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November 7, 2017

Social Media For Social Cause?

Are you fed up with social media? This question on Quora was perhaps some of those genuine questions, everyone wants to ask now. Are we really fed up of social media? If so, why? You might have asked this question many times. Like when you deactivated any of your social media platforms. Or, you are fedup with trolls from people are some thousand miles away from you, or else you don’t get time to really get socially engaged to people around you or nearby. Moreover, when we talk about social media, we really about “Change”. Change! What kind of change? We always believe in change within the society. Have you tried something through social media? If yes, what was the response? Well! Honestly, if you have tried to do, the company either comes up with a long list of rules or else they just get with “yes’ and that is it. As of now, there has not been a social media platform which has been used to redress the issues in a straight way. Why should social media redress? Because these organizations spent millions of dollars to promote their product or company via social media for reputation building, but they hardly pay any attention towards the problem of the customer. If you thoroughly research on social media platforms and how many times there have been complained, you will see around 2.6 million complaints in 2016. Then who addressed them and get them resolved? No one, except if you are Amitabh Bachan. Meanwhile researching this, I find an app called as, “ENLTE”, with a tagline “Broadcast yourself to people nearby.” Now, what kind broadcasting do they offer? If you search further about the company, yo0u will find out the company is trying to make social media more effective. The company claims to be as powerful as Facebook, snapchat, Twitter or other social media platform. ENLTE aims to change the social media “system”, to make it more effective in case of problems being resolved. Example it shares that, you can share anything, Negative or Positive with anonymity. Though already ENLTE app is already there for Android users and claimed hundreds of apps have already been downloaded. We will surely wait for such platform which will change the work of social media genuinely.

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