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17 Reasons You Need To Road-Trip The Great Ocean Road

There's so much more than just driving.

Granted, there is a lot of driving; it is called the Great Ocean Road after all. But worry not! There are some amazing things you can do along the way that'll break up the driving AND leave you not wanting to go home... possibly ever!

1. Stop and soak up the views


Firstly, the views along the Great Ocean Road are undeniably beautiful. *Warning* - You will want to pull over every 10 seconds to take a photo. And you can! There are lots of viewpoints along the way that are perfectly located for jealousy-inducing holiday snaps. Ideal!

2. Have a vino at Jack Rabbit


This vineyard slash winery slash restaurant is a little off the Great Ocean Road itself. Jack Rabbit is located about 25km east of Geelong, but it's well worth the little detour if you like sipping on your wine with stunning views out to the ocean. You don't need to tell us twice!

3. Pay a visit to the Australian National Surf Museum


If you're a bit of a museum junkie, then you're in luck! Equally, if the idea of staring at old lumps of rock in a glass case doesn't quite float your boat, then you're also in luck! This more interactive museum pays tribute to some of the pioneers of Australia's favourite water sport, and it's well worth a visit.

4. And then give surfing a go yourself


If perusing the museum gets you revved up for the waves, then why not try ripping them up yourself? There are plenty of surf schools along the Great Ocean Road, who will show you the ropes and have you standing up in no time! Rad, dude!

5. Explore Erskine Falls

Kokkai / Getty Images / Via

It's not just sandy beaches and beautiful blue ocean you can see along your drive. Erskine Falls is a mere 9km drive from the town of Lorne, and if you can manage the little bit of cardio it takes to reach the lookout, you get a stunning view of one of the most popular waterfalls in the Otways.

6. Take a picture under ~the sign~


The double taps and the likes will begin to pour in once you start posting the pics of your trip... and people will want to know where you are! Why not seize this photo op and get snapped underneath the Great Ocean Road sign?!

7. While you're there, splash around at Coalmine Creek


About 20m away from the Great Ocean Road sign is this tranquil little beach at Coalmine Creek. Take a moment to splash around and cool down before hitting the road again.

8. Taste Apollo Bay Bakery's famous scallop pie


There's seafood a-plenty along the Great Ocean Road, but one of the most famous spots for a bite to eat is the Apollo Bay Bakery. Not only can you grab a coffee and a cake from the wide range of freshly-baked treats, but you can also try one of their renowned scallop pies. That's right... scallops INSIDE a pie. It's better than it sounds, promise.

9. Catch a glimpse of the endangered tiger quoll


If you're asking what the hell a tiger quoll is, don't worry. So were we. Tiger quolls are actually the largest marsupial carnivore still kicking about on mainland Australia. They're a native animal, but are now either vulnerable or endangered in most of their home states. Luckily, the conservationists at the Great Ocean Ecolodge have one in residence... and they're trying to raise awareness of these rare animals.

10. Have a beer in the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse


This Apollo Bay pub is THE place if craft beer is your thing. They've got loads to choose from, including the locally brewed Prickly Moses (who have even put the tiger quoll on one of their ale labels). If you're looking for somewhere to restore your energy levels after all that driving, this is your spot (no pun intended).

11. Kayak to see the seals


Never had a herd of seals come pelting full-speed towards you before? Well, now you can! These local guides can take you out on a two-hour kayak trip to an off-shore island, where seals like to soak up the sun. Just don't freak out when they all come splashing over to say hello!

12. Spend the night at Cape Otway Lightstation


This lighthouse is the oldest surviving one left on mainland Australia, and you can spend the night in the old lighthouse keeper's cottage right next door. Just be sure to stay away from the visitor's book if you're easily spooked. It's full of ghost stories (apparently he's a friendly ghost... because that makes it ok!).

13. Watch the beautiful sunsets


If there's one thing we'll never get bored of, it's a good sunset. Make sure you park up in time to stroll down to the beach to watch the sun going down. The colours are so beautiful it's hard to drag yourself away back to the car.

14. See the 12 Apostles and Bay of Islands from a helicopter


There's an easily accessible walkway that takes you down to see the 12 Apostles, but if you're going to see them why not see them in style? This company have a fleet of no less than seven helicopters, which give you a birds-eye view of the landscape below... even if there are only actually eight Apostles. #whoscounting?

15. Hike one of the Great Ocean Walks


Don't just sit in your car and drive the whole Ocean Road, try hiking it too! There are a number of different walks you can do, from short little ones to overnight treks. Make sure you take a lot of water with you, as well as a rain jacket... just trust me on the latter.

16. Get a scoop or two at Timboon Fine Ice Cream


With flavours like Whisky Cream and Licorice, Timboon Fine Ice Cream have got your frozen needs covered. They even run a Sundae School for kids. Nope, nothing to do with the 12 Apostles. More an opportunity for kids to get mucky and try making their own sundaes. We're down!

17. Get up close with the animals at the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve


If you still need a little animal hit after seals AND endangered tiger quolls, we've got your backs. The Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve has everything from emus to koalas, kangaroos to snakes. You can stroll around by yourself, or book onto a guided tour. But we recommend getting there in time for dusk, just when a lot of the animals are starting to wake up. #yourewelcome

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