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November 12, 2017

【更新】イラン・イラク国境でM7.3の地震 死者数は335人に、数千人が負傷(写真・動画)


15 Funny Tweets About That Famously Unpopular Episode Of "Stranger Things 2"

"I hope the Demogorgon eats episode 7 of Stranger Things 2."

If We Don't Teach The Next Generation Every Single One Of These "Princess Bride" Quotes We Are Failing Them

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The Conservative Same-Sex Marriage Bill Would Roll Back Anti-Discrimination Protections

"Are we going back to a time in Australia where there were signs outside a shop saying who they would serve and who they wouldn't?"

People Are Sharing What They Looked Like At 14 After This Accusation Against A Candidate For Senate

"This is me at 14, a shy and innocent bookworm," one person shared.

Kylie Jenner's Baby Daddy Appeared At The MTV EMAs And Everyone Made The Same Joke

Did he announce the news of the pregnancy on stage?!

20 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Wait, What?"

Everything here is just a little bit weird.

Sarah Aspler • 7 hours ago

Sponsors Are Pulling Their Ads From Hannity's Show In Response To His Roy Moore Coverage

At least eight brands, including Keurig and, have ceased running ads on the show after backlash over how the popular Fox News host covered allegations of sexual misconduct by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.



Oh, Just Rita Ora Turning Up To An Awards Show In A Towel

Straight out of the bath and on to hosting duties. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7 Holy Grail Products Everyone With Sensitive Skin Should Know About

The creams, cleansers, and oils that keep my chronic eczema at bay.

21 Times Twitter Taught Us More Than The Education System

"The division symbol is just a blank fraction with dots replacing the numerator/denominator."

Here's What Everyone Wore To The MTV EMAs 2017

They're serving some serious looks.

To Help Hungry People (And Pets!), Consider These 17 Charities

With the global hunger crisis rising, there are a lot of people who could really use your help.

This Gluten-Free Stuffing Recipe Is Even Better Than The Real Thing

And here's the thing: I'm not even gluten free. But it's so damn good.

This "Yes Or No" Quiz Will Tell You If You're An "Old Millennial"

Not really Gen X, but don't call me a Millennial, either.

16 Years On, This Is What The Cast Of "Ghost World" Look Like

"Some people are OK but mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody."

10 Easy Ways To Care For Yourself That Cost Little To Nothing

The tiny ways in which you help yourself can really add up.

5 Ways To Have A DIY Spa Day

Treat yourself to a glass of wine and a DIY spa day because YOU DESERVE IT

Meet The People Who Listen to Podcasts Crazy-Fast

"I have often, when finding out about a new podcast with a large back catalog, made myself a 100-hour-plus playlist to catch up."

Just 19 Of The Funniest Tweets From Women This Week

"Who named them Kegels and not Puss Ups?"

A Year After Trump's Victory, Our Elections Aren't Much More Secure

Midway between the 2016 and 2018 elections, the US still has major problems that make its voting systems insecure.

24 Jokes You'll Relate To If You're Always Picking At Your Skin

*picks at skin instead of dealing with responsibilities*

18 Tweets From This Week Guaranteed To Make You Giggle

"12-year-old-me: Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it!"

This Modern Home Ec Book Will Stop People From Asking, "You Live Like This???"

I want to buy Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House for every man, woman, and adult baby I know!

18 Times The Internet Was Way Too Hilarious About Being Single

"My life is like a romantic comedy except there's no romance and it's just me laughing at my own jokes."

This $1 Makeup Brand Is Worth Every Single Penny

We tried $1 makeup, and here's what's worth your time and $$$.

We Tried Emergency Landing A Plane And It Was Fun As Hell

Joshua and Becky go head to head in an emergency landing battle of the sexes challenge.

Rate Some Bread And We'll Tell You Where You Should Live

All bread is good bread, but some kinds of bread are better than others.

This Is What A Post-Weinstein Hollywood Event Looks Like

The ballooning scandal was all anyone could talk about at the annual Governors Awards — but only when the microphones weren't on.

People Are Getting Emotional At This 99-Year-Old Veteran's No-Bullshit Message

"We don’t want arguments. We don’t want racial injustice. All those things are horrible!"

17 Tumblr Posts About Anxiety That Are Funny But Also 100% True

"I say 'no worries' a lot for someone who worries 101% of the time."



The Cofounder Of Gaydar, The Groundbreaking Dating Site, Has Died Aged 51

Henry Badenhorst was a gentle, sweet-natured visionary who changed the landscape of gay life. He died on Saturday in South Africa.

A Man Was Beaten To Death With What Police Say Could Have Been Baseball Bats In East London

The unnamed man, who died of his injuries in hospital, was assaulted in Ilford, east London.



Only A Dessert Expert Can Name 9/12 Of These Cakes

Is your knowledge of cakes exceptional or half-baked?

MBL não deve dar apoio formal a nenhum presidenciável no 1º turno de 2018

Em seu 3º Congresso Nacional, movimento diz que não há candidato da centro-direta que defenda as bandeiras do grupo.

Michael Gove Said "I Don't Know" When Asked What A Jailed British Mum Was Doing In Iran

The senior cabinet minister went on to clarify that he also believed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe wasn't in Iran training journalists.

How Clueless Are You About "Clueless"?

Are you Clueless about it? As if!

23 Dinge, die Eltern von behinderten Kindern dir gerne erklären möchten

"Sie hat mir beigebracht, was im Leben wichtig ist: Hunde, Cheetos-Käseflips und Musik."

ドラフト1位で登板なしも… 「大谷翔平世代」のいま


7 Struggles Of Being A Non-Mallu Mallu

One doesn't simply get off the struggle bus.





¿Eres gilipollas en un 33 %, 66 % o 99 %?

Pocas personas son completamente gilipollas pero todo el mundo tiene algunos rasgos de gilipollas

Which Christmas Song Are You?

All I want for Christmas is yoOoOOooou.

At Least 20 Female Immigrants Fainted Or Vomited Because Of A Chemical Used At An Immigrant Detention Center

A unit with 118 immigrants, including at least one woman who was pregnant, was evacuated briefly because of chemical fumes.

President Trump Called Kim Jong Un "Short And Fat," But Said Maybe One Day They Could Be Friends

After North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un called Donald Trump "old," the president of the United States responded by calling Kim "short and fat."

People Are Angry That Someone Left A "Don't Block My Drive" Note On An Ambulance

"You may be saving lives, but don't park your van in a stupid place and block my drive."



Which Horror Movie Should You Watch This Weekend?

It's always a good time for a horror movie.

DC Comics Fires Longtime Editor Following Sexual Harassment Claims

The decision came two days after Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment launched a review into revelations that Eddie Berganza was promoted despite allegations he forcibly kissed and tried to grope colleagues.



自分の家サイコー! 外出キライ! な人だけがわかること


女子、相撲一筋まっしぐら 彼女たちの土俵での闘い




15 Startling Photos From The Giant Far-Right March In Poland

A group seeking authoritarian rule in Poland drew tens of thousands of supporters at a march that was organized on the same day as Poland's Independence Day.

We Got Sex Party Organizers To Answer Anonymous Questions

"The clean up crew is a brave crew."

これは生活変わる! 1万円台のロボット掃除機が意外と優秀だった


12 Polls Only Fans Of "The Office" And "Parks & Rec" Can Answer

Would you rather invest in WUPHF or Entertainment 720?

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