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I'm Genuinely Curious Whether You Think These 31 Celebrities Actually Got Vaccinated

Kanye West, Chris Pratt, Taylor Swift, and more.

Y'all. If the COVID vaccine is available to you, I really hope you've gotten it by now. The vaccines are safe and remarkably effective, and getting it is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your community.

Unfortunately, we still have some people resisting the shot, a choice that will prolong this pandemic and cause a lot of avoidable deaths. And while some of these anti-vaxxers wear their stupidity and selfishness as a badge of honor...others keep it a secret.

So I want to know which celebrities YOU think have done the right thing and gotten the shot, and which you suspect might be anti-vax. Give it your best shot — no pun intended.

Note: A handful of these celebrities have publicly confirmed that they got the vaccine. You can scroll to the bottom to find out who they are. And those who haven't disclosed their vaccination status aren't necessarily anti-vax — most of them simply haven't made their position known.