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Serena Williams Is Annoyed And Alexis Ohanian Sr. Better Quit It

Do not annoy the G.O.A.T..

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You know the Williams/Ohanian family, right?

Serena Williams, Grand Slam Champion OF THE WORLD, and Alexis Ohanian Sr., co-founder of reddit, and shopper extraordinaire? Great, we're all caught up. Alexis Sr.? I need to have a word with you.

Listen, I know new babies are cute, especially when they're yours, but you do know they grow like, every five seconds, right Papa Ohanian?

I do love Alexis Sr. @alexisohanian but if he buys one more outfit or toy for Olympia @OlympiaOhanian I'm going to explode

(Baby Ohanian is very active on social media.)

Yes, I know you invented Reddit. And trust me, we all appreciate that. But you know who doesn't appreciate things yet? Your baby. The one you are buying all of these things for. She doesn't know the difference between a Louis Vuitton and the box it came in.

She is DARN cute though. I'll give you that.

Plus, do I need to point out that you had that gorgeous baby with the G.O.A.T. Serena Williams, and you better do whatever she tells you? Did you know she has won 23 grand slams? Please do not annoy her.

In conclusion, baby stuff will take over your life, and you will regret it. Hard.

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Honestly, I really just want to know who is writing these updates. I hope it's you. 😍

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