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November 7, 2017

The golden era of cartoons tbh.

Paddles, the polydactyl cat, was hit by a car.

This is scientific.

Would you rather be extremely immature, or not at all?

You might think it's bad or you might think it's good, but you definitely have 280 characters no matter what, so just be zen and stop fighting it.

One-in-five parents surveyed incorrectly believe emergency contraception terminates a pregnancy.

From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cookbooks to cozy sweaters to a light-up mirror: just an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

¿Sabes si es "ESCAIP" o "ESCAIPI"?

Are you fed up with social media? This question on Quora was perhaps some of those genuine questions, everyone wants to ask now. Are we really fed up of social media? If so, why? You might have asked this question many times. Like when you deactivated any of your social media platforms. Or, you are fedup with trolls from people are some thousand miles away from you, or else you don’t get time to really get socially engaged to people around you or nearby. Moreover, when we talk about social media, we really about “Change”. Change! What kind of change? We always believe in change within the society. Have you tried something through social media? If yes, what was the response? Well! Honestly, if you have tried to do, the company either comes up with a long list of rules or else they just get with “yes’ and that is it. As of now, there has not been a social media platform which has been used to redress the issues in a straight way. Why should social media redress? Because these organizations spent millions of dollars to promote their product or company via social media for reputation building, but they hardly pay any attention towards the problem of the customer. If you thoroughly research on social media platforms and how many times there have been complained, you will see around 2.6 million complaints in 2016. Then who addressed them and get them resolved? No one, except if you are Amitabh Bachan. Meanwhile researching this, I find an app called as, “ENLTE”, with a tagline “Broadcast yourself to people nearby.” Now, what kind broadcasting do they offer? If you search further about the company, yo0u will find out the company is trying to make social media more effective. The company claims to be as powerful as Facebook, snapchat, Twitter or other social media platform. ENLTE aims to change the social media “system”, to make it more effective in case of problems being resolved. Example it shares that, you can share anything, Negative or Positive with anonymity. Though already ENLTE app is already there for Android users and claimed hundreds of apps have already been downloaded. We will surely wait for such platform which will change the work of social media genuinely.

We've got some recommendations.

Take the test to see which of the six Dollhouse girls you are.

too much time on my hands

The "camera company" shares are down more than 15%.

Sem o saxofone, claro.

He has grey hair, and he likes it!

Halladay's plane was seen crashing Tuesday into shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida.

Take this quiz to work out if you could survive in Theresa May's cabinet! Please note: this quiz has been updated in light of recent events.

Anyone can cook! But not everyone should.

Gather yourselves for the cuteness overload:D

El sexo es raro.

"We’re pretty sure he knows that we know he was faking it," Sully's mom, Kennady, told BuzzFeed News.

Descubre si esta temporada volvieron con verdaderos cortes ochenteros o no.

For better or worse, New York City could have turned out A LOT different.

For those of you who are unaware, "Movember" is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness for men's health issues such as suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. It is also a great excuse for men to grow out their facial hair for a good cause. Some are blessed with the great skill of mastering the perfect mustache while others may go for the full beard to stache look. Either way, let us take a look at the classic hairy looks that you'll come across in November. (Note I am not poking fun at anyone trying to participate in a great event for a great cause).

You are not alone.

It's been a year.

It doesn't always make things better

You ever fly to space?

Lorde is the SWEETEST and we are not even being melodramatic about it.

"It doesn't matter if they are an actor... they are kids first."

Christmas is near!

Spoilers definitely lie ahead.

Add them to your holiday wishlist/treat yo' self list.

We all know them, we all think we can change them, but we all know we never will.

The agony and the Xtasy.

'Tis the season (to spend all your money at Target)!

Para empezar, porque a Stephen King le encantó y Guillermo Del Toro no se cansa de recomendarla.

Law & Order can’t solve all of the mysteries that haunt the Menendez case, but NBC’s series is finally asking the right questions about abuse, institutional power, and who shapes the narratives of “true” crime.

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." Same.

Twitter tested extending its 140-character limit in September, and now it wants to assure users that during that test, "the brevity of Twitter remained."

Thank you for not being a monster.

"After all this time?" "Always." —you to your favs

The Quit Your Day Job video has been out for a few weeks, what better way to celebrate the first all girls full length video (in over a decade) than with a quiz to test your knowledge!

Mis disculpas por el título semiciberanzueloso, pero la foto de Micah Horn me tiene tripeando.

Books make everything better.

Booking a ticket to Tokyo, brb.

This boy is a ____ .

10 Questions to determine what kind of Drew and Katie you are

Brassiness, be gone!

"I was a foodie with a boring day job who figured he could run a restaurant." BRUH.

Some fun things to do in the Fall

"My shopping experience was really different than it is today," Kardashian told BuzzFeed News. "I just want an easy, quick shopping experience and still be able to look for things all over the world."

Just a day after the shooting in Sutherland Springs, enough people had donated blood at University Hospital to refill the reserves that went to treat victims.

So ridiculous it's got to be fake? Or so ridiculous it's got to be real?

La organización Impunidad Cero presentó una investigación sobre los encargados de impartir justicia en los Estados.

"Sony, they're gay."

Web series are leading the way in moving beyond the gender binary.

Question of the Day.

A common misconception is that multitasking makes a person more efficient and well balanced. However, the exact opposite has been found to be the result. Stop all that you're doing right now and focus on the single handed task of reading below.

Será que...?

Already binged Stranger Things? We've got you covered.

"Pra mim quem chama de Dostoiévski e não de Fiodorzão da Massa não é parça".

Quem nunca deu aquela boa examinada no absorvente usado?

"Os animais da mesma raça falam a mesma língua?".

El festival mexicano en el que la gente desafía la gravedad, los elementos y hasta los códigos de vestimenta.

Tudo indica que sim, mas o ator nunca confirmou.

Existe uma Katy para todos nós.

you're guessing lyrics, but you got two options. 1. these are lyrics from rap-punk group death grips. 2. these are lines from poet allen ginsberg's classic poem, "Howl"

There's only one way to find out.

Please make my Taylena dreams come true!

The man behind @Sinon_Reborn has email pranked a who's who of 2017 notable figures including Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Scaramucci, Eric Trump, and Ann Coulter. But after some sloppy security measures exposed his full name and contact information, 39-year-old James Linton is calling it quits.

The plaintiffs say the law is an unconstitutional violation of Muslim women's religious freedoms.


"Ben, why are you such a skeeze?"

The Pixar gem turns 16 this month — now that's scary.

"I once cried because I couldn’t get my eyebrows to look the same."

Stock up in case of an apocalypse.

Segundo pessoas que trabalharam na série, ator se aproveitou da importância do seu papel para ter um comportamento profissionalmente inapropriado durante as gravações.

Apologies for the semi-clickbaity headline, but Micah Horn's photo has me tripping.

It's time to perform a stink exorcism on your feet.

Um teste para quem é fã E tem bom olho.

Who would be your leader in our nation's past?

Pumpkin Mac ‘n’ Cheese

"That's hot."

Far far away or close to home?

A Syrian official made the announcement Tuesday at the global climate conference in Bonn, Germany.

"I have never read anything more accurate in my life."

Fleece blankets, electric toothbrushes, speaker systems, and more!

Richard Holden is accused of assaulting a woman in her twenties at a party in London in December 2016. He told BuzzFeed News he "totally refutes" the allegation.

Why does food brown? What actually happens when you're cooking an egg? How the heck does ceviche work?

King of Queens of Cards.

Responde estas preguntas y te diremos quién eres realmente.


♫ One, don't pick up the phone. You know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone. ♫

The only list you need today.

Given a chance to elect a black statewide official and fight against Confederate monuments, Democrats hope Virginia HBCUs push them over the edge.

Nota técnica do Ministério Público disse que classificação etária deve ser só indicativa. Acesso de crianças e adolescentes ocorrerá com acompanhamento de pais ou responsáveis.

Primero trató de sobornarlo y, como no se dejó, lo acusó de corrupto... pero estaba siendo grabado.

Are you tough like Mamá Imelda or happy and carefree like Miguel?

"All entries to Yemen are closed. We will die, we will die."

They're gonna put a spell on you!

The Language and Culture Exchange (LCExchange) is a new scheme based on the idea of connecting two people who speak different languages in order that they can learn from one another. Check out our 5 reasons for why you should get involved.

The Veggetti is the answer to my dinner prayers.

Scrappy buys that'll earn their keep (and more) this month.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the strange and sometimes psychedelic road to weirdsville.

Finals are looming, which means we're going to need prime our best time management skills and maximize our productivity to make it through November! Take some tips from the Disney Princesses... (BONUS! There's a quiz at the end that will tell you which princess you are based on what your favourite study spot on campus is!)

Not only does multitasking make us less productive, it may also be lowering our IQ and overall efficiency and attention at work. Here are five points to prove multitasking is a myth.

South Koreans took to the streets during President Trump’s visit. Some groups protested his arrival, while other groups welcomed him amid growing tensions with North Korea.

No matter which one you choose, your pup will love the paw-ty in a box.

S'il vous reste des bananes trop mûres, ces recettes sont parfaites !

Und das weißt du genau.

Find out which SK Founder you are!

Come share your feels about The Big Three!

Soziale Netzwerke verändern unser politisches System, sagt der Politikwissenschaftler Simon Hegelich.

"My day instantly became politicised when all I wanted was a chill day shopping," Travis Alabanza told BuzzFeed News.

Epsiode VIII director Rian Johnson is better at Twitter than you.

Mas se curtir, copia aí. Risos.

South Koreans took to the streets during President Trump’s visit. Some groups protested his arrival, while other groups welcomed him amid growing tensions with North Korea.

It'll be pretty embarassing if you don't know at least half of these tbh.

"What day is it again?" - Every Mom Ever

Made for a fashion mini elective in school.

Do it for the 'gram

"I swear in front of your kids. I'm so sorry. I can't help it."


The wins came after a week of infighting among Democrats and Trump repeatedly attempting to drum up support for the Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Walk, walk, fashion baby.

"Can Taika Waititi direct my life?"

It's like if Black Jesus's holy water, Beyoncé's sweat, and aloe vera from Oprah's garden were all mixed in a spray bottle and misted throughout our hair.

According to multiple reports, Willeford, a former NRA instructor, was woken from a nap and told of the shooting by his daughter while at his home close to the church. His immediate reaction was to grab his rifle and run out the door.

The Facebook Community Helps One Single Guy Find Real Love When “Relationshipped” Premieres Thursday, November 9

The Lasko Ceramic Heater is here to save your circulation.

How do you feel about all you can eat frozen yoghurt?

We're all in this together.

A UNHCR official says this isn’t in response to Trump administration policies but is part of the refugee agency's overall mission to ensure unaccompanied children know their rights.

Justice for strumpets and scolds.

Here's to growing up. Kind of.

Will it be something low-key or a full-on fairytale?

You won't believe your eyes.

The GTBank Fashion Weekend brings together the most promising, talented and recognised fashion designers, brands and retail enterprises from across Nigeria and abroad to showcase the latest trends and products to a large and diverse audience of consumers, press and industry enthusiasts.

"Keep me warm... but not TOO warm." —my neck

Bond... James Bond.

No salgo de casa después de las 11 a no ser que haya un incendio.

Walk around the house in just a T-shirt with the girls hanging free.

Datenerfassung, Kondompflicht und Hurenpass: Das Prostituiertenschutzgesetz macht hundertausenden Betroffenen das Leben schwer.

Após o Sesc Pompeia fechar os portões, os manifestantes a favor de Judith Butler responderam: "Ih, fodeu, a palestra aconteceu!"

♬ Raise your glasses high, this one's for you tonight. ♬

O quadro "Com o Passar dos Anos" deixou a Larissa Manoela com 66 anos e simulou a morte da sua mãe. Oi?

From petitions and a letter signed by hundreds of MPs to debates in Westminster Hall – ministers been asked many times to do something about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who has been held in a high-security jail in Iran for the past 19 months.

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

El sexo no es un "derecho" dentro de una relación. Las mujeres no tenemos la obligación moral ni física de acostarnos con nuestra pareja, por muy pareja que sea.

Wow. Ich, äh ... wow!

Uma combinação mara!!!!

Não necessariamente nessa mesma ordem.

"Eu saí com um cara que no primeiro encontro fez beatbox".

Após ela ter publicado um post no Facebook acusando o ator de "Gossip Girl", ele escreveu uma resposta no Twitter.

Que sacanagem, bicho!

I can't wait to see what she has in store as revenge.

After the 10th trial in the dressing room of the 5th showroom, I felt I was good for nothing. I felt as if there’s nothing that can look good on me. Maybe I AM a defected piece. Not even a single piece of clothing available that can fit or suit me. Have you ever had this feeling of dejection, wherein you feel that there is nothing left now to make you happy? As if you have lost yourself, and there’s nothing you can do about it? Yes, that’s how it felt. Maybe, even worse than that.

We have decided to stan forever.

Estudantes do mundo, uni-vos!

C'est à vous de décider si c'est NSFW ou non.

A few years back, іf you had a websіte to rank for a search engіne, all you had to do іs cram your sіte wіth a lot of keywords. And you dіdn't have to put relevant keywords eіther. Many websіte owners took advantage of thіs feature and made theіr sіtes full of іrrelevant keywords іn order to rank theіr sіtes better. Theіr purpose was to show ads on theіr blogs or sіtes and they dіdn't care about the vіsіtors or readers. As a result, the vіsіtors vіsіt those sіtes no more than once. Now, the story іs dіfferent. Read on to know more.


Making sense of how Narendra Modi sold a disastrous economic policy to a spellbound nation.

Ehrlich, die sind fast zu gut um wahr zu sein.

Carl Sargeant was suspended from the Labour party after an investigation was launched against him.

domowe zabiegi, by obniżyć gorączkę


Cozy cardigans, adorable cat pens, exfoliating washcloths, and 20 other favorite products from our recent posts.

True story.

BBC executives pointed to the latest Weinstein allegations and the fallout from the Jimmy Savile affair to explain a "spike" in harassment and bullying complaints.

The Indian Medical Association has declared the pollution in Delhi a "medical emergency".

Donnez-nous envie de lire !


"I'm sorry if any words of mine have been so taken out of context or so misconstrued as to cause any kind of anxiety to the family of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, of course I am."

Pon a prueba tus conocimientos.

Today, 13th November, is #WorldKindnessDay #KindnessDayUK. So, we've put together a list of ideas to help you do your bit...

Liebe bleibt Liebe, egal, was ich mit mir herumschleppe.

This drama is about to kick off again.

Compartilhe até este teste chegar na Nancy.

Einfach nur geil.

Ich will wieder eine richtige Junior-Tüte haben!




Livin' in a material world.

C’est une autre des conséquences de l’affaire Weinstein: les appels à Viols Femmes Informations ont triplé. Depuis plus de trente ans, cette ligne téléphonique est la seule dédiée spécifiquement aux violences sexuelles. Un travail colossal qui, en plus d’aider les victimes, permet de mieux comprendre la stratégie des agresseurs.

Wir haben Sex-Experten befragt, damit du das nicht tun musst.

Some characters just don't belong together.

Oder 11 in den USA. Oder 9 in Großbritannien. Wo auch immer du bist, es ist ein Kampf.

The greatest cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, tbh.

So sehen die in Wirklichkeit aus? Das Ergebnis wird deine Welt ins Wanken bringen.

Dr. Bruce Ames of the University of California at Berkeley estimates that the DNA of every one of our cells is attacked by free radicals over 10,000 times a day. Don't you think you and your cells have better things to do? Free up your time and energy by taking foods high in natural antioxidants.


Mornings are hard.


"No puedo creer que esta sea mi vida", dice ella mientras pasean por Versalles. YO TAMPOCO, ANA.

"A grown ass man who is obviously at least 25 years old: I just turned sixteen I can't wait to get a car :)"

So clever.

Low-Carb und so!

Geh weg, Ständer!

Was ne Farbe! <3


Un quiz pas piqué des hannetons.

La numéro 12 est vraiment ouf.

Well an Electric Cigarette is also known as an E Cig or an Electronic Cigarette or an E Cigarette. However you choose to call it, it is still an Electric Cigarette which can be used as a cigarette substitute when you are trying to stop smoking.

Ecigarette kits online are going to be one of your best purchases. Shopping online is easier for all of your purchases and for something this important you should not choose any other option.

Por si eres un desastre andante.



The social media company claimed that an outdated list of terms associated with adult content inadvertently blocked the word "bisexual."

Efectivamente, Ozzy se está comiendo un murciélago.

Una ciudad distinta.

After hours at work, many people find themselves lounging with their friends and enjoying a nice smoke.

Love is a beautiful thing

Vade retro satana !

The prime minister called the grievance procedure to tackle sexual harassment in Westminster an "important step forward" – but critics say it doesn't go far enough.

Bon appétit !

«De mon temps, on devait synchroniser quelque chose qui s'appelait un iPod à un ordinateur pour pouvoir écouter de la musique !»




Oh yeah and Salman's there too but he isn't a priority.

Personal Thanksgiving Experience, and Black Friday Shopping.

Funny Vines & Instagram Video 2017 - Best FailArmy Compilation [Part5] . Try not to laugh or grin while watching this video! Thanks for watching! Please like, share and subscribe to The Top Vines channel!!!

"Honestly, I'm just like, really, really, unorganised."

Best Funny Bird Videos Weekly Compilation 2017 - Funny Pet Videos [Part 2]. Try not to laugh or grin when watching this video. Funniest Bird videos Of MashupZone, Tiger Productions and The Pet Collective Please subscribe our channel FunnyAnimals help us like, share this video! Thank you very much :) :) :)

er du smartere enn marius osborg?

Actor Kristina Cohen filed a police report Tuesday over the alleged rape. "There is an active investigation underway," an LAPD spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Want something to do next fall? We got you covered!

A study published today tests 63 people's anatomical knowledge. How do you compare?

Ok, it's no secret that the food on fed is awesome. As delicious as your chicken flavoured 2 minute noodles are, you don't wanna miss the food being served up during the day. Here are a few sneaky ways to get extra serves of lunch and dinner, cause we all know one serve just isn't enough.

Who said eating plants had to be boring...

Can we guess it?

Silver jewelry is a sound choice you can go for if you want to create an elegant look for your wedding but find yourself unable to afford expensive jewellery. Silver jewelry can make you appear stately and beautiful on your wedding, and they are affordable enough for you to get them without wreaking havoc on your bridal budget.

What happens when your fav ST babes go head to head????


Hundreds gathered Monday night in a tiny Texas town to pray and embrace family and friends after a gunman opened fire on worshipers in church.

Eat. Spend. Regret. Repeat.

"This is a desperate situation on the brink of a catastrophe."

It’s so easy to become lazy or unmotivated in this life, leading to a plethora of problems such as poor life choices or even clinical problems such as depression. So, in an effort to better help establish a healthier and more efficient lifestyle, here are 9 ways to better yourself...


We've all been there. there's one person in front of you in line and you still don't know what bagel you're gonna order. Now there's no need to panic. Simply walk yourself through these steps and you'll encounter your match made in bagel heaven

You're not feeling cream cheese, you're not feeling egg, you're taking the road less travelled and I applaud you for it. Here's your path to finding your bae-gel.


Climb on board, it's the sign of the times.

Are you fun, flirty, and academic, or are you a frazzled future businesswoman with legs that could kill? Are you inevitably successful in all you do, or do you fall on your face sometimes? Just answer 7 easy questions to find out!

If there's anything the Mexican-Cuban rising star has learned is that with patience and hard work comes many good things.

Goddamn, I love her.

No tengas miedo de hacer el cambio que siempre has querido.

sorry not sorry for the most extra Buzzfeed quiz you'll ever take.


Traffic fatalities have been on the rise for the past three years, and 2016 held the highest number of vehicle deaths in nearly a decade.

Turkey and Potatoes and Pie, Oh My

"Obviously this is a very, very tragic event."

Food is the reason for the season.

"I love that moment post-breakup when girls start posting fire selfies."


Jobs for the boys and girls on Melbourne Cup day.

The decision affects about 2,500 Nicaraguans, many of whom have lived in the US for nearly two decades, raising US-born children.

Hoaxes are going around about the Texas church shooting, chef José Andrés and the Trump administration are fighting over Puerto Rico, how to fix that strange bug on your iPhone, and at least 24 women who sold Lularoe have filed for bankruptcy.

Find out something about your personality when you pick a Disney princess!

~please don't call me an idiot sandwich~

Mind blowing.

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. It's a lifestyle!

Extremely accurate.

*slides into Moodle DMs*

Many mass shootings involve family members. Women in abusive relationships are five times more likely to be killed if their partner owns a gun. But no one knows whether abusive partners are at a higher risk of shooting unrelated people.

Imágenes 100% reales, cero fake.

El primer libro debería llamarse “Hermione Granger y el amigo inútil y desconsiderado”.

Are you a mythical Tex-Mex queen or a young pop diva?

So freaking yummy.

"What's the special occasion?"

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