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    17 Pictures That Are As Impressive As They Are Gross

    Turns out this is a thing everyone does.

    1. This beautiful, hairy profile:

    2. This very original idea:

    3. This slightly more ambitious take on that original idea:

    4. This Picasso-esque minimalist line drawing:

    5. This hairy meme:

    6. This portrait that would impress most Renaissance painters:

    7. This cut lil' fish:

    8. This ambitious artistic venture:

    9. This very textured nude:

    10. This pretty good duck:

    11. This pregnant lady:

    12. This minimalist take of the Mona Lisa:

    13. This, uh, other hairy nude:

    14. This very furry kitty:

    15. This slightly grosser and less terrifying remake of The Shining:

    16. This quite beautiful, kinda gross, torso:

    17. And finally, this incredibly accurate depiction of Bobby Hill by someone who literally specialised in shower hair art:

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