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Nov 12, 2017

Can You Compete On "American Idol" Without Getting Eliminated?

"That's gonna be a no from me, dawg."

  1. It's audition day! Which song do you choose to perform?

  2. What is your motivation behind auditioning?

  3. It's Group Week — which former contestants would you want to be in your group?

  4. You come down with a cold and you’re losing your voice. How do you recover?

  5. Simon says your vocal performance was like "ordering a hamburger and only getting the buns." Which judge would you ask to give you advice on how to improve?

  6. Let America know more about you — which fact about yourself do you share?

  7. You're allowed to choose a custom made outfit. Which one would you wear?

  8. You get the opportunity to sing with a celebrity or group. Who do you choose?

  9. You get to go back to visit your hometown. Which part do you say is your favorite?

  10. Which song would you sing for the finale?

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