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This Gluten-Free Stuffing Recipe Is Even Better Than The Real Thing

And here's the thing: I'm not even gluten free. But it's so damn good.

Hi, I'm Emily! I freakin' love Thanksgiving.

So last year, I made the bizarre decision to cook the entire Thanksgiving feast. My mom helped a bit with the turkey, but I pretty much took over.

My uncle, David, was joining us and, by that time, he had entirely cut gluten out of his diet.

I didn't want him to miss out, so in addition to the regular stuffing I made for the rest of us, I made David his own gluten-free stuffing, too.

But I ended up loving it the most. I ate at least three servings of it because it was so. fucking. good.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure this recipe would be incredible even with ~glutinous~ bread. But as-is, it has a base of kabocha squash, sage, and onion which means much more flavor than your average stuffing.

I'm also convinced the Udi's gluten-free bread I used helped make it so awesome.

Best of all? I asked my uncle if he remembered the stuffing and he totally did.

Want to try it? Get the recipe for Gluten-Free Kabocha Squash Stuffing here.

Happy eating, everybody!