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    NEWSFLASH, The Actor Who Plays Jason In "The Good Place" Is Ridiculously Good Looking

    Not that it wasn't already obvious.

    If you watch The Good Place, then you're familiar with Jason.

    The lovable dummy.

    And by dummy I mean like, he's a very very very big dum-dum.

    But finally, the show addressed what everyone was thinking...

    ...he's dumb...BUT ALSO, HE'S SMOKIN HOT.

    And to really drive this point home, I've collected photos and videos of Manny Jacinto, the guy who plays Jason. Please, take a seat and enjoy the show.

    This is red carpet Manny.

    Here's mustache Manny.

    Then we've got JAWLINE + TURTLENECK MANNY.

    Half-smile Manny!

    Full smile Manny!

    Candid eye contact Manny.

    Gazing into the distance Manny.

    Slow-mo fashion icon Manny!

    Casual Manny.

    And finally, intellectual Manny.

    So, there you have it. Eleanor was absolutely right about Jason. He's hot AF. But like, all credit goes to Manny (actually, all credit goes to Manny's parents). EITHER WAY. NOW YOU KNOW.