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These Women Planned Their Own Wedding And Everything Was Absolutely Perfect

Niki and Kelsie lived happily ever after.

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ICYMI, Niki, a producer at BuzzFeed, had been sharing her experience as she prepared to get married in a series called Wedding Season. From getting the perfect brows and the perfect skin, to working out and buying a suit, Niki showed how much time and money goes into getting ready for a wedding.

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It was a lot, but totally worth it because they were going to celebrate their beautiful relationship together.


At least that's what Niki told herself when things got a little rough with the tweezers and botox injections. Ha!

First they turned to The White Box, an online virtual planning company.


The couple received a personalized "white box" filled with samples of everything for their wedding right to their door! It was just what they needed.

They opted to have a "first look" where they saw each other in their wedding attire, alone, before the ceremony. It was beautiful.


The wedding was perfect. The lighting was perfect. Everything just came together.