and she sent him A NUDE PIC."

    Mixmike / Getty Images

    "I was dating a woman, and I did absolutely everything for her, until one day she asked if I could print something from her email. She gave me her password, and after I printed what she needed, I kept snooping around.

    "I saw that she had active profiles on some dating websites, and used her password to log into those too. She was only talking with men, and some of it was pretty dirty. There was one guy who asked for photos of me and she had sent him NUDE PICS!

    "The worst part is that she's still an asshole, and after we broke up, she sent me nude pics of the girl she was dating just to say 'take a look, I found someone better.'" —Aline S.

    6. "My best friend in college copied my project for their final paper."

    Tomwang112 / Getty Images

    "My 'best friend' in college copied my project for their final paper, presented it first to the professor, and I came out looking like the liar. But that really motivated me, and I prepared a new project in two months; the other project had taken me five months. In the end, I got an A and she flunked, because she knew absolutely nothing about the subject." —Tainah P

    7. "When my mother was pregnant with me, my older sister caught my dad kissing my mom's best friend in the bathroom."

    Antonioguillem / Getty Images

    "Not me, but my mother was betrayed by my biological father and her best friend. They were caught hooking up in the bathroom during my baby shower while my mother was pregnant with me. It was my sister who caught them, and my mother found out days after I was born.

    "She kicked him out of the house when I was just 22 days old, and my father went to live with his lover. They adopted a boy together but he abandoned them too.

    "He never gave me anything growing up, but he'd always send letters just to tell me the stuff he bought, like what type of TV or car he had bought himself. It was all bullshit, and I get angry just thinking about it." —Aryane T.

    8. "I went on an exchange program with a friend, who ended up betraying me, getting me fired, and bad-mouthing me to all our friends."

    Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

    "My biggest betrayal was by a former friend of mine. We went to college together, and both went away on an exchange program with each other. We lived together with two other girls, and one day I was complaining about how dirty one of the other girls was, and you can guess what happened. My friend told her.

    "Then that girl twisted something I said about my friend, and they both got together and turned the other girls we lived with against me.

    "But my friend decided she didn't want to abandon me, and she continued to pretend to be my friend and confide in me, and invite me out and everything. But at the same time, she was bad-mouthing me to our friends back home.

    "We worked at the same place, and I told her that I had been giving out discounts (against store policy) to people. A few days later, my manager called me into their office to ask if I was giving out discounts. What a coincidence, huh? I ended up getting fired and sent home early from the exchange program. She cried when she found out and insisted that she 'didn't want it to go down like that.'

    "When I finally got back home, I was talking with her on Facebook and she admitted that she hated me the whole time, and she was trying to expose me and turn my friends from college against me. I became extremely isolated during my senior year of college, and it wasn't until years later that my friends from that group eventually apologized to me." —Melanie B.

    9. "I went to a party and hooked up with 27 different people."

    Ersinkisacik / Getty Images

    "I was in a pretty serious relationship, but he kept going on and on about how we were in 'an open relationship' and he cheated on me three times. When I confronted him he admitted to cheating, so that same evening I went to a party and hooked up with 27 different people." –Rodrigo S.

    10. "I caught my ex-husband cheating on me when I was eight and a half months pregnant."

    Tatyanagl / Getty Images

    "I caught my ex-husband cheating on me when I was eight and a half months pregnant. I freaked out, hit him, and slapped the other woman. I then went home, threw all his things in a cardboard box, and sent it to his mother's house. I went into labor that same day. My daughter was born a little underweight, but healthy. She's now 14 years old. ❤" —Vanessa G.

    11. "He broke up with me over text because I was 'too focused on studying.' I later found out he was hooking up behind my back."

    Andreypopov / Getty Images

    "My first boyfriend was very sweet, and would always tell me he loved me, but would always claim to be busy working. I trusted him 100% and we'd spend every weekend together. One time I was waiting for him, and he didn't show. He claimed he was sick, but I found out later he was at a party. The next weekend, he didn't show up again, and three days later he broke up with me over text because I was too focused on studying. (Yep, that's right!)

    "A few months later, I found out he was cheating on me with his ex and that he was having sex with retired colleagues from work in exchange for money or presents. It really affected my self-esteem at the time, but now I'm glad I got rid of that piece of trash." —Jessica E.

    12. "He was already seeing a girl in another town, who paid for everything for him, including the gifts he'd bring me."

    Nuvolanevicata / Getty Images

    "When I first started dating my ex, he was perfect. He was romantic and charming, and there was nothing wrong. Or so I thought.

    "Sometimes he was broke, and complained about not having any money, but then other times he'd buy me something expensive out of the blue. Everything he got me was from the same store, and he'd shower me in gifts and coupons to buy clothes from this one place. I started to feel a little suspicious, but then I'd worry that it was all in my head and that I was being a typical jealous girlfriend. He made me believe I was losing it.

    "I started almost stalking him, and looking into every little thing he did. After a year of dating, I found out he had been dating another girl for longer than he had been dating me. So he started dating me WHILE HE WAS STILL DATING HER. He denied it and said I was crazy and that I needed therapy. But I went and talked to her and my entire world fell apart.

    "She lived in another state, and paid all his bills and worked at the store he always got me gifts from, so they were essentially all from her. He actually told me that he fell in love with me, but needed to stay with her for financial reasons. Apparently she paid all his bills: phone (once we stayed on the phone for eight hours), internet, groceries, and even his medical insurance.

    "He asked if we could stay together without the other woman finding out. But even after I told her, she said that she still loved him, and they broke it off, but he ended up manipulating her into getting back together with him. I dumped him, but it was painful being cheated on and living a lie. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with it." —Aline P.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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