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26 Jokes From "Gavin & Stacey" That Are Just 10/10

"Obama, Osama, very different people with very different ideas."

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3. When Dave Coaches laid out the rules of the coach.

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"Are we all right to smoke, then?"

"Smoking, yeah. My motto is fags and weed; glue and speed, but I draw the line at crack. That way everyone knows where they stand."


15. When Nessa and Smithy taught Neil how to build a sandcastle and proved they really are the perfect family.

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"Oh. Before we do, I gotta warn you, Neil. Don't get your hopes up, all right/ Coz it might all crumble before you and you'll be left with a big pile of sand before your eyes."

"Well, no, that's not gonna happen if we give it the special tap."

"You give it the special tap. Of course you do. Goes without sayin'."


21. When Doris gave Stacey a bit of advice.

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"The thing to remember is, don't go giving him nothing on the first night."


"Well, no, not nothing. A kiss, a cuddle, a cheeky finger. Just don't go settling the whole farm."


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