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Everyone's Weighing In On The Latest Shitshow In Australia’s Constitutional Crisis

I am so tired.

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Liberal backbencher and former Australian tennis great John Alexander resigned yesterday after he conceded it was likely that he was a dual British citizen by descent. Alexander's father was born in the UK.

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The announcement means big things for Malcolm Turnbull's coalition government. As a result of this latest citizenship scandal Australia's leading party no longer holds a majority in the lower house.

Prime minister Turnbull is currently in Vietnam for the APEC summit, but said Alexander had done the "honourable thing."

Alexander's citizenship snafu is one of many and his resignation on Friday brought the tally of Australian politicians caught out as dual citizens to seven.

Citizenship 7: Barnaby Joyce 🇳🇿 Fiona Nash 🇬🇧 Malcolm Roberts 🇬🇧 Scott Ludlam 🇳🇿 Larissa Waters 🇨🇦 Stephen Parry 🇬🇧 John Alexander 🇬🇧

Perhaps the biggest issue with all of this is that the Australian public has been left wondering what the hell is going on. Jokes are made and angry assertions are tweeted, but there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for the nation's continued constitutional crisis.

It appears the UK office will be sending John Alexander's details on a ship that was slower than the one his father used to get here #auspol

How can John Alexander recontest if he hasn’t fully renounced and received confirmation of his renunciation? #auspol


Becoming clear that Turnbull's citizenship proposal yesterday wasn't to clean up the mess, it was an attempt to protect John Alexander.

I would think Turnbull referring Labor pollies to High Court re citizenship is akin to punching himself in the face. #mightnotendwell.

Turnbull "I sat there with my iPad for two hours". Just wondering what the iPad has got to do with anything. #auspol #insiders

With John Alexander resigning, the government is in a minority. Frankly, the only decent thing Turnbull can do now…


Message to @JohnAlexanderMP ; RESIGN NOW! #auspol

Even Russell Crowe got in on the act, bemused by Alexander's admission that he was a dual British citizen. Alexander is, after all, one of Australia's tennis greats.

So ... John Alexander who played Davis Cup tennis representing Australia , received the order of Australia and the…

But much was made of Turnbull's earlier assertion that "all federal members" were in compliance with the constitution just two hours before Alexander's announcement.

Turnbull: "[I'm told] all federal members believe they are in compliance with the Constitution". 2 hours later; Joh…

And then there were just some weird stories.

#abc730 says John Alexander walked into a chicken shop a few days ago to ask a JP to witness the signing of a citizenship-related document


And a lot of tennis puns.

John Alexander “serves” Turnbull his resignation, hands Shorten the “aces”, media engage in a “volley” of “backhanders”. #JohnHitsASmash

Really, Aussies just want some excitement to go with the crisis.

Breaking news: John Alexander makes worst resignation speech in Australian political history. Sets new standard in dull and boring.

#auspol Malcolm hears the news from John Alexander

Malcolm Turnbull reacts to the resignation of John Alexander and the citizenship crisis #CitizenshipX #AusPol

For the Australian people, the wait for "good government" continues.

John Alexander has resigned #auspol "I always believed I was Australian and solely Australian" #auspol

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